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Kevin pov

"I…have to go." Was all she managed to say as she picked up her things and jetted out of the café before Kevin could say anything else.

Kevin didn't run after though he knew he could have easily caught up with Daria he thought it was best to give her some space so that she can progress his confession. After a few minutes he too stood up and left the café he had to get to work soon anyway.

As he walked towards a local supermarket that he was currently employed in for his shift he thought about how much his life had changed for the past two years. Like he had explained to Daria before at the sports bar it had been a hard blow to his ego when he learned he was the only one to flunk during their senior year especially when he learned Brittany's grades weren't that much better than his but she had graduated and was accepted into a college. That's when reality really started setting in for the QB.


It was the summer after graduation instead of enjoying it with his friends hanging out before they scattered to different parts of the world Kevin was spending his time going to summer school during the day and taking a few night classes in the evenings at the local Community College. He was determined to turn his life around it meant spending less time with his friends and girlfriend but he wanted to catch up with them hopeful that by the end of the summer he could be off to a college as well. Mack and Jodie were supportive they were impressed with his new work ethic. Brittany though was a bit annoyed with not being able to spend as much time with him this caused some strain on their relationship that only got worse when the senior class got their final report cards. (A/N I don't know how it works in other schools but in my school you got your final report card grades in the mail during summer!)

Kevin was confused to say the least when he noticed that his and Brittany's grades weren't that different in fact they were both nearly identical. He wasn't upset about it just confused until one day while leaving for school he overheard Brittany's father talking on the phone in his office.

"I'm telling you Jeff I can't wait till my Brittany is in college and away from that dumb loser Kevin Thompson." Mr. Taylor says laughing on the phone. "Don't get me wrong the kid is a good football player but that's all he's good for around here. Luckily I was able to donate some money to the High School and convince Ms. Li to let Brittany graduate or I'd have to spend another year having that dumb QB around."

It had never bothered Kevin that Brittany's family had more wealth then his family, he was never intimidated that her father could buy her things that he could never afford to get. But he couldn't help but think that it was wrong of her father to buy her way out of High School. Kevin cared about Brittany and if she wasn't ready to handle the pressures of a college work load then she should be told so. So Kevin turned back around to tell her the truth but it ended up being the end of their High School romance. Brittany didn't care that her father had bought her way out of High School and no amount of reasoning could change that. Kevin then knew it was over the summer had changed him but not Brittany and that was the last time he spoke to her.

End flashback

Things started to get pretty lonely once fall came around and everyone had left but him. Even though he was still considered popular during his repeated senior year he didn't hang out with people as much anymore just stuck to his school work and football when he got accepted into his college he was grateful and determined not to let his past mistakes happen again.

"Hey Kevin." A male voice says breaking the former QB out of his thoughts.

"Hey Nate." Kevin greets his friend and co-worker as he walks past the cashier to punch in for work.

A few hours later Kevin's shift was almost over all he needed to do was empty out the last few boxes of cereal and he'd finally be home free. The last box was finally put away when a customer came up to him and asked him a question.

"Excuse me?" The female customer asked. "Where do you keep your bread?"

"It's right next to the dairy section can't miss it." Kevin states not even turning to look at the customer as he begins to pack up.

"Can you show me it?" The female customer flirted. "I don't want to get lost."

"It's two aisles down from here it'd be really hard to get lost." Kevin says evenly not paying the disappointed girl any mind as she stomped away.

"Wow that's kind of cold." Another female voice says in amusement. "I guess she wasn't your type Kevin?"

"You know I don't have a type Alex." Kevin says rolling his eyes at his friend. "I just get annoyed by these pushy girls while I'm trying to work.

"Right off course." Alex said sarcastically rolling her eyes at him. "So I know your shift is over now. Do have time to Netflix and chill at my house or do you have to head back to your dorm?"

Kevin paused to think about his friend's offer he hadn't known Alexandra Smith for that long only a couple of months they only saw each other at his job and though she claimed that she was there at his game last week he hadn't seen her. Alex was a pretty cool girl and he thought that they could be great friends if they could spend some more time with each other.

"Sure why not!" Kevin said in agreement with the idea. "Just let me punch out and then we can go."

It didn't take long for Kevin to be ready to go and after Alex had finished paying for her things the two found themselves making their way towards her shared home.

"My friends are pretty cool I'm sure you'll get along with them." Alex says as they worked towards the front door she opened the door letting herself and Kevin in. "Where are you guys?" Alex shouted once she walked into the house.

"Over here Alex." Jane shouted from the kitchen. "Did you bring the-"

"Kevin!" Daria squealed once the two had made it into the kitchen.

"Ah hey Daria…Jane!" Kevin says in surprise and fake happiness.

Someone out there is having a lot of fun with my life right now. Kevin thinks to himself as he and the rest of Alex's friends sit in the living room to watch TV together. It had been interesting to say the least to pretend to have not seen either Daria or Jane for the past few years even though that wasn't completely true but he managed to do just that once he realized that Daria had never mention the night she spent with him to her friends or even the brief moment he shared with her at the café.

Once Jackson and Alex learned that Kevin, Jane and Daria knew each other from High School they were full of questions the whole night. He let the girls answer the most of the questions…well actually Jane ended up speaking the most since he and Daria were silent during most of the questions. If the others notice they didn't say much about it.

Now the five of them were sitting in the living room watching TV…well maybe the other four people were watching it but Kevin couldn't help but to feel a bit awkward. Maybe if he hadn't seen Daria earlier that same day and told her he had always been into her it wouldn't be so bad but he had. Even though Kevin had gotten wiser there were still moments where he didn't think to filter himself and that had been one of those moments.

But he could understand it from Daria's point of view he was just a popular jock with an easy life, who only cared about football, girls and parties. And even he could admit that had been very true but even during his 'Dumb Kevin' years he had a bit of a crush on the school's brain he just didn't realize it. It started off when they had that science project to do together but he hadn't really thought to pay it any mind. During their shared years at Lawndale he thought his crush was just admiration over the fact that Daria was the smartest person he knew.

Kevin could remember seeking for Daria's help when he was the most confused and lost. And though he realized now that had probably been a nightmare for the school's brain it was still some of his best memories. When Tommy Sherman died, when he and Brittany broke up before a big dance ect… He always felt the need to go to Daria because she was smart. But a little voice would always whisper that Mack and Jodie were also smart too, but for some weird reason he only wanted to go to Daria with his problems.

It was only after she was gone that he realized that he had actually liked her, isn't it funny to realized that you used to be too dumb to understand when you have a crush on someone. He even remembered worrying about her more than Quinn when she said their parents were experimenting on them. Of course now he realized that it wasn't true but he had been really worried that they would change Daria and he liked her the way she already was.

Sometime during the evening Kevin got up to get a drink in the kitchen and of course because the universe isn't already having enough fun, Daria was also in the kitchen as well.

"Ah, hey?" Kevin says awkwardly as they stood alone in the kitchen. "You know Alex?"

"Yeah…it's kinda hard to not know someone that you're living with." Daria says sarcastically.

"Yeah…" Kevin manages to say mentally kicking himself. "Listen if you're uncomfortable I could just go."

"What? I'm not uncomfortable!" Daria says defensively her face getting red. "Why would I even be uncomfortable?"

"You means besides the fact that you're standing in the kitchen alone with a guy that you went to High School with and also thought you had a one night stand with? Who also told you that he liked you?" Kevin says equally as sarcastic as Daria had been. "I guess there isn't a good reason to be even a little bit uncomfortable." Kevin finished stating.

"I just don't see how that is possible." Daria says after he had finished speaking. "It's not like we hung around each other back then or anything."

"That's fair to think…but I did…still do kinda like you." Kevin states after a while. "Look you don't have to return my feelings or anything and it took me a while to realize this but I'm an honest person."

"You are an honest person Kevin." Daria says with a sigh. "Really honest that's what makes this even more confusing and…scary."

"Will you go…on a date with me?" Kevin asked in a voice that he prayed didn't sound too hopeful.

"W-What?!" Daria asked with a stutter not at all prepared for the question.

"Look Daria for some reason we seemed to keep running into each other." Kevin started to explain his reasoning's. "It's either fate or someone is messing with us. Either way I'd like to give us a chance. So will you go out with me?"

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