Cruise of Chaos
By Lucky_Ladybug

Notes: As always, the YGO characters aren't mine, and this isn't yaoi! ^_~ Enjoy!

"Goodbye, Grampa!" Yugi called as he ran out the door of the Game Shop. "Thanks again for getting those free cruise passes for us!"

Grampa Muto smiled. "You and your friends just enjoy yourselves and have a good time," he said, "and NO mystery-solving!!"

Yugi laughed. "I hope we won't run into one!" he declared.

When he arrived down at the docks, he found Joey, Tristan, Tea, Bakura, and Marik already waiting amongst the other passengers milling around.

"Yugi!" Tea called, waving.

Yugi waved back and ran over. "Hey guys!" he greeted everyone. "Are you all ready to go?"

"We sure are," Joey grinned, leaning on his trunk. "Man, this is gonna be a blast!"

"Is your sister coming, Marik?" Yugi asked the Egyptian boy, who nodded.

"She and Rishid are here," he said, glancing around.

"Oh man . . ." Joey groaned suddenly. "Look who else is here!"

Everyone turned to look. Rex Raptor was standing not too far away, but he hadn't seemed to have noticed Joey and the others. In a moment, he walked away into the crowd, a duffel bag slung over his shoulder.

Tea started to laugh. "Well, we've seen so many of the others recently. I guess it was about time for us to meet Rex again."

Joey looked put out. "Man, I don't wanna meet up with him!" he grumbled.

Yugi smiled. "Well, at least he plays fairly, unlike some of the other Duelists we've encountered," he remarked.

Now the crowd started moving forward, and Yugi and the others followed suit.

"Look!" Tristan exclaimed. "That must be the ship there!" He pointed to a gleaming, luxurious ocean liner just up ahead.

"Oh my," Bakura said softly, blinking. "I've never seen anything like it before. . . ."

"Well, what're we waitin' for?!" Joey exclaimed, grinning in anticipation. "Let's get on board!!"

As everyone began walking up the ramp leading to the deck, Yugi became aware of a sudden commotion. "Do you guys hear that?!" he cried, looking around.

"Someone's in trouble!" Tea worried.

"Help!!" a voice screamed now. "Help!!"

"What is it?!" Yugi cried as he and the others hurried through the throngs of people. "What's wrong?"

When they finally emerged from the crowds of fellow passengers, the teens were horrified to discover a woman leaning on the railing around the deck of the ship, gasping for breath. "I was nearly knocked overboard!" she burst out, her eyes wide.

Instantly the teens gathered around her in concern. "Are you alright?" Bakura said in alarm.

The woman nodded shakily. "I . . . I'm fine," she replied, "but only barely!"

Tea looked around in frustration. "Some of these people are so rude, brushing by others so harshly without even thinking that they might harm them!"

The woman shook her head fiercely. "It wasn't an accident!" she said firmly. "Someone pushed me!!"

By now a crowd had started to gather around them. "What's happened here?!" a uniformed man demanded, pushing his way through to the front.

Quickly the teens and the woman explained, and the man's expression darkened. "This is outrageous!! You must be mistaken, ma'am—no one would be trying to throw you overboard!"

"But they did!!" the woman insisted.

The man shook his head. "No one here would do such an abominable thing!" he said hotly. "Now, if you will excuse me, I have much to do!" And with that he stormed off.

"Cheery guy," Joey muttered sarcastically.

The teens turned back to the woman. "We believe you," Yugi said kindly. "Can you tell us more about this person who attacked you?"

"I can't," the woman sighed, shaking her head. "I never got a good look at them. I just started screaming bloody murder and they got scared and ran off."

"Well, that's one good thing," Tea said fervently.

"It would've been even better if they hadn't attacked me at all!" the woman humphed.

Yugi stepped up next to her. "I know you must be awfully distressed and all, but can you think of any reason why someone would grab you like that?" he asked.

The woman suddenly paled. "Oh! I just remembered something I must do," she said abruptly, turning to hurry off.

"Wait!" Yugi cried, but she was already fleeing into the thick masses of people.

"Well," Tea said, voicing the unspoken thoughts of all of her friends, "it looks like we have another mystery—and the cruise hasn't even begun yet!"
It wasn't long after that that the cruise really did begin. The teens watched, along with many of the other passengers, as the anchor was pulled up and the majestic ship set out for sea.

"The ocean is breath-taking," Tea said softly, idly wishing that Seto Kaiba would have come along. Seto was still as reserved as ever and didn't like hanging out with them, but underneath his aloof shield was a kind, caring person whom Tea and the others had caught a glimpse of many times before when they had been in tight jams. He was as much a friend as any of the others, and Tea missed his presence .

Yugi nodded, but looked worried. "I just hope we can find out why someone would attack that poor woman," he declared.

The other teens concurred.

"Shouldn't we go find the captain?" Tristan spoke up suddenly.

"We should," Yugi agreed. "He's an old friend of Grampa's, and he sent these free passes for us. We need to thank him, and also talk to him about what happened to that woman."

"We should also look for Ishizu and Rishid," Marik remarked, looking around in irritation. "They must have gotten lost in this crowd."

Yugi also glanced about. "Well, let's get started!" he said cheerfully.

The crowds had started to thin out a bit now, and the six teens made their way below deck and started wandering down the winding halls, looking for the captain's quarters.

"Man, you could get lost down here for months!" Joey cried, finding himself getting confused with all the twists and turns. "How the heck are we gonna enjoy everything here in just two weeks?!"

Yugi chuckled. "We'll find a way," he replied.

As they continued on down the hall, the lights briefly flickered and confused Joey even more.

"Watch out," Tristan scolded, seeing his friend start walking backwards around a corner. "You're gonna wind up . . ."

Joey fell over onto the floor along with a person he'd just clanked into.

". . . knocking someone over," Tristan finished with a sigh. He and the others quickly rounded the corner and found Joey and Seto Kaiba laying in a tangled heap.

"Kaiba!" Yugi said in disbelief.

Joey turned to look at the boy he had tripped, also startled. "What the heck are you doin' here?!" he demanded.

Seto grunted. "None of your concern."

Joey looked frustrated, but it passed. "With your attitude, I kinda doubt that you're here for a vacation," he remarked, remembering a similar conversation they'd had back in Utah a while ago.

Seto smirked. "You're right." He stood up slowly, picking up his briefcase. "I'm here on official business."

Tea sighed in exasperation. "Take some time off for once, Kaiba!" she cried. "You deserve it after everything you've been through," she added softly, admitting to herself that she was happy to see him here.

Seto looked at her for a brief moment and then turned to go. "I have an appointment to keep," he muttered.

"If you work yourself too hard, you'll wind up passing out from exhaustion!" Joey told him bluntly.

"That's not going to happen." Seto walked off down the hall.

Yugi shook his head, looking amused. "Well, that's Kaiba for you," he remarked as they found their way into the dining room. It was almost time for dinner, and people were already filling up the tables.

Joey looked around greedily, the thought of food immensely appealing to him—as always.

"Hey, look at this," Tristan said suddenly, pointing to a flier on the door. "It says they're going to have an interactive mystery thing."

Joey blinked. "You mean like where there's a fake murder or somethin' and everyone tries to find out whodunnit?" he wondered.

"Something like that," Yugi said, also turning to stare at the announcement. "Only this won't be a murder—we'll be trying to solve a string of puzzling jewel robberies."

"That's fine with me," Joey shrugged, "as long as I can eat!" His eyes lit up as he watched the waiters wheeling trays of food out.

"Weren't we supposed to find the captain?" Bakura spoke up, blinking.

"He should be here in the dining room tonight," Yugi replied slowly. "It said on that poster that he was going to introduce the mystery game we'll be playing."

Marik looked around. "I see Ishizu and Rishid," he said, weaving his way around a table. "I will be right back." Before anyone could reply, the Egyptian boy had disappeared into the increasing crowds, his gold jewelry clinking softly.

"Isn't that Rex Raptor over there?" Tristan remarked, pointing ahead to where a long-haired boy was conversing with the woman from earlier.

"It sure as heck is!" Joey cried. "But what the heck is he doin' talking to that woman?!"

The lights flickered again.

"I wonder why that keeps happening," Bakura mused, looking concerned.

"Probably just a lighting malfunction," Tristan shrugged in reply.

Suddenly the room was plunged into darkness and instantly fell into confusion as people started talking loudly.

"Hey! Where is everyone?!" Joey exclaimed. "I can't see a thing!"

"We should stick together," Yugi tried to say, but Joey was already wandering off.

The Brooklyn boy wound up knocking someone else over and they both fell into a tub of ice water.

"Hey!! Watch it!!" Rex Raptor's voice yelled angrily.

Joey grunted. "Watch it yourself!" he shot back.

There was a long silence, but before either Rex or Joey could say more, a blood-curdling scream rent through the darkness!