I don't think I dreamed at all while I slept...I don't even remember falling asleep. And you can probably tell that just by what I did when I woke up.

I heard a little whimpering sound that woke me, and I immediately shot up and looked around wildly, babbling about how I'm not wanting to die today. So...It's honestly kind of just a normal morning for me, really...

It's then I notice that I'm not in my bed but in my chair in my study and that I have something in my arms. Wait, what? I looked down and saw a messy head of black hair and a little boy in my arms looking like he was nervous about something.

Looking into his green eyes jogged my memory and I remembered everything that happened yesterday. I sigh softly and smile lightly down at the little boy. "G-good morning Harry." I whisper softly.

"M-Morning..." He's flinching. Why is he flinching?

"What's wrong, Harry? You look scared...Did you have a bad dream...?"

"I-I'm sorry...I'm so sorry..."

"...But why...?"

"I...I didn't have any chores done before you woke up...I'm sorry...I couldn't get out...You were holding me too closely..."

"O-oh." I said slightly confused and thrown off. "W-why did you want to do chores Harry?" I asked him softly.

His emrald green eyes locked with my own eyes and I felt his confusion and nervousness. "I...I have to do the chores...or you won't like me a-and then you will get rid of me." He said softly.

Oh my...And I thought I worried over silly things... "But that's...That's not true at all..."

"It's not...?" He's looking at me with those eyes...I love those eyes, they're so cute...

"Of course. Only a monster would say they don't like a child in their care over not having chores done..."

"B-but uncle Vernon would...he would yell and hit..,and..."

He sounded so confused, so lost. I pulled him tighter and gently ran my hand up and down his back. "Shh." I whispered soothingly. "Your uncle was a monster." She said softly.

"B-but I'm the monster..." he whimpered in deep pain and sadness.

There's that heartbreaking feeling again...I really hate that feeling...

"No you're not. Not at all. You're just a little boy."


"But what?"

"But my uncle..."

"Harry, your uncle is a bad man. You don't have to listen to bad men like that."

"B-but he was all I had." He whispered.

That feeling grew worse now. Hate this feeling so much!

I pull him closer to myself running my head through his messy hair. "Hey. You have me." I whisper to him softly and he looks up at me with wide surprised eyes and I couldn't help and grin a little at the look. He was so cute.

"Y-Yes...I do have you...Oh...And Spiky! I can't believe I almost forgot Spiky!" He hugs his little toy close and I can't help but smile. "I'm sorry, Spiky...I didn't mean to forget..."

"Spiky forgives you." I know this because she's basically me.

"Really?" He smiles at me, then hugs his toy tighter. "Thanks, Spiky..."

I giggle softly and just held him close. I slowly look around and see my two friends also asleep in the study. Petunia leaning against the wall sitting up and Giggles laying over the chair her butt right in the air.

I giggle again and smiled fondly at my two only friends and slowly get up wincing in pain from sleeping in a chair. I look down at the little sweatheart in my arms and grin. "Let's go make breakfast." I said softly walking out of the study and into the kitchen.

"Oh boy! Can I help?!" He sounds eager. Might as well humour him.

"Sure you can, Harry."

"Yay! Okay...Um...Do you put nuts in your pancakes...?"

"Oh no. I'm allergic to nuts." I don't swell up like a balloon like I used to, but it's still very irritating when my face gets all puffy.

"Oh okay. Uh...Chocolate chips?" He asked innocently.

I think about it for a moment then nodded with a small smile. "I think that will work. Bacon and eggs as well?" I asked softly looking over everything I had.

He nodded in my arms and I couldent help but giggkeca little at his adorable look of focuse. He was too cute for his own good.

So we got to cooking, and all I have to say is wow. I have quite the little chef here, don't I?

He knows all there is to about cooking. Even more than I ever did, and I was the one who made most of the food for Flippy's surprise birthday party! ...Okay, so he flipped and killed everyone before they really got the chance to taste it, but still...

Thinking back, maybe surprising someone named Flippy might have not been a good idea. Then again they didn't know any better at the time.

Soon the meal was done and it smelled amazing. It got the attention of my two friends who walked in looking drowsy but smiling at the heavenly smell. I agree fully!

They sat down and started to eat and I made sure to give him a plate before making my own and siting down next to him and took a bite.

I almost died. Died of pure bliss.

Giggles is actually crying, and Petunia looks surprised. "Goodness, Flaky, you've really outdone yourself...These are delicious." Petunia said with a smile.

"Oh, um...Well, I did have a little help..." I point to Harry, who looks at everyone in anticipation.

"Um...Is my cooking bad...? It made Miss Giggles sad..."

"Absolutely not!" Giggles shouts with a wide smile making him jump and look at her confused. I giggled at him and messed with his hair. My smile grew as I fealt him relax.

"It's the best breakfast we have ever had." Petunia said with an honest smile.

Aww he was as red as a tomato and he was looking away timidly a small shy adorable smile on his face.

"I...I didn't do much...Just...made some ideas..."

"Well they were perfect ideas!" Giggles says with a grin.

His blush deepens and I find myself giggling. He was so precious. I ruffled his hair gently making him grin up at me shyly and I smiled back. "Eat up sweetheart. So you can grow big and strong, and healthy."

Harry blinked and tilted his head slightly. "B-big and strong? Me?" He asked in an awed tone.

"Yes. You can grow big and strong, but only if you eat well." He looks like he just found out Santa Claus is his uncle...

"Wow...But...Are you sure it's okay...?"

"Well of course. Why wouldn't it be?"

"I'm not usually allowed to eat."

My eyes grew wide at this as I felt my heart break and my air leave my mouth in a silent gasp. I was to distracted to notice that Giggles and Petunia had stopped eating as well staring at the little one with looks of horror.

"W-what do you mean, not allowed to eat?" I asked tentatively.

He looked down with a sad frown. "I...I used to have a weekly fill of bread..." he explained.

That's just...pure evil...How has he survived this long on just bread?! No wonder he's so skinny...I'm gonna hug him now...There, that's a little better...

"That's...all wrong, Harry. ALL wrong." That's all I can really say about the situation...

"That's horrible! How can they do that to a child?!" Petunia shouts enraged by what she has heard while Giggles is just shocked into silence.

I feel him nuzzle into me so I place him in my lap and he him close. I close my eyes and softly run my fingers through his hair.

The more I find out about how these people abused him, the more I just wanna turn back into a porcupine and stick my quills into them!

Oh...Um...Is that too violent? Um...I guess giving them a stern talking to also works...

I pat his head gently. "You eat three times a day Harry, with some snack time here and there." I said softly.

He looks up at me confused and I grin softly down at him. "Eating three times a day is healthy and necessary to survive. The snack times are when we need a little pick me up." I explained. I loved snacks, so much so.

Not as much as Giggles, but...NOBODY loves snacks as much as Giggles. I can't remember how many times I caught her subconsciously digging through my cupboards and spent an hour listening to Petunia scolding her...

I smile at the memory and shake my head to face down at him and lift a fork with some pancake still on it. I lifted it to him and said, "Open wide."

He does so obediently and I place the food in his mouth and he chews it and sighed in bliss making me smile. I like feeding him for some reason. Don't judge me!

He already kind of looks like a baby. No, I shouldn't say that, he's a big boy. ...A very, very small big boy, but still a big boy either way.

He takes another bite and hums in content, giving me a wide smile. Oh my gosh! He's such a widdle thing! I just want to gobble him up.

I giggle lightly and rubbed his cheek before picking him up and holding him close sighing in content. He was fed and that was what mattered most. Besides I wanted to hug him again.

Petunia looks equally jealous and happy, and Giggles just won't stop smiling. "Awww, maybe Tuny and I should leave you two alone for a bit." Giggles cooed.

"Yes, you two should spend time with just each other." Petunia agreed.

I smile at the two of them and nod, slightly timid. "T-thanks. I-I think we'll be okay." I was hopeful, and that's something I don't normal have anymore.

I gazed down at the little boy in my hold and held him closer to myself. Hope. I like the sound of that. I stood up slowly and walked around the table to my friends who also stood up. "Thanks for helping guys."

"Oh, we didn't do much of anything, really." Petunia says.

"N-No, you being here is all the help I needed..."

"Anytime." Giggles said with a warm smile to me. "Us Tree friends have to stick together right?" She asked with a sad smile.

I smile sadly back remembering that we are the last of our group of friends. I nod slowly at her and watch as they leave. Well...that brought down the happy mood.

I'm holding Harry a bit tighter than I mean to now...I loosen my grip, and really, all I can do at this point is sigh.

"Um...M-Miss Flaky...Um...What's a...a tree friend...?"

Not something you need to know of at your age little guy. "Just a little nickname of ours Harry. That's all." I said softly walking into my living room and siting down on the chair.

He tilted his head slightly with a small frown. "B-but you got sad when she said that. Is it a bad name?" He asked innocently.

Oooh, he's asking all the questions I don't feel up to answering...

"Well, no...But...It's complicated...It can...It can wait until you're older."

"...Are...Are the tree friend people dead...?"

I stare at him with wide eyes. "How do you-" I started but he answered quickly.

"It's the same look that I see on a bunch of people. A-and I see it on my face a lot too." He said in a very quiet tone.

Oh this poor baby, I hugged him closer to myself and just rested my head on his and took a deep breath. God why? Why do this to someone so young, so innocent?

"I-It's the face I make when I...When I..."

"When you what, sweetie?"

"Wh-When I really miss my mommy...I didn't know her too good...But...I still wish she was there...Because if she was...Maybe I'd be happier and not..." Tears. There's tears in his eyes...

"Oh sweetie." I whisper softly.

He sniffs slightly. "Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia always said that...that my mommy hated me. Th-that she gave me up for monney...but I don't think that was true." He mumbled softly.

"I KNOW that's not true...No one would do that..." I know that's not entirely true...But I still need to reassure him.

"B-But...What if it IS true...?"

"It's not. It can't be..."

He still looked unconvinced, but there was a small bit of hope in his eyes that made me think he was starting to believe. "Your mommy...whoever she may be...loved you and do you know why?" She asked him.

"W-why?" He asked innocently.

I gently cup his little cheek and smile warmly as he leans into it. "Because, you are an adorable angel who would have warmed her heart. I love holding you already, I cant imagine how she must have felt. She probably would have never let you down." I giggled lightly at the image.

He smiles, and his face is almost as red as my hair. "Th-Thank you...You're so nice..."

"Thank you, sweetie...I try." Now I'm blushing...

He nuzzles into me and I hold him close. So much has happened so far. From my days as an animal dying every day to now being human again with a crippling fear of death. It has been a long few days but they are days I will remember fondly.

For if anything had done from me surviving that...place. It was so I can hold this little boy closer, nuzzle his hair and just breath.

This child, a child abused by his own family, I want to help him. I want to get him better, as he is slowly making me better. I kissed him on the top of his head and gazed out of the window. 'Whoever you are, I'll take care of him. You have my word.' I thought feeling an enjoyable warmth pass through me and for a moment I could have sworn I saw a red headed woman with a wide tearful smile, her eyes the same as the little angel in my arms.

But it was gone just as quick as it came. I shook my head with a small grin. 'Looks like...I have something to live for now.'