When Tonks decided for a night-time stroll in Grimmauld Place, the last thing she expected to meet with the scene in front of her…

It had been a tough week both at work and in private, enough to turn her nights into a stressful, sleepless torture sessions. The work was tough because she was trying launch an investigation into yet another disappearance case, this time a half-blood shop owner, only to be blocked by the Minister's office, claiming there wasn't enough evidence to support it was a kidnapping, dismissing all the effort she put in. Everyone in the department was aware that the excuse was bullshit, but their hands were tied. She thought Amelia Bones was about to have a stroke as she explained to Tonks why the investigation suddenly ended. Tonks understood the conflict she was in, as a veteran of the first war that lost most of her family, her first instinct was to go wands blazing. But she also knew that Fudge was looking for the slightest opportunity to remove her, and she needed to stay in her post, just to make sure someone competent was leading Magical Law enforcement instead of a servant of You-Know-Who. An informant in such a key position would be able to inflict untold damage, something Bones would never allow.

Her private life wasn't going too well either. The pickings were always slim for her admittedly high standards, and resurrection of You-Know-Who wasn't exactly a boost for dating life either. Risks of being spied limited her options, while her activities for the Order stole rest of her free time. It was not easy to sustain a relationship when one needed to every two out of three dates. She thought about dating with another Order member, but the idea crashed and burned pretty quickly. The number of suitable males was small already, Sirius, Remus, and Bill. Sirius was her cousin, so he was instantly out. She had no intention of following Malfoys when it comes to the familial relationships. Bill was trying to woo Fleur, leaving Lupin as her only candidate. She tried to woo him for the last few weeks, only to get subtly rejected every time. She finally decided to confront him openly, and he slid away, using his werewolf status as an excuse.

She could understand if he wasn't attracted to her, but she could see his attraction in his eyes, yet he still rejected her, using his status as a Werewolf as an excuse, despite her assurances that it didn't matter. When she finally managed to destroy all of his excuses in that angle, excuses about their age disparity got added into the mix, generously sprinkled with other excuses, lack of money, unemployment… All that discussion left her pretty frustrated. On the one hand, she understood that he was coming from a hard life, and faced many challenges. But that didn't change the fact that his self-pitying attitude was as attractive as a wet sponge. She just hoped that he would get a little more optimistic as the time went, or her time in the Order would be quite boring.

Still, the combined stress had been enough to prevent her her from falling asleep, so she decided to have a little stroll in Grimmauld Place, hoping a little exertion would help her to fall asleep when a noise from the library caught her attention. A cry of pleasure, its source hard not to identify. A blush immediately covered Tonk's face as her imagination went wild. She knew she needed to go back, doing otherwise would be a terrible invasion of privacy. That was why she was quite surprised when her feet decided not to listen to her and walked towards the library door. As soon as she arrived at the door, her hands joined the mutiny and pushed the door handle down, and forced her to walk inside. At least, that was what she tried to convince himself.

And her eyes met with a scene she never thought she would see. Fleur was sprawled on a table, her back arched in pleasure, her tits swinging every time her hips connected with the person behind her, pleasure filled moans escaping her mouth despite her hand pressing her mouth shut. In shock, her eyes stuck to Fleur's pleasure filled expression, unblinking, Fleur's every moan making her curse herself for her decision to leave Bill alone, but she didn't know he was good enough to drill a Veela into euphoria.

Then, a wordy moan escaped Fleur's mouth, shocking Tonks to the core. "Oh, Harry. Your cock is wrecking my pussy. Fuck me harder."

Tonks' eyes jumped upwards in shock, only to see a head covered with raven-black hair with instead of reddish-orange reminiscent of a carrot. One with emerald eyes, eerily burning in the darkness, and a very distinctive lightning bolt on the forehead. Tonks barely thought as she hid behind a bookshelf instead of leaving the room, her mind busy with the latest revelation. She would never expect Harry together with Fleur, in his mind, he was still too young, barely out of his minor status even in the Muggle standards, but his ease with dominating someone like Fleur showed he was man enough where it counted.

His physique was another point of surprise. She always thought Harry was a skinny boy, but looking at his naked body, covered only in a sheen of sweat that shone in the dimness of the library, there was no way to hide his lean, but muscular build. "It must be baggy clothes he always wears," she reasoned about missing the tasty treat lay under his clothes. Then, Harry pulled out of Fleur, his cock on display for her to examine. "Definitely baggy clothes," she cursed. "How else he would hide that monster."

Tonks watched in astonishment as Harry ordered Fleur to suck his cock, and only reply Fleur, a headstrong, domineering witch whose traits only enhanced with her Veela ancestry just nodded happily and fell to her knees in front of Harry, her mouth already fully open. Harry pushed his cock inside her mouth, and Fleur started to struggle barely halfway, which was not a surprise. What came next, however, was definitely a surprise. Harry grabbed her head, and pushed his cock deeper, disappearing from the view bit by bit. Several sounds eerily akin to suffocation left Fleur's mouth, enough to force her to intervene if she didn't notice Fleur's hands busy with teasing herself, one hovering over her pussy, the other caressing her nipples. There was no doubt that Fleur was a willing participant. Willing, and very satisfied…

Tonks suddenly remembered the situation she was in. She was hiding behind a creepy bookcase, watching as two of her acquaintances had sex. Hot, sweaty sex that filled participants with endless pleasure, leaving them with shaky knees, out of breath, and a relaxed euphoria. Tonks wanted to deny her own arousal, but it was hard to lie when one's own body took the stand as a witness. Her hair took the color of vermilion, her breasts grew a couple sizes, enough to make wearing a bra very uncomfortable. She unhooked her bra almost instantly, just to prevent the pain. Or at least that was what she said to herself, but she failed to come up with an excuse for her next move, her hands sneaking inside her blouse, meeting with her recently freed breasts, fondling them repeatedly. Nor she had an answer when one of those traitorous hands slipped inside her panties, rubbing circles around her clitoris. She tried to tell herself that only reason she was hiding there instead of hiding in a corner, because she was afraid of getting caught if she made any sudden movement, but she was aware just how ridiculous her excuses became, and focused her attention back to her fingers, rapidly sliding in and out in an attempt to finish before Harry and Fleur stopped.

Her fingers quickened as Harry's moans started to get closer, but she wasn't able to trigger an orgasm of her own until Harry finally climaxed, filling Fleur's mouth with his seed, Fleur struggling to keep all in her mouth, only to fail. It was an amazing sight, a Veela trying to swallow, only to fail, a copious amount of it sliding down her bruised lips and ending on her breasts. The sheer eroticism of the scene was further enhanced when Fleur's hand landed on her breast, absentmindedly rubbing her chest with his seed, finally triggering an orgasm in Tonks, intense enough to result in a momentary loss of control, a loud moan of her echoing in the room.

She jerked upwards in panic, afraid she would get caught, but a glance showed neither Harry nor Fleur noticed her, so she pulled closer to the bookshelf, still watching from the opening between the books. "That was amazing, 'arry," Fleur murmured even as she stood up, searching for her clothes, but Tonks noticed that every piece she managed to find was either in pieces, or had large tears, like they were removed with the application of a great physical force, something Fleur enjoyed immensely if the smile beaming on her face whenever she found a new piece was any indicator.

Harry kept his gaze on her as she walked around the table, collecting her clothes. Not an unpleasant activity, Tonks surmised, considering Fleur was still very naked, displaying her perfection, shaking enticingly at every step. For the first time in her life, Tonks felt inadequate and jealous. Yes, she had ability mold her body to according to her desires like a dynamic sculpture, but Fleur was a masterpiece of Michelangelo, the subject of a beauty Tonks would be unable to replicate. "You were also incredible as always," Harry answered, putting his hand on her derriere. "Can't I interest you with another round?" he said, his tone hopeful. "I will even do the thing with the silk scarf and ice cubes that you love so much."

Tonks saw Fleur shudder with visible pleasure. "I wish I can," Fleur said with real disappointment in her tone. "But I need to be at work in less than five hours, and I don't want to collapse midday." Her face suddenly perked up. "But I have a three-day break coming up. Why don't you throw another hissy fit and lock yourself in your room for a few days?" Tonks' chin fell down in shock, in a very literal sense considering her body-shaping abilities. Since he had started staying in the Grimmauld place, Tonks was aware of Harry locking himself to his room for long periods of time. For hours, sometimes even for days, he rejected communication with everyone after starting a fight for a silly reason. Before, she assumed they were childish tantrums. Apparently, she knew less about Harry than she ever presumed.

"Nice," he said. "A three-day break is more than enough for it." His smile suddenly gained an edge, one that made Tonks remember tigers for some reason. "I don't see the reason not to put some rope into the equation." Fleur shuddered. "Maybe even some candle wax," Harry added, and a whimper escaped Fleur's mouth.

"Really?" Fleur said enthusiastically and received a nod in return. She hugged him and spoke. "I really want to stay for a while, but your monster is already about to wake up. I need to go now, or I won't leave before the dawn."

"Are you going to leave it hanging," Harry said with a smirk. "What about my needs."

Fleur rolled her eyes. "I could never leave your side if I tried to keep that down permanently. Not that it's a bad fate." Then she did something that shocked Tonks' to the core. She turned, her blue eyes directly meeting with hers. She started speaking before Tonks could pull back, frozen by shock. "Why don't you use our dirty little voyeur instead," Fleur added, pecked Harry's lips, and disappeared with a crack of apparition.

"Okay, Tonks. You can come out," Harry said, his tone not carrying even the slightest hint of surprise, indicating he didn't just get aware of her presence. She skulked in the shadows in a vain attempt to avoid attention despite knowing its ineffectiveness. "Come on Tonks, we don't have all day."

Tonks was ashamed, more than she ever felt in a long time. She felt helpless, able to do nothing but do what he asked. She stood up and walked towards Harry, keeping her eyes firmly on the ground, her hair color cycling rapidly. Harry pointed to a chair, and Tonks sat down without a protest, and Harry sat on the table, directly in front of her. Tonks' blush intensified, suddenly realizing Harry still hadn't bothered to dress, and since she was still keeping her eyes low in an attempt to avoid eye contact, her eyes suddenly stuck on his cock. A panicked yelp escaped her mouth and she lowered her gaze even further, no word leaving her mouth.

"So, Tonks," Harry started, dawdling his words slowly. "May I ask you what you were doing in the library at this hour of the night?"

It took several seconds for Tonks to find her voice, though hesitant and cracked, to answer the question. "I went to the kitchen for a drink of water, but I heard some noises. I came here to check, afraid it might be an intruder." But even as she explained, she was aware just how hollow her excuses ran.

"Really," Harry said, his voice slightly mocking. "So, you heard some sounds in a Fidelius protected house and thought there might be intruders. So, I assume you wanted to make sure where was no intruder around even after seeing us, right? Should I assume the way you were fondling your tits was a part of an obscure combat spell, taught in Auror school." He gave a little laugh.

She was unable to come up with a reply, so she stood silent, keeping her eyes on the floor. A challenge, as she could still see his shaft on the edge of her vision, growing. For a moment, Tonks was stymied of the reason why, until she noticed the state of her own torso. The shirt she wore, already thin and loose around the top, was stretched further by her breasts, a few sizes larger than her usual B cup, lacking a bra to restrain them. And Harry, sitting above her, had a prime view of what was going on. She knew appropriate thing was to do was to say sorry and leave, especially considering Harry and Fleur were in a relationship.

But Tonks seldom restricted herself what was appropriate, and while she usually didn't interject herself to other people's relationships, the way Fleur dismissed her as inconsequently lighted a fire in her, and the fact Tonks placed herself behind her, a first in her life, just lighted the fire more. For the first time in her life, she burned with jealousy. She shifted her gaze to his waist level, his monstrous cock on display, fully erect. She licked her lips in enthusiasm as she decided the perfect way to take revenge, and stretch her itch in the process. "Sorry," she murmured, suddenly raising her eyes to meet his gaze. "How can I make it better?"

"Hmm, it's a tough question, why don't you surprise me?"

Everything clicked in her mind, her frustrations, needs, her jealousy towards Fleur… Tonks smiled at his challenge. She would surprise him indeed. Her hands found the hem of her shirt even as she leaned forward, getting rid of her shirt in one smooth movement, leaving her gravity-defying breasts bare, her lips cracked open. "I might have an idea," she said and captured his hot rod between her lips, an unfamiliar aroma exploding in her mouth as she used her tongue to tease the crown. It took her few seconds to remember the last thing his cock had been. She was still tasting Fleur's juices, mixed with Harry's own seed. She expected to be weirded and disgusted, which was why she was shocked when she felt her core heating up. Then Harry's hands found her head and pressed down, and her attention shifted back to more immediate concerns, like breathing.

His cock was barely two-thirds in, but it was already lodged deep within her throat, leaving her to wonder just how Fleur managed to take all of it inside, but she didn't intend to admit defeat, if Fleur could to it, so can she. With that in mind, she used her ability to widen her throat just enough to allow passage of his girth while still managing to be a tight fit. A successful attempt, if Harry's satisfied grunt was any indicator. He wrapped his hand around her hair, pulling harshly as he continued to slip his full length in and out repeatedly. Tonks felt her passion rising every second, enough to push her forward.

She felt hungry, too hungry to be satisfied by oral sex, no matter how pleasurable it was. She tapped his leg twice, hoping that he would understand. The pressure from his hands suddenly abated, and Tonks pulled back. A glance showed a concerned expression on his face, so Tonks smiled, and unzipped her skirt, pulling it down with her panties, leaving her stark naked. Harry's smile was back in full force upon seeing there was no issue.

Tonks placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed him back, hard enough to force him took a couple steps back, until he found himself sitting in a very comfortable looking armchair. Tonks started the process of taking her own seat, lowering herself to his erection. She pushed down gently until his crown was inside her, stretching her entrance at a level she wasn't used to, enough to send a spark of doubt inside her, unsure whether she would be able to take all of it inside. But again, the spark of competitiveness sparked inside. If Fleur could do that, so could she.

With that in mind, she pushed herself down in one smooth motion and impaled herself with his full length, a cry of pleasure escaping her mouth despite her best attempts to arrest it, the pleasure she felt overwhelming her. He reached her chest, but she shook her head negative, and took a hold of his wrists, putting his arms on the sides of the chair. "Keep them there," she said. She had let him be in control enough, now it was her turn. She placed her hands on his chest, slowly rocking her hips, her every motion sending a shiver of pleasure, borne from the thick shaft inside her, stretching her to a limit despite her natural advantages. She kept her gaze on his emerald eyes, his smoldering glare making her even hotter.

She leaned forward, her tits just an inch away from his head, and he didn't miss the opportunity. His tongue darted out, drawing circles around her nipples, leaving burning tracks of pleasure behind. Then his lips joined, gently enveloping her nipples, multiplying her pleasure. She could feel pleasure building up. Her hips started to move faster and faster, chasing the climax. She rose towards the top and pushed herself down as hard as possible, the sudden movement finally pushing her to the climax, a messy one that left her a trembling mess. She was glad for Harry's arms wrapped around her body, the only things that kept her from crumbling.

Then Harry spoke. "Now, it's my turn again." Without any warning, his arms tightened around her back, and he stood up, lifting her together with him, her legs wrapping around him in panic, his erect cock still inside her. He walked, managing to impale her at every step. Then, Tonks felt the chilly touch of the stone wall on her back but her attention was grabbed by more important things, like Harry's hips moving with a furious speed, slamming inside her again and again, no mercy, no respite, no concern for her shocked cries.

And she loved every single second of it. She never felt something like that before, every slam of his thick girth resulting in a condensed wave of pleasure, drowning her mind with pleasure. She lost control of her voice, the risk of being caught only a peripheral concern. If anything, it was making it more pleasurable. She barely noticed when he dislodged and made her turn, only to continue fucking her relentlessly, this time her chest pressing onto the cool stone, the contrast with her burning skin enhancing her pleasure even more. She could feel her climax approaching. "I'm on the potion," she managed to gasp between cries. She wanted to feel her insides being filled with the same torrent that filled Fleur.

Then, the orgasm hit her body once more, her juices flowing out of her squeezing tunnel. Her climax managed to trigger one in Harry, and she felt a torrent of hot seed filling her core. Once again, Harry's arms were wrapped around her, keeping her from falling down, her thoughts losing her coherency. But one thing was sure, she was quite glad she had decided to check that sound…