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Kevin pov

Time skip to the week before Christmas

It had been two weeks since Jodie's party and Daria still refused to speak with Kevin. Every time he tried to call her it would go to voice mail. Every time he came to her or Jane's house she was never there. Asking for advice even from Jane didn't seem to get anywhere either. Daria didn't seemed to be mad or sad or anything she just seemed to be done wanting to deal with their relationship now.

Flashback to Jodie's party

Everything and everyone at the party had stopped. Or at least it felt like that for the couple. Why was it that life seemed to enjoy bringing on more drama with this couple?

"Daria…babe…it's not what it looks like." Kevin said slowly gently pushing Brittany away from himself.

"Right." Daria says in a deadpanned tone, and for the first time since they were out of high school Kevin couldn't read her. "Of course it's not how it looks it's just another cliché thing happening because we can't seem to get away from those can we?" She says in a sad tone that anyone who didn't know her wouldn't have heard. She didn't say anything further she just walked away leaving the party.

"Daria wait!" Kevin shouted he was about to run after her but Brittany got in the way.

"Leave her Kevy!" Brittany says in a whinny tone. "Daria will be fine soon enough. She's not your type anyway!"

If it was anyone else Kevin would have just ignored them but it was Brittany whose fault this whole thing was in the first place so he lost. "You don't know me anymore Brittany so why are trying so hard to ruin my life?" He shouted much to the party goers shock since they'd never seen Kevin yell at Brittany before.

"But Kevy I-"Brittany stammers but Kevin keeps going.

"Don't answer that let me guess." Kevin spats at his ex with a glare. "Was it that college was harder then you thought and you realized you were dumb as shit?"

"Kevin!" Brittany gasped staring at him in shock.

"Did you cry to your father about it for him to tell you that the only helped you get in so that you could find a rich husband?" Kevin continues hatefully. "Only that wasn't easy was it because even rich men don't want their wife to be as completely stupid as you!"

"Kevin please stop!" Brittany yells back now in near tears.

"Or maybe it's that you got pregnant but the father won't step up so you're trying so hard to get me back because your disowned you!" Kevin shouted.

"Shut up, shut up!" Brittany yelled tears falling down her eyes.

"You know what? I don't care what your problem is Brittany just keep me out of it!" Kevin finished yelling now leaving the party as well to hopefully find Daria.

End flashback

But he hadn't been able to find Daria. Kevin's only relief was that Jane and Quinn assured him that his girlfriend was still in town. If she was even his girlfriend anymore?

Daria pov

"You know you can't avoid him forever." Jane says to her friend for what felt like the thousandth time.

"I know." Daria says with a sigh. She knew it wasn't fair to ignore Kevin but dammit was she just so tired of everything now. "I'm just so tired of this whole cliché nonsense that's been going on since we got together. No wait it started even that it started when I woke up with a hangover with Kevin sleeping next to me!" Daria begins to rant it seems that things had finally reached a breaking point. "And the of course Brittany kisses him at the party because enough cliché things hadn't happened for five minutes? What's next is Tom going to suddenly show up out of nowhere?"

"So I guess I should take back the Christmas invite that I gave him?" Jane says jokingly with a chuckle despite Daria's hard glare. "Okay, okay I get it there's been drama. But that's what happens in relationships sometimes."

"No it just seems to only happen to Kevin and me." Daria says in a deadpanned voice.

"Look Daria, before we got to know Kevin again I would have been the first to tell you that this whole thing isn't worth it but that isn't true." Jane begins to explain. "You and Kevin weirdly enough actually work, and you're probably going to be turned off by this statement but here goes. You two are like your parents in a lot of ways you know? It's like Kevin isn't stupid at least not anymore but that doesn't really mean he can't have clueless moments like you dad. And it's not like you're extremely like your mom but you do boss him around sometimes and like things to be in order. You guys balance each other out it's hard to believe but it's true."

Later that night

Daria was just mindlessly walking around in the small town that never seemed to really change. She had been debating with herself on when she would talk to Kevin.

"Daria!" A voice says to her surprise breaking her from her thoughts.

"Of course." Daria says with a sigh. "Fine universe okay I get it!"

"Who are you talking to?" Kevin asked looking at his girlfriend in confusion.

"No one just the universe." Daria answers with a sigh."

"Okkkay?" Kevin just says awkwardly. The couple stands in front of each other for a moment before Kevin decides to break the tension. "You've been avoiding me. You know that I would never cheat on you right?"

"I know." Daria says. "I'm just…so tired of all this cliché stuff happening."

"I don't know I think it makes things interesting." Kevin says with a shrug. "But I guess it could get tiring after a while. But most of it happened when we came back to Lawndale once where back in Boston it will be over."

"God I hope so." Daria says turning away from him and taking a deep breathe.

"Till then though can you deal with one more cliché thing?" Kevin asked softly.

"What is it Kevin?" Daria asked still facing away from him. "Kevin?" She asked, she turned expecting to see him standing next to her but instead he was bent down on one knee. "W-What are y-you doing Kevin?" She asked with a stutter in her voice.

"Daria I love you so much will you-" Kevin says sincerely while holding up a small black box.

The end!

Okay I lied!

Daria's heart was pounding and she was unable to move or think as she stared down at Kevin who was down on one knee holding a black box.

"Daria I love you so much will you-" Kevin says sincerely now opening the small black box. "Wear this necklace that I got you for Christmas?"

"What?" Daria asked in a daze as she continued to stare down at him. Did he just asked me to wear a necklace? "You're not asking me to marry you?!" She asked clearly very confused.

"No? I thought we agreed that you were going to ask me that when it was time?" Kevin says in a clueless tone.

"Then why are you down on your knee?" Daria asked now getting angry.

"This was the only way to make it cliché!" Kevin answered simply.

"I hate you sometimes Kevin."

"I love you too Babe!"

"Don't call me that!"

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