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Daria pov

I don't know HOW I ended up here but I need to get out NOW! Those were her first thoughts when she woke up the next morning to find herself with a massive hangover and in bed with Kevin Thompson. Daria by some miracle managed to carefully and quietly got off of the bed and finds her clothes and glasses after she was dressed again she looked around and realized she was in what could only be Kevin's dorm room. Besides herself Kevin was the only person in the room and after finding her phone Daria made a run for it hoping to never think about this ever again.

Luck seemed to be on her side during the trip home despite the rocky start to the morning, she managed to not run into anybody on her way out of the dorm's building she was able to call for a car to pick her up and it got to her fairly quickly. Now all she needed to do was get back home and come up with a believable explanation to her roommates if they asked where she had been and she knew they would ask.

Luckily it was still early and a weekend day so it was unlikely that she'd speak to anyone any earlier then noon giving her plenty of time to come up with something. Until then I'll just get some painkillers and sleep. That had been the plan when she entered the shared home, she was just going to run to the kitchen grab a bottle of water and some painkillers and run to her room too bad for her one of her roommates was awake.

"Daria?" Jackson says in surprise looking at her in shock. "It's seven in the morning what are you doing up? Wait did you just get in?" Jackson was asking as he took in Daria's appearance this was very unlike her to be coming home so late with messed up clothes and smeared make up and a hangover those were all signs of… "Shame." Jackson whispered as a look of mischief tinkles in his eyes that Daria could clearly see.

"Jackson don't you dare!" Daria threatens in a whisper but it does nothing to stop him.

"Walk of Shame! Daria's doing a walk of shame!" Jackson yells out loud running out of the kitchen to no doubt inform the villagers. "I repeat Daria Morgengorffer is doing the walk of shame people!"

"Jackson I swear they will never find your body!" Daria yells after her friend but it's too late the other villagers were now wide awake.

"So it is true." Alex says as she stands in front of her room Jackson's yelling had given her a chance to grab her phone and now she was recording everything.

"Wow amiga I didn't know you had it in you." Jane says as she looks at Daria in a mixture of surprise and amusement. "Who's the lucky guy?"

"All of you can go to hell." Was all Daria said in response as she marches towards her room to get away from her so called friends.

"It's worse than I thought she doesn't know who he is?!" Jackson says amusement clear in his tone. "Or maybe it's a she?"

"No way Daria would never be that much fun." Jane states shaking her head.

"We never thought she'd do a walk of shame but here it is." Alex says with a shrug shaking her head. "Just to be safe though I'll give her one of my morning after pills. That hangover alone tells me that she might not have been too safe. "

"Why do you have morning after pills?" Jackson asked with a glare.

"None of your business Jackson!" Alex states glaring back at him.

Before things got too heated Jane breaks away from the group not feeling up to dealing with the couple that's not a couple. She heads over to Daria's room knowing that her friend would have an easier time just talking one on one with her instead of dealing with Alex and Jackson.

Daria had just changed clothes and was about to take some painkillers when Jane walked into her room. "Don't worry I'm already sewing the scarlet letter on my clothes." She says not even turning to look at her long time best friend.

"It's not a big deal Daria." Jane says nonchalantly. "So you got drunk and slept with someone that's just college life. Honestly it's just fun for us because we know how to get under your skin."

"Isn't that just the common answer." Daria begins to say in a monotone voice. "It's college life not a big deal until you sleep with someone you hardly ever wanted to be in the same room with."

"Okay so I guess the guy was a jerk the next morning?" Jane asked with a sigh. "Surprisingly there aren't too many prince charming's during the all-important college years. Just try not to think about it the awkward morning after pillow talk."

"I didn't have to worry about it I was out before the guy even woke up." Daria says with a sigh, it was the only thing she still had to be grateful for. It's already bad enough waking up next to Kevin Thompson but it would have been worse if he had been awake too.

"Good cause the last thing you need if to wake up and realized you slept with a guy that could be a clone of Kevin Thompson." Jane says with a laugh hoping to cheer her friend up but the way Daria's face paled even more said it all. "No?!"

Daria just groans and buries her face into her pillow clearly showing that she wasn't up to discussing her run in with The QB at the moment.

A week later things were back to normal for Daria, she'd decided to put that whole weekend behind her and never think about it again. At the moment she found herself doing a bit of grocery shopping since she and her roommates were out of a few things and the rest of them would still be in classes for a while. After she was done with that she took her laptop and walked over to a local café so that she could get some writing done. Sure the house was empty at the moment but the place had really good coffee and food and there was just something about the atmosphere that just made her feel comfortable.

She now found herself lost to the outside world just focusing on a paper that would be due in two weeks. It's a shame that she was so focus on said paper that she didn't notice the other person that was now sitting across from her watching her type until she finally stops to take a sip of coffee and finally notices that Kevin had been sitting across from her. "Eeep!"

"Hey Daria, you know I've called your name ten times and you never once looked up." Kevin states in amusement. "And I've been here for about fifteen minutes."

"So you've been watching for that long." Daria says in irritation trying to hide the fact that she felt uneasy, the last time she saw him she was sneaking out of his room and she had planned for it to be the only time she'd ever see him again.

"It's kind of interesting to see you so focus on your work." Kevin just states with a shrug. "So you kind of left before I could make sure that you were alright and-"

"We don't have to discuss it." Daria cuts off hoping that her face wasn't as red as it felt at the moment. "I was drunk did something stupid and I never want to think about it again."

"I can understand that Daria just try to be more careful next time." Kevin says looking at her very seriously. "Seriously there are a lot of jerks out there and you don't want to end up doing something you'll regret."

"Trust me Kevin you don't have to worry about that." Daria says rolling her eyes at him, she'd already had this talk with her friends. "No more one night stands for me. So we can just not talk about what we did together."

"What are you talking about?" Kevin asked causing Daria to look back at him, Kevin's expression was clearly one of confusion and curiosity as he tried to piece what she was saying together in his head.

Daria would have been amused by that look having seen it many times back at Lawndale but even Kevin should be able to get what she was saying. "You don't have to pretend to be so confused we're both adults now. I'm sure sleeping with Lawndale's Brain isn't something you're proud of-"

"Whoa wait Daria you think we slept together… like had sex?!" Kevin asked now finally piecing it all together. "Man you really were drunk!"

At that moment Daria wished that the floor would open up and she'd fall in, it was already embarrassing enough that she'd thought she had a one night stand with Kevin of all people. It became worse when said boy was able to find her despite the fact that she'd hoped to never see him again. But then she goes ahead and talks about a night that they didn't even have together with him! Someone out there must really hate me. Either that or they have nothing better to do with themselves.

"Daria how much of that night do you even remember?" Kevin asked.

"I…I don't remember anything past when you left me at that little corner next to the bar." Daria admitted completely mortified. My face must look like a tomato right now.

"Well to make a long story short you were drunk a couple frat boys saw this and tried to take you away. I stepped in took you away, you were too wasted to remember how to dial a phone so I took you back to my dorm." Kevin explained hoping that it would make Daria feel better.

"Okay but…when I woke up I didn't have any clothes on but my underwear…and you were in the bed too soo…" Daria voice just trails off after saying that still not completely getting the big picture.

This time though it was Kevin's turn to blush a little bit. "Sorry ahem…you were complaining about being too hot and took them off. I just barely convinced you to keep your underwear on." He explained. "I spent most of the night making sure that you didn't choke on your own vomit and I must have gotten so tired that I fell asleep."

Daria could help but feel relief now that she knew the full story. She hated to admit it but it was kind of harder to forget about that night when she had thought she had in fact slept with Kevin. Finally knowing that she hadn't made things a lot less complicated and a lot easier to deal with. "Thanks for telling the truth Kevin at least I know now that the worse hadn't happen."

"Come on Daria I know we've never been best friends but I would like to think that you'd never believe I'd take advantage of you like that." Kevin says in a tone that wasn't angry just disappointed that she really thought that badly of him.

"Sorry Kevin you're right." Daria tells him while shaking off the sarcastic voice in her head betting that's she'd never say those words ever again. Kevin may not have been the smartest guy but he was the nicest even the times where he really insulted her were always by accident of cluelessness. "I shouldn't have thought that about you, I mean it's silly you changed and it's not like you're into me or anything."

"Hmm." Was all Kevin said as he blushed and looked away from her for a bit looking like he was trying to decide if he should tell her something or not. "Or you know maybe I've always been into you…but I didn't think you'd ever give me a chance."

Daria just sat there feeling speechless as she tried to process Kevin's words. She was completely shocked by his admission one part of herself was yelling that Kevin was just messing with her. In all of their interactions with each other leading to this point there had never been a hint to show that Kevin saw her as anything less than the unpopular brain of Lawndale High. The logically side of herself that she was starting to hate at the moment though reminded her that Kevin though slow never lied to her and was always honest no matter how painful his word came out. "I…have to go." Was all she managed to say as she picked up her things and jetted out of the café before Kevin could say anything else.

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