Hello Everyone! Welcome to my first Crossover story yay! This will be a different style than I'm used to but hope you all enjoy. This will be the longest story for this crossover and hope it does well. Enjoy and thank you :) also there's an important notice at the end.

Chloe's Pov- The last thing I remembered was being shot by Nathan Prickscott. I couldn't believe I was so stupid. What the fuck was I thinking confronting that bastard alone? Now I was dead. There were so many things that I wished I could have done during my last heartbeat. But the one I wished most of all was seeing Max one more time. Tell her that I was sorry for being such a shitty friend. Now I was the one leaving her. Permanently.

When I opened my eyes I was standing. All around me was nothing but white. Was this what death was like? It looked hella boring. "Hey there Chloe was hoping not to see you for a while longer."

If I was still alive my heart would have stopped. I slowly turned around to the source of the voice. "Dad?" It was him. My father!

"Hey there pumpkin." He said with the smile I missed so much.

I quickly ran to him and finally hugged him. "Dad! I hella missed you so much!" I cried. Finally i was able to be with him again.

He patted my back and replied. "I missed you to Chloe. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you."

I shook my head. "No it wasn't your fault. I'm just happy to be with you now."

I felt his hands move to my shoulder's and he gently pushed me away and gave me a sad smile. "Sorry but it isn't your time yet."

Now I was confused. 'What...What do you mean? I'm dead! I was shot!"

He chuckled. "In that world yes but..Your being called to another."

"That world? Another? Dad what are you talking about? There's no such thing as other worlds. How does that even make sense?" I said getting a little agitated. Finally meet my dad and he start spouting random crap.

He gripped my shoulders tightly and continued. "It doesn't have to make sense. You have a destiny to fulfill. It will be long and you'll face many hardships but I know you can do it. Your my daughter after all."

I shook my head trying not to cry. "I don't want to dad! I..I fucked up my life and ended up getting myself killed. I just want to stay here with you."

He kissed my forehead. "Your getting a second chance..Go make me proud. I love you." Then he forcefully threw me backwards. I took a quick glance back and hole appeared in the ground it was striped with Red, White, Black, and Yellow all the way down never ending.

"Dad!" Was the last thing I said as i felt myself falling and he got smaller and smaller till I couldn't see him anymore.

I felt myself falling faster and faster. The colors were starting to swirl around. I then noticed my body was giving off a white glow. "What the fuck is happening!?" Then all of a sudden I was bombarded with what I had to guess were flashes of memories I don't recall.

"We're Team CFVY. What in the world is someone like you doing out here?

"Welcome to Beacon Academy hope you find all the answers you need here."

"If your going to be apart of this team you need to learn to follow orders!"

"Hi i'm Ruby! Are you a first year too?"

"It's time for your first mission lets go."

"First a little Red now a Big Blue? You kids really are troublesome."

"We have to defend the city! The Grimm have breached!"

"Welcome all to the Vytal Tournament!"

"I..I wish this moment can last forever."

Then there was a person but I couldn't see them. They were completely covered in shadow. "It all ends here. I hope you all are prepared to die." They're fist was suddenly engulfed in flames.

Then I blacked out the last thing I remembered was hitting what felt like solid ground.

I woke up with what felt like the most intense hangover I ever experienced. "What in the world happened to me?" I slowly sat up and my vision started to clear. I seemed to be in an abandoned village of some kind. I slowly stood up and looked around. "Hello! Anyone out there!" I yelled seeing if there was anyone around but no answer. I sighed and started walk. The feeling starting to come back into my legs. "Where the hella am I? The last thing I remembered was falling down some weird ass looking hole...And why do I feel so..Cartoony?"

A few moments later I completely stopped. When I heard a howl. I turned around but there was nothing there. "Ok this place is creepy as shit." I mumbled to myself. Then just as I was about to continue with my walk I heard a growl. I looked up at one of the houses and something jumped down a few feet away from me. "Holy mother of!" It was some kind of..Wolf standing on two legs. It was completely black with white bony armor. Even my scariest nightmares couldn't imagine this up.

I slowly back away as it growled and drooled. "Ok..Nice and easy..Just going to slowly get the fuck out of here and leave you alone." I said slowly trying to keep myself from being fucking eaten alive. It got on four legs and howled again and I took that as my cue to start running.

I turned around and bolted as fast as I could. I could tell it was catching up fast. "I can't believe I'm going to die again so damn soon!" Then I heard and felt a gust of wind fly over me and the demonic looking wolf was now in front of me. "You got to be shitting me!" It charged at me again swiping it's giant paw at me.

Just as I was about to brace myself the strangest thing happened. It's movements slowed down so much that it almost seemed like it was in slow motion. I took the chance to roll to the side dodging it's attack and it's movements became normal again. "Whoa! How did I do that!?"

It seemed like I pissed it off because it roared in anger. "Is that the best you got!?" I yelled confidently.

I ate my words as it jumped into the air bringing both of its paws down towards me. Again it slowed down again and i slid underneath it and was now standing behind it as it's movements became normal and smashed the ground I was just standing in making a small crater of rubble. "Why do I feel so tired all of the sudden?" I was panting but not sweating it felt like I just ran a damn mile but I barely did anything.

I noticed the wolf turned around and growled again and charged at me this time there was no slowmo. I closed my eyes thinking this was it. Then I heard the sound of metal cutting flesh and a painful howl and then a thud. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a Japanese looking boy holding a giant ass orange sword. Next to him was the wolf cut split down the middle.

I sighed in relief. "Hey man thanks a hella bunch you saved my ass."

"What are you doing here? This place was evacuated days ago." He said calmly putting his sword behind his back.

I shrugged. "Beats the shit out of me. Your guess is as good as mine."

He pulled out a very fancy looking phone and called someone. "Coco it's Yatsuhashi. I found a civilian on the eastern side of town...Nope she seems like she has no idea what is going on...Alright we're heading back. Out." He put his weird phone away and turned back to me. "We're meeting up with my team stay close to me and do as I say. There are plenty more grim around here."

He started walking and I tried catching up to him. "Hey wait! What the fuck is a grim?"

He completely stopped and face palmed. "Did you seriously ask that question?"

I glared at him. "Hey i'm not from around here alright!? Sorry if i sound retarded to you."

He just sighed and kept walking without a word. "Really!? No explanation!? Where even am I anyway!?"


"Your really pissing me off right now."

After about 20 minutes we stopped outside an old torn up building. Outside by the door leaning against the wall with their arms crossed was a dark skin boy with red hair and..no pupils?

"Is Coco inside?" Yatsuhashi asked the red head.

He just nodded and that was it. I followed Yatsuhashi inside and there were two more people. There was what I could guess a girl with her back turned looking at a map with colored pins attached to it and another girl with...rabbit ears? Cooking.

"I've returned and here's the civilian."

I didn't notice the girl turning around to address me because i was to confused about the brown haired girl. "Wait are those real?..No way."

"Are you deaf? I said who are you?"

I was broken from my trance as the girl with shades spoke. I glared at her. "I can hear perfectly fine smartass. And the name's Chloe."

She frowned and said. "Oh boy. Your one of those kinds huh?"

I growled. "One of those kinds? What the fuck does that mean? Who are you people!?"

She pulled her shade's down just enough to see her glaring back as the rabbit eared girl flinched at my harsh words. "I suggest you behave yourself. And for who we are. We're Team CFVY. What in the world is someone like you doing here?"

"...Pffff Hahahaha! Team coffee are you fucking kidding me hahahaha!" Who in there right mind name's they're team. Team coffee?

The tall guy and the rabbit eared girl couldn't help but let out a small chuckle. The woman with shades blushed a bit in anger and slight embarrassment and growled. "I asked you a question. What are you doing here?"

I wiped the tears from my eyes and calmed myself down. "Oh uhh don't really know just woke up here."

She crossed her arms. "Really?"

"Uhh yeah I woke up in the middle of an empty street and some fucked up wolf thing attacked me and then he saved me and now i'm here." I explained.

"Your lucky you weren't torn to pieces. Our mission is to destroy the grim infestation of this village." The girl replied calmly.

I looked around confused. "Just...The four of you?"

"You really aren't from around here huh? Huntresses and hunters always have a team of four." She explained with slight agitation.

Ok these people are obviously a few cans short of a six pack. "Uhh alrighty then. Well thank you for saving me and all that but I think I'll be going now."

Before I could take another step to get away from these crazy people the other girl's rabbit ears twitched and stood up quickly. "Coco they're coming."

Ok i know her name now. Coco smirked and grabbed a...brief case? "Good we can take care of them all at once. You stay here and stay out of our way. Let's go. Velvet, Yatsuhashi." Her two friends nodded and followed her outside.

"Who does she think she is. Ordering me around? I'll knock those damn shades off her face." Then I heard multiple howls, roars and other animal noises. "What the." I ran to a window and my jaw dropped. Coming straight for the building from down the street was a small army of those black creature but there were different one's. There were wolves, Boars, bear's, a couple big ass scorpions a giant snake and a few giant ass birds. "Holy. Shit. we are fucked." I looked to see Coco and her team walking casually toward them side by side. "You are insane if you think you can!" And before I could finish my sentence I witnessed the most badass thing I've ever seen in my entire life...Lives

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