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Bantaro Tries Once More Chapter 2
When we last left off, the Unrefined was on its way to Jubei's house. Therefore, Bantaro could finally ask Jubei out on a date.

"I'm finally going to ask Jubei on a date" said a very nervous Ban.

Following the Unrefined leader Ozaru said "Chief maybe you should try to figure out what you're going to say first."

"Ya if your not careful you're probably pass out, throw up, or even fall on top of her skipper" said Kozaru.

"Well you guys aren't exactly helping me out by making me even more nervous then usual okay" yelled Ban.

As they finally arrived at Jubei's house, Bantaro was so nervous that he really did pass out in the front yard.

"Chief, chief, chief get up and come back to us, your right here" said Ozaru as he grabbed Bantaro from falling on to the ground.

"Skipper if you pass out now then you'll lose your chance" as Kozaru helped his friend keep Ban from hitting the ground.

After regaining consciousness Ban got and marched up to Jubei's house. He looked behind him to see Ozaru and Kozaru who were both waiting on the front of the lawn.

"Go and get her Chief" said Ozaru. As Kozaru followed saying "you're the leader of the Unrefined, so you can do it Skipper".

"Hey I told you guys to call me Boss okay" as Bantaro knocked on the door nervously. At first nothing had happened, so Ban knocked a second time. There was a rustle and then the door went open.

Bantaro bowed down and then said "Listen sense I first saw you I have had a crush on you, so Jubei would you please go out with me on a date."

"Huh, oh its just you" said a man's voice.

As Bantaro was looking, too see whom it was he saw a man slowly transform into a living zombie right out of a B-movie flick. The corpse then fell on top of Bantaro who was screaming at the top of his lungs. Ozaru and Kozaru then grabbed the water hose and sprayed the corpse with water. After a minute or two, the corpse came back to life to look like a young man cosplaying a samurai in his late teens.

"Ah thank you I needed that," said the man.

After Bantaro had fully recovered from the shock he managed to say this "Hey lonely samurai, can you tell us if Jubei is home."

The young man said "lonely samurai?" "My name is Koinosuke Odago, and Miss Jiyu is not here she went with her friends to some ice-cream shop a while ago."

"Great after I went through all that trouble to get over here," exclaimed Ban. "Do you know which ice-cream shop it is, or at least where it's at."

Koinosuke responded with "no, and even if I did know I wouldn't tell you any way okay"

"Huh, but why won't you tell us?" asked Ban.

"Because you keep beating me up," yelled Koinosuke.

"Well if you didn't follow her around like a stalker then we wouldn't beat you up," Ban yelled back.

The yelling went on for at least an hour. It probably would have lasted though the night had Ozaru and Kozaru not dragged Ban away. After a few minutes of walking in the direction of the nearest ice-cream shop.

"Well that didn't go so well," said Ban. "Well let's get going so we can look for her, Unrefined sound off."

"Ozaru", "Chief"

"Kozaru", "Skipper"

"Then lets get going then," Ban said.

With this, the Unrefined went on marching off looking for Jubei-chan.
What do you think will happen next time will Bantaro find Jubei or will he be wandering around town until the sun rises the next day? Stay tuned to the Quack Experimental Anime Excel Saga. Oops I mean Jubei-chan. I hope everyone enjoys this second chapter. I hope I will get some more responses with this second chapter. Sighed the elf himself CloudVas.