This Time Around
By Trinity Angel
Rating PG-13 (for now)

Frantically, Domon Kashuu shoved what clothing he could into a black duffel bag. There wasn't much time now. It had only been about twenty minutes since the new government had announced the banning of Gundam fights and Gundams, as well as the bounty placed over the men that piloted them. Behind him he could hear Chibodee shifting nervously.

"I just don't understand, Chibodee. We went through all that trouble, and now they want us dead."

"I don't understand anything any more, Domon."

Chibodee sighed heavily and pushed a hand through his unruly hair. It had only been days since the Shuffle Alliance had defeated the Dark Gundam and here they were running for their lives. It didn't make any sense. Inwardly, Chibodee winced as he once more realized that his dreams of being held as a hero back home went up in a plume of smoke. Slowly his eyes closed and he looked down, his hands jammed into his back pockets. A sigh from the man across from him brought him out of his thoughts. Chibodee tilted his head and watched as Domon snatched a photograph from the night stand in the room that he and his girlfriend shared. Gesturing to the framed picture, Chibodee's curiosity got the better of him.

"Did you get a hold of her?"

Domon only shook his head and continued to pack. Inwardly his heart ached deeply at the thought of leaving Rain behind like this, with no note, no phone call, nothing. But it was better if she thought him dead, wasn't it? Doubt slowly began to ebb at the edges of what had once been a flawless plan, but Domon quickly shoved it away. No. It was better this way. She would be safe, and in the end that was all that mattered.

"What?! You are going to tell her aren't you, Domon Kashuu?"

Again, Domon didn't reply, but instead began to zip his bag shut, trying to give the impression that he didn't care and wasn't listening.

"Are you fuckin' crazy?! Domon! You have to let her know where you are. I know Rain, she'll be worried sick. Domon, you just can't-"

"I can, and that's what I'm going to do. The last thing I want is her to be dragged down into this garbage too."


"Chibodee, I didn't ask for your approval, nor for your opinion."

With his sharp, brisk words, Domon pushed past Chibodee and walked out of the apartment's bedroom.


Chibodee threw one last slurred protest at Domon's back. To say he was surprised when Domon turned around and yelled at him with a raised fist, would be a lie indeed.

"Shut up, okay?! I know what I'm doing!"

Domon screamed and stormed out of the house, careful to pull his hood up before he left. Why did Chibodee have to remind him that he wasn't doing the right thing? Closing his eyes, he slung his bag over his shoulder and waited outside the door. He couldn't bear to stay any longer. Each moment he remained within those walls was another moment he was reminded of her. Slumping down against the wall, Domon pressed his hands against his ears, trying to block out the voices... Trying to block out her voice in particular. Shuddering, he squeezed his eyes shut as tightly as possible.

'Where are you going Domon?...Why are you leaving...Domon...Domon...'

Chibodee glanced around the soundless apartment. It didn't take a fool to know there had been a lot of good times within this space. Shaking his head, he blew a strand of hair from his eyes and sighed heavily. It broke his heart to know that Rain would come home frantic after hearing the news, only to find the place she shared with her lover void of any clue as to where he could be. Silently, he lifted his right hand to his lips and blew a small kiss into the empty space before him.

"I hope he's right."

Turning around, Chibodee exited and closed the door tightly. Turning to glance at his companion, he only shook his head. Extending his hand, Chibodee placed it on Domon's shoulder.

'Domon, things would be so much easier for you if you could only learn to accept help with your burdens...'

"C'mon...Let's go."

And they walked toward the elevator, Domon trying with all of his will not to look back...

~*What could be worse then leaving something behind?*~

Rawr. Prologues are cool. That's all. Mm, figured I'd try something new this time. We'll see how it turns out.

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