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Normal pov

God I hope she gets here soon! Daria thinks to herself shivering as she waited outside in front of her car at the train station. "Finally." Daria says in relief as she sees her sister approaching her with three luggage bags.

"Sorry! The train ended up being a half an hour late." Quinn says apologetically once she sees her older sister.

"Let's just hurry up and get your bags in the car it's cold and windy!" Daria says hoping to hurry her sister along after getting Quinn's bags in the car the two sisters got in. "So besides your train being late how was your trip?"

"Really nice actually because it recently snowed everything looked like a winter wonderland." Quinn said happily as her sister drove. "So we're still driving home first thing in the morning right?"

"That's the plan." Daria says in her usual monotone voice. "And the SUV we rented is at the house now."

"By the way the new glasses looks nice." Quinn adds in a way nonchalant having known her sister she knew not to make too big a deal about them, though in her opinion they were better. "How's has school been?"

"Pretty good finals was brutally but I'm pretty sure I passed all of my classes." Daria says with a shrug. "What about you?"

"Well my final project before winter break was stressful." Quinn admits. "I mean I know it's not the same as going to a college but trying to come up with a new winter coat design and not being allowed to use the color white was a lot harder than I thought. I even had to cancel on a few dates just to finish it in time."

"Speaking of which I have something to tell you." Daria says in her deadpanned voice hoping to not give anything away. "I met someone a couple of months ago and he's gonna travel with us back to Lawndale."

"Daria!" Quinn practically squeals not able to hide her excitement. "You're actually bringing a boy home with you?"

"No…I mean I'm dating him but he's lived in Lawndale too so he's going to stay with his parents." Daria explains.

"Oh." Quinn says evenly. "Well it must be pretty serious if you're driving together. Wait you didn't say who he was?"

"Oh well its Kemmm Thommspn." Daria says murmuring the name quietly.

"What?!" Quinn asked in confusion not understanding her sister.

Daria just sighs knowing that she had to come clean. "It's Kevin Thompson." Daria says again in a more clear voice.

"Kevin Thompson?" Quinn asked in a voice that showed disbelief despite her sister nodding to confirm yes. "Kevin as in 'I'm the QB' Thompson?" Daria sighs but nods her head again in confirmation. "Kevin as in 'the only book I need to read is the playbook' Thompson? Kevin as in 'why should I even wear anything but my uniform' Thompson? Kevin as in-"

"YES! Okay yes that Kevin Thompson." Daria interrupts before her sister could continue on with her rant.

"You're punking me aren't you?" Quinn states. "This is just a joke right?"

"No this isn't a joke or a prank or anything else it's the truth." Daria states in a serious tone.

"Okay then I guess when we get to the house you share with your roommates Kevin will be there right?" Quinn asked in a tone that showed she really didn't believe her sister. "Since we're all leaving early tomorrow morning for Lawndale he'll be spending the night right?"

"Actually he's working some overtime so you won't see him until tomorrow." Daria explained but her sister still gave her a look of disbelief. "It's true! He wants to make as much money as he can before the break since we'll be in Lawndale for about a month."

"Okay Daria suuure." Quinn says sarcastically.

"I'm not lying Quinn it's the truth." Daria proclaims but it was clear that her sister didn't belief her.

"Ah huh." Quinn states in a monotone voice that matched her sister's.

The rest of the ride was spent in silence, Daria knew there wasn't any way to convince her sister otherwise so it was best to just have her see Kevin for herself. Although if this is how Quinn reacts to me dating Kevin I wonder how the rest of Lawndale will take it…Probably the same way.

Time skip to the next morning

After having worked some longed shifts for the past few days Kevin could barely keep his eyes open as he entered the home of his girlfriend and her friends. He hoped that Daria, Quinn and Jane were ready to go it would take at least five hours to drive to Lawndale if they didn't hit any traffic. I hope someone has at least made coffee. Kevin thinks to himself as he hears voices speaking in the kitchen.

"Morning." Kevin states in a sleepy tone yawning a bit as he enters the kitchen. Daria and Jane both looked up from where they were sitting; to see the tired football player as he walked into the kitchen and wrapped an arm around Daria.

"Morning to you too workaholic." Jane says with a smirk as she takes in how tired Kevin appeared. "Did you even sleep last night?"

"I got a few hours." Kevin tried to lie but he could tell as Daria looked up at him that they weren't buying it. "I just need some coffee and I'll be good to drive us to Lawndale."

"Yeah right like we'd let you get behind the wheel right now." Jane states shaking her head at him. "I very much would like to stay alive, I haven't rubbed enough people the wrong way yet."

"Plus caffeine makes you too hyper and then crash hard." Daria added in shaking her head. "If you crash the car we won't be able to get our deposit back."

"But I said I would drive." Kevin tried to argue.

"It's a five hour drive Kevin and you look exhausted as it is." Daria states forcefully. "Jane and I can take turns or we can even get Quinn to drive for a bit."

"Speaking of which where is she?" Kevin asked just realizing that she was missing.

"She's still getting ready but hopefully she'll be out soon." Daria answered.

"While we're still here I better go check to see if I have everything I'll need." Jane states walking out of the kitchen and heading towards her room.

"Actually a second look wouldn't hurt for me either." Daria says as well getting up and leaving herself.

Once Daria was out of sight Kevin quickly moved to grab some coffee. "Kevin?!" A voice suddenly yelled causing him to jump slightly just as he was about to take a sip. He turn towards the doorway to see Quinn Morgendorffer standing at the kitchen door a shocked look on her face.

"Quinn hey." Kevin greeted in his usual manner of speaking. "Ah could you please not tell your sister that I was drinking coffee she thinks it makes me too hyper!" Kevin almost begs as Quinn stands there gaping at him. "Quinn? QUINN?! Are you okay?" But the younger girl continues to just stare at him in shock.

"She just surprised to see you. She didn't believe me when I told her we are dating." Daria explains coming back into the kitchen now carrying a bag. "Are drinking coffee Kevin?"

"Whaaat? No." Kevin stuttered clearly lying. "Oh Babe that bag looks heavy let me get it for you." Kevin says quickly grabbing the bag from Daria and making a quick exist.

Twenty-five minutes later the group were all packed and ready to hit the road. Kevin tried to argue one more time that he would be okay to drive but it didn't work. "Just take a nap Kevin we know you're tried." Daria states as she gets into one of the backseats of the SUV.

"Yeah Kevin get your beauty sleep I have everything under control." Jane says coolly as she gets into the driver's seat. It was agreed that Jane would drive the first three hours and when it was time to stop for gas then she would switch to someone else.

"Fine." Kevin pouted getting in the backseat as well.

With that done Quinn took the front seat she still hadn't said a word still completely shocked her sister was indeed dating the QB and for a long enough time that they'd have their own routine and banter.

"It's spooky isn't it?" Jane whispers breaking Quinn out of her thoughts. "Like something out of the twilight zone."

"I just never would have thought…it just so left field." Quinn sighs shaking her head. "I mean it makes more sense that you and Daria would get together more than Kevin and Daria."

"Or you and Sandi." Jane teased back holding in a laugh as Quinn's eyes went wide when Kevin laid his head on Daria's lap and shut his eyes to sleep.

"Please me and Sandi happening is even more unlikely then Kevin and Daria." Quinn proclaims shaking her head at the artist. "Kevin and Daria were never not so secretly enemies…at least I think they were never enemies."

"Being enemies with Kevin back in High School would have been like kicking a puppy for being a puppy." Daria says entering into the conversation.

"And yet you two still got together?" Quinn question still confused about how that could have even happened.

"Well since we have some time I guess I could tell you how it happened." Daria says in her monotone voice. "It all started when Alex dragged us to a football game-"

Meanwhile at the Morgendorffer home

"What do you mean you invited both of our families over for Christmas?!" Helen Morgendorffer yelled at her clueless husband. "You know the girls are coming home today how are going to fit seven more people in this house?!"

"Well sure it'll be a bit cozy but think of all the fun a big family Christmas will be!" Jake states happily not finding any problem with it.

"This is going to be a nightmare my sisters, mother plus your mother, Erin and that deadbeat husband of hers and their daughter." Helen just shakes head feeling a headache coming on.

"It'll be great the girls will love it!" Jake says happily going back to reading his newspaper.

Back in the car

"Say hello to Lawndale, Connecticut." Jane says with fake esteem as she drives past the welcome to Lawndale sign.

"And say goodbye to happiness, adventure or even just a decent pizza place." Daria says sarcastically.

"Well maybe something exciting or interesting will happen during our break." Quinn says hoping to sound a little cheery.

"Please Quinn, I've lived in Lawndale my whole life nothing ever happens here." Jane states in a deadpanned voice.

"I can second that." Kevin adds in with a yawn just waking up.

Meanwhile at the Thompson home

"Charlene it's not like we'll be able to sneak around once Kevin is home you have to tell him." Anthony says from across the living room couch.

"I know Anthony." Charlene says with a sad sigh. "I just don't know how he's going to take it."

"You've got to give the kid more credit." Anthony tries to reassure. "He's a lot smarter and more mature then he was before."

Back to the car

"The only interesting thing about this trip will be when people find out Daria and I are dating." Kevin says with a shrug. "After that it's business as usual."

"Same for me too." Jane adds in. "I mean Trent has come back home from L.A. but that's because he wants to get back to his musical roots. He feels that his semi-success has made him too mainstream."

"And mom and dad will spend the first few hours wanting to catch up on anything new but then mom will get a call for a case and dad will rant about his father and try out some new weird cooking recipe." Daria proclaims in her monotone voice.

"It's going to be a boring trip isn't it?" Quinn says a chorus of 'Yeah' followed after that sentence causing Quinn to sigh. Why did I leave New York again?

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