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Diminia Valdez - Game Maker


The soft thud of a crumpled sheet of paper hitting the wall broke the silence in the room as a yawn escaped the throwers mouth - two light brown hands reaching up to rub at tired eyes as she layed her head down on her desk, hair so black it looked blue messily sprawled along the sheets of blank paper. In the corner of the room sat a pile of paper balls, almost a foot in height as they began to slowly over take the room. Compare those to the one sheet of paper left on her desk with the occasional note scattered across it and you'd easily come to the conclusion that she was having a lot better luck coming up with bad ideas than she was good ones. It wasn't easy making these damn games. Honestly? She wasn't even sure she liked the job anymore. Sure at first it was all fun and games (no pun intended), spending your life in the comfort of the best rooms in the capitol, sketching away idea after idea like some fucked up horror book creator. Receiving constant praise; "you're genius!" "amazing!" "they'll never see it coming!" - "keep this up and you'll be head game maker in no time". But now the closest thing she had heard to a compliment was "at least its not another fucking forest..." and she couldn't help but wonder why she still tried. Of course, it was because her life was on the line, because she truly liked the job, and the pay, and the games. And yet here she was, at a ratio of 1:100, the clock ticking away well past 3 am. At this rate, she'd never get anything done. She might as well just throw herself out the 17th story window now...


A creative spark lit up in her brain, her head jolting up as the sparkle in her eye was reborn again. It wasn't a full idea, no, not even close. It was barely a concept, really. And yet it was all she needed. Her pencil scratched away rapidly, going through sheet after sheet with only second ticking by rather than hours.

10:100. That was a little more manageable.

A smile formed on her thin lips as she pushed away from her desk, jotting something down on a sticky note and putting it next to her calender beforel returning, biting down on the corner of her lip as she dove into thought once more. Perhaps these games wouldn't be too bad after all.

Perhaps, they would be the best ones yet.