Forgotten Warriors

Chapter 1: "... And the Sky full of Stars" / "All Alone in the Night"

By: Lord Legato Deathscythe and Isamu

Disclaimer: We don't own Evangelion or Babylon 5. If the owning guys want us to stop then we don't got much of a choice. But who knows. We're trying an Evangelion/Babylon 5 crossover this time round. We think this could be good if we pull it off right.

He felt light.

He couldn't explain the feeling, only knew that it was like he had been placed a float in space. With all that had occurred, all he could think about was how tired he was. He felt as if he could sleep from now until the end of time. As he closed his eyes the last thing he saw was a streak of red across the sky as blood red waters lapped on the shore.

He fell asleep with the gentle lapping in his ears, and the image of a young red haired girl at his side as they both slept on this shore of death.


The behemoth ascended into space, the wings of light carrying it higher into the vast darkness. She flew into the cosmos, going further from the place she knew as home. But she had no choice, her burden was that of a mother protecting her child. As she passed what was known as the moon to her in another life, she began to dream. Dreaming of a world that would not try to destroy the child.

She felt drawn to a place she could not know, led there by a creature that looked as if it were an angel from Heaven itself. It drew her towards the vastness of space, and calmed her so that she would sleep. She didn't know how long she would sleep, but as she did she dreamed of the world her son would be reborn into.


Sector 1138

Narn – Centari Boarder

Earth Year 2259

It was nothing more then a blip on the edge of the Centari cruisers sensors. But it was something coming from within Narn space. To the captain's credit, he made a half hearted attempt to hail the unidentified ship before he scrambled fighters and waited. It wasn't a long wait either. While not going fast, the relatively small object had been picked up only after it had gotten fairly close, almost to the boarder. As soon as it crossed, the Centari opened fire. As the first energy blasts hit, the object for the first time moved.

"Captain, there's an energy spike within the enemy ship."

"Bah, no matter. It might look different, and ugly, but it is no match for our fighters, much less this cruiser. Ready main cannons; let's finish this before it can send a signal."

"Yes sir!" The bridge crew began to return to their duties, when the man at sensor suddenly felt his blood go cold, and then it started.

The Beast felt things near by; hostile things. It had only a moment before it came under attack. That was all it needed. It Awoke. Its mouth opened in a silent scream, the vacuum of space swallowing it, and it brought its weapon, a double pronged lance of some strange alloy to bear. Its eyes narrowed, taking in the small enemies about it. It jerked its hand out sweeping across the horizon of its humanoid body. As it did so, a barrier of red, hexagonal, energy came into existence, neatly slicing more then half the fighters in half as it did so. As the other fighters broke pattern and swooped around to fire on it, it held up its hand, as if to ward the blasts, and in answer, the red field appeared again, this time as a barrier, stopping the fighter's deadly payload. Then it brought the battle to them.

With a another silent roar, the armor plates on the Beasts back split open, and wings of light unfurled. Faster then the ungainly shape would seem to allow, it sped forward, slicing into one of the remaining fighters with its lance. Then, almost contemptuously, it reached out its hand and grabbed another, crushing its fuselage with hardly a grunt of effort. Spinning, it though it's spear with unnerving accuracy, slicing the last two fighters in half, the spear then, sailing fast as night, came back to its hand. It turned then, looking at its larger opponent.

"Sir, all the fighters we scrambled have gone silent! Am attempting to prep and launch what fighters we have left!" One of the bridge hands screamed over the peals of the alarms.

"The primary weapons are having a difficult time locking onto the object due to its size and some sort of low key interference. I'm trying to switch over to secondary weapons and anti-missile systems." Another added over the din.

"We are a Centari Battle Cruiser; we shall not be defeated by some Narn treachery! Fire when ready!" The captain roared.

"Sir, its changed course... it's coming right at us!"

"Let it come, let it taste defeat at the hands of the Centari!"

The Beast flew forwards its enemy. It cared not that it was many times larger; it had defeated such foes before. Like the others, this was slow, its armor no much for the Lance, and its weapons could not penetrate the light of its soul.

"Captain, our weapons are having no effect. It has some sort of energy barrier!"

"Fire our main guns at it you fool!" The Captain screamed back.

"I AM!"

The captain turned towards the view port. He could see the vessel approaching, he saw death coming for them. "Transmit all battle files to Centari Prime! The Emperor must be made aware of this!" One of the crew men began to furiously type commands into his station when the ship shuddered. They'd been hit.

The beast smiled in pleasure as it ripped though the metallic skin of its enemy. There was a rush of escaping atmosphere, and when the beast roared this time, the savage sound echoed though the ship. The beast then narrowed its eyes, searching, and feeling. With another roar, it hefted up its spear and hurled it deep within the ship. The lance ripped though bulkheads, armor, and finally the fuel cells and engine core. The entire ship shuddered again as the lance left the other side, it was still for a moment, then, starting from the rear, the hull bulked outwards, white hot fires that turned the air to plasma ripped though the ships passages. Then, it exploded, torn apart from the inside.

A bit away the Beast held out its deep purple arm, and caught the lance. It turned its attention outwards, into the void. It then began to move, picking up speed with its wings of light, streaking across the stars. It knew where it must go.


Babylon 5

Earth Alliance Station – in orbit of Epsilon 3

Epsilon Eridani System

Two Weeks Later

The council room was in an uproar... again. However, the usual petty squabbles over territory and trade were not on the agenda. Nor was the war between the Narn and the Centari, which had begun to drag worlds within the League into the crossfire.

In fact, ambassadors G'kar and Molari had both called this session of the council together. It was enough to make Captain Sheridan nervous, as neither the Narn nor the Centari did anything together even in the best of times. For the two to act as one in the middle of a war was cause for concern. Or they had finally come to their senses and were going to end the war now.

And Mars was known for its white sandy beaches and tropical resorts.

Sheridan hit his gavel three times to get everyone's attention and start the council meeting. All the ambassadors except for Londo and G'kar took their seats. Delenn took her usual seat next to Sheridan, while the diplomatic attachés sat next to their ambassadors or their empty seats. Na'toth and Vir both looked nervous, in Vir's case a lot more nervous then usual.

"This session of the Babylon 5 advisory council and the League of Non-Aligned Worlds will now come to order. Ambassadors G'kar and Molari have the floor."

G'kar stood aside as Londo began, "Two weeks ago, one of our war ships patrolling the border of sector 1138 was destroyed, along with all her fighters. We at first assumed it was an attack by Narn forces in the area and sent out a mission to investigate. We then received the cruisers last transmission at Centari Prime. I direct your attention to the monitor."

Vir activated the data crystal in the port on the table, bringing up a distorted image of some object flying through space. The power of this unknown force could be seen as it destroyed the fighters the Centari had sent against it. Little detail could be made out except for massive explosions along the hull, the static as the cruiser had been torn apart from the inside by its own reactors. The only clear images that could be seen before the end had been a humanoid figure with what looked like wings of light, and a streak or red as it hurled some form of lance it carried directly through the ships power core.

The Council room was filled with stunned silence. Nothing that small could take down a Centari battle cruiser, or much else. Yet this object had obliterated the entire ship. The only thing anyone could here were the stunned murmurs of the various ambassadors.

"In Valen's name, what was that?" Delenn asked after she had been able to gather her wits.

Into the silence, G'Kar spoke. "That, is hardly all either. Observe." He then nodded to Na'toth and she cued up a data crystal of her own. This time on the screen the scene showed two Narn cruisers. The outcome however had been the exact same as the battle with the Centari. The Narn had been completely destroyed by this demon.

"Narn warships in the area intercepted the last transmission from the Centari cruiser. When the object was detected passing back into Narn space they moved to intercept and make contact with it. The captain of our cruiser however fired a warning shot at the object. The rest is as it seems. The entire group was destroyed."

"Do you have any information about this object? Where it's heading? What it is?" Sheridan asked. Something however was eating at the back of his mind about what he had seen.

The Drozi ambassador stepped foreword, joining G'Kar and Londo, "One of our trade ships came within visual range of this monster. They were ignored by it as it passed through and entered a jumpgate. But they were able to acquire visual data on the object."

The monitor switched to a clear view of the object flying through space. You could clearly make out the shape and form of the monster. It was covered in purple armor with green highlighting the structure. In its right hand a red metallic lance was held, in such a position to give it ease of use if it needed to. The image then magnified and enhanced a section on the creatures forearm.

The council broke into a frenzied uproar of anger and outrage.

The forearm of the beast barred Earther markings.

Sheridan just sat there, starring. "My God..." he whispered. He then stood and began to bring the chamber back to order.

Sheridan slammed his gavel down, bringing the council to some semblance of order. Though you could feel the tension simmering beneath the surface as the various ambassadors took their seats. After they had seated, Sheridan stood and addressed the council.

"I don't know exactly what this is, nor do I know anything about this. To my knowledge the Earth Alliance has no weapons fitting this description. And it is not Earth policy to interfere in conflicts between other races except when asked. I assure you I will do everything I can..."

Sheridan didn't get to finish his statement before G'Kar interrupted him, "We certainly hope that you do Captain, as this is a very SERIOUS matter."

Londo nodded his head in agreement. "I believe that, for the moment, there is nothing more for us to discuss."

Londo and G'Kar left the council chambers followed by Na'Toth and Vir. Slowly the League's ambassadors left as well, leaving only Sheridan and Delenn in the council room. Sheridan kept running the scene from the Drozi through his head. He knew he had seen those markings before, but it couldn't be what he was thinking.

Delenn broke the silence between them, "Do you believe that, if your government does have any information that they'd allow it out so easily?"

Sheridan thought on that, "No, they wouldn't. But that depends on if they know that this thing even exists. I have a hunch about this, but I need to do some research before I make a conclusion. If it's what I think it is..."

Sheridan was once again interrupted from his thought, this time by his link. Ivonova's voice came clearly over the little communications device as Sheridan and Delenn listened.

"Captain, we're receiving a transmission from the Agamemnon. They say it's Priority one."

Sheridan stood moving to the Council Chambers monitor, Delenn stood slightly to the side as the Babcom system showed the Agamemnon's captain. Sheridan's former first Officer on board that same ship, Captain Frank.

"John, good to see you again."

"And you to, what can I do for you?"

"We were traveling through hyperspace near sector 1377 when we detected an unknown silhouette, humanoid in form and moving at high speed. We've taken up a parallel course along the object but I thought you should be informed. John, it's headed straight for Babylon 5."

John and Delenn stood there, stunned at the revelation and worried about what this could mean to the situation. Especially now that this thing was headed their way.


The Beast slipped though the blackness of space, drawn by some deep longing it didn't yet fully understand. It thought again, if such a term is appropriate, of what awoke it. It had drifted in the void for centuries, undisturbed, wrapped in its own energy until a, shift, in the undercurrents of power woke it from its rest. It drifted for a time, unsure of itself. Its mission was long over, it knew this, and so why was it awake? Then, it was attacked. A single word blazed over and over in its mind. Enemy




It had defeated them, the enemy, and moved on. It was then that if felt the pull. It didn't know what it was, or why it was drawing her to it, but she understood the pull, the desire, a desire to again have a purpose. It unfurled its wings, and began to move though the blackness. It had not been moving long when it sensed something else in the darkness, and again it was attacked. Again, the Enemy sought to hurt it. Again, the Enemy paid for its attack. Again, the Beast was victorious. It continued towards its goal, not even fully realizing what it was doing, ignoring those that did not seek to hinder it. It had decided, it would go towards the source of this, pulling, and may God help those who would stand in its way.


Sheridan had called the advisory council to meet. The league was not present at that time, as Sheridan wanted the Narn and Centari to see the information he had dug up first. It would most likely stun everyone in the chambers. Sheridan had kept this away from everyone until he was absolutely certain about what was heading their way. The Agamemnon's last communication put the object two days out from Babylon 5, and they had been providing as much information on the object as possible.

The object had made two more hyperspace jumps since the Agamemnon had been following it. Each time an energy surge had been detected from the creature's energy wings, forming a jump point. The amount of energy needed for doing a solo jump should have been beyond any vessel of the same size. Yet this beast practically ripped through the barrier between normal and hyperspace with ease.

Sheridan handed Delenn, G'Kar, and Londo printouts of the information he had been able to find. But the information he had was sketchy at best. It was to be expected however in this case.

"Before I start I want you all to know that Earth Force and the current Earth government had nothing to do with the construction of this weapon," Sheridan began.

"Then how did you gather this data on the beast Captain? If you or your government had nothing to do with it, then how is it that you were able to find anything on this monster?" Londo asked.

"Because, this weapon was created on Earth, two hundred and thirty-four years ago. The current Earth Government doesn't even know of its creation or existence. I recognized something when the Drazi played the visuals they had of the weapons flyby. The markings on the arm called it Eva-01. I don't know why it was created, or for what purpose. Most of the historical archives from the period have nothing about any such device. But I was able to dig around and I found something. Apparently the old UN commissioned the creation of this weapon, which they called an Evangelion. The reasons and need for it I wasn't able to find out. I couldn't even find out why it was in space. Everything I've been able to find, and that Earth Central have sent me say it's suppose to be a land based weapon."

The two ambassadors looked at each other for a moment. G'kar then turned to study the screen. Before he could though, Londo broke out into a loud laugh. "Do you really expect us to believe this Sheridan?" Londo said.

"I'm sorry Ambassador, but it's the truth. Earth Dome is trying to recover additional information on this as we speak, but it's slow going as most of those records are buried pretty deep by now."

Londo spun with a derisive sneer, and began to stalk back in forth in front of the view screen displaying what little information there was on Evangelion Unit 01.

"Even if this story is true, do you expect US to clean up YOUR ancient mess? My people have already lost two of our warships to it, and Mollari's have lost another. Are we supposed to forgive your people for their ancient incompetence as well?" G'Kar demanded.

"I really don't know what we can do to repay you for your losses, nor do I know if it's even appropriate. It was built more the 200 years ago. Escaping into space, much less getting this far out, is by no means capable by that level of Earth technology. And as I remember both your people fired first. If this was an automatic defense system then that would explain why you've lost your ships. As for you cleaning up the mess, that won't be necessary."

"Really Captain? And why won't it be?"

"Because Ambassador, it's on a course to this station. It'll be here in two days.... the chickens are coming home to roost."


The beast continued on through the endless night of space. Its senses had been flared as the pull had become stronger. It could almost see what was pulling it, and had now realized what its purpose was.

Evangelion Unit-01's final purpose WOULD be fulfilled.

To be Continued...

Authors Notes (LD): Well, I've been playing around with the idea of an Evangelion Babylon 5 crossover for the longest time. I couldn't quiet reconcile the two series however. It took a long time to figure out how to do it and what would be involved. It's a hard process and I'd like to thank my co-author Isamu for the extreme amount of help he's provided me for this fic. Thanks Isamu dude.

Authors Notes (Isamu): First off, I really dig doing crossover fics (it's the Rift's gamer in me...), so when LD said he was doing this, I jumped on the chance to help. It was a big plus that I'm a fan of both B5 and Eva of course. I expect more good things to come with this one. Thanks for letting me help with this LD.

Revision Notes: I went back through this chapter while I was on TDY to the Mid East. I realized there was a ton that was wrong with it, so I started working on revising this and the Second Chapter. I wanted to add more suspense about what was heading to B5. It was obvious from the first few paragraphs what it was so I changed them up to try to make this more ambiguous. Since you have probably read what we had for the first Chapter initially then you already know what's heading where. However I wanted to see if I could make this better.

A little note to people who really read my work, After I FINALLY finish the stories I have out right now I will more then likely try my hand at an original story. This will hopefully be done within the format of an actual book. I don't know what kind of world I'll create, but it's about time I started creating my own world instead of borrowing from people.