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Daria pov

"So I guess the question now is should we still go to Jodie's party?" Kevin asked. He and Daria were still sitting at the pizza place not yet feeling up to dealing with their lives outside right now.

Daria just sighs shaking her head. "If we go we'll have to deal with all the questions and staring. But if we don't go it would feel too much like running away."

"I wouldn't mind running away. Running away sounds like a great idea right now." Kevin says completely serious. "If not now then defiantly at our ten year reunion."

"Ten years sounds like enough time to mentally prepare to deal with our classmates." Daria says after thinking about it for a while. "Unless we find an excuse not to go."

"Like what we couldn't find a babysitter?" Kevin questioned looking at his girlfriend.

"You seem to have this strong belief that we'll end up being together for that long." Daria says in a deadpanned tone.

"Yeah but that's only because you're secretly a romantic person." Kevin says. "Not in the sense that you need to be lovey dovey but like…you wouldn't be with someone if you didn't think there was a chance for things that would be long term."

"I could kick myself for letting you get into my head." Daria says. She couldn't help but to kind of agree with him though. She never could date just to date, when she had her crush on Trent she'd find herself picturing a future with him. With Tom as soon as it was clear that they'd be going to different schools she ended it knowing one day that the distance would become too much. Besides she was sure that Tom would follow in the footsteps of the rest of his family were he'll met his future bride at that school and continue the cycle of the Sloane family legacy.

"Don't be so hard on yourself, you put up a pretty good fight to keep me out." Kevin said then paused for a second. "That came out wrong but you know what I mean."

Time skip to later

Kevin pov

"Seriously we could still not go." Kevin says with a sigh to the group. He, Daria Quinn and Jane were now standing in front of Jodie's house where the party had already started.

"No running away now." Quinn says with a smirk.

"Yeah you two knew what was gonna happen when you decided to go through with this sick and twisted relationship." Jane says clearly amused by this whole thing.

Much to the couple's dismay Jane quickly rang the doorbell before either one would have the chance to actually leave.

"Hey guys glad you could make it." Jodie says answering the doorbell. "I'm surprised you two really showed up half the people here just want to see Lawndale's most unlikely couple."

"Well time to give the people what they want." Daria says in a deadpanned tone.

"I guess the worst thing that could happen is that everyone at this party stops whatever they are doing to stare at us." Kevin says with a sigh.

"Come on Kevin you know that stuff only happens in the movies." Jane says rolling her eyes. But low and behold the minute the small group joined the rest of the party that is exactly what happened. "Then again your lives have just been one cliché after another since you guys met again."

"Why did I come here I didn't like high school parties while I was in high school so why did I even agree to one now?" Daria whispers as they all stood in the middle of the room even the music stopped for some unknown reason.

Kevin having had enough silence decides to break the tension. "Okay everyone yes the Brain and QB are dating. It's not a prank, we haven't lost are minds, and it's not a strange parallel universe where someone is just creating a story that they can barely understand themselves. It's real and it's happening."

With that said the silence was over and the party resumed just as it had before the group got there though there was still some whispering every once in a while. Thirty minutes in and the couple were starting to feel a little more comfortable though it helped that they were spending most of their time catching up with Mack and Jodie.

"I guess the separation was hardest during the first year of college." Jodie explains the two couples were talking about how Jodie and Mack were dealing with the distance since they both went to colleges in different states. "It was all so new and kind of a bit overwhelming not just because I was away from everyone I knew but because it was the first time I could just be me and not the overachieving student."

"Not to mention finding the time to just talk to each other was really hard." Mack agreed nodding his head.

"Yeah I mean it's not that easy for us either." Kevin adds in. "I mean sure we go to schools in the same city but even still our schedules don't always work out in our favor. College football is no joke especially at BC I can't sleek off on practice or my grades plus I work."

The conversation flowed easily between the group for another five minutes before Kevin excused himself to grab a drink. There was of course a table filled with various drinks for the party but Kevin quickly settled on a coke and on his way back to the group Brittany suddenly got in front of him.

"Kevy we need to talk." Brittany says in a serious tone.

"There's nothing more to talk about Brittany it's over I've moved on you should too." Kevin says trying to wave her off.

"But we belong together Kevy!" Brittany tries to plea.

"No we don't Brit." Kevin says forcefully. "Let's just move on okay." Kevin says in a tone that clearly showed that the discussion was final. But as he was walking away Brittany grabbed a hold of Kevin and before he could process what was going on she kissed him.

"Kevin!" a voice shouted which snapped Kevin out of his shock to bad because of course the voice belonged to his girlfriend.

"Shit." Was all he managed to say as he looked into the angry eyes of his girlfriend while his ex-girlfriend tried to cling to him.

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