A teenager was standing in some sort of laboratory, watching the events on his TV screen unravel before him. The Titans defeating Trigon, Danny Phantom saving the world, Spider-Man taking down the Gob Squad and their leader, Sora: The Keyblade Holder defending the galaxy, the American Dragon defending his home, and Kim Possible beating Dr. Drakken.

"Look at all of those brats." The Teen said, in a villainous voice. "These fools don't know what true power is. They claim to think that power shouldn't belong to those who don't know what they're doing. Well, power separates those who are in control, and those who should obey their leaders. Even that monster, Slade, wasn't knowing what he was doing. Blackmail and Manipulating someone to be an apprentice doesn't work. Look where that has gotten you: Robin to turn the tables on you, and Terra to kill you."

The Teen started to walk away from the computer screens and towards the lab. He does have a point: Slade forced Robin to join him, with the threat that if he did not, Slade would use nanobots he planted in the Titans to destroy them from the inside out, therefore killing them. Robin eventually overcame Slade with his friends' help. Interestingly, when presented with an opportunity to kill all five of the Titans after Robin infected himself with the nanobots, he chose not to kill them. Two theories exist for this behavior. One, if Robin, currently his apprentice at that time, was killed, he would have been completely powerless or two, he simply would have had no archenemy.

Slade set his sights on recruiting a new apprentice, the superheroine Terra, who was more of a lost soul than an irredeemable psychopath. Throughout the months of summer, Slade tormented her and exploited her fears of being unable to control her powers and of alienating her newfound friends, the Teen Titans, slowly drove her to his side. Slade coaxed Terra into subjecting herself willingly to apprenticeship, despite the Titans having warned Terra of Slade, and promised that he could teach her to control her powers. After believing that Beast Boy betrayed her trust and told the other Titans of her difficulties in controlling her powers (even though Beast Boy didn't tell her and Robin only figured it out), Terra eventually betrayed the Titans to Slade, who indeed taught her to control her powers, and took over the city with her help. During this time, Slade had crafted a new suit for Terra, one bearing his insignia, and was able to access her powers to assist her in combat, and to an extent, control her. With Slade's help, Terra mercilessly defeated the Titans, who were reluctant to fight their old friend, and were focused on trying to redeem her rather than defeat her. The Titans however returned and fought her again. But this time, they fought her mercilessly and viciously. By failing Slade's command to destroy the team, she returned to him, only to be beaten by her in anger. Slade then controlled Terra and used her to nearly kill Beast Boy, who arrived at the base to redeem Terra. Beast Boy and the Titans then convinced Terra to overcome the link her new suit had to Slade, and she sent him to his apparent doom in a lava pit while she turned to stone.

Soon, the Teen headed towards a scientific door named "Cloning Room". What could this actually mean for his plot?

"I am going to ensure that my work will not go in vain, I'll have to have the most powerful titan of them all help me." The Teen then said as he entered the room. "But I am doing this to finish the work my father started."

The Teen walked into a dark room, where the only thing that was glowing was a human sized container full of water, containing a human girl. A familiar...blonde...earthbending teenage girl, who appeared to be at rest..

"Before the fool ruined everything, I appreciate the fact that my father hid his essence from that jerk and his friends before he sent him to the future," The Teen said. "Otherwise I wouldn't be here to do what Slade, Plasmius, Brother Blood, Trigon, and those idiots at the HIVE should've done a long time ago. It's time to finish what my father should've done a long time ago. It's time to take over the world, with an old friend."

The figure stepped out of the shadows and revealed himself to be a handsome 15-year old boy around Terra's height, wearing a similar outfit that Robin had when he was a temporary apprentice of Slade, but no armor guards were on the legs and feet. And instead of being orange and black, it's completely black with red gloves. He is a light skinned boy with black hair, and red eyes and sharp teeth. His name is Ekimmu, AKA: The Son of AKU...

"Our time to shine is near...my love." Ekimmu said, grinning menacingly.