Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce that I have decided to release my companion story to "Building a Home". I'm hoping to start posting the story sometime soon; maybe around the end of February or sometime in march. If you enjoyed "Building a Home" please consider giving this new story a shot. Ayake Ichiyuko will feature in it as well, but it is centered around a entirely new OC.

Here's the tiniest of sneak peaks to the new story as I really don't want to give anything away. Keep your eyes peeled for "Dynasty" and I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Leave any comments/messages that you want (even critiques). I'm always thrilled to be hearing from you all and I enjoy feedback so that I can improve.

A snippet from "Dynasty"


"You know, I didn't mention it but that –"

"It's fine." Yoruichi cut through already knowing where Kukaku was heading with her statement. "I've got someone on the inside that will help."

"Oh?" The woman let out a quivering smirk and raised an eyebrow as she tipped another cup of sake down her throat. "Can you trust them?"

"Of course…. So long as we don't interrupt her nap, I suppose."

Kukaku puffed a small bit of air in disbelief and her lips opened in something between suppressed amusement and tentative knowing. She tipped her head over the black cat that was still nursing its tail from the hard hold the orange boy had had on it, before shifting her head back over to the moon that had already risen high above them.

"You're sure she'll help out?"

Yoruichi tucked her head down and then followed through with the rest of her body as came to a lie down. Her gold eyes maneuvered over the dispossessed woman, who was still tucked slightly into her memories, and then back over to the night before them. "She's come through time and time again for Kisuke and me."

"That's good then… But will she really go against her captain? You know better than me how devoted Shinigami are."

"She's probably caught onto our plan with how information spreads around the Seireitei and Kisuke probably gave her a heads up too." Yoruichi tipped her head slightly and caught Kukaku's gaze. "She'll help out."

"So long as she's not napping?"


Kukaku let out another snort at the idea, before raising out her last cup of sake to the bitter night. "You Shinigami have the oddest habits."

"I don't think you can really talk Kukaku-kun."

"Not sure what you're talking about Yoruichi."