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When Life Gives You Lemons

Chapter 2

"-aune!" Moaning loudly as she bounced up and down on his member, Kali placed her hands onto his chest. "Oh yes! Yes! Oh give me more!"

Flesh met flesh with great slapping noises as her fleshy and amazing ass smacked into his pelvis while she buried him to the hilt in her still tight pussy. Reaching up his hands and putting them onto her waist, he thrust upwards making her mewl in pleasure before he continued meeting her in the middle.

Slamming his hips upwards while the sexy milf moaned uncontrollably, he felt her walls close in on his cock. "I'm gonna come! You're going to make this dirty slut come!"

Rising up and capturing her mouth with his lips, he sloshed in his tongue meeting hers as it sucked on his own. Moving back out he nibbled at her neck while the furious sex continued. "You want some more kittens? Huh? You want me to fill you up?"

Kali let out a deep moan escalating in volume while she got even tighter somehow her cunt twitching around his appendage. "Yes! Please! Fill up this dirty slut with your cum! Give me some new kittens!"

Wrapping his arms around her back and pulling her close to the point where her tits squashed against his chest and her erect nipples were stimulated, he slammed into her several more times before unloading a thick helping of sperm into her womanly depths.

Falling back onto the mattress with her a second later, he reached one hand down and squeezed one of her tanned asscheeks while another hand went up and pet her ears. Mewling like a cat would, Kali rubbed her face into his neck nibbling at it slightly while they both relaxed in the afterglow.

Looking down at the very satisfied face of his lover, Jaune smiled a bit before moving down his head and placing a kiss on her forehead. "This has been the best week of my life you know?"

She looked up at him, her own face still flushed and slightly sweat covered. "It's been the best week of my life too… Sadly, it's almost over."

"Don't worry about anything Kali. I'll make sure I swamp Ghira in so much work he'll be completely and totally exhausted by the end of the day." He said with a chuckle while pulling her up his body and further up his chest so that he could feel her large breasts pressing against his chest. "Then you can come to me, under the cloak of darkness and we can make sweet, sweet love. We could run away even, then it'll be like something out of one of your terrible books."

Kali let out that wonderful laugh he's come to adore before looking into his deep blue eyes. "They're not terrible! Besides, Blake is coming back soon, and I can't leave her so soon after getting her back."

Jaune kissed her engaging with her in a sensual and fiery kiss before they broke off a trail of saliva separating them. "We'll just have to convince Blake to come with us then won't we?"

Laughing again, Kali rubbed her face into his neck letting her ears tickle his face. "Jaune. I think you should date Blake."

Looking down at her, Jaune saw her face and pulled her closer up his body. "Why do you think that kitten?"

She sighed before looking up at him a bit sadness in her eyes. "She's younger than me, and while you've given me happiness, you can stay with her longer in life. Besides, this way… She'll finally have a boyfriend I approve of."

While she avoided making eye contact he moved one hand and gently grabbed her chin turning towards her to face him. "Don't talk like that Kali. Earlier I said that this has been the best week of my life. I wasn't lying. And I'm not going to leave you just because you get a bit old. I-I think I love you Kali."

Jaune's throat felt dry while he waited for her response and his heart hammered in his chest before she moved up silently kissing him again grinding against his rejuvenated member. Pulling back, she looked him in the eye. "I-I think I love you too… Jaune."

Kissing her again until he felt the need for oxygen overcome him, he moved back from her soft lips while she spoke softly again. "Still, date my daughter. I want some grand-kids soon."

She started furiously blushing before looking back up at him. "And maybe some more kids of my own."

Flipping them over and hearing her cute 'eep' Jaune lowered himself down cupping her breasts and kneading them in his palms while lining himself up again. "Let's get started with that then shall we?"

Leaning in to kiss her one more time, Jaune let it go one as long as possible before moving back. Kali looked up at him grinning playfully. "It's going to be an interesting little while."

"Sure will." He said before straightening himself out. Currently wearing his finally arrived ambassador outfit suited for the location, he felt cool with the white dress shirt and black slacks while the red tie was nicely made and non-constraining. Looking down at her while she stepped away looking towards the door he grabbed her hand again. "I love you Kali."

She let out an oddly playful giggle. "I'm sure the neighbors know that by now what with how loudly you were saying it last night... I love you too."

Smiling at her, Jaune walked over to the door side once again straightening out his tie. 'My palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms spaghetti. Wait, is that how it goes? God, why am I even nervous? No matter what Ghira does Kali is mine, that's a given. Is it Blake? Am I just freaked out at the prospect of having another nice girl like me? C'mon Jaune, don't be an idiot. It's not at all a bad thing, and Kali gave me her blessing. Ha, actually I suppose she's given me a lot more than that.'

Catching a glimpse of that Belladonna-booty while she sashayed towards the front door, she shot him a teasing wink before opening the door and stepping out into the hot sun. Deciding not to follow her into the heat, he stood in the shade of the doorway looking down the long road which led up to the house's front porch.

It took a few minutes, but after Kali had stood there for a few minutes a couple of characters came up in the sunrise towards the house. It was chosen that they'd arrive in the early morning so as to not alarm the townsfolk, and so far it seems as though nobody was in an uproar about Blake being back…

Coming closer, the two shadows eventually formed into recognizable figures which were easily distinguishable from even this distance.

The chieftain of Menagerie stood to the left of his daughter, and was a large man without a doubt. A really large man in fact. Standing at what must be six foot four, he was larger than Jaune by a few inches which truly did make a difference. With his magnificent black beard, and the other various patches of thick body hair around his body, he gave off the demeanor of a large cat… Perhaps some sort of puma?

Wearing a large open dark violet coat with a white fur trim which exposed his muscular and hairy chest, along with a pair of beige pants, he was obviously well dressed despite the recent expedition. Adorning his left shoulder was a large metal spaulder which then connected to another clasp on his coat, all of this naturally matched the huge silver buckle which held up nothing.

Jaune almost grit his teeth before realizing he was doing. What he was doing in the end of the day, was getting mad about nothing. Why should he be mad? After all, it's due to this man's neglect of his wife's needs that Jaune's met and fallen in love with a wonderful woman who wanted to be with him too.

Looking over to the much smaller figure beside him, Jaune could feel his heart catch in his throat. 'Nothing to worry about Jaune. Surely she'll like you, and then we'll all fall in love and we will live in happy incestuous polygamy. It's likely that she's good looking too if her mother is anything to go by.'

Shaking himself out of this train of thought, he looked to the figure at his side and was completely blown away. Feeling his heart skip a beat, he noticed how she was even more beautiful than her mother if that was even possible.

From her creamy smooth seeming skin and the long black hair flowing down her back, all the way to her cute black cat ears and amazing amber eyes, she was truly gorgeous. Noticing the high cheekbones and small amount of makeup, he realized that she truly was the most beautiful girl he's ever seen.

Wearing a black buttoned vest with coattails along with a white sleeveless high necked crop top, there was a portion of her midriff showing. Noticing her toned stomach and perfect figure, he smiled in his mind.

Truly beautiful.

Noticing how in her amber eyes there was something lacking, Jaune looked deeper hoping to figure out what it was he was expecting to see. Or rather, what he wasn't expecting to see.

Where he'd be suspecting something like defiance at having been brought back against her will, or some sort of plot going on in her eyes, but he saw nothing of the sort. All he saw was defeat and acceptance. Maybe even a bit of joy, but that was masked as quickly as it appeared.

Waiting with his hands behind his back, Jaune watched as they climbed the steps almost painfully slow. Coming up to her mother and hesitating for a moment, Blake seemed nervous before Kali puller her into a hug and they started talking. While they were only around forty feet away, they were still talking in hushed tones so he couldn't hear what was being said, but knowing Kali it was likely something about love like from one of her bad books.

Looking past his wife and his daughter, Ghira finally noticed Jaune standing there in silence a small smile on his face and pulled his lips up showing off his canines in Jaune's direction aggressively. "Who are you?"

Nodding and walking closer while extending out a hand, Jaune made sure to make some sort of smile looking at the man. Lead by example and all that. "Jaune Arc, Ambassador To Vale."

Nodding and releasing some air out of his nose rather harshly, Ghira shook his hand firmly before brightening up a bit. "We can talk after dinner Mr. Arc, sorry for leaving without a word on the day of your arrival." He said before gesturing over his shoulder at Blake. "As I'm sure you know, family is important."

Jaune laughed before nodding in understanding. He'd do a lot for his sisters. "I do indeed understand sir. Now…" He said before pausing for some dramatic effect while rubbing his palms together. "Your wife has surely cooked up something wonderful. Shall we eat?"

Sitting down at the table alone with Ghira was an interesting experience. He gave the vibe of a man who could tear you apart, but wasn't because he didn't have a reason. Wishing that Kali had never gone to give Blake guidance back to her room, Jaune sat there talking to Ghira about some very simple things required of them firsthand.

"So, as for my accommodations…" Jaune said starting a bit awkwardly. "Your wife has been ever so kind as to let me stay here until your return and further action can be decided upon… Where will I be staying?"

Ghira reached up one hand towards his beard stroking it gently. While Jaune may not like the man much because of him neglecting his husbandly duties to his wife, he must admit that beard is glorious. "The embassy building for the Valeans is still being reconstructed after the terrorist attack which has taken it out in the first place. Until it's reconstructed, you can stay in the guest home which is to the side of this one.."

Nodding, Jaune understood. This was a good thing, this way he'd be able to screw Kali and hopefully her daughter senseless in an entirely different building to this hulk of a man.

"I will have Kali show you to it later tonight." Ghira said before taking a sip of tea out of a cup far too small for him. "Is there anything else that must be discussed tonight? I am tired and would just like to go to bed."

Jaune shook his head. "No. However I was wondering if I may use some of the facilities in this home while I stay in your guest home? I'm rather paranoid I may slip in the shower or be bitten by something dangerous if I am to stay alone in the daytime."

Ghira considered a moment before nodding. "Your caution is well founded. Considering what happened to every ambassador before you, it will be allowed. Stay here for as long as you like as long as you do not interrupt or stay past midnight."

"Thank you for your hospitality." Jaune said before standing up off of the cushions at the table. Maybe he'd get a chance to see Kali again tonight after all. "Goodnight sir. May I borrow some books from the library though? I seem to have forgotten my pleasure reading on the boat."

"By all means! What I have is yours for the time being." The man said letting out a loud laugh before yawning. "It's down the hall, to the left, and then the fourth door on your right."

"Thanks." Watching as the large man left for his bedroom to go to sleep, Jaune navigated his way to the library easily and without problem. Apparently Kali liked the atmosphere in there so much she insisted that they do the deed there several times, meaning of course that Jaune wouldn't forget the way anytime soon.

Walking in, Jaune smelt the musty paper from every book lining the countless bookshelves covering the walls. Walking over to the section Kali pointed out earlier, he quickly found 'Ninja's Of Love' by reading the spines and sat down on one of the many cushions in the center of the room surrounding the low table.

According to Kali, her daughter Blake basically worshipped the book series taking it with her everywhere. If he was to get in her good graces, it's probably best if her gets to know the series inside out.

It was a few hours later when Jaune had finished the first book. Was it bad? No, not at all really. In fact the added pictures helped create the scenes ever more vividly in his head to the point that he considered calling Kali over immediately to test out some of the things he read in here.

But aside from the prevalent smut, it was actually quite good and the plot was far deeper than he would've expected from a novel like that. Taking the second book off the shelf, he went to sit down before noticing he was being watched.

Flipping his hair and flashing her a perfectly white smile, Jaune looked at who was standing in the doorway as kindly as possible. "Hello."

Blake stood in the doorway looking at him like he was some kind of alien before realizing she hadn't responded yet and did so. "Hi."

Deciding to break the ice himself since Blake's anti-socialism was indeed as bad as her mother described it, Jaune walked towards her a hand outwards. "The name's Jaune. I'm currently acting as the ambassador between Vale and Menagerie and since the embassy is well… Destroyed, I'm staying in the guest home."

Grasping his hand in one of her pale and elegant ones which felt as soft as silk, she shook it with enough of a grip as to not seem rude before she introduced herself. "Blake. I live here."

Nodding, Jaune let go of her hand letting it drop to her side. "Your mother's told me a lot about you during my stay. She truly does love you which is nice to see."

Blake's face went a light shade of pink while she sighed. "Please ignore my mother. Knowing her, she's likely told you something embarrassing which is exaggerated."

He shrugged guiltily before smiling and throwing out a pick up line. "She certainly didn't exaggerate your beauty."

At that the light dusting of pink went to a higher degree of red before she coughed. "Like I said, please ignore my mother."

Laughing in his head at how adorable Blake looked when flustered, he noticed that her ears were curling slightly in an odd way and was completely captivated for a moment before moving on. It's impolite to stare after all.

"Blaaaaaaake. Don't ignore me!~ I can show him your baby photos!~" Kali's voice came from the doorway making both Jaune and Blake turn towards the door quickly. Pointing at him, she said in a fake serious tone. "And you Jaune! Don't even think of dating my daughter without my approval!"

"Mom!" Came Blake's exasperated voice which went ignored as Jaune put his hand over his heart and dropped to one knee.

"Oh please, oh Great Lady Belladonna, give me the right to date your daughter! You have my word that I will treat her more or less right." Jaune said managing to choke his laugh at the last second despite his shaking shoulders.

Giggling at him Kali nodded before turning to her daughter. "I like him."

"Mom!" Blake said turning a deeper shade of red while shutting her eyes and rubbing her face with her hands. Getting up off his knee, he went to the doorway to stand near Kali.

"It was nice meeting you Blake. We should get to know each other sometime." He said one more time before smiling and following her mother out of the room leaving behind a flustered and likely intrigued Blake.

Closing the door behind him, he followed Kali down the hall in relative silence making sure to be a couple steps back so that the swing in her hips she was putting on for him didn't go to waste. He imagined her without clothing on for a moment and realized that these next few weeks of having her in his arms left often was going to be tough…

Real tough.

And so, the weeks went by. Around three weeks later, Jaune stood there in the shower of the Belladonna household cleaning himself using soap. Sadly, he was alone while doing so as Kali was preparing dinner for them…

Sighing as he shampooed his hair and made himself squeaky clean, he went over everything he's learned in the past couple weeks during his odd friendship type thing with Blake. After realizing that he too read 'Ninja's Of Love' Blake had become much more hospitable, and from there they only became closer.

For example, every now and then she would allow him a question about what her old life was like before she was brought back by her father.

She said it was odd, not necessarily bad in every way, but odd. Whereas here she had space and privacy, not to mention the peace and quiet she so loved (as he had learned) when she was in the base with them, she'd had none of these things.

It was cramped, it was loud, and it was always on the move but for some reason she didn't mind.

What she did end up minding however, was the fact that her boyfriend, much like Ghira did to Kali, neglected her womanly needs preferring to work, to kill. Despite whispering all sorts of honeyed words and saying about how they were fighting for freedom, eventually Blake realized the truth. They were killing for the sake of payback, not equality. So, she left him. Or rather, when her father had come with many armed guards to reclaim her and clear the camp, she came back willingly thankful to finally have another chance with another guy.

Hopefully, she was considering him to be a potential partner.

But these were just a few of the things he'd learned in this time period. Another thing brought to his attention by Kali, was the fact that soon, very soon in fact Blake would be going into her heat phase.

The heat phase was a short amount of time in which a faunus would feel the urge to fuck. Okay, well maybe that was the crude way of putting it, but what it basically did was cause them to need pleasure and crave it completely basically causing them to screw anything in sight. Of course, this is because their sense are heightened, almost especially the sense of touch.

This time period occurred roughly every two months and was basically inescapable. However, once reaching a certain age threshold, it's more of an optional thing. Like how once you reach adulthood, it's basically a guaranteed thing. Technically, Kali's should start at around the same time Blake's does, and he was planning to make the most of it.

So after a while of planning and talking with Blake and Kali, he'd managed to arrange this dinner for the three, while at the same time managing to get Ghira to leave town and check on something in one of the desert frontier towns.

What he was hoping for, was that once Kali leaves from finishing her dinner early, Blake's heat period would activate and then they'd finally become some sort of couple. Or well, some sort of strange couple along with her mom who would always be number one in his heart. Sadly, since things very rarely went as smoothly as planned, he had Kali add some mild aphrodisiac to the tea they would be drinking that night in preparation, to really kind of jump start her heat period.

Hopefully all would go well.

Pulling on his red silk shirt, he pulled up his pants and popped on his dress shoes before looking in the mirror and winking. Welp, time to go and have dinner with a wonderful woman who will hopefully be in bed with him by the end of the night.

Huh, he never thought he'd think that.

Leaving the bathroom, Jaune walked down the hallways of the Belladonna household towards the dining room with a bit of a skip in his step. Eventually arriving in the kitchen, he noticed that while Blake wasn't there yet, Kali was indeed.

Humming to herself quietly while stirring something in a pot, she seemed completely distracted. Sneaking up to her, he wrapper his arms around her waist getting a mewl of delight while she left the ladle in the pot and leaned back into his arms while he placed his chin on his shoulder making her shudder.

"What's cookin good lookin?" He asked pressing himself against her before she turned and put a hand on his chest kissing him. Receding backwards she smiled at him happily.

"Nothing important. Mind setting out the tea cups?" She asked innocently enough despite having added the aphrodisiac per her own instructions earlier within the tea. Nodding and stepping back, he missed her immediately but went about grabbing the tea-cups anyways before setting them out on the low table they ate at.

Sitting down on a cushion cross legged, Jaune poured the tea into each cup carefully allowing Blake's to have a few leaves more than the rest before he sat back waiting for the rest of his fellows.

Kali came back in shortly and he noticed that while her apparel was the same as before, she was showing more cleavage than normal. Noticing him eyeing her breasts she lifted them with her hands a bit before squishing them together and letting them drop. Captivated while they bounced on their own, he thanked whatever gods were up there for boobs. "Later you and me can have some fun okay? Just make sure-"

"-Blake's first. I remember. It's our plan remember? Besides, I do want to have some fun with Blake before the night's over." He said sitting back before Blake came into the room sitting on her cushion a thin film of sweat covering her forehead making him raise an eyebrow.

"Sorry, I was reading and not paying attention to the time." She said breathing more heavily than anybody who was just reading would be breathing. Taking a drink of her tea so as to avoid any more conversation, he noticed her pupils dilate before they dug into their food.

Only taking a small portion so that she could leave earlier, kali excused herself a few minutes into the meal saying something about her going to take a bath, leaving Jaune and Blake alone to eat together.

They made some pleasant and for the most part, normal conversation. Taking some tea himself to get prepared and maybe a bit more ready than he currently was for what would be the night's events, he listened to Blake talking and eventually they finished up their food and he stood up.

Blake tried to follow in suit, but after moment her legs wobbled and she crouched putting her hands on the table. "J-Jaune? Can you help walk me back to my r-room please? I-I'm not feeling all that well."

Walking over to her, he looped one of his arms under her shoulders and put one of her own arms over his and hefted her up half carrying her, half walking down the hallway.

Upon arriving at her room, her face was now rather red and he noticed her walking had somehow gotten even worse than before with her stumbling more often… Likely because she was rubbing her legs together.

Opening the door, he helped put her on the bed and was about to turn around disappointed. Oh well, if she isn't ready then that's fine. There's always la- Jaune's thoughts were interrupted moments later when he felt a hand on his wrist.

Turning around, he didn't expect to have his shirt grabbed and to be pulled down onto the warm soft form of Blake. With her red face, she looked at him and pulled him closer wrapping her hands around his neck while pulling his face closer to her own.

Feeling her hot breath on his skin made him shudder before she kissed him pushing her soft and perfect lips against his tenderly at first getting rougher as it progressed before she slipped her tongue in as well.

Sucking on her tongue eloquently, Jaune returned it with as much passion as he slide his leg in between hers rubbing her crotch with his knee making her moan. Taking advantage of her pleasure he fought her tongue back cleaning out the furthest corners of her mouth before they broke off gasping for air.

Now he was towering over her smaller body holding her wrists against the bed, and he could feel her breathing against him before she pulled him close and whispered in his ear. "Jaune. I really like you… I'll tell you all the reasons why later, but please… Just make me feel good right now."

Leaning down he began sucking on her neck making her moan as his lips connected with her creamy smooth and soft skin. Moving his hands down to her shirt, he unbuttoned it before helping her shrug out of it before doing the same thing with her pants, leaving her in nothing but a lacy black bra and rapidly moistening panties.

Undressing himself in record time, he moved down to her panties moving them off her glistening pussy with one finger before he dove in head first probing with his tongue gently into her folds while one hand went up to rub the outside more.

Hearing her pleasurable moans escalate, he figured she would like more and stuck his tongue in further eating her out like a real man should. Lapping up her juices, he continued until he began rubbing her clit making her moan again.

"J-Jaune! Please do it more! G-go deeper!" Moving his face back, he latched onto her mouth with his own as they made out again. Moving his hand down, he stuck in two fingers gently pumping them into her pussy making sure to rub against the walls as they hardened down on his hand like a vice.

Sticking in a third finger, Jaune heard her moan his name louder and he continued finger fucking her until her pussy lips closed around his hands and she came squirting all over him.

Grinning, she got up pushing him back down onto the bed before she latched onto his mouth again hungrily exchanging saliva with him before reaching one of her hands down and getting a hold of his rapidly hardening member.

Stroking it softly in her soft hands she pumped up the shaft for what seemed like forever before stopping the kiss and moving down nuzzling his erect cock with her forehead making a soft flesh smacking noise.

Licking her lips before beginning, her mouth opened before slowly she began to envelope his dick in her warm and wet mouth swirling her tongue around the tip for a while before licking up the shaft.

Bobbing her head on him quickly, he grabbed a hold of her cat ears making her mewl before it continued now faster than before. Slowing down, Blake licked all the way to the top before letting go with a loud pop and regaining her breath before going back down on it.

This time deepthroating his dick, she fought her gag reflex and took in the whole thing until it hit the back of her throat repeatedly bobbing up and down on him feeling it twitch as he moaned. "Just like that Blake! You're so good!"

The praise made her inwardly smile before she continued onwards. Bobbing now frantically fast, she almost choked when Jaune began thrusting his hips upwards hitting the back of her throat and enveloping his cock with the tight wet thing that was Blake's throat.

Letting out a grunt as he unloaded his load inside her mouth, her eyes widened before she began glugging it all down like a cat drinking milk for the first time. Detaching and licking her lips, she opened her mouth to show his pooled cum before swallowing and looking at him with slightly glazed over eyes.

Straddling him, she ground her slit against him lubricating them both before raising herself up and grabbing onto his cock positioning it under her. Grabbing a hold of her waist, Jaune felt her lower herself down, her hot cunt enveloping his member inch by inch as she slowly slid down his pole.

Crushing past what was left of her hymen, Jaune entered her completely while she slumped on his cock getting used to the feeling of being full for the first time ever. Eventually feeling good enough to continue, she raised herself before letting herself fall back down thrusting herself on his cock repeatedly before she was eventually bouncing on it with her tongue hanging out and her eyes glazed back.

Using his hold on her hips while she rode him intensely, he thrust his hips upwards and went past her cervix into her womb filling her completely and making her scream in pleasure before pounding upwards and meeting her in the middle.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me Jaune! Fuck me harder! Please! Oh fuck yes! Fuck! Please more!" Thrusting herself down on his long dick he felt her velvety soft walls clamp down on his dick before he continued thrusting upwards into her feeling her come around his cock as she stopped bouncing simply stopped there drooling.

"Blake!" Pulling himself into a sitting position her wrapped his arms around her waist and grabbed onto her ass while latching his mouth onto one of her perfect pink nipples on those oh-so-glorious white orbs called breasts before he continued thrusting upwards.

"It feels so good! Fill me up Jaune! Please! Make me your slut! I don't want anyone but you! Jaune please!" Feeling her clamp on him again as she came drove him over the edge while he pumped her full of his seed painting her insides white before she collapsed against him sitting in his arms before regaining some sort of control and engaging with him in a sloppy kiss.

Moments later, they were at it again this time with Blake face first against the mattress her glorious ass raised in the air wiggling while her still cum leaking pussy twitched at him. Lining himself up, Jaune thrust himself in completely slamming into her first thing.

Going at it hard, Jaune grabbed onto her hips pulling her towards him while she mewled and moaned, him filling her up completely before he moved one hand back and delivered a harsh slap to her perfect backside leaving a angry red mark.

Noticing her scream of ecstasy, Jaune smacked her again while her pussy tightened. Slapping her ass now totally committed, Jaune smacked it driving her crazy while he filled her up and she moaned his name.

"You like being slapped slut? Huh? Do you like it when I beat you you whore?" He said slapping her again before reaching forwards and grabbing onto her raven locks of hair gently but at the same time roughly pulling her off her elbows so that she was more or less level with her.

"Y-yes! I love it when you h-" She moaned again getting cut off by herself when he thrust inside her roughly making her quiver around him. "W-when you h-hit me! I love it! Please! Hit me more m-master!"

Releasing her hair and letting her fall back to the mattress Jaune went at it fucking her from behind while she moaned and turned into a drooling mess her eyes rolling into the back of her head from pleasure overload.

Pumping into her like a piston Jaune felt the back of her womb touching the tip and felt himself clench before he slapped her ass again getting her to throw her head back and scream before he came filling up her womb with his white essence.

Coming at the same time she did, she turned into a quivering mess on the bed now only connected to his dick by a goopy line of semen connecting her pussy to his cock while the rest flowed out onto the bed.

Sitting back and breathing heavily while wiping his forehead, Jaune felt ready to do it again to an already likely pleasure-comatosed Blake before he felt some hands caress around his chest and one reach down to stroke his aura-rejuvenated member. "My turn." Kali purred into his ear before pumping him a couple times.

Whirling around, Jaune grabbed onto her head thrusting it onto his dick making her choke before she righted herself and went down on him sucking off her daughters juices and his semen like it's the tastiest cocktail ever.

If there's anything he's learned during his daily romps with Kali, it's that she loves being dominated and degraded. Of course, this is why she was deepthroating his cock like a wet glove far too tight.

Bobbing her head up and down as fast as she could without choking, she slurped and sucked at it all the way down the shaft before he started thrusting his hips upwards into her face making her suck even harder.

Coming in her mouth was like no other experience, and he audibly heard her gulp down his semen while his cock twitched and unloaded into her. Done swallowing, she looked up at him with glazed over eyes and he realized that she too was in heat.

Lifting her up off the floor where he put her, he impaled her on his dick making her squeal like a banshee before he thrust upwards into her and she started riding him herself like a sex obsessed demon.

Fucking into her womb, he hit her g-spot making her moan literally every second she wasn't calling out his name. Coming around his dick, she quivered before he turned them over into a missionary position and he moved her legs over his shoulders.

Pumping into her sopping wet pussy, Jaune reached upwards groping her tits roughly and flicking her nipples before she moaned again.

"Yes Jaune! Come inside! Give me your babies! I love you! I love you so much J-jaune! Fuck me!" Fucking into her harder, Jaune breached her cervix before feeling her vaginal walls clamp onto him like a vice and he unloaded his cum into her womb getting her pregnant for sure this time before she collapsed backwards breathing heavily making her amazing tanned tits rise and fall with her ribcage.

Now fairly tired, Jaune felt only good enough for about two rounds more before he'd need a break and he sat there for a second wondering what to do before Kali solved that problem for her.

Having crawled over to her daughter, Kali laid back pulling her daughters paler and younger form on top of her so that their vaginas were rubbing together in the middle. Ignoring her daughter's confused eyes, she began sucking on Blake's top lip before it turned into a full blown hot make out which made Jaune as hard as steel.

Moving over and seeing the tribadism, Jaune wondered where he should stick it in first. Nodding to himself, Jaune put two hands on Blake's white asscheeks carefully spreading them and showing her puckered anus.

Lining up the tip, Jaune slowly stuck it in going in one inch at a time into the impossible tight anal orifice before shoving himself in once he was about halfway. Hearing Blake's not understandable scream of pleasure, Jaune felt her hot asshole around his dick and he pumped into it feeling the tightness completely envelop him driving him to pleasure he didn't know was possible.

After going slowly for a minute or so, Jaune picked up the pace steadily pumping into her turning Blake into even more of a drooling broken mess before he felt her clench several times making it more pleasurable for him.

Thrusting in like a jackhammer, Jaune completely pounded away at her ass making her body rock and grind against her mother's so that their pussies were rubbing. Kali took one hand and moved it down to her daughter's slit putting in some fingers and thumbing her clit driving Blake over the edge so that she came squirting juices around her mother's hand, and making herself extra tight.

Coming inside her ass, Jaune filled her bowels with his seed before pulling out and spraying the rest over her back before she rolled off her mother trying to scoop what semen she could into her mouth.

Saving something that he still hadn't done for last, Jaune moved over so that he was kneeling over top Kali's chest his cock level with her chest. Grinning somewhat detachedly, Kali reached up her hands wrapping her breasts around his cock and slowly she began to pump them up and down on the shaft slowly titfucking him.

Thrusting forwards so that the tip came out the top of her doughy and amazing breasts, Jaune's tip was soon enveloped by Kali's warm mouth and tongue as it swirled around the top. That combined with the tightness of her breasts enveloping his cock entirely made Jaune fuck her boobs harder until her came in her mouth letting her drink it before pulling out and spraying the rest over her front.

Pulling back totally spent, Jaune collapsed on the bed pulling the two Belladonna girls onto his chest where he kissed their foreheads. "I love you both."

They crawled up his chest further pressing their naked bodies against him before they moved close to his face, cat ears tickling his forehead. "We love you too." They said in sync.

That day, was a good day.

~o0o~ When Life Gives You Lemons ~o0o~

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