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Daria pov

I don't know how, I don't know why but someone is definitely screwing with my life. Daria thought to herself with a sigh as she watched Kevin drive away. This trip home was already starting to stress her out she could only image how much worse it would get once she enter the house once more. No doubt they're waiting to ask me a million personal questions.

The moment she reenter her living room there was a sudden silence as everyone turned to stare at her, clearly they all had questions but they didn't know where to start. It finally dawned on Daria again that her whole family was really in Lawndale and that she would be having to deal with them for a while. Which she wasn't prepared for, with Quinn she had a day and a five hour ride to get her at least a little used to the idea that she was with Kevin. With her parents she had been hoping to slip the information in during dinner where her parents would be too busy with work or other distractions to pay attention.

"So anyone else having a shitty day." Daria says in her monotone voice after a full minute of no one saying a word to her.

"Daria how can you even say that?" Helen scolds her daughter.

"It's surprisingly as easy as it looks." Daria says sarcastically. "So is everyone really staying here for the holidays?"

"Yes, your father thought it would be… nice to have everyone under the same roof." Helen says with fake cheeriness. "Of course it will be a bit of a tight squeeze but we should be able to manage if-"

"Actually Helen mother has booked us all rooms at a hotel nearby." Rita interrupted before her sister could finish.

"But the point of this whole trip was so we'd all be together." Helen says with a strain stressed tone.

"It's for the best Helen after all it's not like you have a big…enough home to keep us all comfortable." Rita explains. "Plus mother already booked our rooms."

"Of course she did." Helen muttered under her breathe both relieved to not have to deal with everyone staying in her home but still annoyed that their mother was spoiling Rita and her family again. "In the meantime I guess we could all sit here and catch up." Helen says turning to face her oldest daughter clearly the statement was more for her then anything. "So how did you and Kevin-"

"Actually I'm kind of tired it was a long trip home." Daria cuts off grabbing her things and moving as quickly as she could to her room before the line of questioning could go any further.

Once Daria was out of sight the rest of the family quickly turned their attention to Quinn hoping to get some answers from her. "Don't look at me I only had five hours to get used to the idea I'm still just as surprised as you guys!" Quinn stated with a shrug. "But if anyone would like to know how I'm doing-"

The rest of that statement was cutoff once Daria entered her room no doubt her family's focus would be on Quinn for a while giving her time to mental prepare for dealing with them later on. Till then I might as well get unpacking.

"Your first mistake was coming back home." A voice says from behind Daria catching her by surprise. "Your second mistake was not dropping your boyfriend off first and your third was thinking that you could sneak away without anyone following you."

"Hi Aunt Amy." Daria says in a deadpanned voice that contradicted how she actually felt about seeing her favorite aunt.

"You know I thought you understood that the beauty of college is that you could ignore your family for at least four years." Amy says while entering her room.

"I was understanding that…till I ran out of money." Daria says with a smirk.

"Of course money the downfall to freedom." Amy says rolling her eyes. "How are you doing kid?"

"I would have been better if every member of my family wasn't downstairs right now waiting to grill me about my love life." Daria says with a sigh. "I know my mom especially is dying to have her questions answered given that Kevin and I have some history."

"You two used to date or something." Amy asked with an eyebrow raised.

"No nothing like that but we were in school together here." Daria began to explain. "This being a small town and all everyone kind of knows everyone so even though we weren't friends we were still around each other. He was the popular village idiot QB and I was the school's Brain."

"Oh a match made in heaven or hell which ever works for you." Amy says with an amused tone.

"Honestly it depends on the day." Daria says in her monotone voice.

Time break next day

Growing up Daria was always annoyed by her sister's ability to keep attention for herself and away from herself. Now though she is starting to see it as a gift from god because it kept everyone else from asking Daria about Kevin which was something she could appreciate now but deep down she knew she'd have to deal with it later.

"I can't believe I missed seeing Kevin meeting every member of your family." Jane says in an amused tone as they sat down at their old pizza place. "I haven't even met them and I've been with you for way longer."

"It's nothing to get jealous over trust me." Daria says with a sigh. "A crazy family is usually a deal breaker for any long existing relationships let alone new ones."

"Yeah but knowing Kevin that encounter was just part of a fun day." Jane says with a shrug as she bites into her slice of pepperoni.

"True." Daria said as she takes a sip of soda. "I'm sure he got a kick out of Erin's husband lying about playing football it's too bad he didn't call him out on it."

"Yeah but that's not the kind of person that I am." Kevin states with a sigh as he slides into the seat next to Daria. Kevin for some reason looked exhausted and not in the same 'didn't get enough sleep' way but in the 'I don't know what happened to my life' way.

"You look like you've been to war." Jane says bluntly as she stared at the QB. "Maybe meeting Daria's family is more draining then I thought."

"Please her family was cake compared to what I had to deal with when I got home." Kevin said with a frustrated groan.

Daria and Jane shared a surprised look in all the years they had known Kevin they had never seen him this upset before. Something must have happened to make the usually happy go lucky QB this upset.

"Kevin…do you what to talk about what happened." Daria asked carefully not completely sure how to approach this issue.

Instead of answering right away Kevin just looked up in the ceiling and took a deep sigh. "My dad walked out on my mom." Kevin states in a serious tone that went against his nature.

"Kevin I-" Daria begins to say trying to come up with a way to comfort her boyfriend but not really understanding how.

"Apparently he took off not very long after I had left for BC." Kevin continues on in a tired voice. "He couldn't find work so his solution was just to walk away."

"Kevin are you…okay." Daria asked though she felt kind of stupid for asking. Of course he's not okay he just found out that his family is broken up.

"But that's not all." Kevin says pausing for a second and taking a deep breathe. "Now she's seeing Mr. DeMartino, and I only know this because I ran into him on my way out of the bathroom late last night and seeing him coming out of my parent's...well I guess it's just my mother's room…with no pants on."

There was shocked silenced after that explanation for maybe five minutes until Jane burst out laughing causing the couple to glare at her amusement.

"Jane this is not funny." Daria said forcefully glaring at her best friend.

"Actually it kind of is." Jane says between laughs much to the couple's annoyance. "I just can't stop picturing a sleepy Kevin running into a half- naked Mr. DeMartino and freaking the hell out."

"I didn't freak the hell out!" Kevin says forcefully.

"Really?" Jane asked in an amused tone that showed she didn't believe him. "You didn't freak out in the middle of the hallway?"

"No!" Kevin proclaimed glaring at her but then sighed in defeat. "I freaked out in my room where it had actually fully hit me."

"Knew it!" Jane says with a smirk.

"Shut up Lane." Daria said then turning to face Kevin. "So what did your mom have to say about all that?"

"I don't know I ran for a couple of hours." Kevin said with a shrug. "By the time I got home she'd left for work so we didn't get a chance to really talk about it." Kevin explained with a tired sigh. "Honestly I don't think I want to know how my mother and former teacher and principal got together."

"Well that's understandable." Daria says in understanding. Hell if I came home and found out this happened I would have hitched hike back to Boston. "Wait? Did you say Mr. DeMartino is your former principal? How? What happened to Ms. Li?"

"Oh I guess Quinn never told you? Turns out Ms. Li had been caught 'investing' the school's money into stocks 'for the school' but not reporting it. At least that's the official story." Kevin begins to explain. "But the real story at least what I believe is the real story is that she'd been taking that money for her own self got caught and lied saying that it was for the school."

"So she's in jail now?" Jane asked with interest, it didn't surprise her one bit that their former principal would do such a thing.

"In any other normal town maybe but this is Lawndale so she was just asked to resign from being principal and to turn in the five million dollars she made from her 'investments' now she's running for mayor." Kevin finished explained to them shaking his head. "And knowing this town she'll probably win."

"That is the unfortunate truth." Jane says in an amused tone. "I would have loved to see her mugshot though it would have made a great wallpaper for my phone."

"I did get a great picture of the police dragging her out of the school if you can settle for that instead?" Kevin suggested. "I even have a video of her shouting that she was doing it for the good of the school."

"Of course she was that's why there was fundraisers every other week." Daria states rolling her eyes. "And this is the same person who's also running to become the mayor. So pretty much a power and money hunger person will gain more control."

"Yep. And I think it goes without saying that we aren't raising our kids anywhere near this town." Kevin stated in a half serous half humorous tone.

"Kids really? You found someone who would procreate with you?" Daria asked in monotone voice.

"Procreate and share her pizza." Kevin answered sneakily stealing her slice and taking a bite.

"I don't know where you got the idea that I'd share my pizza but you're wrong." Daria says while forcefully taking it back.

"Fine I guess we'll just procreate then." Kevin teased with his usual goofy smile leaning in closer to meet her lips. "Honestly not a bad deal."

"Do you think your mom and Mr. DeMartino will procreate?" Jane asked knowing that she broke the moment that the couple was in from the glare that Kevin gave her. "Hey it was just an innocent question!"

"Go get Laid Lane." Kevin said in a not amused tone, moving away from his girlfriend the moment of course was ruined the minute he had to picture his teacher in bed with his mother. "I'm still not looking forward to that conversation."

"At least you'll have Jodie's party to distract you." Jane offers. "That and the fact that everyone will learn that you're dating Daria should be enough to make you forget about it."

"WHAT?!" A new voice squeals catching everyone at the table by surprise, they turn around to see Brittany standing behind them in shock. "Kevie you're dating Daria?!" Brittany says with a strange look of both shock and betrayal.

The squeak heard round the town spread far and wide throughout Lawndale.

With the fashion club

"So Quinn is it true?" Sandie the former president asked after looking away from her phone.

"There's… no way… I mean that's just crrrazy." Tiffany said in her usual way shaking her head.

"So Quinn tell us is it really true?!" Stacy asked very curious herself.

"Well-" Quinn begins to say.

With Upchuck and Andrea

"Now this has to be some kind of joke." Andrea says shaking her head.

"Now Andrea you and I know better than anyone how passionate two people from different worlds can be grrr!" Upchuck purred.

With the teachers

"I for one find it hard to believe that she would subject herself to having to deal with twenty two thankless years only so that for no reason that muscle head will just walk away leaving-" Janet begins her usual rant until Timothy cut her off.

"Now Janet you have to admit that he's not the same person he was before." Timothy tried to reason. "We should support this new development."

"Well in MY opinion I don't really THINK that the lives of our FORMER STUDENTS is any of our business!" Anthony adds in.

"Please you're only saying that because-"

With Ms. Li

"What's taking so long to get the results of the latest poll time is money people!" Ms. Li shouts in the control room of her campaign headquarters.

"Sorry, Ms. Li." A brave assistance managed to say. "But it looks like a trending topic is slowing us down."

"What trending topic?!" Ms. Li asked with great annoyance pushing the worker aside to read the computer screen. "Please there is no way that's real! Get back to work people!"

With the Morgendoffers

"Helen did you know about this how could she not have told us!" Jake says in disbelief.

"Jake Please! He was at our house yesterday remember!" Helen nearly yells. "God it's like you don't pay attention to anything!"

With Jodie and Mack

"Wow didn't see that coming." Jodie states once she looked away from her phone.

"I knew I hadn't spoken to him in a while but I didn't think he wouldn't have told me about this." Mack says shaking his head in surprise.

With the three J's

"No way!" said Jeffey shaking his head.

"Can't be true." Joey added.

"I mean she's a total brain!" Jamie begins to say.

With Kevin and Daria

"Shit." The couple said at the same time.

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