Greatest of all Time

Chapter - 1

This is my first attempt at writing a fan-fiction.
This chapter has been taken from 'The Immortal Bird of Fiery Gold Sun' written by #StrayDevil.
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However I do own the OC's that will appear later in the story.

He wasn't exactly what you would call an 'easy-to-approach' guy. Practically everyone was interested in him...either because of his looks or because of his powers but he simply didn't give a fu-...If we fellow Satans were considered geniuses and prodigies, then he was someone who grew totally and entirely because of his instincts cause calling him a genius or a prodigy will be an insult. But, above all else, he was a brother in everything but blood, a comrade-in-arms and the one who brought the Civil War to an end.

:- Sirzechs Lucifer (Satan Red)


When the word Underworld was spoken, many would instantly think of a dark, frightening and a vile place where fire and molten lava were blazing at each and every turn and the air was filled with toxic compounds and whatnot. It indeed was an apt description for a place known as purgatory.

However, it wasn't the truth, as the Underworld was very different from what many believed it to be like.

Therefore, those who hadn't been to the Underworld, would have been incredibly surprised, even shocked perhaps, to find out that the mentioned place was nothing like what they had thought. Instead, it was very similar to Earth, the Human world with the exception of the sky, that was purple (in the Underworld).

The Underworld was enormous, easily the size of earth (without sea), just wide lakes to make up for the lack of sea. Contrary to popular beliefs, it was situated in a different dimension, not underground, as its name would suggest.

Its land varied from cities to grasslands, fields to farmlands, forests etc.

Though one thing many were correct in thinking, was that the Underworld was home to the Devils, the dark race of beings that had been greatly misunderstood by many as nothing more than evil beings.

Devils however, were just like regular humans but with the addition of bat-like wings on their backs and an array of different abilities that could be used for either good or evil purposes. They also have enhanced physical abilities such as strength, endurance, speed, and senses. They could even live for thousands of years and retain a youthful appearance. It made the devils a near perfect species.

Devils have had many enemies, but their greatest enemies were the Angels of Heaven and the ones known as Fallen Angels (Angels that had given into their sinful nature and had fallen from Heaven which created a new species of supernatural beings).

The Three Factions of Angels, Devils, and Fallen Angels warred against one another under the leaderships of the Biblical God, the Four Great Satans, and the Fallen Angel organisation; Grigori, led by the Fallen Angel Azazel in a conflict which came to be known as 'The Great War'.

When the war eventually ended, each side had suffered great losses leaving the Three Factions in a state of conflict. However, due to the state of extreme exhaustion after the Great War and with all three factions losing their main forces, neither of the three sides wanted to continue battling.

So, while there was no peace between the factions, outright battles did not occur either.

Many years later, after the death of the Four original Satans, Underworld fell into a civil war. On one side were the Satan families who wanted to continue their fight against the Angels and the Fallen Angels while on the other side were the remaining of most prominent devil's Houses known as the 72 Pillars (that had been reduced to 34 now) who wanted peace and a new order.

The conflict lasted for a few years until eventually, five devils from five different Houses all stood together, pushed back the Old Government Faction and secured the war in favor of the New Government faction. The government that hoped that the new generation could live in peace and harmony, without the horrors of war. These five devils being...

Sirzechs Gremory

Ajuka Astaroth

Serafall Sitri

Falbium Glasya-Labolas

Finally the one who led/trained them, Naruto Phenex.

Though young, each one of them possessed incredible strength that left many shaking where they stood and could decimate entire countries, if they wanted to.

Each had their own set of skills and power. While individually they were powerful no doubt, together they were near invincible (though the final battle was enough to show them that even 'one' of them was more than enough) and quickly became the spear point in the battle against the Old Government/Satan Faction.

The five were very close to each other. Specially Sirzechs Gremory, Ajuka Astaroth and Naruto Phenex, the strongest of the group. Though Sirzechs and Ajuka would never admit it out loud, they knew that Naruto was far more powerful than all of them combined. A point which was proven correct by him during the 'Final Battle' of the Civil War.

With Sirzechs' mutated [Power of Destruction], Ajuka with his [Kankara Formula] and Naruto's power of [Immortality] and golden energy mistaken as [Golden Flame], the three quickly became names that struck fear into the hearts of their enemies. Naruto Phenex, however, was the glue that tied them together and made them almost inseparable.

The Civil War had taken its toll on every devil alive but eventually the New Government Faction prevailed with Naruto landing the final and deciding blow to Rizevim Livan Lucifer and securing the victory for the new devil faction.

With this, the Old Government Faction retreated and hid. And the Underworld quickly began to change under its new management.

With the leaders of underworld gone, the five most powerful individual stepped up to take responsibility of the Underworld i.e. to protect each and every citizen that lived and breathed in their home-land.

However, the most shocking news came out when everyone was told that Naruto Phenex, the infamous 'Prince of the Underworld' had left his home-land.

It was a well known fact that if he had been there, he probably would have been named the next Lucifer because between him and Sirzechs, everyone knew who was more respected, favored and feared. It was disheartening for everyone, especially the ones that were close to him. But then again, they couldn't do anything as they knew that once Naruto had made his mind, very few individuals could change it and to top it all of, most of these individuals were 'dead'.

Afterwards his leaving, the Underworld moved on and rebuilt.

The remaining four heroes of the Devil civil war took up the mantle of the old Satan's and became the new Four Great Satans with Sirzechs being the leader of the four and taking up the mantle of Lucifer while Ajuka took Beelzebub, Serafall took Leviathan and Falbium took Asmodeus.

Some time after Naruto's disappearance, Ajuka created the [Evil Pieces].

With so few pure blooded devil left and half of the 72 pillars now extinct, they needed to repopulate the Underworld somehow, that eventually led to the creation of [Evil Piece] system, a system that allowed humans and other creatures/beings to be reincarnated and turned into devils with the exception of extremely powerful beings like a Buddha or a Dragon God.

Ajuka had given the first prototype of [Evil Pieces] to his best friends and comrades-in-arm.

The prototype [Evil Pieces] were different from the normal [Evil Pieces], as its power wasn't being limited unlike the wide spread [Evil Pieces] that were currently in use.

However, Naruto's set of [Evil Pieces] were entirely different than the other four sets Ajuka had created. All of its pieces were mutated and Ajuka was yet to understand the reason behind it. Ajuka only had unproved conclusion that Naruto was hundred of times more powerful than he had shown to everyone and his [Evil Pieces] mutated because of their owner's absurd power.

In the past two centuries, everyone was wondering about the whereabouts of 'The Pride of the House of Phenex'.

Many of older generation hoped that the 'Prince of the Underworld' will come back soon, while the new generation wanted to know more about the living legend and the strongest devil in existence.

Fortunately for them, they will see him soon.



Leaning on one of the pillars of the spacious hall, Naruto Phenex (or Uzumaki Naruto before his reincarnation as the heir of the House of Phenex) was watching the battle between his sorry excuse of little brother and Sekiryūtei Hyōdō Issei, the new [Pawn] of Rias Gremory, the little sister of his old buddy.

His appearance hasn't changed since the time he disappeared from his home. He still had an appearance of a young man in his late teens with silky blond hair. The only exception being a few silver strands among the blond mop and a white eye-patch over his left eye.

No one had been able to feel his presence, not even his dear old-friend Sirzechs Lucifer and his adoptive little sister; Grayfia Lucifuge. The funny thing was, that he wasn't even trying to hide his presence (but he had made sure to keep his powers at minimum for the time being) and was simply standing with his partner who would be described sometime later. Naruto came to a conclusion, that normal clothes really do help a lot in blending in, as he watched the brown haired reincarnated devil fighting his spoiled little brother with imperfect [Balance Breaker] of Longinus-class [Sacred Gear]; The [Boosted Gear].

As he was watching the fight, his mind drifted to the artifacts Biblical God created. Specially, the twelve anomalies in the [Sacred Gear] system called the Longinus.

'Artefacts that can kill gods…' he pondered silently. 'If I didn't knew better, I would say that God was trying to make a fail-safe for some really serious threat in future.' He closed his eyes (or eye in his case) for a moment before it snapped open and locked on to Sekiryūtei's figure. 'To think that she would take him. It makes my plan more complicated'

"Do you think Sekiryūtei will win, Master ?" A young woman's voice whispered the question.

Naruto glanced to his right from the corner of his single eye and saw the red haired young woman who was leagues more beautiful than Rias Gremory.

This was his [Queen], his only member of peerage, Pamela Isley. Now, one may ask that if he left the Underworld before the invention of [Evil Pieces], then how in the world did he make this person his [Queen], right ? It will be answered soon.

"I have feeling he will."

"Is it because of the ability of the [Boosted Gear] to multiply its power to almost limitless ?"

"No, it is because my guts' feeling told me."

"Whaaa–Guts' feeling ? Are you serious right now, Master ?" the attractive redhead asked in a disbelieving tone.

"There, there, Pam. When was it that my guts' feeling had been wrong ?"

Pamela Isley or Pam as he liked to call her, was an attractive young woman with hair lighter shade than the Gremory's. She let her hair fall freely behind her. She was wearing a green coloured top that showed her porcelain skinned shoulder and pronounced her massive bust. Her lower attire consisted of a dark coloured miniskirt and a pair of black coloured legging that hugged her alluring legs tightly. Finally, her feet were covered by a pair of brown leather shoes.

Pam tried to retort, but nothing came to her mind. She just threw her face away with a huff, earning an amused chuckle from Naruto. She then sighed in resignation. Her [King] and master figure was right.

It was weird when Pamela thought of Naruto as her master and yet she wouldn't even bat an eyelash whenever they were making love.

Naruto had asked her to why she kept him calling Master and her answer was 'Because you saved me when I had given up on life and as such, my everything belongs to you.' Therefore...Master.

"By the way..." She began changing the topic of their conversation, "Why don't you show yourself and greet your family ? Didn't you disappear like two centuries ago ? And I too want to meet them, you know."

Naruto kept his eye trained on the match going on in front of them, all the while pondering upon the question asked by Pam. He actually felt bad when he left his family and friends/comrades behind and just disappeared like that. However there were many reasons behind his leaving.

First, was his search for the answer to the question 'Why was a Pure-Blooded Devil like him born with Chakra and that too like, infinite amount of it ?' Second, was the question related to his dreams, in which he was Naruto Uzumaki and did things like fighting a Primordial Goddess and whatnot. Were they real ? Obviously there were many more questions that he had in his mind, that needed answering but some questions took priority over the others.

During his aimless journey, he had stumbled upon an overgrown lizard in a place which he was told is called the [Dimensional Gap].

The Lizard was there to stop anyone who wished to go to different dimensions.

The dragon had respected him and only him alone. It wouldn't let anyone aside from him to pass the boundary between worlds. Even then, Naruto had no intention of jumping into other dimensions. Just once he did so and fortunately, it was where he found his super sweet [Queen]. Naruto was told by the reptile that he was protecting his kin by keeping the existence of other worlds a secret by acting as a Guard (or perhaps Guardian would be more fitting) since anyone wanting to go to the other dimensions, would be like a sheep waiting to be slaughtered by [Dragon of Apocalypse].

The fight between him and the [DxD] was a really close one. If he had wasted another second in unlocking Uzumaki Naruto's [Six Paths Power], he wouldn't have been here, watching his sorry excuse of third little brother, getting his ass kicked from a devil whom hadn't been a 'devil' for two months straight. Naruto hated seeing his family like this...losing. Don't get him wrong, while he was against the arranged marriage thing, he didn't like the fact that when this all will be over, it will be his family that will be made fun off and that was something he can't stand. Not to mention the fact that it will be all because of someone's arrogance and attitude problems.

When he was young, he made sure that his family's name stood right beside the Satan ones, but now, hmmm. Oh well, he will make sure to teach his little brother a lesson when he meets him, officially.

"I think," he stated after a moment of thinking. "I will show myself when the main threat of this world shows its ugly face."

He looked at Hyōdō Issei intently, as the Sekiryūtei out stretched his hand toward his sister who was standing in front of the reincarnated devil.

Hyōdō Issei was a plain Japanese teenager, with a perverted mind beyond comprehension.

Naruto never knew someone who loved breasts as worse as him.

At first Naruto thought Issei was Jiraiya's reincarnation but banished that idea immediately. He then wondered if Issei was actually a bastard child of one of the pervert gods like Zeus, Odin or maybe even the lazy Governor of Fallen Angel Faction, Azazel. But, it was just absurd and to be frank, Issei's mother was an adequate looking housewife and those perverts have high standards.

Issei was actually a simple boy born in a simple family. No notable heritage, just plain human who was unfortunate enough because he was the host of [Welsh Dragon] Ddraig.

His appearance was as plain as his background. Brown hair with light brown eyes and a flaky body build. His height was normal, given the Japanese standards.

Looking at him almost made him sad.

The poor boy just entered a very dangerous world without even knowing about it.

He wanted to ensure world future but he couldn't just storm into everything like a mad bull, like he used to do as Uzumaki Naruto. As Uzumaki Naruto, his enemies were pretty much clear, but in this world, many enemies suited to be called monsters were hiding behind the scenes, waiting for the right moment to pounce like a dangerous viper, though he was pretty much sure who was behind all this.

Not to mention he hated slimy and coward enemies. By god, they sucked.

Don't be surprised if he wasn't in pain when he used the word 'God'. [Six Paths Power] deep inside him had turned him into a super devil with no downside. He didn't share the weakness to light based elements, like a normal devil does.

Naruto had no complains regarding Issei though, rather, he was happy that a person like Issei had been born and one could say that he had been waiting for something like this. People like Issei were rare, not talking about his unhealthy fascination to breasts, no, but his approach to life. Naruto saw many things in Issei. Firstly, Issei was a dumb idiot. Then, he was a massive pervert. Furthermore, he had a tool that has the power to kill Gods. So in short, a dumb idiot and a massive pervert with a god-killer tool. Rather scary combination but, beneath all that, there was a simple boy who wanted to survive and live, who wanted people around him to be happy and was ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of others and this quality alone, was the reason that Naruto had let him live. He respected that sort of mindset.

Then again he started wondering, hmmm, maybe he could do something like training the kid? Well, it was good idea and he put it the back of his mind for later reference.

He narrowed his lone eye at the [Red Dragon Emperor] and the brown haired reincarnated devil froze in fear. He then turned to Pam.

"We're done here." He said, grabbing Pam's shoulder. They then disappeared in a blink of an eye without leaving a trace of their presence there, but what Naruto didn't know was the effect of his little stunt when he tried to stop Sekiryūtei from 'harming' his little sister.



Hyōdō Issei suddenly collapsed on the floor with his whole body shaking. His sweat drenched his Kuoh academy uniform. Tears poured down his cheeks. He had peed in his pants as the smell of urine scattered in the air.

"Hey! Sekiryūtei, what's wrong with you ?" Ravel Phenex asked out loud, startled because his body just went limp all of a sudden.

Ravel was a very attractive petite girl with a pair of big breasts for someone as young as her.

She had a pair of dark blue eyes, a trait shared by most of the Phenex family members. Her blond coloured hair was styled in drill-like pigtails, tied together with a pink ribbon. She also had a V-shaped fringe covering her forehead. As of now, she was wearing a beautiful and elegant pink dress with white frills. Three accessories that look like Phoenix tails jutted out from the backside of her dress.

Her voice snapped everyone out from the trance of amazement that was caused due to the Sekiryūtei winning against the 'third' son of the House of Phenex.

"Ise !" Rias Gremory let out a startled scream as her [Pawn] was suddenly hit by an intense pulsation. She then closed the distance between them, ignoring the disgusting smell of urine that stung her nose.

Rias Gremory was also an attractive young female devil with Gremory's trade-mark hair, pair of startling blue-green eyes, slender body, pair of big and perky busts, wide hips, and beautiful thighs and calves. She was currently wearing a crimson dress that showed her back and separated elegant sleeves.

"Ise, Ise, are you okay ?" she grabbed his body.

She was worried for her [Pawn]'s safety. Her other servants were just behind her, also worried about the perverted [Pawn]'s well-being.

"Onī-sama, what happened to Ise ?" she asked her brother, shaking Ise's body.

When she didn't get a response from her brother, she turned her head to face him and was surprised to see her big brother and his [Queen] frozen stiff on their spot.

"Onī-sama, Grayfia, what happened ? Don't just stand there like statues !" she shouted, snapping them out of their trance.

"Medic, take my sister's [Pawn] for treatment." Her brother immediately commanded the nearby devil healers.

The paramedics immediately did what Sirzechs Lucifer commanded them to.

Rias Gremory and her entire peerage followed the paramedics with Sona Sitri and her [Queen], Shinra Tsubaki trailing them.

The Lord of Devil looked around the room with a searching gaze. His blue-green eyes showing varying emotions from curiosity, expectant, sadness, to hope.

He was biting his thumb nail, a habit which he had had from his younger days, but one that had been rarely showing up in these past years. His forehead scrunched in deep concentration as he kept looking around.

Sirzechs' appearance was like a handsome young man with hair colour that he shared with his father and sister. He was like a male version of his little sister. He was donning a white gentleman suite under his golden and grey coloured ornate armour.

Next to him, Grayfia Lucifuge was doing something similar to her husband. Her eyes swept over the room while she was biting her lower lip. Her usual cold mask slipped and replaced by various expressions.

Grayfia Lucifuge was a beautiful devil with an appearance of a young lady in her early to mid twenties. She had silver hair with similar coloured eyes. Her curvaceous body was covered by blue and white French maid outfit complete with a head band.

"Sirzechs, Grayfia, what happened to Sekiryūtei ? I understand from both of your expressions that you know what happened to him." Zecotius Gremory, the Lord of the House of Gremory questioned his son and daughter-in-law. Behind him Venelana Gremory née Bael also looked perplexed, wondering what made her son and his wife so worried.

Venelana was Sirzechs and Rias' mother and Zecotius' wife. She was the exact replica of her daughter except for her brown coloured hair that were only shoulder-length. She was wearing a white elegant dress befitting for a noble lady of her stature.

"I...uh" Sirzechs Lucifer began unsurely. "felt his presence just a little moment ago when Sekiryūtei was suddenly frozen in his spot." He turned his head to his wife. "Did you feel it too, Fia ?"

"Yes...but, he has been gone for about two centuries now and no one has ever heard anything about him."

Young devils around them were all confused, wondering what or rather who the elders were talking about. However, Zecotius Gremory, Venelana Gremory, and Lord and Lady Phenex who were nearby, immediately understood what Sirzechs Lucifer and his wife meant.

"A...are you sure, Lord Lucifer ?" Relena Phenex, Lady of the House of Phenex and Ravel's mother, questioned with a gasp. Her hands unconsciously covering her mouth and her tone becoming shaky. Next to her, her husband turned pale.

Relena was a beautiful young woman who despite being many centuries old still looked to be in her early to mid thirties with her hair held up in an ornate fashion and blue eyes that all her children seemed to have inherited. She wore a beautiful and elegant red dress. She looked nothing short of a Queen and had the power in spades to back up the title as well.

Ravel who was just as confused as everyone else finally asked her parents. "Mama, what is going on ?"

"I think we should talk about this elsewhere." Venelana, the only reserved adult between them said.

In actuality, she was just as shaken as her husband, her son, her daughter-in-law, Lord and Lady Phenex were, but, she hid it well.

She turned to the party guests and said out loud. "Everyone, we are sorry for being such a bad host. Something urgent has come up and we all will be taking our leave. However, there is no need for you all to worry. So, please enjoy yourself as the night is still rather young."

With that, Sirzechs, the Gremorys, the Phenexs, and the confused Riser Phenex's servants moved out of the party hall.

The guests immediately broke out in a hushed conversation, speculating what just happened as their host vanished into the corridor.


"Onī-sama, I need your time for something of utmost importance !" Rias Gremory called out in the corridor when she saw her big brother and the group following behind him.

"What is it, Rias ?"

"Welsh Dragon inside Ise's [Sacred Gear] wanted to speak with you about something. I was surprised when I heard it talk from the gauntlet on Ise's left arm. It seemed afraid about something."

Sirzechs Lucifer darted his eyes towards the adults of the group. He nodded at them and motioned Rias to lead the way.

They arrived in a lavish room to find Rias Gremory's peerage along-with Sona Sitri and her [Queen] waiting for them.

As they entered the room, a gruff voice greeted them from the sleeping Hyōdō Issei's gauntlet.

[You felt it, right ? Current Lucifer, you felt that monster's presence ?]

"Don't you dare call him a monster, Welsh Dragon !"

Everyone in the room was taken aback by the venom in the Lucifer's tone.

Rias Gremory mostly because she never knew her brother to be as spiteful as this.

[I can say whatever I want and he is a monster. He'd slaughtered three generation of my and white one's hosts in row. He also has a presence that is as scary as the freaking [DxD] of all beings. How you do not call him a monster is just beyond me.] The Welsh Dragon Ddraig said indignantly.

The adults were both surprised and shocked by Ddraig's sudden outburst while the young devils in the room were still lost. Sirzechs' anger also ceased to exist in an instant.

"No wonder there hadn't been news of Heavenly Dragons' fight in the past century." Zecotius Gremory touched his chin with a pensive emotion and mused out loud.

As Lord of the House of Gremory, he was a charismatic individual with trade mark Gremory's hair that were tied in a low ponytail. He had an appearance of man in his early to mid thirties with his light beard. He was currently wearing white gentleman suite with blue sash over his hips and an ornate sword for the sake of appearance.

"Then it is good isn't it. I mean, the lack of destruction caused due to the rivalry of the Heavenly Dragons." Grayfia jibed in. The thought was shared by almost everyone in the room.

[Do you know how important our fight is ? And besides he is far more destructive than we two are.] Ddraig replied with a miffed tone from Issei's [Boosted Gear].

"Wait a minute !" Sirzechs half shouted. "What do you mean 'he also has a presence that is as scary as the freaking [DxD] of all being' ? I know he is a scary fellow, probably too scary, but not that scary, right ?" he asked in a slightly scared tone.

[You don't know Lucifer. He was very terrifying. In fact, White One's previous host before his current one was supposed to be the strongest in history and he just utterly destroyed both of our host in mere seconds. Now tell me, how he is not a monster by what he's done so far !]

"I don't know what are you insinuating Welsh Dragon ?" Ronald Phenex, the Lord of House of Phenex, asked with his eyes narrowing at the talking gauntlet.

"There, there, gentlemen..." Venelana successfully stopped the spat between her son, the Lord of the House of Phenex, and the dragon inside her daughter's [Pawn]. "Can we talk about this with a cool head and like civilized individuals ? I think we are creating an unsightly scene in front of the young-lings."

Like Venelana said, the young devils were very much in confusion about the subject that was being discussed. Mostly Rias and Sona because of their curiosity, a trait that they inherited from their parents. Although, Rias became more anxious and concerned when she heard about the mysterious individual that had killed previous host of heavenly dragons. She was worried that this strong individual may decide to kill her [Pawn] next.

"So, what are you two arguing about in the first place ?" asked a lost Ravel. She had been standing there silently with Isabella, Riser's [Rook]. Confusion was clear on her youthful face, something which all of Riser's peerage shared.

[Why of course, it was that scary-ass fried-chicken from your House, little devil.] Ddraig's tone dripped with sarcasm.

"Don't you go bad-mouthing the House of Phenex Welsh Dragon ! Even if you're one of Heavenly Dragons, I won't let you do that. More importantly if the subject is my first born son !" Relena Phenex raised her voice, finally losing her patience due to Ddraig's antagonism.

Orange coloured aura blazed around her and the temperature in the room spiked dangerously. Everyone around took a step back from the usually happy-go-lucky Lady Phenex because of how fearsome she currently was.

"Dear, please calm down." Ronald Phenex tried to calm-down his wife.

The Lord of the House of Phenex had an appearance of handsome and charismatic man in middle to late thirties. He was clad in a white formal suite embroidered with golden threads and the crest of the House of Phenex. He had blond hair and blue eyes like every other pure blooded devils of the House of Phenex.

He was actually seething deep inside, but he had good control over his emotions as Ddraig kept bad-mouthing his prided son.

[Damn young devils these days, don't have any respect for elders...che] Ddraig grumbled morosely. However, the adults kept their face firm. The Welsh dragon decided to go back to its jail inside the [Boosted Gear]. There wasn't any reason for him to speak with them anymore if they didn't help to bring justice to the one who disturbed the dispute between him and his rival. Well, its not like the others shared his problem. To be honest, they were happy with the lack of havoc caused due to their dispute...but...but don't they get it, that damn Phenex is even more dangerous than them.

"Mama, Papa, do you mean to say that I have another elder brother that I don't know about ?" Ravel asked.

She came to this conclusion after her mother's previous statement. She was a very smart individual and her grade in Devil School for heir and heiress in the Capital City of Underworld; Lilith were a proof of it. It was easy to deduce since Ruval wasn't powerful enough to make 'The Welsh Dragon scared', and don't even get her started on Riser, he was anything but dangerous.

Relena snapped from her mood swing and stared at her hands for a few minutes. Then, she inhaled deeply and looked into her husband's blue eyes.

When Ronald nodded, giving his approval for what his wife was going to do, Relena turned her face to her only daughter and sighed in resignation. Her face was sad. Something Ravel rarely saw.

"Ravel my dear we're sorry to keep the existence of your eldest brother a secret. But, after his disappearance, it was too painful remembering him. We tried our best to keep it under-wraps as much as we can and we, the elders of the remaining 72 pillars decided to change the history script about devils, mostly around the time of the Civil War. Losing your big brother was our biggest blow next to the death of previous Satans !" exclaimed Relena to a wide eyed Ravel.

"Wait! Just how much of the history was changed by you elders ?" a scandalized Sona asked. She had straightened her posture when she heard about 'changing historical script'.

The adults looked sullen and glanced at one another, confusing the young devils. It was Sirzechs who opened his mouth.

"Not too much, I fear. It was nearly impossible to hide his existence fully. He was the center of the Civil War and the one who made the current Four Great Satans what they are now." He said with a wistful smile and a faraway look.

"Don't tell me he's the 'Prince of the Underworld' ?" Himejima Akeno speculated.

Himejima Akeno was Rias' [Queen] and her best-friend beside Sona Sitri. She was an attractive buxom young woman with black hair tied in a ponytail with the help of an orange ribbon. She was wearing black formal Kimono that still showed her hourglass figure. She was also the one who had the biggest pair of breasts in the room.

Grayfia nodded with a sad smile, surprising the young devils present.

Actually it was pretty easy to deduce the famous 'Prince of Underworld' as he was like a heroic figure which appeared in history books of the Underworld, even if his true identity was never revealed.

"My…my eldest brother is the Hero of Underworld ?" a disbelieving Ravel murmured.

She was shaken when she heard that she had an elder brother before Ruval, but to know that her long lost eldest brother is actually her childhood hero. That just blew everything through the roof.

"Uh, I understand it was big blow to us after losing someone as famous and powerful as him. But changing the history book to hide his existence, honestly ?" Sona rubbed her temple, feeling the slowly rising headache.

"Well, seeing how your sister currently is, I think it was a good move on our part." replied Zecotius Gremory with a lame shrug.

"And what exactly do you mean by that ?" Sona questioned with eyes narrowing in suspicion.

"You know, your sister fancied him very much. She used to follow him like a lost puppy whenever he trained us or whenever we trained together. In fact, she was trying her hardest to ditch her nerdy and bookish life style just for the sake of getting his praise alone." Sirzechs told the young heiress. A nostalgic smile on his face.

"WHAT ?" Sona shouted loudly as she heard the bomb dropped by the Lucifer.

"Well, do you think that Serafall was a trouble maker when she was young ? To be honest, she was more nerdy-ier than you. I don't know how and what happened but someday I heard that sunshine-head telling Serafall that 'LIFE IS MUCH MORE THAN BOOKISH KNOWLEDGE, AND IF YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING GREAT OR REMARKABLE, YOU FIRST NEED TO GET OUT OF THE LIBRARY' !" The Lucifer tried his best to imitate the blonde Phenex, chuckling to himself.

Sona who had a short circuit, stood rooted in her place. Mimicking a robot, she moved to the nearby seat and sat silently. Her mind couldn't comprehend the fact that her sister was actually a bookworm and a nerd when she was young. That was just the exact opposite of how she is now. It was a world shattering truth for her. She just couldn't believe it.

"Ano...excuse me, but 'sunshine-head' ?" asked a confused Ravel.

Venelana giggled in amusement before replying to the only daughter of Ronald and Relena Phenex. "It was Sirzechs' nickname for him. Sirzechs, Ajuka, and your oldest brother already knew each other before they could even talk. They were always together. Then Serafall joined the three trouble-makers and Falbium followed sometimes later."

"Ahahahaha, talking about this reminds me of the fact that the current Four Great Satans were actually just innocent, young and confused heirs and heiress of their families in the past." Ronald laughed boisterously.

"You're right my friend. I just can't believe that the shy and timid Serafall turned out like she currently is and the frail little boy of the House of Glaysia-Labolas became our Lord Asmodeus." Zecotius added with a chuckle.

"Ma…mama… Papa… Lord Gremory, Lady Gremory, and Lord Lucifer..." Ravel timid voice took the adults' attention. "Co…could all of you tell me about my eldest brother ?" she asked almost pleadingly.

"Of course Ravel. I will tell you as much as you want. After all, I am your god-brother as my mother is your eldest brother's god-mother." stated Sirzechs, surprising Ravel and Rias. The surprises kept on increasing. It was like the adults were having some kind of sick competition that said 'Screw their Minds'.

"Hold on !" Rias said out loud when something finally clicked in her mind. She ignored Ravel, whose eyes narrowed at the red-head because her chance to hear about her eldest brother had been suspended by her. "Don't tell me that my engagement with Riser was because all of you wanted the House of Gremory and Phenex finally tied in familial ties ?"

When Rias saw her father and big brother's expression that screamed 'guilty', she swore out loud in an un-lady like fashion. "Damn it ! Just who did you think I am ? Did you think I am just a mere tool to fill your ego ?"

"Language, Rias !"

Venelana's sharp word and an equally sharp look from Grayfia forced Rias's mouth to shut tight. But her displeasure and the feeling of being betrayed were still very much visible through the scowl on her face.

"I'm sorry Lord Phenex...Lady Phenex, for my daughter's unsightly mannerism." Venelana apologised to Ronald and Relena.

The Lord and Lady Phenex just waved it off. "Don't worry, Venelana. At the end of the day, it was still a win-win situation for us." Ronald said with a gentleman smile.

"What do you mean ?" Rias was in confusion because of Lord Phenex's word.

It was Relena who answered the heiress of the House of Gremory. "To be honest, when we signed the contract, Riser was still a sweet little boy. It was in our mind to unite House of Phenex and Gremory with a marriage contract between my youngest son and you, Rias Gremory. However, Riser turned into an arrogant young man because of House of Phenex's [Immortality]. Now that I think about it, I believe that it was a good thing that we didn't tell you all about our first born or else his ego would have been far more worse. We had already deduced that you will find a way to release yourself from the marriage contract. So, we decided that if Riser were to lose, it will teach him some humility and if he wins, our houses will united like we wanted them to. Thus, a win-win situation."

"With all due respect Lady Phenex, do you know what would have happened if I ended up as his wife ? The rest of my life would have been filled with sadness and grief."

"However, you are free from the marriage contract, aren't you ?" Relena pressed with an amused look.

Rias could only accept begrudgingly.

"Knowing your elder brother, we knew that he will do something to save his beloved little sister. You reincarnating Sekiryūtei as your servant just smoothed-out his plan to be honest." Ronald chimed in, forcing Rias to hold back her argument.

"Well, that was a...good strategy on your behalf, I guess." Sona murmured when suddenly few more people entered the room.

"That's not it Sona, The Prince of the Underworld is also your God-Brother." came a new voice. Everyone turned to see none other than Lady Sitri along-with Lord Sitri and Serafall Leviathan coming through the door.

"Yeaaaaa, So-Tan~, he is your God-Brother~." Serafall said in a sing-song tone as she glomped her sister, much to her embarrassment.

"Well since we are playing 'Surprise-the-heck-outta-them' then I might as well add that he is also the God-Father of little Milicas." Sirzechs told everyone, yet surprising them even more, as if they were not already surprised enough. Each of the young one gave the Lucifer a dry look that said 'really' ?

"Excuse me ?" spoke Ravel with a rising tone.

She had an annoyed expression on her face and was glaring scornfully at Rias who blinked quite a few times, wondering what made the youngest Phenex so angry.

Rias pondered if she had problem about what happened to Riser. However, she decided it wasn't about it. "What is it, Ravel ?" she asked, wanting to know the young Phenex's reason for sending such a look at her.

"Could you just shut up about your 'already-solved' engagement problems. It is over now, isn't it ?" Ravel complained scathingly. "I just wanted to hear about my long lost brother but everyone just butted in, denying my chance to listen about him !"

Everyone in the room blinked at the only daughter of Ronald and Relena in astonishment. No one ever saw Ravel showing such a sharp tongue as she was always acting reserved and haughty in the past.

"You know, her sharp tongue is your fault honey and it seems your skills are getting dull since you were not able to sense him of all people." Ronald murmured lowly but loud enough for everyone to listen.

"What was that, my dearest husband ?" Relena said with a sickly sweet smile that spoke certain doom if her husband dared speaking something stupid next time but she guessed that her husband was right when he said that her sensing abilities have gone dull.

"Ahahahaha…nothing, nothing." The Lord of the House of Phenex chuckled nervously. He then decided to change the topic and said "So, how about we sit down and relax first before we have a nostalgic flashback of my eldest son, ne ?"

Everyone immediately agreed with Ronald's brilliant idea.

They have been standing for almost thirty minutes without knowing and their feet have started demanding a rest as the excitement had finally lessened.

One by one they took seat on the couch in the room. Some were conjuring a comfortable and expensive couch with help of magic. When everyone was seated comfortably, Relena cleared her throat and began the tale.

Ravel and the younger generation immediately put their utmost attention. hell even some of the elders were eager to hear about the childhood of the 'Prince' because they themselves didn't knew much about it. All they knew, was that Naruto was a very cryptic person...



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