Daenerys swept into the dimly lit cavern beneath Dragonstone, the air spinning with trailing steam from the from the hot-spring-fed bathing pool that filled the room. A handmaiden trailed behind her.

As she walked in, her eyes swept the room and she found the object of her purpose - Jon Snow reclining on a submerged bench at one end of the torch-lit water, black curls skimming the surface, contemplative. Still reeling from her recent losses, the bold young queen was more focused than ever since his arrival on gaining the loyalty of this so-called King of the North.

Her entrance interrupted Jon's own thoughts of strategy and recruitment. When he turned to see who had entered the room, Jon started, turning away, and began to right himself, the desire to flee clearly painted on his face.

"Excuse me, your grace. I was just leaving."

Daenerys maintained her focus on Jon as she extended her arms outward deliberately, allowing the handmaiden to remove her robe, revealing her to be nude underneath.

"Don't trouble yourself," said Daenerys, as the maid deposited the robe at the edge of the room and slipped out. "I have been born from the ashes to stand proud and unburnt before all my subjects." Daenerys' look clearly included Jon in that group. Before Jon could protest further, she walked regally down the stone steps carved into the pool, and slipped into the water.

As Daenerys spoke, Jon's eyes met hers, and he watched as the intent of her of

gaze shifted to seduction. Curious about this new tactic, Jon's unrevealing return gaze did not waver, even as she began to glide towards him.

"I am told you were a member of the Night's Watch until quite recently, Lord Snow. Tell me, have you ever seen an unclothed woman, or known the touch of one?" This as Daenerys reached Jon, placing herself close enough to rest her hands on his shoulders, their bodies brushing below the surface, her eyes challenging.

Daenerys briefly flashed smug satisfaction as Jon unseated himself from the bench and, instead of rising, reached out to lift her slightly to rest on his hips, holding her gently to him. He spoke to her intensely and in hushed tones as he slowly walked them both deeper into the water.

"Beyond the wall I met a wildling girl, beautiful and fierce. She was my prisoner, and then I was hers, but we fell in love. It was doomed from the start, but we loved each other anyway, out there in the cold winter and in the heat of battle.

Went it came time to choose sides, to return to the Black, I betrayed her. I watched as a brother shot her in the back with an arrow, and she died in my arms."

Daenerys, transfixed by this frank revelation, realized they had reached the far side of the pool. Jon tightened one arm around her, and brought the other up her back to support her neck. Dany's head dipped toward his as he drew her closer, anticipating the meeting of their lips. She found herself being lifted easily to the edge of the pool, and then Jon surprised her by smoothly breaking their contact, rising out of the water to stand before her.

"I'll never betray her again."

He stood unmoved before her as Daenerys absorbed his meaning. Unembarrassed, and quickly recovering, she glanced down to Jon's now fully-exposed chest, covered with the scars of stab wounds that clearly should have killed him. She caught him off guard by abruptly switching topics.

"What happened to you?"

Jon did not mistake her meaning. "You could say I got what I deserved. I was betrayed by my brothers for my connection to the wildlings."

With that, Jon floated back to his bench, leaving Daenerys to consider what fate had brought him to be with her at Dragonstone as she soaked opposite him.