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Normal pov

"I'm telling you Jodie tha-that….temptress must have my Kevie Brainwashed!" Brittney squeals in this may not noticing that her longtime Lawndale friend was rolling her eye at her as she got her house ready for the semi reunion party for their classmates. "I mean how else can you explain this-this behavior?!" Brittney continues to rant pacing back and forth flashing back to her last encounter with the 'new' couple.


"Please tell me that this is just some big joke?!" Brittney begs her voice showing just how upset she was. "You two can't be really dating that's just wrong."

"Well we are dating Brittney." Kevin says calm but forceful. "Daria and I have been together for months now. Not that it's any of your business."

"How can it not be any of my business?" Brittney asked now getting angry glaring at the group.

"Ms. Taylor you broke up with me." Kevin explains in a cold detached voice. "I haven't even seen you in over a year. So yes my life is now none of your business."

End flashback

"He does have a point though Brittney." Jodie says disturbing Brittney from her thoughts. "You were the one who wanted to break up in the first place. You started that fight when all Kevin was doing was trying to help you and you even told him, he was just some repeat High School loser."

"But that's how Kevie and I are?!" Brittney tries to defend. "We fight but we always get back together eventually."

"Well Brittney I don't think that's going to happen this time." Jodie says shaking her head sadly at her friend. Even though it had been almost two years since they last really saw each other it appears that Brittney still hadn't completely grown up. Jodie was grateful though that Kevin appear to have because she was sure she couldn't take anymore from Lawndale's most breakup- makeup couple again.

"I guess we'll have to just wait and see." Brittney says in a treacherous tone, coming up with a new plan as she continued to pace.

"Oh boy." Jodie says shaking her head once again at her friend.

Kevin pov

"I so need a vacation now." Kevin says bitterly. "Dammit how can you need a vacation from your vacation when you've only been on it for like two day!"

"You had to know what you were getting into when you came back here." Daria says in her monotone voice.

"Still though I have to agree with Kevin a lot of things have been happening to you guys in a short amount of time." Jane adds in.

Kevin couldn't help but think that she was right, in just two days he had dealt with meeting his girlfriend's family, finding out that his father took off then that same night finding out that his mother had moved on already…with his former teacher and now the whole town knew about his relationship with Daria. Granted they would have found out eventually but still the way they found out was not how he pictured it.

"The magic of Lawndale strikes again." Daria says sarcastically.

"Well I'm gonna get out of here now before the magic gets to me as well." Jane says standing up to leave. "I'll see you guys later." She says leaving the couple alone at the table.

"Not that I want to add on to your stress or anything but it just occurred to me that you never really explained how you and Brittney broke up?" Daria asked after a couple of minutes of silence had gone between them.

"I hadn't really wanted to think about it." Kevin says with a sigh. "It didn't end in the best way so I try not to think about it too much. But I guess it all started after you guys had graduated, I've already told you that I got serious and hit the books over that summer so that I could do better come my repeated senor year. But I did it so much that I didn't have much time to spend with Brittney. You'd think she'd understand but she didn't we fought about it almost every day. Then I'd overheard her father talking about how he bribed his way to get Brittney to graduate, we were already on edge from a fight but I felt that it was right to tell her. She didn't like it then before I knew it we were broken up."

"Well that sounds really intense." Daria said after he was finished.

"It was and it showed me how much different I had gotten over the summer." Kevin says with a sigh. "Before Brittney and I were like the boy and girl versions of each other. Like the parallel version of Brittney is High School Kevin."

"So that means you've made out with yourself?" Daria says jokingly.

"A scary thought." Kevin says out loud pondering the joke. "But not a wrong one. How could people stand to be around us together?"

"They couldn't." Daria says in a deadpanned tone. "Sometimes you two could be tolerated by yourselves but hardly ever together. I'm pretty sure that everyone thought you two would end up married with Brittney becoming some sort of weather girl and you being a stay at home dad with a balding head and a beer belly."

"That's a complete work of fiction." Kevin says in a serious tone. "I would never allow myself to get a beer belly."

"But a balding head?" Daria asked with a raised eyebrow.

"That might be genetics in which case couldn't be helped." Kevin said a frown forming on his face. "It also might help not to be a deadbeat and trying to relive your glory days through your only son. Only to abandon your wife when you realized all you've ever been in this small town is a big joke."

"Have you tried contacting you Dad?" Daria asked after a moment of awkward silence had passed.

"I had considered it." Kevin states with a sigh. "But honestly I'm not sure if it would do any good right now. I mean he wasn't the best father or anything football was his life and he made it my life to make up for his missed opportunities. That ended up being both a good and bad thing. Would it have been nice to be encouraged to study more yes, but at the same time would I have studied anyway if I had regular parents? Maybe." Kevin finished stating with a shrug.

"In the meantime I guess you can distract yourself with the fact that your mom is dating ." Daria suggested.

"God Daria!" Kevin exclaimed with a groan. "As if my mind hasn't vomited enough!"

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