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Daria pov

It was a warm, quiet and peaceful morning. The kind of morning where you just wanted to lay in bed all day without worrying about a care in the world. And since the morning was also a Saturday nothing was going to stop Daria from enjoying this wonderful peace.

"Daria?" a male voice whispers in her ear disturbing the quiet that she had been enjoying. "Da-riaa!"

"Go away." Daria groans burying herself further into her blankets, all she wanted was to stay in bed was that too much to ask for.

"But Daria you can't stay in bed all day." The male voice whined but Daria refused to move a single inch. So the man decided to climb onto the bed and cuddled Daria up against his chest.

"Kevin go away." Daria says while trying to pull away from him though it was useless since Kevin wouldn't let her go.

"No Babe you promised we'd spend the day together." Kevin says firmly.

"It's doesn't have to be this early." Daria says with a sigh. "And I told you not to call me 'Babe' ever!"

"It's not that early." Kevin says completely ignoring the second comment it wasn't the first time that he called Daria 'Babe' and it wouldn't be the last. "You know you're surprisingly lazier then I'd thought you'd be."

"Why do I even put up with you?" Daria whispers to herself.

"Cause I'm your boyfriend." Kevin answered though there was a hint of a smirk in his tone.

"Right." Daria says in her usually monotone voice thinking back to the day that Kevin had asked her out in the first place.


"Will you go…on a date with me?" Kevin asked in a voice that he prayed didn't sound too hopeful.

"W-What?!" Daria asked with a stutter not at all prepared for the question.

"Look Daria for some reason we seemed to keep running into each other." Kevin started to explain his reasoning's. "It's either fate or someone is messing with us. Either way I'd like to give us a chance. So will you go out with me?"

Daria first reflex would be to say no after all this was Kevin Thompson sure he had changed since High School and yes they did seem to keep running into each other but that didn't mean they had to go on a date? Then again it wasn't like she was currently seeing anyone, she could always go out on this one date and never think about it again. God this was just too confusing to think about right that moment.

"I need to think about it." Daria answered honestly, she may not want to say no to Kevin but she also didn't feel right saying yes.

"Okay…that's cool." Kevin answered slowly not completely sure what to make of her answer in fact an outright rejection would have been easier at least then he would have known where he stood with her.

So after that awkward meeting the two of them headed back towards the living room where everyone else was still watching TV together. A few hours later Kevin had gone back to his dorm and Daria was laying on her bed thinking about the changes that had taken place in the past few days.

"Alright amiga spill it!" Jane says having entered the room which Daria hadn't notice since she was so lost in her thoughts. "Now don't pretend that somethings not bugging you because I know that something is you've been quiet all evening…even more the usual."

"Kevin asked me out." Daria just says in her monotone voice.

"The nerve of him!" Jane exclaims thinking that her best friend was joking with her but Daria's silence spoke volumes. "Wait seriously?! What reason would he have to ask you out?"

"Apparently he's always been into me." Daria says in a monotone.

"What?" Jane asked in disbelief shaking her head. "When did this happen?"

With that Daria finally tells her best friend everything how she had seen Kevin at that bar, how she had gotten drunk and woke up the next day in Kevin's bed. How she had snuck away before he woke up, and finally how he had found her in her favorite café all this information leading up to tonight.

"No wonder Alex dragged us to that football game she knew Kevin was on the team." Daria says in frustration. "It also explains how she know which bar to go to."

"Wow. This could only happen to you Daria." Jane says in disbelief shaking her head. "So are you going to go out with him?"

Daria just sighs not knowing how to answer the question. "I can't believe we're having a conversation on whether or not I would go out with Kevin Thompson."

"Maybe we're in some sort of parallel universe." Jane suggested. "Or even better maybe this is an episode of Sick Sad World."

"If so then clearly they're desperate for ratings." Daria says in her monotone voice.

"Either way you still have to decide what you're going to do about the QB." Jane says in amusement.

A week later Daria was still lost over what to do, she felt like she was in a strange world where she couldn't say yes but couldn't think of a good reason to say no besides the fact that she knew Kevin in High School. His stupidity seemed to be behind him yet at the same time it seemed to be what she couldn't let go of.

Daria shook her head at herself as she continued to take a walk at a park near where she lived. I am spending way too much time thinking about Kevin Thompson.

"Hey Daria!" Kevin says as he jogs up to her.

"Dammit! Dammit!" Daria uncharacteristically yells turning to glare at the boy. "Why are you here? Why are you everywhere?"

"Whoa Daria just calm down." Kevin says holding his hands up in defense.

"Don't tell me to calm down Kevin!" Daria shouts her temper finally getting the best of her. "I go to a stupid football game you're there! I go to a bar with my friends you're there! I go to my favorite café to get some writing done you're there! I go home you're there! I TAKE A WALK IN THE PARK YOU'RE THERE! WHY?"

"I play football you already know this. I was at the bar to celebrate with my team." Kevin says in a sarcastic tone answering her questions. "I walk by the café every day to get to work and just happened to see you. I'm friends with Alex which is why I was hanging out at your house and lastly this is a public park that I like to run in because as I've stated before I'm on a football team and need the exercise."

"And you just happened to be running at the same time I'm here?" Daria asked still glaring at him.

"Of course it's not like I have an ability that lets me know where you're going to be." Kevin says in defense. "You know Daria I'd never thought I would say this but you're being really stupid right now."

"Excuse me?!" Daria says clearly offended by the statement.

"You're acting like I'm stalking you or something." Kevin says with a frustrated sigh. "Like I said before I don't know why we keep running into each other but I do feel like it's going to keep happening."

"Right and your oh so wonderful solution is to date." Daria says in her monotone voice.

"Yes I do despite how crazy you are right now." Kevin says smirks. "I for some reason still like you."

"You're the one that wants to date me based off of a coincidence that means nothing." Daria argued back. She was met with silence and had thought Kevin didn't have a comeback for the statement when out of nowhere he pulled her close to him and kissed her. The kiss was intense and overwhelmed her once functioning brain, it was passionate it set her pulse racing and if felt natural which excited and scared Daria. Even when they pulled away from each other because of lack of oxygen Daria's senses were still barely functioning. "What was that for?" Daria asked now more confused than ever.

"Doesn't matter." Kevin says with a smirk dipping his head low to whisper in her ear. "After all it means nothing right?"

End flashback

"Daria come on get up already!" Kevin says with a frustrated sigh.

"Why should I?" Daria asked with a sigh.

"You mean besides the fact that we barely have enough time to spend with each other as it is?" Kevin answered back rolling his eyes. "How about the fact that it's our one month anniversary."

"So what?" Daria says in her monotone voice. "One month ago I lost my mind."

"And now we get to celebrate it." Kevin says in his usually happy tone. "I'll be down stairs waiting for you Babe." Kevin says as he exits the room to most likely hang out with her roommates while she got ready.

"DON'T CALL ME THAT KEVIN!" Daria shouts after him but he just laughs it off as he walks down the stairs.

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