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Normal pov

"Hello Street that hasn't changed one bit." Jane says with fake esteem. "Hello Shop that never gets any business but is still open."

"Hello kid on the tricycle that still hasn't gotten any older." Daria adds in as the group looks out of the windows to see the town that hadn't changed at all.

"What did you guys expect would happen here?" Quinn question the two friends. "We've only been away for a couple of months."

"I guess we're just spoiled city girls now." Jane says.

"Yeah we're used to stores opening and closing on the same week." Daria adds in.

"Sometimes even the same day." Jane finishes. "Heck I one time I just went for an hour run and saw two stores close by the time I got back home."

"I remember that." Kevin says thinking thoughtfully about the stores. "One of them is now a coffee shop. They actually have pretty good coffee that's-" Kevin pauses for a second seeing the glare on his girlfriend's face made him gulp nervously. "That's what I hear but wouldn't know because I've only gone in…for tea?!"

"Ah huh." Daria says in a monotone voice clearly showing that she didn't believe him.

"God! Now I can't wait for Jodie's welcome home party." Quinn proclaims looking over her shoulder at the couple. "It's going to be fun seeing people's reactions to you too being a couple."

"I didn't know Jodie was throwing a welcome home party?" Daria says with a bit of surprise.

"That's because it's on her Facebook and Instagram." Kevin explained to her.

"That explains it I don't do social media." Daria says with a shrug.

"Daria, Babe Tumblr is social media." Kevin countered. "You keep saying it's not but it is!"

"I told you it's more of a place to blog then anything." Daria tries to defend.

"It's also a good place to cyber bully people who don't like the same pair shipping as the mob or get shows canceled because you don't like the direction the show is going." Kevin answered back. "Though I can admit that Sleepy Hollow deserved it."

"Hey speaking of social media? Kevin I have you on Facebook and Instagram why haven't I seen pictures of you and Daria together?" Quinn asked knowing that most couples at least put some pictures up.

"Yeah well you know Daria's not the type to want stuff put out there." Kevin started to explain. "Plus this way we get to just shock everyone! But I do have pictures on my phone."

"Can I see?" Quinn asked holding out her hand to get his phone.

"Sure." Kevin says pulling out his phone to hand to his girlfriend's sister.

"But no letting her see any racy photo's I think the kid's been traumatized enough today." Jane says with a teasing voice but Kevin pauses and looks down at his phone.

"On second thought let me just text you some." Kevin states bring the phone back towards himself.

"WHAT?!" Quinn and Jane exclaim at the same time. "No way I was just kidding when I said that?" Jane nearly runs a red light clearly being shocked from the statement.

"He's joking!" Daria says forcefully fighting down a blush as she glared at Kevin. "Right?"

Kevin again gulps nervously under his girlfriend's gaze. "So um…it's still the same number right?"

"KEVIN!" Daria shouted grabbing him by the collar and pulling him closer so that they were face to face. "You were supposed to delete them!" She whispered.

"Wait you really meant that?" Kevin asked in his clueless way, his response was repeated slaps upside his head. "Ow, OW Babe!"

"Yep this relationship is going to be the talk of the town for a while." Jane says in amusement.

"Yeah but to be fair what else would they talk about?" Quinn adds with a shrug.

A little while later the group were finally in front of Casa de Lane. And just like everything else in Lawndale it too hadn't changed but to be fair who in the Lane family would even care to change it?

"Alright then I'm all set." Jane says after she got all of her stuff out of the car. "Later." With that Jane walked towards her childhood home.

"I just called mom to tell her we are back in town...she sounded happy yet stressed?" Quinn tells her sister turning to face her.

"She's probably working on a big case or something." Daria says knowing their mother it most likely has something to do with a case and Eric.

"Well it shouldn't take too long for you to find out what's going on." Kevin states as he gets into the driver's seat. "You guys don't live too far away from here."

Meanwhile at the Morgendorffer's home the extend family were all waiting in the living room

"You know Helen with all the time that has passed since the last time I was here. You'd think you would have settled on a decorator by now." Ruth Morgendorffer says with distain as she looks around the house.

"How could she ever find the time to focus on her house with all that nonstop working she does." Rita adds in smugly.

"Some of us have to work Rita after all not everyone has…other people to depend on to take care of themselves and their two children who are away at school." Helen counters back in a catty tone.

"Isn't Quinn just away at fashion school?" Rita proclaims. "My god the types of schools they have these days just to become a gloried seamstress."

"Well at least Quinn is learning something practical any good husband can appreciate a wife that can sew." Ruth says with a sigh.

"Of course!" Helen says with fake esteem. "If the time period was 1950." She muttered under her breathe. The Morgendorffer's extended family hadn't even been there for a day and already they were driving Helen crazy. "Anyway Quinn just called the girls are on their way."

"Brilliant idea of us hiding all the cars." Amy states with a smirk. "That way they can't make a run for it like anyone else would."

Before anyone could comment further the sound of a car pulling up filled the living room.

"The girls are here!" Jake says excitedly jumping up from his seat.

"Slow down Jake remember your heart condition." Helen scolded standing up as well.

"Oh it looks like there is a young man with them." Anne Barksdale states looking through the window.

"Really mom?" Helen asked in surprise also moving to look out the window.

"Hey that guy looks familiar?" Jake states in a confused tone.

"Jake that's Kevin Thompson remember he was the QB for the Lawndale football team and he had a science project with Daria that they worked on here." Helen answered her husband remembering the popular boy.

"Oh thank goodness!" Ruth says excitedly. "This handsome boy must be dating Quinn, he sounds like he would be good husband material."

"That's funny Quinn never mentioned she was dating anyone." Helen says mostly to herself. Being Quinn's mother she knew dating wasn't usually a thing that Quinn would omit.

While the rest of the family talked among themselves about Quinn's possible 'boyfriend' Amy looked out the window and noticed something the family had clearly overlooked. Though this Kevin boy did spend some time helping Quinn unload her bags it was Daria's bags that he seemed to want to hold onto leaving the younger sister to fend for herself. Not to mention that the way he looked her favorite niece spoke volumes about whom he was really attached to. This will cause a bit of a stir.

While the girls are getting their bags outside

"Daria what's the big deal just let me help you with your bags." Kevin pouted.

"It's just two bags Kevin I'll be fine." Daria says in a deadpanned voice.

"But I just want to help!" Kevin tries to argue.

"You know I could use a little help." Quinn laughs meekly but gets ignored by the couple.

"Why is this such a big deal?" Kevin asked still in his argument with his girlfriend.

"Besides the fact that I am perfectly capable of carry my own bags." Daria says in her monotone voice.

"Wait." Kevin states pausing for second. "I never said you weren't capable I just said I wanted to help you."

"I-" Daria begins to say but is interrupted by the sound of the front door opening.

"Quinn! Daria!" Jake says happily from the front door.

"Girls! It's so wonderful to see you." Helen says with equal happiness then turning to look at Kevin. "And Kevin I wasn't expecting to see you here? Please come in."

"Hi Mr. and Mrs. Morgendorffer." Kevin greeted with his winning smile walking up their walkway followed by the two Morgendorffer sisters.

"Hi mom, Hi dad." Quinn greets happily giving them each a hug as soon as she reached them.

"Quinn my beautiful Quinn!" Ruth says excitedly are sudden presence surprising the two girls as she hugs Quinn. "And Daria…well at least you've changed your glasses."

"Grandma Ruth what are you doing here?" Quinn asked in surprise.

"Oh you father had the smart idea of spending the Holidays with the whole family." Ruth said proudly.

"Wait when you say whole family does that include-" Before Daria could finish her sentence the other side of the Morgendorffer's family all greeted them from the door.

"Hey Quinn, Hey Daria!" Could be heard from the rest of the family.

"See one big family under one roof isn't that great!" Jake boosted happily as he pushes the girls inside.

"Yeah great." Daria and Quinn said at the same time. I should have never left Boston/New York

"Oh what a helpful young man." Anne proclaims watching Kevin come in with Daria's bags. "But shouldn't you be more concern with helping your girlfriend?"

"But I am helping my girlfriend?" Kevin replied with a confused look on his face.

"Oh dear you must be confused." Ruth says in a worried voice. "Those are Daria's bags dear."

"Yes I know that." Kevin said still not understanding why the older women were confused.

"Shouldn't you be helping Quinn ah…Kevin was it?" Anne asked looking at the young man smiling. "You are her boyfriend right?"

"No I'm dating Daria." Kevin answered them, shocking everyone in the room but Amy and Quinn.

Kevin pov

Wow this is so awkward. Kevin thinks to himself as he sits in the living room next to his girlfriend. It had been ten minutes since the family found out he was dating Daria and even though they insisted that he stayed for a bit longer right now one was talking. He could also feel in waves how uncomfortable Daria currently was next to him.

"So…I better be on my way." Kevin finally said breaking the awkward silence even standing up so that he could leave.

"Wait a second Kevin." Helen says stopping him from going anywhere. "I mean…how did you and Daria meet up again?"

"Oh?" Kevin says moving to sit back down stealing a glance from Daria before he answered the question. "She and I ran into each other after a football game that I had played." That's the good clean version. "In fact I believe that she was at the game too."

"Oh football huh." Brian Danielson Erin's husband says with a smug laugh. "You know I played a little football myself some people even said I was good enough to go pro but then I got a job offer for the intelligence agency and well I couldn't let that pass me by."

"Really you never told me about that Brian." Erin says in surprise.

"Well I didn't want to brag but I was a really good defensive player." Brian says in a voice that clearly sounded like he was bragging.

"What position did you play?" Kevin asked with interest. This is a good way to connect myself to this family.

"I already told you I was on defense." Brian says with a laugh.

"Yeah but there a different jobs that defensive players do what was yours?" Kevin questioned.

"Oh you know I ran the ball." Brian says confidently. "I must have made hundreds of touchdowns in my time doing that."

"Really?" Kevin says trying really hard to hold back a laugh. "You've run the ball as a defensive player? That's very interesting and you made a lot of touchdowns too!"

"Yes, I was a very good player in my day." Brian says in a still smug voice thinking that he impressed the younger man.

"I bet you were, I bet you were." Kevin says nodding his head though he was secretly mocking him. In your own fantasy world maybe. (a/n if you don't understand this joke please look up 'football')

"Well while we're on the subject what school do you attend now Kevin?" Helen asked moving the conversation along. "And what are you studying?"

"Boston College." Kevin answered happily. "I got a football scholarship with some help and have been attending since the fall. I'm studying Education with a minor in Business."

"That's wonderful!" Helen exclaims. "So when did you and Daria start dating?"

"Actually I think that's enough questions for today." Daria states before Kevin could answer. "Kevin needs to get going anyway."

"Now Daria there is no need to be rude." Ruth says with a stern tone. "We'd like to learn a little more about the young man that has taken an interest in…you."

"No Daria is right I already told my mother I was on my way it wouldn't be right to keep my parents waiting." Kevin states standing up to leave.

"What a thoughtful young man!" Anne gushed at the young man.

"Well then Kevin I guess we'll have to let you be on your way but hope at some point during the break you'll be able to have dinner with us." Helen exclaims.

"Yeah that sounds good." Kevin says with a shrug.

"Okay then Kevin time to go." Daria says forcefully all but pushing him out of the door.

"Bye everyone." Kevin says in his usual manner as Daria walked him out.

"That was painful." Daria says in a monotone voice once the door was closed behind them. "Now I really wish I'd stayed in Boston."

"It wasn't that bad." Kevin says with a shrug. "They just caught us off guard which knowing you was probably the better idea." Kevin explains once they reach the car. "I'm sure you're going to be answering a bunch of questions today so I'll call you later."

"Thanks for reminding me of my living nightmare." Daria said sarcastically, Kevin just chuckled before briefly kissing her goodbye seeing as her family was watching them from the windows.

After driving for five minutes Kevin was now pulling up into his own driveway. Before he even got a chance to exist the car his mother was already there to greet him.

"Kevin! I'm so glad you're home." Charlene exclaims happily once her son was out of the car she hugged him tight.

"Hey Mom, I'm glad to see you too!" Kevin states happily hugging her back. "How have you been?"

"Good." Charlene first stated trying to sound cheery but then her tone got very serious. "Actually Kevin there is something that I need to tell you."

"What is it mom?" Kevin asked in a worried tone, the look on his mother face showed that something was wrong.

"Your father is gone Kevin he left." Charlene answered evenly, after they had gotten inside the house and sat down on the couch.

"He just up and left you?" Kevin asked his voice almost cracking. "When?"

"A month after you left for school." Charlene answered sadly. "You know that he hasn't been able to get any new contracting jobs for a long time. One day we got into an argument about him finding a different kind of job and he just stormed out of the house. At first I thought he just needed to be away for a couple of hours but hours turned into days to weeks. He won't answer any calls either…I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner Kevin but I didn't want you to worry."

"It's okay mom it's not your fault." Kevin says with a sigh shaking his head. I always knew that the only reason they were together was because of me but I didn't think he'd ever take off on her like that.

"Are you okay Kevin?" Charlene asked in concern as she looked down at her son.

"Yes…no…I don't know this is just a lot to take in." Kevin states sadly his father whom he thought would always be loyal to his mother and their family left without warning what was he supposed to think not?

"Okay Kevin I'll give you time to process everything and we'll talk again later okay." Charlene says gently.

"Yeah that sounds like a good idea mom." Kevin says standing up to head towards his room.

I can't believe he really just took off like that. Kevin thought to himself as he tried his hardest to focus on unpacking but he knew that wouldn't work out. He also couldn't help but feel kind of guilty, he had figured out not too long ago that his father was able to find work in Lawndale because of him when he was in High School. Everyone knew that the Thompson family didn't have much and no one wanted to risk the Lions star player suddenly leaving because they couldn't afford to live in there anymore. Added to the fact that most of the work his father got was through the Taylors and once he broke up with Brittany that was over.

Daria was right we should have just stayed in Boston. Kevin thought to himself as he stared up into the ceiling before long he got tired and fell asleep.

A few hours later

Kevin woke up suddenly needing to use the bathroom, he looked at the clock radio in his room and saw that it was just after midnight. Dammit I forgot to call Daria. He sleepily stumbled out of bed to head to the bathroom just barely remembering where he was. On his way back from the bathroom a still sleepy Kevin was walking back towards his room when he ran into someone.

"Ow." The man that Kevin ran into said from the ground. "Ah hello Kevin."

"Oh sorry Mr. DeMartino." Kevin says still just barely awake. "I didn't see you there." After helping his former teacher off of the ground Kevin continued on his way towards his room.

It sure is nice that Mr. DeMartino came to see me even though it is really late. Kevin sleepily as he rest his head on his pillow. Also it's kind of weird that he wasn't wearing in pants and coming from my parent's room. With that thought Kevin was suddenly wide awake. "What the FUCK?!" He yelled as he shoot out of bed.

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