Updated on 8/14/2017

I just like to put this out there. The part of Deathly Hallows where Harry, Hermione, and Ron going to the Headmaster's study were Harry fixed his wand or the part Harry breaks the elder wand and throw it off that bridge in the movie did not happen that way in this story.

In this story, Harry used a memory charm to make Hermione and Ron think that is what happens. Harry was in the Headmaster's study by himself ripping it apart, He found the book of Albus Dumbledore plans. He also found some other things there. Harry never did break the elder wand he kept it himself and lied to Hermione and Ron. Who would not keep that wand. He did keep the cloak. I thought to use some part of it in this story, I have decided not to use it as a flashback. So I put it here.

Part of the Deathly Hallows I have described above may be out of the book and or the movie or both. This story will not use any contractions of any kind. This is an Alternate Reality Earth and a Fictional story. If this is not your cup of tea. Do not read it!

Now to... Harry Potter and the Time Ship of Janus


Characters Thought

Chapter 1

Just after the war with Voldemort ended, within a very old looking Manor on a London street named Grimmauld Place at number twelve the man inside the manor was going to get some sleep, As Harry put his hand in his pocket and pulls out the resurrection stone. Wow, how the bloody hell did that get into my pocket! Harry said to himself. Wow okay, so I have all three of the Hallows now. Well, let me see if I can fix my old wand. Harry pulls out his old broken wand from the Mokeskin pouch, he takes hold of the Elder wand.

"Reparo!" The wand reseals it self like it was never broken.

Now I hope my old wand works. Harry thought to himself. Harry picks up his holly and phoenix feather wand. Harry thinks to himself of a spell to use, when Harry starts to remember his Patronus. Harry thinks of the spell Expecto Patronum just as Harry thought of the spell, his wand glows very brightly. When a golden stag comes out of the tip of the wand. Harry just stood there, looking at the golden stag with a look of excitement. Wow! Now that is a Patronus. Harry thought to himself. Harry walks over to his bed and sat down. Thinking to himself what to do with the old wand of Draco Malfoy a 25.4 centimeters Hawthorn with Unicorn hair. Harry holds the wand in his hand and...Snap... Now I just have to send this to Draco, he did want his wand back. He said this to himself. Harry moves over to the desk and looks for an envelope he finds one, and a pad of paper he writes a note out.

To: Draco Malfoy, Also known as Ferret boy!

I return your wand to you, try to use it now.

Thank you for giving me the Elder wand.

You and your mother are now and forever removed from the Black Family.

Signed Lord Harry Potter Black.

Harry placed the broken wand with the note into the envelope addressed it. To Draco Malfoy on it.

Harry looked at it and calls out. "Kreacher" With a pop the old elf looks at Harry.

"Master Potter Black what can Kreacher do for you." Kreacher asked in an old croaky voice.

"Can you find Draco Malfoy and give him this letter for me and do not talk to him or to anyone just say this is for you then come back here Kreacher," Harry ordered the elf. Kreacher looks at Harry.

"Kreacher will do what Master Harry Potter Black asked of him." With a pop, Kreacher was gone.

Bloody hell, I will not get any sleep now! Harry tells himself as he sat on his bed. Harry looks around his room as he saw the Cloak of Invisibility on a hook by the door. Harry stands up and walks over to the Cloak, Harry takes the cloak off the hook, he then walks over to the desk where the Elder wand is. He pulls the Resurrection Stone out of his pocket. Well, let me see if anything happens when I put them together! Harry thought to himself. When a blinding light engulfs Harry. Just before Kreacher pops back inside the room.

"Master Harry Potter Black, Kreacher has done what you ordered." Kreacher calls out. He looks around the room for his master when he heard a voice calling out for Harry Potter. Kreacher starts to move toward the door when Hermione runs into Kreacher.

"Oh, I am so sorry Kreacher, have you seen Harry!" Hermione asked the elf. Kreacher picks himself off of the floor and looks at the witch with hate in his eye.

"No, Kreacher has not seen Master Harry Potter Black, when Kreacher came back from doing what master orders him to do. His Cloak is gone and so is the elder wand... Why is your face look that way, master will not like your face look like that no he will not." Kreacher said to her.

"My face was done by that asshole Ron Weasley, and what do you mean Harry's Cloak and Elder wand are gone." Hermione calls out. Oh Harry, what has happened to you. I thought he broke that Wand. She said to herself.

Meanwhile, in an unknown location...

Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter... A voice calls out.

"What is going on!" Harry asked. "Who are you."

"I am Janus of the Lantean or the Alteran people," Janus replies.

"What is the Lantean and Alteran people?" Harry asked. "What are you, and why can I see thru you."

"The Lantean or the Alterans are a people that are seventy million years old space traveling human's." Explains Janus. "You are on board my ship in space above earth. I am an artificial intelligence hologram of this ship."

"Okay, What the hell. I was just at Home," Harry asked. "Why am I here."

"You were beamed up by my ship because you put my three Hallows together," Janus explains this to Harry. "Now hold still, you need this information on this ship downloaded to your brain." Just then a light engulfs Harry and passed out. One hour later, Harry starts to wake up. "Wow, that some information!" He stated. "SHIT my head is pounding."

"It will go away soon Harry Potter," Janus explains.

"So what is your mission, Janus," Harry asked the AI.

"I was in a hold mode to wake up when the Hallows device was put back together," Janus explains this to Harry.

"Is it the key to this ship right," Harry asked.

"No, they are not a key to this ship! They are a key to your blood line." Janus explained. "Only one with my bloodline could be beamed up to this ship. And that this is a Time Ship."

"Wait, this is a time ship," Harry asked the AI in disbelief.

"Yes, this is an upgraded Aurora class II battleship with my Time Drive and data installed in the computer core. This ship will go to any time you wish," Janus explains. "My first-time ship was a Gate Jumper from the City ship Atlantis in the Pegasus dwarf irregular galaxy."

"Okay, Okay I see now," Harry said. "I need to look at the status of the ship."

On a very weird screen of light, the words appear on it. A Voice started to read the list.

Ship Status update...

Ship's Hull at...100% No damage to report.

Time device at...100% ready 3 Potentia full power online and in standby mode.

Ship power at...100% ready the 12 Potentia at full power online with 19 in storage.

Ship's cloaking power at...100% ready and powered on.

Ship shield's power at...100% ready and powered on with 3 Potentia online.

Intergalactic Hyperdrive at...100% ready with 3 Potentia online.

All weapons at...100% ready with 3 Potentia on standby.

All 100 Maintenance/Repair bots at 100% ready on standby.

1 Gate ship in docking port on the hangar bay A... 100% ready.

9 computer core at 100% ready.

End of the report said the voice.

"So the ship is 100% ready to go and cloaked Janus." Asked Harry with a look of determination to take this time ship to save his parent's.

"Yes, that is right Harry," Janus replies.

"So why did Janus have this ship here in an orbit of the earth," Harry asked. "And what blood line did you speak of."

"You see Harry you have Peverell blood in you that makes you the only owner of the three Hallows," Janus starts to explain to Harry. "Now the others in the Lantean Council of Ascended did not like what he was planning to do with time travel. To fix the war with the Wraith. Now he got to the point, that his brain was at the point he could ascend. Now Janus was the top scientist the Lantean had, and the council did not like how he did things. So when Janus ascended he hid out and built this ship to stop the Wraith. And other things Janus wanted. As an ascended being he found the three brother's at the river the three brothers made a bridge to cross the river as an ascended being he made himself look like death and made the Wand, Stone and the Cloak the three Hallows were gifted to the three Peverell brothers."

"Okay, Well I never thought that death came to them, and gifted them the hollows to the three brother's," Harry asked the AI. "So Janus played as death!"

"No, the Hallows were made by Janus," Janus explains this to him. "The three brother's started the story. Now that you are here, you have this ship to help you set right what happen to you."

"WHAT!.." Harry cries out. "Wait, so I can stop Riddle from murdering my parents, and fix my body that those Fucking Dursleys did to me for sixteen year's."

"Well if you want too," Janus said to him. "This ship has a way to put your knowledge you know now into your younger body and to wake that knowledge after you reach the age of eleven year's old."

"Okay, let us do it!" Harry stated this to Janus. When in time do we go, that is what I got to figure out. Well October 31st, 1981 is when Riddle murdered my parents. I was just fifteen months old that will not help me. Myself as a baby. Harry did not mean to say all that out loud.

"Well no, I will not put your knowledge in your fifteen-month-old brain," Janus replies to him.

"No, I know what we will do!" Harry thought it out then adds. "Scan Hogwarts for all information on Tom Marvolo Riddle."

"Scanning for information started." Said the AI. "Finding all info on Tom Riddle all the information is ready now. Beaming up all the information on him now." Harry started to go through all the papers on Tom Riddle and had Janus scanned it into the ship's computer.

"Now, I will take this ship to the date just after Riddle went to Hogwarts for the DADA job. That dumb ass Dumbledore told he could not have and Tom put the Horcrux in the room of requirement." Harry plans this out then asked. "Janus will it be possible, To beam the Horcruxes from Earth when we get there."

"Yes, but not the one in the room of requirement, that room is outside time," Janus explains to Harry. "Now you need to get to the Medical Bay to get healed up before we go."

"Okay yeah, I need some food and drink too," Harry said to Janus.

"Yes, food and water supply will be at 100% ready after you get healed," Janus replies.

"Yes, I will go to the Medical Bay now," Harry tells the Al.

2 hours later...

"Harry, wake up..." Ordered Janus.

"DAMN what the bloody hell happen now." Harry cries out. "Wow, I can see without glasses!"

"Well you are healed now, well almost you still have snake venom and Phoenix tears in your blood. It will not harm you now." Janus explains. "Your magical core is now back up to full core size and all the Potions are gone from your body."

"Okay what, my magical core was blocked," Harry yells out. "Wait. What potion's were in me."

"Love, hate and jealousy potion's and no your magical core was bound by half of what you should have been," Janus replies.

"That, Fucking Manipulative Old Bastard," Harry yells out. "I will kill him!"

"Well, he is dead!" Janus replies to Harry. "You can do it when we get to the past, now eat up. I will beam, all your stuff from this time and place it in cargo bay 2."

"You know Janus, clean out Gringotts of all the gold, silver and gems." Harry orders. "I may need it. Oh and beam up Hermione for me too."

"Scanning Gringotts for all the Gold, Silver and Gems." A voice calls out. "Locked on to all items, beaming up to Cargo Bay 3. All items from Potter, Black and Peverell vault beamed up to cargo bay 2."

"Scanning for Hermione Granger... Found her at your house, Harry." Janus replies. "Harry we have five Goblins in cargo bay 3, what would you like to do with them."

"Well beam them to the brig." Harry orders and adds. "Oh and make sure that none of my gold, Silver or Gems are on them. Is there away to block out their magic."

"Yes, there is, the brig has zero point energy blocking and an energy shield to keep them in," Janus explains. "You should go down there and talk with them. I will beam you to the brig's hallway."

The Brig...

With a bright light, that came and went just as fast, stood Harry in front of the door to the brig. Harry looks at the door and runs his hand through his hair with a thought. Well, I should just deal with this! Harry tells himself. Damn Goblins took just about all my gold from me. Now I have it all from them. Harry walks up to the door, that just open for him, as he walks into the room that had cells along the back wall. One cell had five very angry looking Goblins inside. When Harry walks up to the shield one of the Goblins starts to yell at Harry.

"What is the meaning of this thief. You will not get away with this!" The Goblin cries out. "Lord Potter Black the Goblin Nation will kill you now!"

"No, I think not... I will get away with this! And good luck finding out where I am to kill me." Harry said this to them and adds. "Did the Goblins Nation think I would let go, that your people let a man rip me off for over fifteen years! Well, I cleaned out all the vaults in Gringotts of the Gold, Silver, and Gems you can keep the Bronze Knut's." Then one Goblin started to laugh out loud. The other Goblins within the cell look at him with a look that he was crazy. The one goblin laughing stopped and said. "You very dumb Wizard we have more than just Gold in Gringotts!" Just then Janus appears in the room and looks at the five Goblins in the cell and then over to Harry and. "Not anymore, I took it all. The Goblin Nation should never have those type of metals and never will." Janus made his point and Harry waving to the Goblins. "Goodbye now. Harry and I have much work to do." The five Goblins engulf in a flash of light are gone from the cell. "Come your friend and your elf is now in the Medical bay I will beam you there,"

Inside the Medical Bay.

Harry, is beamed into the Medical Bay, saw Kreacher and Hermione standing there.

"What the hell is Kreacher doing here for!" Harry yells out to the room. "Hermione I think you have been on a love, hate and jealousy potion!" Hermione was standing there with Kreacher hanging on to Hermione. "Kreacher let go of Hermione."

"Master Harry Potter Black Kreacher will do as master said." Kreacher moves away from the Witch.

"Mione, What the bloody hell happen to your face!" Harry said this in a demanding way. Kreacher looks up to the witch with an I told you, look on his face.

"Ron Fucking Weasley did this to me after he tried to rape me," Hermione replies to him. "When, I found out him and his mother, feeding me many potions to love him. Oh, Harry, I think I killed them both."

"Good, you saved me going back down to do that myself!" Harry tells this to her. Hermione walks over and grabs Harry in a big hug and starts to cry. Harry put his right hand on her neck with a dull red light Hermione went limp into Harry's arms.

"Put her on the Medical bed Harry," Janus asked. "So I can scan her." Harry walks over to the Medical bed and laid her on the bed.

"Starting the scan on her." A voice called out.

"So how is she," Harry asked.

"Well not as bad as you. No snake venom or phoenix tears in her blood as you do." Janus replies and adds. "Now, she is loaded with a few potions. They are starting to break down in her system but very slowly."

"She must have taken a potion to remove the love potion from her," Harry explains.

"This should not take long to heal her right maybe two or three hours to heal her face up," Janus said. "And her body to 100% health and magic or zero point energy."

"Well, that is good to know," Harry said. "I will be here eating and thinking about everything I need to do."

"Master Harry Potter Black Kreacher can get you the food and drink for you, Kreacher will." Kreacher said to him.

"Yes, Kreacher please get us some food and drink it is here on the ship," Harry orders the elf. "And do not try to pop home." Kreacher snap two finger's together food and drink for both of them pop on the table. After eating Kreacher asked his Master. "Master Harry Potter Black, Kreacher wants to go on like other Black elves did before, Kreacher is too old to serve the house of Black Kreacher is."

"If that is what you want Kreacher, it will be so," Harry said this to the elf. "As Lord Black, you can die as a Black elf." With that order, Kreacher jump up on a spike that just popped under the elf. His body fell to the floor and turned to dust. Harry looking at the spot and said "Goodbye Kreacher." Harry picked up the spike with Kreacher head on it, and place it on a lab table next to the door.

3 hours later Hermione starts to wake up Harry walk over to the med bed to see her.

"Harry what is going on," Hermione asked as she looking around the room.

"Here some water Mione," Harry said to her. "I will tell you soon." She takes the glass of water from Harry and drinks the water down with one look at Harry's face.

"Harry, your scar is gone. You are not wearing glasses anymore." Hermione stated to him.

"All of your scars are gone too," Harry said this to her. "My eye's are healed so I do not need them." She look's at her arm where that bitch carved "Mudblood" on her arm was gone, and the scar that asshole Dolohov gave her was gone as well. "Hey, Hermione how do you feel now. Wow, Hermione, you look great, ah well, very beautiful looking!"

"HARRY JAMES POTTER WHY THE BLOODY HELL DID YOU STUN ME FOR, WHAT IS THIS PLACE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!" Hermione yells out. Then she replies softly. "And you think I am beautiful Harry!"

"Well Hermione, you were potion up on love, hate and jealousy potions. Well, I stunned you because you were going off the deep end." Harry explains to her. "Yes, Hermione you are beautiful, you always are to me."

"Well, now that you said that, I feel very good. I know that I am in Love with you Harry." Hermione replies. "I have been from the time you saved me from the troll first year."

"I love you too Hermione," Harry said as he helps her down from the medical bed. "So are you hungry we can get some food at mess hall come on." Both Harry and Hermione walked out of the Medical Bay to a door at the end of the hall. Hermione is looking all around just as they, reached the door Harry asked Hermione.

"Mione, I know that you have a lot of question, you want to ask, Just hold on till we make our way to the mess hall, it will not take long."

"Okay Harry, I will wait," Hermione answers as she follows Harry. The door opens to what looks like an elevator they both move inside when the door closed behind them a voice calls out. Please state main deck number with sub deck number. Or directory list.

"I like to see the directory list of the main deck with sub-deck," Harry calls out. The directory list is on the viewer now. The voice calls out.

"Okay, I see it now." Said Harry and calls out "Main Deck 4 sub-deck 32 Mess hall." There was no movement to the lift when the door opened Hermione was looking at a sign on the wall.

Main Deck 4 Sub-Deck 32 Mess Hall 1 thru 4

Harry grabs onto Hermione's hand with a pull they walk down the hall, they reach a door with Mess hall 1 on the door. Harry walks up to the door when it opens for him, he pulls Hermione with him to another door, with Main Kitchen on that door, Harry and Hermione walk into the kitchen. The room is very large with a grill area, large oven's area and stove tops with 6 gas like burners on them. Harry has Hermione follow him over to the food prep area, on a hook there hung an apron with a chef hat that Harry put on.

"My Lady, what can Chef Harry make you for dinner this lovely night with my sexy girlfriend," Harry said as he stood there in a pose.

"Oh my god Harry, do you mean it. Am I your girlfriend." Hermione asked as she was jumping up and down.

"If you will have me, Mione, I do love you," Harry tells her.

"I love you Harry, my boyfriend," Hermione replies to him. Then she adds. "So Chef Harry, I would like to have some grilled barbecue chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans. That is what I want Harry, can you cook that." Just after Hermione said what she wanted to eat all the ingredients are beamed in onto the food prep area.

"Sure can, this will not take long," Harry calls out. "So ask your question's now." As Harry starts to prepare the food.

"Okay Harry, what is this place," Hermione asked. "And why are you here, And where is Kreacher." Hermione stood in front of a prep table that looks like it made out of stainless steel but she was not sure. "This place is the kitchen." Harry points around with his hand. Hermione looks to him. "That is not funny Harry. You know what I meant. Now explain." She said this to him in a huff.

"Okay, Okay, I will tell you. This is my ship the Aurora an upgraded Aurora class II battleship that is in an orbit of Earth," Harry explains as he was now cooking the food. "Kreacher wanted to die as a Black Elf should, so I let him go on the next great elf journey. He was very old Mione, I have his head on a spike now."

"Really Harry, a spaceship," Hermione asked him. "you have the elf's head on a spike, that is disgusting Harry."

"Yes Mione, a space ship. Well, more of a battleship." Harry replies than adds. "I will take you to the Bridge after we eat."

One hour later after eating, and talking all about what was important to them both, it was time to go to the bridge.

The Aurora Bridge.

Harry and Hermione are beamed to the bridge when Hermione walks up to the window and saw.

"Wow, look at that. Oh, Harry is that really Earth." Hermione asked.

"Yes it is Hermione, that really is Earth down there," Harry explains to her. "I would, like for you to come with me on a new adventure."

"Where to Harry," Hermione asked.

"Well, I will tell you," Harry said to her with a small smile. Harry tells her all about everything that is going on, well most of it.

"Harry, I will upload some of the information to Her brain to help her with the ship and you," Janus informs him. "I thought you like to know."

Just about 2 hours later...

"Wow Harry, that is a lot of information to deal with," Hermione stated as she rubs her forehead. "Well, what about my parents Harry. They are still somewhere around Australia with no memories of me."

"Well, that is a good thing right now," Harry replies to her.

"Why would you say that," Hermione asked.

"Look, Mione, it will not matter after we get done with the mission," Harry gave this answer.

"Harry you keep called me Mione," She said him.

"So what, you do not like it," Harry said to her with a smirk.

"Well Harry, it is okay," Hermione replies and adds. "I do like it when you call me that."

"Okay, Mione," Harry said to her and explains his plan to her. "Here what we are going to do. This battleship is a Time Ship, and I am going to go back and get rid of Tommy Riddle and his Merry Men, all of them and his Horcruxes from the past. We will need to get just one Horcrux when we get there from the room of requirement."

"How are we going to get into Hogwarts Harry," Hermione said this as she folds her arms against her chest.

"Well, the same way you and I were brought up to this ship. Beaming like on star trek." Harry tells this to her. "But better, the wards have no effect on them."

"Okay, Harry let us do this!" Hermione replies as she looks out the window at the Earth.

"Well take a seat," Janus told them both. Both of them move over to the chairs on the bridge and sat down.

"Okay, we are ready to go Janus. Did we get everything we talk about," Harry asked the AI.

"Yes, Harry. I got all the stuff and Hermione things as well when I beamed her onboard," Janus replies.

"Hold on Janus, we need to find out the date he went to Hogwarts. When he hid the Ravenclaw's Diadem in the room of requirement and then went to Dumbledore about the Defense Against the Dark Arts job." Harry explains as he looks at Hermione. She had a look on her face that Harry knew all too well.

"You Know Harry, Fuck that!" Hermione spoke out with a look of determination on her face. "Dumb as a door will tell us shit. We do know that Tom Riddle was born on 12/31/1926 at the Wool's Orphanage in London. We will just go there when he is ten-years-old, beam him up from there and watch the timeline from then on."

"Wow Mione, that is a great idea. We do know he went bad there." Harry said this to her. "Okay Mione, let us make this happen."

"Janus set the Time device computer for midnight on the 28th of May 1937," Harry orders. "Get ready Mione I think this will be one crazy ride."

"We are a go in ten minutes," Janus informs them. Harry and Hermione just sat there reading up on the ship's systems to pass the time.

Time drive will be ready in ten seconds. A voice called out.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0 Time Drive ready. A voice called out.

"Engage the time drive," Harry orders.


Midnight on the 28th, of May 1937.

"Time Jump complete." Announce Janus.

"Janus scan for Riddle at the Orphanage." Harry orders.

"Scanning...found Riddle in his room," Janus informs them.

"Okay Janus, launch a mini spy-bot down to the Orphanage, I want eye's on him," Harry orders the AI, then asked. "Mione find out who owns the Wool's Orphanage building."

"Harry, the bank of England owns the building," Mione replies and adds. "It looks like it is up for sale Harry but the one to buy it will have to keep the Orphanage. And Harry we have World War II, that is just about to start soon. And will go thru until May 8th, 1945 here in Europe."

"Well, the war will happen," Harry replies with him saying. "We could stop most of it here in London."

"Harry the spy-bot is in Riddle room," Janus informs them. "The boy is sleeping right now."

"Mione, let us go and get some sleep, we will buy the building at 9:30 am," Harry stated. "Oh and Janus, beam Tom up and his stuff, have the bot mark it for beam out. Make the room look like he ran away from the Orphanage."

"That is great thinking Harry," Mione replies then adds. "Oh, and Janus put Tom in the brig put his stuff just outside the cell and block all zero point energy on him."

"I will beam him out as soon as the bot has finished the work," Janus informs them just before the AI beams them to the captain's quarters.

As Harry starts to wake up with Hermione's head on his chest. Harry looks over to his clock with 7:45 am on it. Harry starts to move when Hermione wakes up. "Morning Harry did you sleep well," Hermione asked.

"Yes Mione, I slept like a rock," Harry replies to her. "With you on this bed with me, it was the best sleep I ever had. I love you, Mione."

"I love you as well Harry," Mione said to him to kiss his cheek. "I do not think I will ever sleep alone again. Come on Harry, we need to get ready for the day."

"Yes, we do Mione. We need to try out that Lantean bathroom!" Harry said with a grin on his face. Hermione grabs Harry from the bed and pulls him into the bathroom.

Forty-five minutes later on the Aurora's Bridge...

"Good timing, to both of you," Janus tells them. "That thing, inside the brig cell. Needs to be spaced into the cold vacuum of space!"

"Well, let us go see Tommy boy, and find out what is going on," Harry said as he looks to Hermione. "Janus beam us to the brig. Oh, and Janus Scan Hogwarts for the Basilisk down within the Chamber of Secrets. If you can, Beam the snake to an empty cargo hold."

"Scanning Hogwarts...I do have a lock on the snake. I will beam the snake to cargo bay 4." Janus informs them.

"Place the snake in stasis Janus." Harry orders just before Janus beams them to the corridor to the Brig.

Both of them are standing in front of the door to the Brig. Harry takes one step toward the door when it opens for them, both walk into the room when Harry hears his name being called out. Hermione looks at Harry with a worried look on her face.

"Harry Fucking Potter. Well, you do look like him, taller better looking and no glasses on your face." Riddle stated this to them in a ten-years-old voice. "Oh look, Miss Granger, is with you. Why are you here in 1937, I will tell you nothing." Just as Harry starts to open his mouth Janus appears within the room. "Oh, I think you will!" Janus tells him "I will scan his brain Harry for all the information we need."

"Ah, Janus can he hear us," Harry asked. "Oh never mind Janus I know now, he can only hear us when you let him hear us through the shield." A beam of light of light hit Riddle and he starts to call out. "You can not do this to me, I am Lord Voldemort. I will kill you this time Harry Potter!"

"Please,... Shut the Fuck up Tommy boy." Harry stated loudly. "You can not do shit to me, Riddle. You have no power inside that cell!"

"So Janus, how the hell did older Tom send his knowledge to the past," Hermione asked with her arms folded on her chest.

"It looks like a spell that Salazar Slytherin came up with," Janus explains to them. "When Harry killed him off it transported his knowledge to his younger body."

"Did he make a Horcrux yet!" Hermione asked quickly then adds. "What was he going to change. We need to know Janus."

"Well no, he can not make a Horcrux without a wand," Janus explains. "He was planning to just make one and hide it well. And he was planning to put up a ward for the Orphanage because of the war coming soon. Then take out both of your families I have a better way to protect London."

"And what is that better way to protect London from the bombing," Hermione asked as she thought of many plans. "What are we going to do with Tom, now that we are not only killing a kid."

"Oh, I am not telling you how I will protect London you will see later," Janus informs them. "You will not have to kill Tom Riddle I will take care of him. Now I have clothes of the time period for both of you in your room." Both Harry and Hermione were beamed to their room. As it happens Tom Riddle saw it, he was so scared for his life. As Janus turn around to face Riddle, he had a plan to get rid of him. With that Tom Riddle was engulfed within a bright light. When the light dimmed Riddle was in a room with a very large snake he starts to talk in Parseltongue.

"That will not work Riddle," Janus said to him. "Lunch time snake." The snake wakes up and looks at the boy, he drops dead when the yellow eye's look into the boy's eyes. When the body hit the floor, the snake moves to eat it. "Now that is the true end of Tom Marvolo Riddle for my many time over great-grandson," Janus said as he fades out.

Inside the captain's quarters, Harry and Hermione are getting ready to buy the Orphanage. They made their way to the Bridge. "Janus, Hermione and I are ready to beam down to London," Harry orders. "So what did you do to Riddle Janus."

"He became snake food!" Janus informs them. "I will beam you both down now to an alley next to the bank. Do not forget the trunk of money there." Harry and Hermione found themselves in a dark alley as they walk out of the alley it was a very crappy day out in London as Harry and Hermione walked to the bank. He thought the way Janus took take care of Tom Riddle, was the best way to end his life. Harry and Hermione walk inside the bank and made their way to a reception desk with a woman at it.

"How may the Bank of England help you today." A woman asked as she was looking at the trunk the young woman that had a hold of.

"Yes Madam, I would like to talk to the person in charge of the Wool's Orphanage building," Harry replies to the woman. "We will take a seat over here." The woman stood up from the desk and walks over to a door behind her. The woman returns after ten minutes with an older man walking over. Harry stood up, as the man reached them, Hermione stood as she had a hold of the trunk.

"I am Mr. Kirkham in charge of the Wool's Orphanage building." He said to them. "You may follow me to my office where we can talk." Harry and Hermione followed Mr. Kirkham to his office. Harry closed the door after Hermione moves inside the room pulling the trunk on wheels behind her. She places the trunk next to the chair she was about to sit on. Harry walks over to the chair next to Hermione. Harry stood in front of the chair when Mr. Kirkham started to talk.

"You both may take a seat." Mr. Kirkham tells them then asked. "So what does one so young want with a very large five story building with an Orphanage within it."

"I and my wife are Mr. and Mrs. Smith we were both Orphan's from a young age I was seven she was eight years old at the time," Harry explains this made up story to the man, off the top of his head. "We both come from, very wealthy families. We were both staying at the same crappy ran Orphanage, we never let that hold us back. We own that building now and the Orphanage. Now we are here to buy this building and any building that has an Orphanage in it here in London the kids need a strong foundation to build upon! Do you agree with me, Mr. Kirkham!"

"Oh Yes, I do Mr. Smith now the building price is 105,000.00 pounds." Mr. Kirkham stated this with a small smirk and with a thought. No snot nose kid will get anything over on me. I will jack up the price of the back taxes to make more money on this deal. "And with tax and the back taxes on the building come to 120,000.00 pounds."

"Not a problem Mr. Kirkham we have four million pounds in the trunk," Harry stated this to him. "The 3,880,000.00 of the money left, we like to open an account here at the Bank of England."

"You are that Smith that sold four million British pounds of gold bars to the Bank of England." Mr. Kirkham replies to them and thought. Oh, bloody hell I could have swindled even move out of this fool. "I thought you a yank, and yet you sound British to me."

"We are British. Well, both are parents came from here in England." Harry stated "We are both from New York. Now we like this business we have here done today Mr. Kirkham."

Three hours later Harry and Hermione pulling the trunk on wheels behind her. They walked to the alley where Harry pulls 20,000.00 British pounds out of the trunk that still had about three hundred and eighty thousand inside it. "Janus beam the trunk back up," Harry orders. "Well, that went well." As the trunk was beamed up.

"Yes, Harry it did," Mione said to him. "That cover story was the best Harry. We should head over to the Orphanage now." Harry with Hermione walked back out of the alley. They took a cab from the bank to the Orphanage, a ride that took way too long to go 14 kilometers. When the cab stops at a dead end road. The driver calls out. "The Wool's Orphanage is at the end of the road. It is not that far, that will be ten pounds for the fare." The driver said with a big smile. Harry saw the meter it had a price of only five pounds on it just before the driver cleared it out. Harry did not want any trouble from the driver.

"Thank you, for the lift. Here, is twenty pounds for you, my good Sr." Harry said handing the money to the driver. "Come on my wife we have to walk now." Both get out of the cab quickly. On the walk to the Orphanage.

"Good thing I am not wearing high heels shoes," Hermione said to him. "These boots are very comfortable to wear. Oh, Harry, I do think that cab driver ripped us off, for the ride here."

"It does not matter Mione I only have twenty-pound notes and higher on me," Harry replies to her as they were walking down the sidewalk. "I am just glad he did not try to rob us." He looks over his shoulder to make sure no one was following them. As they were still walking down the sidewalk toward an iron gate, with Wool's Orphanage name done within the top part of the iron gate Harry open the gate. They both walk up and knock on the door. An older looking woman opens the door and asked. "May I help you." The woman was looking at both of them.

"We would like to speak with Mrs. Cole," Harry asked her. "We are the new owner of this Orphanage and this Building."

"Yes, well do come in. I am Mrs. Cole." She replies to them. "We can talk in my office." Mrs. Cole with Harry and Hermione following her enter Mrs. Cole's office and sat down.

"Yes thank you for your time Mrs. Cole," Harry said. "My wife has all the paperwork on the sale of this building from Mr. Kirkham." Harry and Hermione are both sitting there with Mrs. Cole sitting at her desk looking at the paperwork on the building.

"Well, this paperwork is all in order. I know Mr. Kirkham from the bank well." She stated then adds. "What will change here, I had one child run away today. Strange boy Tom Riddle is, the other children did not get along with the boy. Well, the police are looking for him now."

"Well, we both hope the boy will be found and be okay," Hermione replies to her, then she adds. "Oh, I am sorry, how rude of us. We are Mr. and Mrs. Smith."

"We do have some money for the Orphanage," Harry said then he adds. "I would like for you to keep a record of all money spent. You will have a pay raise and so will the staff, here is two thousand pounds for food, clothes, shoes, and toys for the children. And another four thousand pounds for you and your staff."

"Oh thank you so much Mr. & Mrs. Smith." Mrs. Cole said this with a happiness within her voice. "Well, the Orphanage can use the money, so can I and the staff. "Is there a place to contact you, if the need comes."

"No, we just arrived here yesterday, from New York," Harry explains. "My wife and I were hoping for a room to stay in."

"Oh yes, there is a very nice and clean room and with a large bathroom just down the hall." Mrs. Cole explains to them as they start to leave the office. "I am sure you both will love the room. I will show it to you." As they walk past the main door, a hard knock hit upon the door and Mrs. Cole answers the door. A man was standing there that Harry nor Hermione wanted to see or talk to!

"Good evening to you Madam." He said to the woman. "I am Albus Dumbledore I am here to talk to Tom Riddle."

"I am sorry to say, that Tom Riddle ran away from here last night." Mrs. Cole explains to him. "The police are in search of the boy, I do hope they can find him, safe and sound."

"Yes, so do I. Thank you, Madam," Albus replies to her. He turns to leave and turns to look over his shoulder. "I do hope he is found the boy has a spot at my school next September first good night Madam." Mrs. Cole watched the man walks out of the gate and closed it behind him. The man walks out into the dark night. She closed the door and shows Mr. and Mrs. Smith's to their room. Harry puts up a Muffliato spell and with a look toward Hermione.

"What the bloody hell is he doing here now," Harry yells out to her. "We need to find out what the hell he is up to."

"Yes, we do Harry, so chill the fuck out. You do not need to yell at me," Hermione replies to him then adds. "We will have, Janus, find out all of his plans. And we need Janus to find Gellert Grindelwald has well and his freaky followers."

"Yes we do, that man has the...!" Harry started to say but stops talking as he moves his sleeve up to where a device is on his arm. Harry places a finger on the button to call. "Janus do a search for Gellert Grindelwald and his followers when you do find them beam Grindelwald up to a cell and wipe out his followers."

"Yes, I have found them all," Janus replies to them. "I have Grindelwald in a cell. I have all the information on Dumbledore. It is not good Harry, that man needs to become snake food as well as Grindelwald. You both should get some sleep. I will contact you in the morning." Harry and Hermione both did their thing for bed. Hermione walks out of the bathroom, with just her panties on. Looking hungry for Harry's tool. Harry had a goofy look on his face as he fell asleep.


A/N: I would like you to know please do not leave me comments on the price of the building or the cab ride. This is a fiction story. It is not based on real life history prices.