Chapter 4

Once Shirou and Yu returned to the apartment, they set the groceries onto the dining room table, and sat on the couch to relax.

"Shirou-kun, did we really need all that?" She asked, gesturing to the five bags of groceries behind her.

She could see several brown eggs, several fruits and vegetables, seasonings, various garnishes, salt and pepper, and a few bundles of chicken, beef, and lamb. Not to mention the obscene amount of rice Shirou said was necessary.

Yu glared slightly at the rice bag left in the corner of the kitchen that she had to carry because a child couldn't possibly bare the weight.

She had things such as meat, meat, and meat.

Surprisingly, Shirou had managed to budget well enough that it didn't reach over what she could spare.

Living alone had benefits for Shirou she supposed.

"Since there was a sale, we should use that opportunity to stock up." Shirou said, "Your fridge is empty anyway, filling it up with groceries would give it some use."

Yu gave a wry smile as she sighed.

"So," Yu said, "Now what? I don't know how to cook anything other than an omelette and cup noodles,"

"Preparing cup noodles does not count as cooking," Shirou rebuked offended, "I'll handle the cooking, you can take a bath in the mean time."

"Shirou-kun, your lack of faith in Onee-chan's cooking skills is painful," Yu lamented but ultimately sighed and nodded. She looked out her window and towards the sunset, "You better get started, the sun is almost down, Shirou-kun."

As Yu went deeper into the apartment for the bathroom, Shirou took out the groceries and methodically arranged them into Yu's fridge.

He admittedly did the task slower than he normally would, attributing the reason to both the fact that his younger body did not have much reach meaning he had to move more, and to the fact that he was ultimately unfamiliar with the kitchen.

He spent a good while familiarizing where Yu had placed her cutlery, plates, and other cooking materials before gazing at the fridge, recalling each of the groceries.

What would be a good dinner? They had a relatively exhausting day, having to walk around the city despite the fact that taxis existed… add the fact that their breakfast could hardly keep up their nutrition.

He refused to ever partake of that greasy monstrosity ever again.

Shirou shuddered just remembering the fatty oils.

Their dinner would need to be most of all nutritious, but he needed to keep in mind that Yu had been no doubt eating such fatty foods without hesitation.

Shirou could eat anything but whatever he chose to cook would need to both appeal and satisfy her palette.

After considering the ingredients, Shirou nodded to himself.

It would have to be that, wouldn't it?

Shirou happily grabbed a skillet to wash it, mostly musing to himself his surprise that Yu had a skillet.

As Yu stepped out of her bathroom, feeling content as the feeling of cleanliness drifted off of her body.

Her amazing body!

She entered her room and opened her wardrobe, taking no time at all to decide what to wear, after all she was at home, no one could criticize her fashion sense here. She also knew that Shirou would care about her apparel as much as he cared about his own.

Which was not at all.

She liked her hello kitty shirt, it was soft and comfortable, and screw anyone who badmouthed it.

Normally Yu would have taken a bit just to straighten out her frazzled hair, but stopped once she noticed it.

The aroma that assaulted her nasal cavity made her swallow a bit of drool she didn't know she had let out.

Yu's eyes trailed towards her slightly open bedroom door, which was how the aroma entered her room in the first place, and forgot about maintaining her hair to it's utmost perfection.

She could do that later.

She ignored the part of her mind that said that delaying her hair maintenance was impossible and left her bedroom, taking cautious yet excited steps towards her dining room.

Once she turned the corner, she found two plates prepared, however the food was yet to be seen. Did the smell from the kitchen reach all the way into her own bedroom?

She didn't whether to be grateful about that or saddened.

She gulped once more and hesitantly called out, "… Shirou?"

A head popped out of her kitchen, holding her dull yellow mittens and wearing her pink fluffy apron. "Oh Takeyama-san! Good timing, you can go ahead and sit. I'll be there in a bit,"

Yu nodded dumbly at him as she walked towards the table and took a seat.

She contemplated the scent that assaulted her. She didn't have a good sense of smell like a certain police officer she knew but she caught the very present smell of chicken.

It was then that Yu realized she didn't know how to cook chicken. It would be the first time since living on her own that she would eat the poultry.

She remembered her mother cooked it for her before but she was unable to replicate her efforts and her meager pride prevented her from asking for help.

It took a while to stop the burning.

However what ever thoughts she had were blown away once Shirou walked in with a steaming skillet.

She kept her mouth shut in order to prevent the drool from escaping, and swallowed it.

Still steaming, Shirou used chopsticks to pluck out the chicken and laid it out on both their plates.

The chicken steamed, but it was not the usual color of peach but more golden brown. On closer inspection she realized that it was covered in sauce and multiple garnishes.

Her stomach growled in need.

"I'll be back with the rice and side," Shirou said, causing Yu to whip her head towards his retreating form.

There was more?

Yu didn't know what to think. This dish before her was way above what a kid his age should be able to accomplish from being home alone.

Even the kids on that junior master chef show had parents and betters who assisted them throughout their early lives.

Shirou returned and placed two separate bowls next to each of their plates. Yu stared at them in concealed wonder.

Mashed potatoes and rice?

While a tad bit disappointed at first, it blew away as quick as it came once she noticed the odd coloring on it.

I don't recognize it…

She inched a bit closer to find seasoning and garnish… but grew clueless as to how the shift from the pale white she was used to into the almost golden assault of perfection before her.

"Shirou," She asked wearily, "Did anyone teach you how to cook?

Shirou shook his head as he wiped his hand with a towel, "No, I'm self taught."

Bull shit

There was no way this kid was self-taught! Just look at the stuff he made! Their mere appearance made her salivate like some kind of ravenous dog!

She took notice to the bowl of rice next to her and closely inspected it as well, finding the rice to be a pale shade of brown with some bits of scrambled egg muddled within it.

She moved back to take in the trio before her…

… This time she just let the drool flow,

"Takeyama-san?" Shirou asked with a concerned expression.

She immediately wiped away any drool before Shirou could see and wore a strained yet pleasant smile.

"Nothing Shirou," She replied quickly, taking a glance at the dish.

She grabbed the provided spoon, knife and fork, she would have used chop sticks but it would be hard seeing as she would struggle to pick up the mashed potatoes.

Upon grabbing the cutlery, she paused.

What do I eat first?

This was a dilemma of epic proportions! Even fighting a villain would be a more easier choice!

"I suggest you try the chicken and mashed potatoes one by one before trying them all at once." Shirou suggested, sensing her mental drama with a small smile on his face as he bit into the chicken, pleased with his own work.

Yu nodded, "T-Thanks, Shirou-kun…"

She cut a bite-sized chunk out of the chicken, which was surprisingly boneless, and placed it gently into her mouth.

She instantly chewed through it and swallowed.

She didn't even spare a second the taste the damned thing! Her body just went on auto pilot and digested the thing like tasting wasn't even important!

Screw you brain!

She took another chunk and gently placed it into her mouth, this time slower and more focused.

The taste! She could feel the chicken easily break apart between her teeth as she chewed it. It allowed the sauce that was embedded into the chicken flow out, enhancing the taste like a tidal wave. She felt the taste of the standard salt and pepper, but found that the sauce had some minor spice to it.

It didn't overpower the tenderness of the chicken nor did it undermine the taste, instead it had complimented it. The sauce was familiar though… It was tangy and a just a tad bit spicy, not overly spicy but just close enough to stimulate the taste buds that govern that particular sense…

… It was vaguely close to curry.

She hadn't tasted something like this before. Even her own mother, who she called the greatest chef, had made anything remotely similar to it.

She struggled hard, debating whether or not to partake of another chunk, but her self-control won in the end. Yu turned to the mashed potato with equal amounts of reluctance and excitement.

She used the spoon and scooped a bit-sized chunk, allowing herself to marvel at the ease there was when scooping it.

Yu respected how much time it must have taken Shirou to make sure that it was all mashed. Personally she wondered if he added some kind of liquid to moisten it.

She partook of the substance, making sure that her body didn't go on auto pilot and tasted it.

Her taste buds wilted.

The potatoes flowed into her mouth, allowing the entirety of her tongue to savor the flavor. The mashed potatoes had a hint of barely noticeable butter, undoubtedly weaved during the initial mashing of the potato. There was also a fair amount of the standard salt and pepper enhancing the flavor like it was meant to, but the most important flavor made itself known…

"Shirou," Yu called, "Why does the mashed potatoes taste like egg…?"

Shirou could practically feel the intensity of the question, but since he was used to both Taiga and Sakura's curiosity about it, he replied.

"The egg that was used for the mashed potatoes came from the egg used in the rice," He answered, "Instead of fully emptying the egg of it's contents, I only took the yolk for the rice. The rest of the substance within the egg maintains the original flavor of egg, so I added it into the bowl while I mashed the potatoes."

So he basically mixed some egg sauce bit into the initial mashing of the egg… That was….

… Could someone his age think of something like that?

He was fourteen with seven years worth of memories, certainly he could have looked up recipes online and possibly cook books from a local library.

Something like that took diligence, she could admire that actually…

At least Heroism isn't the only thing on his mind.

Remembering Shirou's advice, Yu took a spoonful of rice with the chicken on it, already noticing that the sauce began to leak onto the rice. She knew that it would amplify the flavor in a way her taste buds wouldn't be ready for.

She took the bite and widened her eyes.

She was right.

Her taste buds truly weren't ready.

If the glorious chicken from before had exceeded expectations, then this combination made those expectations explode into the stratosphere.

The spreading of the sauce onto the rice, amplified the taste, allowing the flavor to expand from just the chicken to the entirety of the dish. The entirety of the rice had fully absorbed the chicken's sauce and assaulted her taste buds with their supremacy.

It was harmony, neither of the two overpowered the other. A kind of tranquil unity that she was not sure she had tried before, but she was glad she had.

Upon tasting the sauce, Yu felt a vague question take form, what was she forgetting…?

Oh wait,

"Shirou-kun, I forgot to ask before," She mentioned, less intense but more curious. "Why does the chicken taste a bit like curry…?"

"Bulls-eye Takeyama-san," Shirou smiled, "I did use the usual curry spices on the chicken."

"But that doesn't explain how the flavor seeped deeply into the meat…" Yu stated, already taking another bit of the combo to try decipher the taste, as if she were a villain trying to break into a safe.

To be fair, this dinner had far more worth than whatever would be kept in a safe.

"When I was cooking the chicken on your skillet, I poured my own mix of curry onto it and covered it with a lid," Shirou said, "I had a little water in the skillet before hand, this ensures that the chicken will be enveloped in curry infused steam. I was afraid that the combination wasn't going to work out in my favor, but you seem to like it. That's good."

… So he basically steamed the chicken with a skillet, but added curry mix in as well? That was…

… Guess work, pure and utter guess work. Yu might have thought of the idea one day, but she wasn't going to execute it even if she knew how.

Shirou could have ruined a good piece of chicken if he failed even slightly somewhere during the cooking stage, but he did it anyway with magnificent results!

Yu could not help but admire that as she went for the mashed potatoes.

How would it mix with the chicken and rice?

Shirou smiled as he watched Yu place all three of his dishes onto a single spoon.

Truth be told, Shirou wasn't sure that it would work either, so he took a precaution in reinforcing the absorbent properties of the chicken so the curry would integrate well.

It hurt his pride slightly, having to use his magic, but he wanted to impress the person who took care of him during the days he spent in this world.

Even if his nerves hurt slightly.

He still needed to unlock those circuits. Perhaps a few hours of meditation? He knew where his circuits were in his soul, maybe he could force prana into them to awaken them?

Shirou watched as Yu shivered in delight at the combination of the three. No doubt the sauce fused with the egg-infused mashed potatoes, creating a unique blend that might have failed if he wasn't careful.

Then again, he was a third-rate magus trying to unlock his circuits that got sealed from his soul and body reducing in age, leaving only his mental state the proper age.

If someone told him something like that, he would have called a psychiatrist.

As Shirou took the last bite, he saw Yu do the same, except that her plate was already empty.

Her eyes shot open from their bliss and stared at the plate, unable to comprehend where it all went. Even the mashed potatoes had been finished to the last drop!

Yu wanted to cry! Her drop of heaven had been taken away! By herself!

Yet she could not fight back the feeling of fulfillment within her. Specifically within her belly.

"It was delicious, Shirou-kun," Yu praised, "VERY delicious. It seems that Onee-chan underestimated your skill."

With good reason, Shirou was fourteen years old with only seven years of memory. By no means should he be this good at cooking.

Maybe his birth parents taught him before he lost his memories and he simply used his muscle memory?

Shirou chuckled at the thought, seeing no chance of that happening.

"I'm glad you enjoyed in Takeyama-san," Shirou returned, "It has been a while since I've been in the kitchen. I've gotten a bit rusty."

This was true. After the war truly began with Archer's betrayal, he had barely any time to just relax and cook for anyone.

Yu's attention, which was originally at the plate, diverted to Shirou with an intensity, "Shirou-kun… This could have been better…?" She simply asked.

Shirou nodded, "I could have added some garlic or some Parmesan cheese if I could. It might have enriched the flavor. I've seen some dishes do well with cheese on their curry, no idea why they would make that but it could be good."

Then again, he saw the idea done on a cooking show that promoted experimentation in the kitchen… He swore he saw a crepe made out of a pizza once.

Within Yu's head, her mind wandered to the possibilities that Shirou could concoct within the sanctuary of a kitchen.

Heavenly possibilities…

"Shirou-kun," Yu asked, her stomach not growling like a savage beast anymore, "Why be a hero when you could be a chef? You'd be set for life!"

He cooked it in record speed too, while she only took twenty minutes in the bath. If she had to wait in a restaurant for something like this for only twenty minutes then she would gladly do so!

Shirou chucked, "I was told that very same thing by my old guardian, but then she said that she realized that she wouldn't be able to keep me to herself."

Yu widened her eyes, "She's right! Forget I said anything about being a chef!"

Shirou raised an eyebrow as he began cleaning the table, "Even if I didn't, I'll only be here until the week ends. Unless you adopt me then keeping me to yourself would be an empty promise."

Yu nodded with a contemplative expression,

"Even then, you cant just adopt a child. You have Hero work to do and an agency to run." Shirou added, "Taking care of a kid would be adding stress onto your already tight schedule, Takeyama-san."

Before Yu could say anything more, Shirou had retreated into the kitchen, taking along with him all the dishes that he would be washing.

Yu could not help but notice his eyes. It was both exhausted and reminiscent… As if he had spent time remembering some painful memories.

Yu thought back to all the times Shirou was lost in thought, constantly gazing at a view she could not see, always thinking about things that he would not tell.

It was understandable to her, after all Shirou only knew her for a few days. Why should he trust someone he barely knew with knowledge like that?

Yu sighed.

That night, despite the fact that Shirou had fed Yu to her utmost satisfaction… It was the first time after becoming a Hero when Yu struggled to sleep.

The morning came a little too earlier than when Yu would have liked. After having slept only 6 hours, Yu was beyond lethargic, and barely had any of her usual spunk.

Which she supposed was a good thing for now, due to the fact that Kenji called her today. Apparently, today was when she was supposed to report to Kenji and Aizawa about Shirou's mental state.

He mentioned that Ragdoll was already keeping an eye on him from afar, so she was allowed to leave him alone in her apartment for a while. She could practically hear the slander that was thrown between the dog and cat even though she couldn't hear them nor was she anywhere near them.

Even though they're professionals they can be surprisingly childish… Not that she can berate them for that.

Shirou was already more mature than her anyway… She certainly didn't hear her dignity cry in shame. That would be crazy!

After Yu silently planned a visit to the psychiatrist herself, she entered Kenji's office where Aizawa, Tsukauchi, and Kenji were already sat. There was a free seat next to Aizawa, presumably where she was going to sit.

She ignored the varied decor that was present in the room… such as the bone plaque above Kenji's chair… or the miniature dog house on his desk… or the exclusive first edition bone girl figurine-

"You're late." Stated Aizawa, breaking Yu from her thoughts.

"Sorry sorry, Aizawa." Yu apologized, taking the free seat near them, "I didn't get much sleep."

Aizawa sighed, "You and your excuses…"

"Enough of that, she's here now. That's all that matters," Kenji stated, nodding to himself once he saw everyone settle in comfortably, "Then, without further delay, relay your report Mount Lady."

Yu nodded and began telling them all of what she learned about the young man.

She told them all about what he told Recovery Girl, even though she felt a bit dirty while telling them. It wasn't her past to tell but her responsibilities came first after all. She also mentioned the fact that he had 'minor altruism' as diagnosed by Recovery Girl…

… Or at least that is what she told them.

She held the psychiatric report in her hand, gazing at the renewed diagnosis. While it was still altruism, she could not tell if it was minor or major. Details were left out by Shirou, that was for sure, even a child could tell that.

However he did conceal enough for the diagnosis to be inaccurate. While she, Kenji, Tsukauchi, and Aizawa wanted to pry further, Recovery Girl would not allow it.

The old Hero explicitly stated in the diagnosis report that she wanted them to take it slow, to allow Shirou to trust them first. This way they could get the entire story without unnecessary complications like lying or information concealment.

Shirou had already been doing that quite a bit around them.

Reluctantly, they all agreed. They didn't want Shirou to conceal his past anymore, but building trust between them was far more important. A person's privacy should be respected after all.

…Also they weren't allowed to drug him for answers…

Aizawa's words, not hers.

"By the way," Tsukauchi said, "We got sent the results of the blood test,"

Obviously interested, Kenji urged Tsukauchi to continue,

"It seems that there is no match within the entirety country of japan," He said solemnly, "There is no one to contact… We will have to call up a nearby orphanage to take him in… and fill up some paperwork, contact nearby childcare services for aid in finding blood relatives, create a citizenship for the duration of his stay, deal with his punishments for vigilantism…"

Yu could practically feel the despair flowing out of the detective, which was understandable due to the fact that it was his responsibility to deal with all those… things, he listed himself.

Aizawa sighed, "That boy is bringing us useless complications…"

"It cannot be helped. These processes are necessary for both his well being and our salaries," Kenji added, "Besides, our questions will be answered, We only need to wait."

"But how long can we afford to wait," Aizawa said, "We have no leads on as to why the kid was in that alleyway in the first place, nor do we have any leads on the other case…"

Yu blinked, "Other case?"

Tsukauchi frowned at Aizawa's slip, Kenji might have as well but it was hard to tell with his dog-like features.

But alas, they knew Mount Lady would not give up and pry the information from them.

"Approximately two days ago," Tsukauchi reported with a solemn sigh, "We received numeral reports on murder cases within Hosu city."

Yu narrowed her eyes, "Was it the Hero Killer?"

It was a well educated guess. The Hero Killer struck Pro Heroes down like they were flies and leave as if he were but a passing gale.

A gale that left behind Heroes corpses.

"At first, we thought so too… but that's impossible," Tsukauchi said, "The Hero Killer leaves corpses behind yes, but they are mostly whole. This new threat however, left the corpses severed in pieces, limbs were severed and their torso's stabbed repeatedly. There were even bite marks on several locations such as their arms and neck."

Yu could feel the bile rise from her throat as she thought about it. "That's disgusting…"

Tsukauchi nodded, "In addition, the victims were not all Pro Heroes, completely ruling out the Hero Killer."

"What were the similarities in the victims?" Yu asked,

"In honesty, they were mostly small time Villains." Aizawa answered, "All they had on their records were cases of mugging and theft."

"A Vigilante?" Asked Yu, but was met with a shake of Aizawa's head.

"If he were a mere Vigilante, then this wouldn't be a big of an issue." He stated, "A percentage of his victims were civilians, even a vigilante wouldn't attempt to harm innocents. No, this man is more likely to be on a rampage."

"However, they had one thing in common." Kenji added, "All victims had blonde hair and were male, which means that it is most likely that our new threat is after someone."

"A rampage while pursuing a certain blonde then," Aizawa amended,

"We've narrowed down all male blonds left in Hosu and assigned guards to keep an eye out on them." Tsukauchi said.

"The city of Hosu is getting more and more dangerous." Kenji stated, "So in response, alongside the cooperation of the Hosu police force, we have been stationing more of our own Musutafu officers in Hosu as of late,"

"In addition, Pro Heroes such as Best Jeanist and Kamui Woods were sent to maintain a watchful eye." Aizawa added, "We would ask All Might as well, but he is preoccupied for the time being. Endeavor said that he was busy, but will be able to go to Hosu once he is done."

"This… is quite a big deal." Yu said,

Aizawa nodded, "Of course it is, it has only been two days but his kill count has already reached nearly a quarter hundred. Anymore and it'd be a disaster."

Yu winced as she thought of all the lost lives from that… maniac.

"Does this threat have a name?" Yu asked,

"We haven't made an official one yet," Kenji said, "But the tabloids and news channels have already started to call him…"

"The Beast has ran rampant across Hosu city for approximately two days." The reporter said as yellow restriction tape was wrapped around an alleyway behind her by police officers, "Not even a week has passed and The Beast's kill count has reached nearly twice a dozen. Victims were reported to have been ripped apart limb from limb live some kind of… animal!"

The reported began to become more emotional as she reported. It was unprofessional but honestly who could blame her? "The Beast has eluded being spotted by local law enforcement and even local Pro Heroes could not find traces of him. Luckily, The Pro Heroes have already sent number 4 Best Jeanist to deal with the situation, but no updates have come forth."

Shirou frowned as he watched the television, having been bored with cleaning the house once Yu left.

Even in a world filled with Heroes, they have serial killer cases like these.

Humanity is the same no matter what world you go to…

Some channels had initially guessed that the Hero Killer, whoever that was, was responsible, but even they thought it was far fetched. It has been a week since the Hero Killer's first few victims, but even he sent an untraceable letter to the Hosu police station, stating that he claims no responsibility for it.

In fact, he would rather put his killings on hold to hunt The Beast.

Shirou didn't know whether that was noble of him or simply territorial aggravation.

Originally he was going to clean the house one more time, but right now his mind was focused on two things. The news channel, and the presence that was observing him.

Shirou knew that despite the fact that he was left alone in Yu's apartment, there was someone watching him.

His experience early on in the Holy Grail War told him that he was not alone, yet he knew that he was the only one in the apartment. This meant that he was being watched from afar, like with Caster from the Holy Grail War.

He turned off the television and went into the bathroom, taking his clothes off and entering the shower.

He smiled as he felt the presence willingly disappear. It seemed that his observer had a sense of privacy, luckily enough for him.

Shirou entered Yu's tub and turned on the cold water, letting it rinse his body. He would have used the hot water…

… That is if he wanted to take a shower in the first place.

He was currently spared from being watched, so that allowed him to work in peace.

He cannibalized a nerve and winced in pain. He channeled prana into it and focused on searching for his actual mana circuits.

His body heated up from the prana. Shirou praised himself for thinking of using the cold water to regulate the heat, almost like a freezer.

It took a little bit of soul searching and mental rearrangement, but Shirou located his circuits. He gently flowed prana into his circuits, not willing to have a repeat of his body going numb from activation again.

At the thought of a hammer striking a forge, he felt his body surge with heat. His soul's circuits were slowly and steadily being activated. One by one, his twenty seven circuits came online, allowing surging heat to flow through him without pain.

Unfortunately he could only awaken twelve of them by himself, and he did not know why.

At least he did not need to destroy another nerve again.

He allowed his nerve to recover and began regulating his prana. His younger body would not be used to his prana yet… but he was sure enough through enough time, his body would adapt.

In a way, it was a minor blessing that he only awakened twelve circuits, his body would have probably felt overwhelmed with the entire twenty seven from his own soul. He would acclimate faster, and more efficiently. He could try activate the rest of his circuits at a later date.

Perhaps the amount of prana he flowed into his body affected how many were awakened?

He noticed that the cold water had begun filling the tub so he shut the shower off, lying his entire aching child body into the tub, cooling his body down from the process as he shut off his circuits.

Most magi had their circuits awakened by someone else, but that was only because most new magi did not know where their circuits were, nor did they know their own trigger.

However he knew where his circuits were, and his mental trigger. He was probably the only magus that had to reactivate his own circuits anyway.

Shirou allowed a circuit to activate, "Trace… on,"

In a flash, Kanshou appeared in his hand.

It was stable, its form didn't flicker whatsoever and for that Shirou was thankful.

However, Shirou could still feel that his single circuit could provide more, so he traced Bakuya. He held the two swords together briefly before letting them dissipate.

His circuits overall prana output had doubled.

His traced projections would last longer in this world due to the absence of Gaia's presence, and in addition he had more prana to use even though he only had about half his circuits awakened. Was this because he is technically the only magus around?

However while it did indeed double, that did not change the fact that he had a little less than half of his circuits active. After doing a bit of math he knew that he had somewhat the same prana output, however he did not know whether or not this change would affect his combat ability or not.

Shirou blinked as he came to a conclusion.

There were barely any other magi in this world. There may have been a few in the far past, but based on his prana output, he could say that no one else was using prana.

The world was naturally filled with its own prana, which can be called mana, or if you wanted to be really technical, call it Gaia's Od.

In his world, prana was being used by the innumerable but limited magi that existed, but in this world, with a severe lack of users, prana most likely flocked to those who had mana.

Granted, this was only a theory from a third-rate magus, but who else could he go to that would have the answers to his inquiry? No one but he knew that magecraft existed, and he preferred to keep it that way.

Shirou got out of the tub and grabbed a towel, getting ready to change. However he noticed one thing…

… The one that was watching him was not returning to watch him.

Was it a stroke of luck?

Either way, this development aligned with his plans.

Without delay, Shirou changed into one of the sweaters he bought within the thankfully cleaned guest bedroom, and hurried to the apartment exit.

In the back of his mind however, he swore he could hear Rin calling him an idiot.

He supposed that it was a fair thought, however he could not ignore it…

… To do so would be forever betraying his own ideal, the ideal that he painstakingly fought to prove to Archer on that hill.

Truly it was laughable, something that normal people would call him out for! After all…

What sane man goes searching for a serial killer…?