" Rule number 63: Students will travel in Squadrons of no less than 7" The Director continued on and on about all the rules. Chase Turnleaf had zoned out about 50 rules ago. Geez. Why can't we just get to slaying the dragon. By the time the Director is finished with all her rules, the dragon will have probably burned down most of Yellowstone National Park by then. Chase thought to himself. Suddenly Chase noticed a girl with pale skin, thick dark brown hair, and green piercing eyes with dark eyebrows that arched above them be escorted in by Ellie, EAS's housekeeper. Chase nearly fellow out of the tree by the sight of her. The girl made her way over to where Chase and the rest of the 6th graders were sitting and sat down at the base of the tree by Lena, a bookworm with smooth brown skin and huge glasses. Then the Director surveyed the crowd of EASers and spotted the girl. "Ah, Rory- so glad you could join us." the Director said. Almost every single head in the courtyard turned toward her. Chase knew that she could not be a normal character because the Director wouldn't have made such a big deal out of her if she wasn't. Rory just smiled and waved politely. "Everyone, this is Rory Landon." The Director started. "She is new to Ever After School and it would be nice if you could look out for her." "Please join me, in welcoming Rory." Everyone then started clapping. Chase stared at her, trying to figure out why the director was making a big deal out of her. I mean, he was way cooler than her right? Then the Director said,