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Daria pov

"Hey Daria how's your day been?" Alex asked as she approached her friend in a bit of a huff. To Daria Alex looked exhausted but that was to be expected since she did have two tests plus an essay due that very same day.

"I'm actually having a pretty decent day for once." Daria says with a shrug.

"Right because you never have a good day." Alex says sarcastically with a roll of her eyes.

"Exactly." Daria says in her usual monotone voice. Though the truth of the matter Daria was having a fairly nice week not that she would ever admit to it.

"Hey you got a date with Kevin tonight don't you?" Alex asked as the two friends made their way towards their next class.

"Yes we're supposed to- Hey watch it!" Daria says as another student pushes by her knocking her glasses off of her face and onto the ground. "Where are my glasses Alex?"

"In front just don't-" Alex begins to say before a crunching sound cuts her off. "Take a step forward."

"So much for my good day." Daria says sadly as she looks down at the broken glasses in her hand.

"I guess you'll have to use you backups for a while." Alex says with a shrug.

"These were my backups." Daria says with a sigh.

"Okay so what's your backup to your backup?" Alex asked her.

"I have contacts." Daria says begrudgingly.

"And?" Alex questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"I don't like wearing them." Daria explains as her friend help her into the nearest bathroom.

"Oh, do they irritate your eyes?" Alex further questions.

"Not anymore….I just don't like people thinking that I'm vain or something." Daria explains after she finishes putting them on. "After all I don't care about my looks."

"Liar! I've seen how long you take to get ready for your dates with Kevin or even for school." Alex proclaimed.

"I just couldn't decide what to wear." Daria says in defense.

"Whatever Daria god forbid you ever admit that you're even a little bit human." Alex states with a smirk. "Anyways when you get the chance to order new glasses I suggest getting a different pair those old ones break way too easily."

"You know Alex makes a good point." Kevin stated later that day as he absentmindedly tosses a football in the air as he watched her look into ordering a new pair of glasses on her laptop in her room.

"Excuse me?" Daria asked in a tone that clearly shown that she was at least partly offended. "Do you have a problem with my glasses?"

"I just mean that we've been dating for three months and I've seen you go through five pairs of those same glasses." Kevin explains calmly. "It might be the universe telling you it's time for a change."

"Please the last time I listen to the universe I ended up dating you." Daria says in a deadpan tone.

"Meaning?" Kevin asked for clarification.

"Me and the universe are not on speaking terms right now." Daria says evenly.

"Why because you love me?" Kevin asked with a smirk.

"Shut up." Daria bitingly says back without looking up from her laptop as she threw a book in his direction.

"I'll take that as a yes." Kevin says with a laugh as he dodged the book that was thrown at him. "Is the reason why you won't change the glasses because of what happened back at Lawndale?"

"Why would it have anything to do with that?" Daria asked defensively.

"Daria you hate the idea of people thinking that you care about your looks." Kevin begins to explain. "Even worse you hate admitting that you yourself care. Like it's some sort of crime to admit to yourself that you like how you look."

"So what if I don't want to be vain or be seen as vain it's not a big deal." Daria argues back.

"Sure. As long as it's not hindering on your own personal growth." Kevin argues. "Besides the only people who would make comments on the change would be me, Jane, Alex and Jackson."

"And the other students and faculty at Raft." Daria proclaims with a huff.

"Which is not an excuse because you'll only see them three days out of the week." Kevin points out. "And you'll have at least three weeks to get used to them before we go back to Lawndale for winter break."

"So you're saying that I should change my glasses?" Daria questions pausing for a moment to finally face Kevin.

"I personal think it would be a good change for you." Kevin begins to explain carefully. "But the decision to change has to be your own however I would like to add that if you did changed your glasses please pick a design that will not get in the way when we're making out."

"So that's the real reason for this conversation." Daria says with a sigh as she turns back towards her laptop.

"No the make out thing is like maybe 40% reason for this conversation tops." Kevin proclaims. "The other 60% just wants what's best for your personal growth."

"But only 60% of you cares for my own personal growth?" Daria questions as she orders her new pair of glasses. "You know I had always hoped to never date anyone who cared about my looks even if it's 40%."

"Come on Daria everyone cares about how their boyfriend/girlfriend looks even you." Kevin says smugly.

"I beg to differ." Daria says as she turns the laptop off.

"Right." Kevin says dragging out the 'i'. "So if I were to say take off my shirt right now you wouldn't enjoy the sight?"

"You can do whatever you want." Daria says with a shrug climbing on her bed to grab a literature book she had to read for class the next day.

Kevin just raised an eyebrow at his girlfriend as she begun to read her book. Deciding it would be amusing to challenge her on her own beliefs he pulled his shirt over his head and walked towards her bed. Another thing that changed about Kevin was his physical appearance he was always seen as handsome but for the longest time he was also very scrawny for a football player. That was part of the reason why he spent most of high school dressed in full football gear to hide that fact. But now his body had finally caught up to the appearance that used to only exist in his fantasies.

Daria was in the middle of a Robert Frost poem when Kevin swiftly encircled his arms around her waist pulling her towards him. "Kevin?! What are you doing I have to read that for class."

"And what are the chances that you hadn't read it before?" Kevin asked rhetorically with a smirk. "Besides I need to check on something." Before she could ask him what he was checking he kissed her and just like all of their kisses it overwhelmed the function part of her brain. Kevin fought back a smile as Daria moaned into their kiss it was when she absentmindedly began to feel up his well- toned chest was when he pulled away from her lips. "Thought so."

"Hmm?" Was all Daria could manage to say clearly needing sometime to understand his random statement.

"You were feeling me up Daria." Kevin proclaims as he pulled away from her completely walking back to where he dropped his shirt. "You always do that when we're making out. Which means a physical part of my looks that you have just shown to enjoy during our kiss proves that you do in fact care about my looks."

"That doesn't prove anything!" Daria tries to argue back though her face was completely red with embarrassment. "At best it may prove that I care about looks like maybe…10%."

"Whatever you say Daria." Kevin just says in a tone that clearly showed that he didn't believe her.

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