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When Life Gives You Lemons

Chapter 4

Jaune downed another drink with a smile, the liquid burning as it passed through his throat. Eyes watering for a brief moment before he wiped the moisture away with his sleeve, he heard a lovely laugh from the girl in front of him.

"You can't be serious!" She said, her blonde hair shining under the strobe lights before she brushed it away with a smile. Leaning forwards, the girl filled her shot glass while inadvertently flashing him a bit of her cleavage.

"But I am though! I swear, my friends sometimes are just the worst." Jaune said getting a pat on the arm before he looked down at the girl he was now so joyously sharing drinks with.

She was blonde, with lustrous long hair running down her shoulders until coming to rest at the small of her back. Matched with a gorgeous face, small enhancements with makeup, and stunning lilac eyes, she was amazing.

That wasn't mentioning her humorous as well as cheerful personality, or her amazing hourglass figure and all natural breasts.

Her name, was Yang Xiao-Long. Daughter of Raven Branwen, Jaune's current girlfriend.

Of course, Jaune and Yang were the same age, which was sure to make things awkward one day, should Yang ever find her mother and wonder why her new 'Dad' is the same age. Thus, he'd set out to find her, with Raven's permission and blessing.

He was there to ensure that she was safe, strong, and maybe in the need for some satisfaction.

Eventually what would happen, is Jaune would take her to meet Raven. From then, there would be some sort of emotional reunion or something, and they would all live together in a sweet, sweet semi-incestuous love triangle!

"Anyways, what are you doing here? Surely someone like you couldn't just be in a bar for vagabonds and criminals for no reason." He said, generally leaning back a bit. The chair was nice. "Ah… I still remember the day I saw you here."

Yang shrugged, her shoulders moving her hair a bit.

"I was looking for information, and figured this was as good of a place to look as any! But don't worry, I think I can take care of myself!" Yang said with a laugh to end as she punched him in the arm. It was a friendly gesture, which also emphasised just how well she could defend herself.

That punch hurt.

"Good. I don't know how my conscience would handle someone as amazing as you getting hurt." Jaune said with a wink before getting a small blush back from one of the only other blondes in the room.

"Right back at ya ladykiller." She said, previous confidence restored before downing another drink for herself. Tugging on his sleeve, Yang made some suggestive eyebrow movements in the direction of the door.

"Care to go for a walk with me?" Yang said with a mischievous smile. "Can't have little 'ol me getting hurt now can we? I hear there's all kinds of unsavory characters around these parts!"

"Only if we're taking a walk to a hotel." Jaune said with a smile, getting her to raise an eyebrow.

He's known her for around three weeks now, and they've made this their general watering hole. It was only a matter of time before things kicked into a higher gear. They knew each other, hopes and dreams, facts, and generally seemed to be good friends.

Most one night stands knew far less about each other.

Really, this wasn't all too bad. Almost like they were dating really.

"Someone's confident." She said, patting him on the arm before grabbing his hand and tugging him away from the small set of chairs they'd been sitting at. Feeling her very soft yet strong hand tugging along his more calloused sword using ones, Jaune raised his eyebrows with a smile.

"Is that a no?" He asked even as she laughed, tugging them across the dance floor and towards the exit.

Moments after paying for the room, the two of them made their way up the hotel to their room. Stopping outside the door, Jaune let her open it before following in close behind.

Turning, Yang tossed the key card onto the small coffee table before moving into his space. Wrapping her arms around his chest as he moved his arms down around her waist, Yang stood up onto her toes pressing her lips against his in hot passion.

Moaning into the hot impassioned kiss, Jaune returned the passion with as much force and emotion. Running his hands up and down her back as they steadily moved towards the bed, Jaune felt her move her hands up to his neck.

Guiding him deeper into it as she ran her tongue over his teeth, Yang pulled him closer before they tripped stumbling onto the bed. Now on top of Yang, Jaune heard her giggle as they broke off before going at it again. Moving his hands up now, Jaune guided his hands to her breasts, feeling them through the clubbing clothing.

Rotating the soft orbs of warm flesh under his palms, before kneading into them like dough with his fingers, Jaune heard her mewl into his mouth in pleasure. Thrusting his tongue into her open mouth which she accepted gladly, Jaune licked the entire inside, bringing her to new levels of pleasure from that act alone.

Grinding her lower body against Jaune, who lay over her, Yang reached one hand down to stroke the growing bulge in his pants, even as one of her arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer. Gently pushing her clothes off of her breasts, Jaune let them free to the world, the glorious double D's coming to light in the hotel room as they continued their impassioned makeout session.

Running his fingers over the perfect pink nipples standing firm, Jaune felt her shudder underneath his touch before breaking off from the kiss. Leaving a small trail of saliva left in between them, Jaune panted as Yang did, her chest rising and falling with the action.

"You're pretty good at this lady killer." Yang said, before patting his arm.

Tilting his head to the side in a brief nod, Jaune smiled down at her. "What can I say, I've had a bit of practice from a very eager teacher."

Flipping them over, Yang straddled his waist before moving down, rubbing her hands over his crotch. "Yeah? Well, while I may not have had a teacher, I like to think I'm pretty good at this too."

Unbuckling his belt with some proficiency, Yang tugged down the zipper before tugging down his pants as well as underwear. His length popped out a mere moment later, smacking against her forehead, with a fleshy slapping noise as her eyes widened.

"Jeez! Where have you been keeping that thing?" Yang said, wrapping one hand around the base as she began some slow pumps with her hand. Nuzzling her face against it, before licking around the top, Yang got an answer a second later as Jaune put his head back in ecstacy.

"In its own special sheath."

"Mmmmm." Licking up the sides of his cock, as she pumped the base of it in a steadily increasing pace, Yang moved some hair out of her face. Taking over that job for her, Jaune gently gathered the strands of silky blonde hair away from the front before she moved her face further towards his cock, taking him in.

Swirling her tongue around it, Yang began bobbing her head as Jaune let out a moan. Brushing the hair away, and putting his hands on the back of his head to encourage her, Jaune felt Yang's tongue curling around and licking all the way up and down his shaft with every bob of her head.

"Oh fuck Yang that's so good!"

Humming, even as she took his length deeper down her throat, bringing him to new levels of pleasure before she looked up at him, lilac eyes centering on his own before she winked, and licked all the way back up to the top again.

Letting herself off with a wet pop, Yang looked up at him before putting her hands under her breasts and bouncing them upwards a bit. "Like them?"

"I like what they're attached to a bit more, but I can admit; they're not bad." Jaune said getting a wink back before she bent over again wrapping her pillowy soft breasts around his cock. Feeling her softly squeezing him in between those beautiful boobs of hers, Jaune looked down before she started rubbing them up and down his shaft.

Increasing her pace, she let the silky smooth skin of her knockers press against his length making him moan in pleasure. Squeezing harder against him, Yang let herself rush her tits rampantly up and down his length before leaning forwards and suckling against the top of his manhood.

Bucking his hips upwards, Jaune arched his back as he began humping upwards into her mouth, the pillowy breasts against the sides of his cock rushing up and down. The titjob was certainly making this worth it, and as his length went further and further down Yang's throat, it keep getting better.

Hot and tight around him, her throat was a heavenly sleeve sucking down on him with more and more passion. Slurping around it as she sucked every inch she could, Yang started bobbing her head further to catch every bit of it not being given the heavenly tit-job.

Putting his hands to the back of her head, Jaune started pushing her down while he moved his hips up and she continued working his shaft with her boobs. Looking up at him once more, Yang increased the pace as fast as they could go before breaking off and driving his length totally down her throat, deepthroating his cock as far as she could go without gagging.

Throwing his head back against the mattress as he groaned in climatic release, Jaune felt his spunk flood out of his cock and down Yang's spongy throat. Hearing several gulps before there was a coughing, he looked at her from in between his legs.

Still spraying a bit of cum, his cock painted her chest and face a bit pearly white before Yang erotically cleaned up what landed on her, licking it off her fingers before swallowing it all, much to his enjoyment.

"Mmm. Thanks for the meal." She said before crawling onto him. Reaching his hands down, Jaune hooked his fingers into her miniskirt before she giggled. Taking her hands and putting them against his, Yang pulled down her skirt and in succession the black lacy underwear with him, before stripping out of the rest of her clothes.

Of course, this was all done as she was straddling his waist, meaning he got quite the show of her amazing body. Tone and tan, it was an impressive and yet undeniably feminine physique which greeted him.

Grinding her nether regions against his now steel hard cock, Yang grinned down at him before reaching down and taking ahold of it carefully. Pumping it softly with her hand a few times, while lining up his tip against her almost burning hot love tunnel, she looked down at him before slumping down onto his cock.

Letting out a moan, Yang arched her back while Jaune felt himself enter her wet pussy, his cock enveloped in her velvety soft walls and the tight feeling of her muscles constricting around him. Reaching upwards, he grabbed ahold of her breasts before shoving his hips upwards.

Bending slightly as he kneaded her nipples and breasts, Yang put her hands on his chest, before starting on her riding of Jaune. Panting, her dropped onto his length, taking him in as deep as he could go so that he was pushing against the entrance of her womb.

"Aaauh!" Ramming his hips upwards sharmly, Jaune started pounding himself upwards harder into her tight snatch. Moaning, Yang threw her head back as she writhed on top of him, bouncing atop of his dick over and over again.

Squeezing her nipples and getting an elated moan from her, Jaune continued slamming his hips upwards. Bouncing atop of him, her ass came into contact with him, the soft flesh bouncing and shaking as she put her hands onto his chest again, driving himself deeper into her.

Letting go of her breasts, Jaune reached up and grabbed onto her waist as the glorious boobs bounced wildly.

Pulling Yang down further, Jaune angled his thrusts further into her core as he let out an ecstatic moan. Gyrating her hips, Yang swirled his cock around in side of her as her tongue came out, and a slight amount of drool ran down her chin.

"Huuuuuuuuuaaaaa!" She let out a deep moan as her back arched and he let her take a brief second long break as Yang simply sat there with his dick inside her. Bucking upwards slightly as she moaned again, Jaune felt her start bouncing again before he put his hands onto her hips.

"Oh yeah!"

Rampantly thrusting upwards, Jaune felt his dick totally enveloped by Yang's hot and wet insides as her juices slid down his pole. Reaching back, he grabbed onto her ass before pulling her onto him further.

"Oh my god it feels so good!" Screaming, Yang's hands came down around her own breasts before she started kneading them in front of him. Groping her as he drove his hips upwards faster and faster, Jaune felt her walls tightly constricting on him before he squeezed her ass tightly.

"Oh fuck Yang!" Thrusting himself into her, Jaune felt his tip prodding against the back of her core. Letting the slick hotness of her pussy envelope his member, Jaune rammed upwards before pulling her downwards.

"Can I-" He was about to ask before she continued slamming herself down onto him, deeper and deeper as she moaned breathily. Rubbing her breasts some more, Yang's back arched before her walls closed onto his with a wordless gasp.

"Fuck yes!" She said, tongue lolling out as she felt herself up, reaching one hand to finger her clit as he continued his treatment to her ass and fiery hot pussy. "Please come inside Jaune! Oh! I want it sooo bad!"

Giving an almighty grunt as he came, Jaune's cock throbbed and twitched as it shot into her, filling her to the brim with his cum. The feeling was too much for Yang, and her velvety walls clenched onto his tool before she arched her back, coming on top of him.

Milking his throbbing dick for all that sweet spunk that was shooting out, her pussy squelched as it took it in, more and more filling her to the brim. Moaning as he reached upwards and started kneading her tits, Jaune continued like that for a while longer, as she continued squeezing onto him and he continued throbbing inside of her.

They both rode out their orgasms with heavy breathing as they were filled with pleasure, before Yang came off of it, slouching down onto his chest. Disattaching herself, Yang let the left over spunk flow out of her before curling up to his chest.

"Wow." She said with breathless almost wistful voice. "You're really good at that."

He grinned back at her, running his hands through her beautiful long blonde hair. Letting it flow through his fingers like silk, he let it fall back to her neck. "Thanks. You're good at everything. D-"

"I'm fun, not irresponsible Jaune." Yang said, pressing her breasts against his side as they made their way to the pillows on the bed. Reclining back onto it, Jaune let Yang cuddle up to him as he rubbed her back gently. "Of course I used birth control."

He hummed quietly, leaning back onto the nice pillows with his legs resting against the top of the duvet. "So, what does this make us Yang?"

She shrugged, he movement moving her upper body but he wasn't paying attention. Jaune was looking straight into her lilac eyes, looking for anything. "I'm not sure Jaune. But I think I know where we can properly start."

Leaning forwards and closing her eyes, Yang left a sweet peck on his lips, the softness lingering even as she pulled back from him, smiling before pushing her head into the crook of his neck.

He put his chin on top of her head, over her soft hair as he wrapped his arms around her and put a blanket onto them. They sat there like that for a while, before they both drifted off to sleep.

There would be a very, very frisky morning ahead of them after all.

The motorcycle tore across the desert with a mighty roar as it shifted gears once more. Cranking it up a notch, a hand ripped back on the throttle, letting them fly forwards even faster than before, as the wind tugged at their clothes and hair.

It may have been guzzling gasoline like a truck, but it was worth it. Making fantastic time, Jaune moved his head up slightly, attempting to blow some of Yang's hair out of his face. He would've used his hands, but that would've meant that he'd be letting go of her waist at around two hundred and fifty kilometers an hour, something which certainly would not be good for his health.

Though, neither was all that glorious hair in his face!

Sighing, Jaune wrapped his arms around Yang's waist slightly tighter, feeling how fit she was underneath her clothing. He knew she had abs, but damn. Sometimes they felt better than his!

N-Not that he ever felt himself of course… At least, not in that way.

Looking past her shoulder as she hunched over the controls, Jaune tried to stop focussing on her sexy ass pressing against his pelvis, so that he could instead see if they were heading in the correct direction.

Which, yes, they were!

Coming into view a few seconds later, a great city of tents arose from the sand. They appeared in their entirety, the bright colours and unique styles clashing against the blue sky, and creating a not quite scenic view of the Vacuan desert.

Of course, to Jaune it was the third greatest view in the world. It was his home.

Creating a shield of aura over his eyes to stop the whirling sand from getting into them, Jaune squinted slightly before tapping Yang's stomach twice. Responding accordingly, she continued at the same pace, knowing that they had found what they were looking for.

Or at least, what he had been wanting to return to for some time now.

Riding into the camp, the one huntress and her boyfriend arrived with no shortage of strange looks from the inhabitants. Eventually seeing that the person slowly cruising in between the tents was Jaune, they returned to their own business, not paying them much mind.

Eventually coming to a stop outside of a massive red tent the pair lowered their legs allowing them to stand there as Yang clicked off the engine. Letting go of Yang's waist as he got off of the bike, Jaune took a second to wink at her as she looked on, slightly uncertain.

"Ready? You've waited a long time for this Yang. Your mother really wants to meet you." He said, patting her shoulder as she took in a deep breath, breasts swelling with the movement.

"Yeah… I think I'm good." She said, before looking back at him. "Thanks for bringing me here by the way. I would've never gotten here by myself."

"No problem." Jaune said with a shrug. Stepping forwards, he lifted the tent flap without knocking. Taking one last look at the bike, he figured nobody would steal it. Not if it was outside of Raven's tent.

Following in one of his girlfriends, Jaune looked around Raven's tent, taking in the smell. Yup, everything was the same as it was when he'd left it a couple of months ago. "Hello? Raven?"

"Ah, Jaune…" Came a voice from behind a room divider. Hearing Raven, he took Yang's hand as he guided her over to the other side, where Raven sat waiting for them.

She was in her usual short cut dress, the crimson red standing out against her smooth white skin. Standing up with some haste, the sexy woman that was Jaune's other girlfriend waved one hand to the side, gesturing to Vernal.

"You can leave Vernal, we'll continue our talk later." Raven said, watching as Jaune's fellow clan mate and friend left the tent. Turning to her daughter, that very one he hasn't seen in years, Raven took her in.

No… They took each other in.

Watching the exchange made Jaune uncomfortable, but he knew it was necessary. He could see Yang's eyes roaming over her mother's body, and he knew she would be listing down and noting similarities, as well as differences. He knew that she was analyzing Raven's voice for similar speech patterns, anything that could show they were the same.

The similarities certainly were plentiful, though the differences were also there.

Raven and Yang's hairstyles were nearly the same, the only difference being the colour of Raven's hair. Hers was a deep red and black, whereas Yang was almost the opposite, at a bright yellow with some orange.

Their figures were similar also… The same legs he's come to adore on both of them was mirrored in the other, and the amazing breasts he's done god knows what to were also basically mirrored… Though, Yang looked nearly an inch bigger for what it was worth.

Personality wise they were similar too, though it was unlikely either of them would ever admit it. Yang, like her mother was wild, and passionate, not to mention unbelievably protective, and temperamental. Raven, like her daughter, was fun loving, confident, independent and unbelievably strong.

Both of them were absolutely fantastic.

"I-I.." Yang's mouth moved but no words came out, her mouth opening and closing as she stood there, fight tightening as her eyes watered. Looking straight up at her mother, Yang's eyes flashed red for a second, as her hair glowed in the shadow of the tent.

Raven took a step forwards, saying no words.

"Yang…" It started. The first real words to be said towards her daughter in god knows how long. Raven's hands dropped to her sides, unbuckling the blade at her hip before she let it fall onto the rugs.

Then there was another step forwards.

"W-Why did you leave?" The daughter asked, her hair shimmering down to the ends as it glowed, radiating slight heat in the already warm tent. "You could've stayed, or said something, o-or…"

The last step was taken, leaving the duo less than a foot apart before Raven raised her arms and wrapped them around her daughter, pulling her close. Using the extra couple of inches that her heels granted her, she rested her chin on her daughter's head, leaving it there as her daughter broke down in her arms, sobbing.

"I'm sorry."

It had been several months since then, and things were going better. Much better.

For all intents and purposes, Raven and Yang were now on friendlier terms. Healing has been done, talks have been had, reasons explained. The entire world, the evil of it, the good of it, had been laid out in front of Yang by Raven, with Jaune there to see it all.

He knew about Salem, about how she was chasing the relics, and the maidens.

It had come to a surprise that Raven was the Spring Maiden, and Yang had certainly not fared much better than he. Already skeptical about that entire story, it had taken a real show of Raven's power to convince her that yes, magic was indeed real.

Now that it was sorted out however?

Things were going well. Yang has now established some real trust between herself and her mother, and knew that Raven had left only to protect the daughter she loved. It wasn't done out of hatred, or disgust, or anything of the sort.

It had been simple, protective and motherly love.

Speaking of motherly love, Jaune was getting plenty of that from Yang's mother too. While finding time to make love was becoming more and more scarce, the two of them still found it indeed.

Like now. Except this time, there was a bit of an enjoyable twist in the mix.

A twist more specifically going by the name of 'Yang'.

There was an annoyed huff before Yang pushed her mother out of the way, grabbing onto his throbbing member with one of her powerful hands. Looking at her mother, she gave a few pumps up Jaune's shaft. "Mom! Jaune's mine today!"

Raven chuckled darkly even as Yang's silky smooth hand continued jerking off his cock before the MILF pushed her daughter away and smiled, moving some hair out of her own face. "Did I really? Well how about I just borrow him then?"

Letting her daughter huff there for a second, the older woman moved forwards, running both of her hands over his throbbing shaft. Raising her tits slightly, she winked at him.

"Like them?" She said before getting a little nod from Jaune and putting them around his cock. The soft pillowy flesh wrapped around his dick, enveloping it in the greatest set of pillows known to mankind. "I thought so."

Rubbing her breasts against his cock, she got a pleasurable moan from him before looking back at her daughter, the boob-job not stopping for an instant. "See this? This is how you properly pleasure your man."

Yang watched on in silence as Raven continued, her boobs rubbing up and down his shaft, squeezing him in a soft pleasure unlike that of any other he's experienced. Putting his hands out, Jaune gently put them on her head, encouraging her to go faster, and faster she went.

But that wasn't it. Leaning forwards, Raven kissed up the top of his massive shaft for a second, before winking and swirling her tongue around the top of his cock with gusto. Sucking the tip of his shaft, Raven went down on it, her silky tongue running all along the top as her saliva ran down his poll, making it slick as her breasts bounced along it, rubbing against his skin.

The sounds of slapping flesh increased as the mother raised the pace again, her heavenly tits rushing along his dick and smacking into his waist, as he thrust upwards, driving his dick further into her mouth as she slobbered and sucked along the top of his cock.

Growing impatient at hearing him groaning in pleasure from the treatment her own mother was giving her, Yang went over, before looking Jaune in the eyes and stripping, her tank top coming off. Taking off the tight shorts and putting her perfect and beautiful pussy on display, Yang turned around for it, twerking a bit before smiling back at him seductively.

"You likey?" She said, sticking out her tongue while her mother did the same thing on his cock. Nodding again, Jaune watched her strut over, confident and amazing until she knelt down beside her already naked mother.

Gently nudging her mother with her shoulder, Yang managed to get the older woman to move before she herself nuzzled his cock, as Raven stopped in her ministrations for a moment. Moaning as her heavenly breasts were taken away, Jaune's cock went even harder as a second pair of breasts then enveloped his, the younger pair as well as the older pair working together to massage his cock tightly.

"Mmm, we'll do this together." Raven said, before running her tits over his dick, the flesh squeezing against his own, and her daughters in a tight and warm mess, also made wet by her previous sucking.

Tilting her head upwards, Yang captured the mouth of her mother much to her mother's surprise, before Raven allowed herself to be taken in by it,, exchanging in a passionate liplock with her daughter! Moaning as their combined breasts ran across his shaft, Jaune watched them making out in incestous lesbian love before they began sucking on each other's tongues, in an immensely hot display.

Feeling himself near his climax, Jaune looked towards them kissing as their breasts rampantly shifted across his shaft, bringing him to new heights. "Ah fuck!"

Cumming, Jaune spewed his white spunk onto their faces, but they appeared to not even notice, continuing with their display before turning to his erupting cock and moving their faces over the cumshot. Spraying onto their waiting faces, the white goop coated them with a pearly substance before the two removed their breasts from his cock, back to making out with one another.

Running her finger over Yang's face, Raven collected his semen before sticking it into Yang's mouth. Getting a pleasurable moan from her daughter, she collected more as Yang continued sucking his cum off of her mother's finger erotically.

Holding open her mouth so he could see it coating her tongue, Yang moved forwards before engaging in another sloshing lip lock with her mother, exchanging his cum in the process between them. Breaking off with a swallow, Yang kissed the rest off her mother's face with a pleased noise before swallowing again and turning back to Jaune.

Now fully hard again, Jaune gestured over to either two of them. "Who's first?"

Eagerly beating her mother into Jaune's arms, Yang stuck out her tongue in a bit of childish manner at her mother. "My turn first!"

Grinding up and down against her slit, Jaune felt her fiery pussy against his length. Feeling her breasts rubbing up against his face even as she straddled him in a sitting position, Jaune reached his hands behind placing them firmly onto her ass.

"As long as you call me daddy." Jaune said, groping her. Technically he was tribally married to her mother, so he was her daddy.

"Yes daddy!~" Yang was cut off with her own sharp girlish moan as he drove himself all the way inside, already embedded to the hilt in her silky nether regions. Thrusting upwards, Jaune was pleased to her Yang's moans of pleasure rising as her cunt clenched onto his cock with a almost controlled precision.

Throwing her head back as she put her hands onto his shoulders, Yang bounced atop his lap, writhing pleasurably as he continued to fill her up completely. Squeezing her fleshy and hot ass, Jaune felt the skin spilling through his fingers as she let out another pleasurable moan.

Running her hand down her waist, Raven licked her lip seductively and with a sexual hunger. Her hand continued on it's path, as another snaked upwards towards her chest. Rubbing her fingers along her mound, she let out a pleasurable little gasp as another hand of her own grabbed a breast, kneading it and pulling onto the nipple.

Watching her daughter get fucked silly was such a turn on.

Bouncing with a slapping noise of flesh as Yang's ass his his hips, she continued bouncing along him. Riding further upwards, she waited until he was nearly out before dropping all the way back down onto his length, the forceful impact driving pleasurable shivvers up her spine before Jaune latched his lips on one of her erect nipples.

"Auuuuuuuuuh! Yes daddy!" With her big breasts bouncing all over the place as she rode him silly, it was tough for him to remain latched on, but latched on he remained even as his thrusts from below ran across her walls. Her girlish moans continued echoing through the tent.

Squeezing down on him now tighter than a vice, Yang felt Jaune's hands move around from her ass to her waist, before he pulled her down deeper and harder than ever before. Thrusting himself into her core, the tip of his cock pressing against the very entrance of her cervix, Jaune let out a few pleasured moans himself!

Juices now running down his pole, Yang was going wild as her hair blazed, and her muscles were fueled by the passion of the sex. Falling further down, she found herself taking pleasure from the small amount of pain as he totally stretched out her pussy into the shape of his cock.

"Auuh! Daddy!" Yang screamed throwing her head back as her tongue slathered against her outer lip. She was cumming on him, and her pussy clenched onto him tighter than ever, like a fiery hot glove made for him before she continued, still feeling the hot waves of pleasure running over her. "Fuck yes! Fuck me harder Daddy!"

"Yes!" Jaune said, thrusting harder. God, her calling him daddy was hot as hell! Now basically at the jackhammer level, he was pounding into her so hard that he could see her boobs bouncing around like crazy. Pulling her down onto his shaft again, he moaned.

"Huh? Do you like that I'm stretching you out Yang?" He said before pounding upwards with as much vigor as he could give for a few seconds. Eyes rolling for those few seconds as she almost went comatose with pleasure, Yang's pupils might as well have been replaced with hearts.

"Fuck yes!" Screaming again as she continued thrusting herself down, Yang's hair started becoming hotter and hotter as it streamed wildy behind her rapidly bouncing form. "Fuck! I love it when you stretch me out daddy! I want to be in the shape of your cock! I want to be your personal cock sleeve!"

Thrusting upwards again with that same vigor which drover her so crazy before, Jaune rampantly thrust himself upwards totally turned on by her scream of devotion. Pulling her down again, Jaune decided to make it a bit better though.

"Cock sleeve isn't good enough Yang!" Jaune said before she got it and let his cock hit to her very core, breaching through the cervix slightly and into her womb. He knew it must've been a little painful, but she continued dropping herself on him totally unfazed. If anything, her body got hotter, and her pussy tighter as her eyes lit with passion.

"Fuck me so hard Jaune! Fuck me so I'm your personal cock sleeve! Your cum dumpster!" She screamed as his cock throbbed and Yang's pussy clenched onto his once more, milking him for the cum she it knew was about to be dumped in there.

Giving a mighty breath as he emptied his balls into her, Jaune held onto Yang's back as she arched back, her tongue hanging out as drool ran slightly down her chin. Pumping more and more of his batter into her, Jaune felt it start seeping out of her pussy as he drew out. The second it left, it was like a plug being pulled and more and more of his white stuff flowed out onto the bed.

Uncaring that he probably just got one of his two loved girlfriends pregnant with the huge amount of cum he just flooded her with, he turned to his other one who was moaning and breathing heavily already. Her fingers dipped in and out of her pussy with a fired passion, before she saw him coming and turned around, her backside raised in the air wiggling a bit for him.

"No… First you've got to clean me off." Jaune said, getting her to whine before she turned around, crawling onto her chest and moving in front of his still erect member. Reaching a hand upwards as she looked up at him with those big red eyes, Raven grinned.

Swirling her tongue around the tip, Raven cleaned that part before seeing his face and diving down onto it totally. Taking his cock deep down her throat, she slathered her tongue across every surface she could find, sucking off her daughter's juices combined with what was left over of his own spunk off of it.

Retracting off it a minute of bobbing and sucking later, Raven held her mouth open to dedicatedly show him what she'd collected before swallowing and turning around, sticking her rump in the air once more.

Reaching one of her hands down between her legs, Raven's fingers came over to hold her pussy apart for him invitingly. Wiggling, she looked back at him before winking. Smiling, Jaune ran his hands over her behind, rubbing the smooth and perfect skin in his palms before squeezing it and lining himself up.

Thrusting himself into the hot older woman who was and is his first love, Jaune felt her silky soft walls clenching around him already. Must've gotten really turned on by him fucking her daughter eh?

Taking a moment to indulge himself in how soft and velvety her vaginal walls were, Jaune relaxed before feeling them clench on him, encouraging him to go harder and further. Looking down at Raven, he smacked her ass lightly.

"You want me to start thrusting?" Jaune said, before hitting her other ass cheek with an astounding jiggle and noise.

"Yes! Please!" Raven said, bouncing herself back on his cock to encourage him, before he grabbed on to her hips and started thrusting himself, entering his cock deep to the hilt every time.

Slapping his hips against hers at a steady pace, Jaune squeezed her ass once more getting a pleasurable moan as Raven continued being fucked doggy style. Pulling her against him slightly harder and deeper, Jaune reached forwards, grabbing onto her boobs from behind as she let out a sultry moan.

"Auuuu! That feels so good Jaune!" She said, biting her lip as he rotated her firm and juicy tits in his hands, moving them around and playing with them from behind. "You always fill me up so much! I'm already your cock sleeve! So go at me harder!"

"Alright then!" Thrusting harder, Jaune's hands came to latch on firmly to her behind, thrusting deeper and deeper each time as Raven felt herself grow shorter and shorter of breath, releasing it out in those elated gasps as she did so.

Her mouth opened to take in more air, and she felt her tongue fall out, lolling against the side of her mouth as sher entire body continued bouncing against his thrusts. Slamming herself backwards against his oncoming thrusts, Raven felt her insides totally stir themselves up by him as Jaune continued going further and further.

Rushing his dick against her velvety walls, Jaune felt the slick surface clenching and unclenching as Raven moved and moaned, her body tightening just for him as he continued fucking her hard. Letting go of her breasts, Jaune let them continue their bouncing from his strong thrusts before he reached forwards.

Gathering some of her silky black hair in his hands, Jaune turned it into a ponytail before pulling her head back slightly. Greeted with a ahegao face as her tongue drooled out of her mouth and her eyes started rolling back into her head, Jaune pulled on it as he continued pounding into her from behind.

"What are you Raven?" He said as his hips continued smacking against hers, Raven's jiggly behind hitting against his pelvis over and over again as his cock drove further into her hot cunt. Pulling her back further, Jaune watched her get enough cognition back to answer him.

"I'm your cock sleeve! Yours and nobody else's! I love you Jaune! I'm totally yours!" She said, before he let go of her hair and slammed even further into her, putting his hands onto her ass and giving it a good squeeze as one of Raven's hands headed down to her clit. Rubbing it, she gasped again before Jaune felt her clench on him.

Groaning, he felt his member throb before his semen came spilling out into her. Pushed over the edge of her already near perpetual orgasmic state, Raven came hard as his spunk went flooding into her insides, spilling out from the seems from where they were still connected.

Hunching over her back, Jaune pulled her close as she moved her head slightly, kissing him passionately even as mind numbing sensations of pleasure took hold of her body. She was more experienced than Yang, but still. It was near unbearable to think of anything but the pleasure at that moment.

Laying back on the bed, Jaune pulled Raven up his chest, pulling her close to him as her breasts pushed against his side. They were soft and warm globes of flesh, perfectly round with the most beautiful nipples you'd ever seen. Yang came a second later, crawling to his side as she snuggled into his other side.

Raven looked at her daughter with a smile. "Yang, I can say that I greatly approve in your choice of a boyfriend. He seems like a very nice boy, who seems to want nothing but the best for you."

Yang looked back at her mother with a pleased expression as one of her hands ran over Jaune's chest. "Thanks. I think he's a keeper… I can say that I greatly approve of your new choice for my daddy."

At that Raven preened slightly, her own hands running along Jaune's chest even as his spunk was still spilling out of her opening. "Thanks… He's a good one, probably the best.'

"We love you Jaune." They both said in sync before he looked at the two of them and smiled.

"I love you too."

~o0o~ When Life Gives You Lemons ~o0o~

Note: Done. Here you go folks. It's been almost three months, but here it is. I got it all done, and I personally really enjoyed writing this. I should be getting chapters out more now that I think I know what's wrong. What'll probably end up happening is that I'll write more what I want, and remain on less of a schedule/plan.

Anyways, have a wonderful evening everyone!