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What will Grissom do when Catherine gets kidnapped at a crime scene?

Miles from Nowhere

Gil Grissom walked into the break room and sighed. "We've got another case."  Turning to look at Catherine and Sara, he smiled. "This one is for you guys." He handed Catherine the paper with all the details on it.

Catherine stared at him. "We already have a case."

Grissom merely shrugged. "You're almost finished that one anyways. You and Sara go to this crime scene, and Nick and Warrick will be there shortly to help you guys out."

Catherine nodded and exited the room, Sara following her.

Catherine opened the paper. "Great. Another spousal abuse case… 40 year old woman, found dead by her 20 year old son."

Sara shook her head. "This is so sad. How can people just take it?"

Catherine looked at Sara. "Sometimes, there is no way out, I guess."

~~~At the Crime Scene~~~

Sara set her case down by the victim. "I guess I'll start here. Do you want to start in the back bedrooms and then we will work our way through to the middle?"

Catherine shrugged. "Sure." Looking around, she found it somewhat odd that there were no police cars around. No one else but her and Sara. This was not normal procedure. "Sara?"

"Yeah, Cath?"

"Where is everyone else?"

"Not here… I guess it's just you, me and the vic."

Catherine nodded turning around. "Comforting." She mumbled under her breath as she headed to the back of the house.

Stepping into the master bedroom, she knew that something was out of place. There was something off about the room.

~~ In the House~~

He watched her through the closet. He could smell her perfume, the aroma made her think about what he was going to do with her when he got her. Oh Catherine, you walked right into my trap. He smiled to himself as he watched her methodically search through the room.


Catherine looked inside her case for more evidence bags. "Well, this day is going smoothly." She muttered to herself. Stalking out of the room, she nearly mowed Sara down on her way out. "Getting more evidence bags." She said over her shoulder and stepped outside into the rain that had begun to fall. "Great. Just great. Can this day get any worse?"

~~Back inside the House~~

Sara crouched over the victim, looking at the wounds. She heard footsteps behind her and she began talking, assuming it was Catherine. "There's something wrong with this victim, Cath. They've been dead long then…" She froze when she felt a gloved hand touch her shoulder.

"I'm not Catherine." The hoarse voice rasped.

Sara turned around slowly, only to have him grasp her by the shoulders and pull her to her feet. She felt his gloved hands close around her throat, cutting off her air supply. She pushed at him, and kicked his shins. He loosened his grip on her throat long enough for her to wrench out of his grasp. "Catherine!" She tried to scream, but nothing more than a croak came out. The intruder was right behind her, and covered her mouth with his hand. He pulled out a rag, and Sara immediately recognized the odor of Chloroform. He covered her mouth and nose with it, forcing her to breathe it in. Moments later, she slumped to the floor, unconscious.

Now my dear Catherine… He thought to himself as he waited in the darkness for her to return.

Catherine came in the front door, and began telling Sara how she wished that people wouldn't take her things without replacing them. She saw Sara's unconscious figure lying on the ground and she knelt in front of her. "Sara?" She gasped. "What the hell?"

Two arms grasped her around the middle, swinging her around, knocking over a lamp, sending it crashing to the ground. "You are mine now Catherine."

Catherine gasped at the sound of the voice recognizing it immediately. "Let me go!" She shouted. She hit him with her hands and fists, and kicked at him. But he had anticipated this. Pulling out another rag, he covered her mouth and nose with it. Slowly she began to stop fighting, until she was limp in his arms.

Oh Catherine, you feel so lovely in my arms. He thought to himself. This is the way it should have been .I wish you hadn't tried to fight me…

The intruder carried Catherine out of the house and to her Tahoe. Placing her in the backseat, he took of for nowhere.

~~Nick  and Warrick~~

Nick closed his cell phone's flip. "Sara's not answering her cell phone."

Warrick laughed a little. "You know that she's probably too engrossed in whatever it is that she's doing."

Nick smiled. "Yeah, that's for sure. She does get wrapped up in cases."

They turned down the street that Grissom had mentioned in his directions. "I don't see Catherine's Tahoe anywhere." The stopped in front of the house, surveying their surroundings.

"Why is the front door open? Surely they would have closed it." Warrick stated. "Something isn't right here…"

Nick was out of their S.U.V within a matter of seconds. Gun drawn, he inched toward the house, Warrick on his heels. He got to the front door and the odor of a dead body wafted over to him, making him gag momentarily. Warrick cautiously pushed the door open and peered inside.  "I see Sara's kit, but it's hard to tell, there's no light."

Nick stepped inside hoping that Sara had just been left alone at the scene while Catherine had gone to process something at the lab.

He stopped short when he saw the scene in front of him. There was stuff everywhere, including evidence bags thrown about the room. He heard a moan and saw Sara move a little on the floor, beside the victim.  Holstering his weapon, he stepped toward her. "Sara?" He bent down beside her. "Sara? What happened?"

Sara began mumbling something incoherent.

"Sara, you have to tell me what happened." Nick's normally calm voice was elevated with fear.

"Catherine…" She started, her voice barely audible.

"Catherine what?" Nick prodded.

"Gone…" Sara finished, passing out once more. Nick looked at her and felt his heart drop to the floor. He picked up her limp body and he and Warrick closed off the scene. Placing Sara in the backseat, Nick climbed in beside her.

Warrick pulled his cell phone out of its holder. He dialed Grissom's number.


"Gris? It's Warrick… we've got a slight problem…"

"What's that?" Grissom said, sounding annoyed.

"Catherine's gone."

"Gone?" Grissom nearly choked. Gone?? Where would she go? It hadn't quite sunken in as to what Warrick meant.

"Someone rendered Sara unconscious and took off with Catherine. I'm sorry Grissom, she's been kidnapped."

Grissom dropped his cell phone. This couldn't be happening. Not to Catherine. His Catherine.

A/N: Who was it? Who took Catherine? (Insert Evil Cackle Here) I promise it was not Greg…  I have no intentions of making him the evil dude this time. :)