On January 20th Rory gave birth to a seven-pound-eight-ounce baby boy. He was 22 inches long and had a great set of lungs. Marty was with her through the twelve-hour labor and she remembered her mother telling her about her birth. Though she didn't swear like a sailor she did start laughing when she saw the ice chips in the cup. A huge contraction happened, and she looked at him and said, "Move those or I might just throw them at you."

Marty called in Ace's parents into the labor delivery room once the baby was delivered. When the doctor asked if he wanted to cut the cord he said no. He then handed Adélaide surgical scissors for her to snip the umbilical cord. The baby was then wrapped in a blanket and handed to Rory. He was beautiful, she kissed him gently on the head and then the nurse took the baby over where they quickly cleaned him up and dressed him before handing him back to his father. Marty opened his gown and shirt and held the baby to his chest. He then walked over to both Nicolai and Adélaide and handing the baby to them he said, "Here is your Grandson, Nathan Gerrard Knight but he will be called Ace for short." He then took out his phone and took a picture of the baby in Ace's parent's arms. Everyone in the room began to cry. Gabby was there, and she went over to her sister in law and whispered, "Your son will be the luckiest little boy in the world."

"I know," she whispered back.

Two weeks after Little Ace was born, Stephanie and Colin gave birth to an eight-pound-two-ounce baby boy. They named him Nolan Finnegan McCrae. Uncle Finn was proud and happy handing out cigars to everyone. Finn moved in with Juliet and Pari, and Pari began to call Finn, Daddy Finn.

It was now April and Logan's Father was now in prison for white colored criminals charged with blackmail and embezzlement. He would be there for ten years. His mother and sister were released since they were victims and turned over all evidence to the FBI. However, they had to move from Hartford. Honor and Josh moved into New York City so that Josh could head up the company that Tristan owned. Shira moved to Palm Springs and divorced Mitchum hoping to find a new life. Logan decided to give her a small monthly allowance and for the first time in forty years she had to learn to live within her means.

She now had to work since she no longer had the wealth that she was accustomed too. Since she had experience attending spas, she was hired now as a manager at one of the luxury spas where she had frequented.

HPG was restructured and his Uncle Wes, now took a more active role in running the business. However, the company had fired the CFO that was working there when Mitchum became involved with the Fontanes, so they still needed financial help.

The buzzer rang in Rory and Marty's apartment, Marty answered the door holding little Ace.

"Logan, Bobbie, come on in. We are so glad you could join us tonight. It's so good to see you both." They walked in and Marty kissed Bobbie on the cheek and patted Logan on the shoulder. Looking at the little boy Logan said, "Can I hold him?"

"Sure," Marty said as he handed the infant over to Logan.

"Hey Little Ace, you have your mother's eyes. You are one lucky little guy, you have the best mother in the world. She will love you, read to you, and take you on some amazing adventures. I want you to remember that Uncle Logan will always be here for you whenever you need me, just like your mom and dad have been here for me."

Rory was standing leaning in the doorway of her bedroom listening to Logan talk to her son. A tear dripped down her cheek and she smiled. She dried her eyes and walked out of her bedroom in a navy-blue denim shirt dress.

"Hi Logan, Bobbie. I am so glad you could join us for dinner. It will be delivered soon."

Bobbie was now holding little Ace and Logan came over and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"I see your cooking skills still have not improved?"

Rory smiled and began to laugh.

"Marty doesn't want me to poison anyone. So, we ordered Thai for tonight. How does that sound?"


The doorbell rang, and Marty went to the door to pay for the food. He took it to their large kitchen and placed the food in the serving dishes that she had set out earlier. He then brought it over to the table. Rory took her son from Bobbie and placed him in the cradle that was already set up by the table. Rory had fed him before Logan and Bobbie had arrived. He was not yet asleep so she placed him in the cradle that Luke had made for him. Luke had added timer and a mechanism so that the cradle would gently rock. Rory set the timer and the cradle began to move.

Marty poured the wine and said, "I want to make a toast, To Friends, may they always share our life in good times and bad."

They all raised their glasses and Logan looked over the rim of his wine glass at both Rory and Marty. He cleared his throat and smiled at them both.

"Marty, Rory, I have a proposition for you. I received the paperwork from Colin with the contract of the amount of money you want to invest in HPG. I will only accept this and the other three publishing houses that you have so generously offered if you agree to join me on the board of HPG."

Rory looked at Marty and then at Logan.

"Logan, I don't have the time. And besides we are moving to Hartford so that we won't be staying here in Manhattan. We are keeping the apartment so when Marty is here he has someplace to stay."

"Marty, you haven't told her have you," Logan said looking at him.

"No, I figured you could tell her."

"Tell me what?"

"I am moving HPG headquarters to Hartford. Marty has agreed to take on HPG as CFO and one of his largest clients. Bobbie and I are returning to London to look for someone to help my uncle run the HPG there, then we are returning to Hartford."

"That's wonderful, but Logan I can't"

"Rory, yes you can. It's time to take another leap. I want this for Nathan, I want him to be a part of the company since you have invested his money in my company. Ace, I always envisioned us running this company together, I never pictured us not married to each other and married to someone else. But it is what it is. I am happy for you, Marty and Nathan. This is something I can give to you and your family since you have given me so much."

"Logan, are you?" Rory then looked down at Bobbi's left hand and saw a beautiful one-carat diamond in a simple tiffany setting on Bobbi's left hand.

"Congratulations, Bobbi, Logan that is wonderful."

"So, Ace, will you say yes. Will you help us run our company?"

She looked down at her son and then at her husband. He nodded yes and took her hand, "Rory, it's okay. I think Ace would want this for you and our son."

"Ror? What do you say? Marty already said yes, now I need your answer.

Rory started crying and then nodded her head. Logan looked up at Marty and he nodded. Logan stood up and walked over to where she was sitting. He then wrapped his arms around her and whispered, "Thank you. It looks like you saved me again Ace. I will always love you."

Crying she whispered back, "I love you too Logan. You are my best friend."

The End

To all my readers, thank you for letting me tell my AU version of Rory. I know I had many fans out there who love and hope that Logan and Rory will end up and live happily ever after. However, I am a writer who likes to look at alternative situations for Rory. This was my very first attempt at writing. Thank you for all the responses and criticisms. A writer only improves when she receives feedback. I like to complete what I have started. Now that this story is completed, and my second story Life Choices, Changes and Challenges is halfway written, I am beginning my third story. The second story will appeal to the Rory/Finn fans and my third story will be a #Trory, appealing to the Tristan/Rory fans. I hesitate to write the #Rogan stories since it has been written so frequently. I never would have had the nerve to write this if it hadn't been for the encouragement from anonymousgg16, ClaudiaClelland, ladyhelmsworth90, and sammytina2017. Thank You.