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One early morning we see the Unrefined walking home after school. All day Ban was trying to ask Jubei-chan out, but different things kept interrupting him. "Aaaaahhhh! Why am I having such a hard time trying to ask Jubei-chan out on a date!" Yelled Ban as he put both of his hands on his head. "Chief you should calm down," said Ozaru. Kozaru chipped in after Ozaru's response. "Yah I mean you still have us skipper." Bantaro looked at both of them for a long time and wondered if this was how his life was going to be.

Bantaro was leading them when he remembered that Ozaru and Kozaru both had girlfriends. "Hey can you tell me how both of you guys have girlfriends?" asked Ban. Ozaru and Kozaru looked at each other and Ozaru decided to go first. "Well you see my family and Toyama family have known each other for years and it turns out that our parents decided to wed both of us and since then I've tried to make her happy. Therefore, that is how it is with me Skipper." Ban was a little dumbfounded since he really couldn't use any of this information to his advantage. Trying to ask Jubei out he looked over at Kozaru urging him to tell his story. Kozaru got up to tell his story on how he met his girlfriend. "Well chief it's like this, it was after me and Ozaru usually split off to go home in are own general directions. When I saw her, she was on her way home also. She goes to Shirahatamaru School. We where both talking about different things and we both found many things in common, as she also follows a leader much like me. And her leader is pretty similar to you Chief expect the fact that her leader is a girl. I walked her home and I went to my place. Eventually I asked her out and she said yes. But the next day she was crying when I ran up to her and asked what was wrong she said something about her school restricting girls from dating monkeys. I didn't understand what she said about that but I said that since we go to different schools there was nothing to worry about. And that pretty much rounds things up Chief. Ban and Ozaru looked at each other and wondered about the monkey thing, and they both shrugged it off. With this new information, Ban got up feeling encouraged about himself sat up and with a big smile "Okay now that I have this new information, my spirit has been uplifted I'm going to ask her now. And a big wave of his hand yelling, "Unrefined sound off." "Ozaru", "chief" "Kozaru", "skipper" All right lets go then Ban was leading them to Jubei's house. This is my very first fan fiction so please give me some reviews good or bad.

Okay guys, I decided to re do this first chapter. And on top of that I'll actually try to finish the story. I've had to many classes and I'm in the middle of doing my Love Hina chapters. Hey if you want to see Bantaro again check out the dating game show in Love Hina.