The Crystal Temple was in full bloom as summer fully set in, a cape of colorful wildflowers sprawling down the cliff's slope, and Lei chirped as she sorted through them, Firebolt hopping after her.

Harry and Nasrin watched from the shaded forest below as Hedwig and Robin swooped overhead, hooting and cawing taunts at each other in good-natured fun, while Scooby and Eevee tried to catch a mischievous Wooper that had stolen Star's trick-ball and squirted them in the face, the Brionne unable to stop laughing.

Togetic was skimming over the water to their left, Squeakers clinging to her back and squeaking in delight when the Fairy darted up to avoid a Luvdisc trying to kiss her belly.

Dobby was using the collected flowers to make woven crowns for the young Comfey, reaching down to scratch Squishie behind the ears every now and then, Prince slitting one eye open from where he was sunbathing to lazily watch Scooby and Eevee barrel past with excited yips.

Snow was curled up in the deepest patch of shadow nearby, breathing frost, with Ludwig untangling her fur and chattering away happily, ghostly flame keeping the shadows light.

Curled around the Penguin Pokemon, Shadow purred softly as Orion pet his fur with gentle flippers, huffing and grumbling to the unbothered Fire-type about whatever was upsetting him.

"It's nice, huh?" Nasrin voiced, smiling as Togetic squealed at a barrage of wet kisses from below, Squeakers yelping as he was nearly dumped overboard.

"Yeah…" Harry agreed, thoughtful. "Nazz."

Turning at the tone of voice, the pink-haired teenager blinked as he pulled out a small box, fidgeting with the clasp.

"I've been thinking about this since last summer, but then the whole thing with Sirius happened, and finding the traitor, and training, and…"

Shaking the thought away, Harry looked into those big, dark eyes and breathed out his anxiety.

"You're the most precious person in my life, Nazz. You've always been there when I need you, no matter what, and Fusing with you is the most amazing thing I'll ever be a part of."

Hedwig let out a whistling caw of fake-outrage, and both laughed for a moment before the boy regained his composure.

"I wanted to be sure, but I realized there's nothing I've ever been more sure of."

Nasrin took in a sharp breath as the box opened to reveal a beautiful silver ring, the outer curve fashioned like curling ivy to swirl around the tiny, round stones embedded at the top.

There was garnet, amethyst, pearl, sapphire, ruby, lapis lazuli, peridot-

And right in the center, cut to look like a heart, was a bright emerald, refracting light like a prism.

"This is a promise. One day, when everything is truly settled, I want to spend the rest of my life with you…If you'll have me."

Their Pokemon fell silent, watching, as stars shone in teary-dark eyes.

"Oh, Harry…" Nasrin breathed, linking their hands as her Gem began to pulse with new light. "Of course I will."

Well, that's the end! I hope you all enjoyed the ride!

The thing is, I haven't quite finished the next book, let alone come up with a title. And with finally starting the fifth in his series, Harry Potter and the Order of Moltres, I wanted to wait a little more and see if I need to completely rewrite THIS series from the beginning. With this in mind, you probably won't see the next one for a while.

Still, I'm so happy that you all had fun! Thanks for the support!