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Chapter 9

Cheyenne Mountain Complex. 11:59 pm local clock.

Harrison, Mione, and Ayiana help pack up the systems here at this facility, they left just after the gate is removed, after about twelve hours everything is cleared out of this facility, all personnel, are being transported to the Cheyenne Mountain Complex or the CMC. When an SUV limousine pulls up to the gate for the main entrance, an MP guard steps to the driver's window, their driver has all the paperwork inside a folder he hands it to the guard, after a few minutes, the guard hands the folder back to the driver.

"Please maintain ten miles per hour through the tunnel, an MP guard there will show you where to park." The guard said to the driver then ways them through.

"Thank you." The driver replies then he drives to the end of the tunnel and parks where he is told, he steps out of the SUV walks back to open the door for his Lord and Ladies. As all of the human form bots now call Harrison, Mione, and Ayiana when Harrison steps out of the limousine he sees Colonel Jack O'Neill waiting.

"Nice timing Lord Peverell, my team is up with the gate, the Admiral here said there were no lower levels at this complex," Jack informs him as they walk inside the corridor from the massive vault door. The group walk down the corridor to a four way intersection with a dead end to the left, there are words on the floor and walls to "Keep This Area Clear" over head in the ceilings is a four by four air vent, an HF Bot that is the driver and bodyguard for Harrison, Mione, and Ayiana, pulls out a key card from his jacket hands it to Harrison. He looks back at the people gathering around watching what is he going to do at this dead end, Harrison gives a smirk as he walks up to the right-hand side wall there he placed his hand on a spot to his right that looks like a hand print. That is what Jack saw just before a panel opens, Harrison slid the card into a slot of the panel with a keypad he enters a code on, when the wall in front of them moves to the left the room lights up as Harrison, Mione, and Ayiana enter the room. This room is a good twelve meters by twelve meters that, has two elevators on the right-hand side of the room, a control panel is on the wall in between the two elevator doors, the wall on the opposite side has restrooms.

"These elevators go down fourteen floors or seventy meters for this shaft. The other shaft has fourteen floors at another seventy meters to our new gate room, the control room and briefing room, a full tour of this complex will be soon. It is a very big complex there are no floor maps anywhere of the lower area, Admiral Andrews, I have your orders from the President." Harrison stated this when his bodyguard hands the Admiral the folder. "Setup a meeting with your staff for ten hundred hours tomorrow."

"Yes, Sir." He replies then he walks back to the entrance for NORAD that is straight down the corridor from the wall that opened.

"Lord Harrison, they are ready to lower the gate now, it will take one hour or so for the gate to reach the bottom of the shaft," O'Neill informs Harrison he just gives O'Neill a nod.

Six people walk on the elevator or lift as Harrison and Mione would call it, at the bottom of this shaft, the doors open to a room that is twelve meters by twelve meters, the other elevator doors are to their left as they walk out of the elevator they just rode. Harrison walks over to the control panel to enter his key card and code as the elevator door open everyone steps onto this elevator as it descends down to the bottom to another twelve meter by twelve-meter room. This room has three double doors one for each wall as Harrison walks out of the elevator he turns left to the double doors that open on their own as the five people got close to it, as they are walking down the corridor that is a shape like a D turn on its flat end.

"This is the fastest way to the gate room is this way, the other double door that is in front of the elevator heads around to the other side of the gate room and goes to the meeting room two floors up that have some offices," Harrison explains this when he reached the blast door. He walks over to a panel in the wall where he enters his key card to open the door, Harrison's group walk inside the room where three people are standing, waiting on the gate.

"The gate is just about thirty minutes or so to reach the bottom Lord Peverell, the cradle is now ready for the gate sir." One of the human form bots stated.

"Good, is the other project on schedule," Harrison asked the bot.

"Yes Lord Peverell, the kitchen and mess hall are ready and stocked as well." The Bot informs him.

"You two may go back to your duties," Harrison orders them. Mione and Ayiana walk over to him while O'Neill is watching the gate being lowered slowly.

"Harrison when was this facility built," Mione asked quietly she was going to ask him over their bond although she did not want to exclude Ayiana.

"Harry, had them build it in the 1970's Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Ayiana had the bots build this complex. This complex has a computer system with a virtual intelligence installed. Come on let us go to the control room, it is just one level up." Harrison replies to the girls. "O'Neill have your men come down to the vault door my bodyguard is waiting on them."

"Yes sir, I will tell them," O'Neill replies as he radios his team, Kawalski radios back that they are coming down with the bigger items.

Harrison, Mione, and Ayiana walk out of the gate room they turn to the right then down the corridor a few meters to a staircase on their right that goes to the control room as they walk into the room Ayiana saw the Clavis there or Key device. Harrison walks over to a console that is three meters from the Clavis, he presses a button on one of the panels, when the blast door moves down so they can look out into the gate room. O'Neill heard a noise behind him as he looks back he saw the blast door moving down revealing the control room and a device he saw on Abydos. The two men from Phoenix Corp. are securing the gate to the cradle after they did that the gate moves back toward a large door that is lowering into the floor, O'Neill never knew it was there as it opens fully, two Phoenix men grab a few supplies from the tunnel. A large roll of tape they move out and lay it out on the floor, O'Neill's team is riding down on a large crate.

"Kawalski, Ferretti did you have a nice ride down," O'Neill asked.

"Yes, sir," Kawalski replies with a smile when they both climb down from the crate. The two men from Phoenix Corp. push the crate that is on wheels toward the blast door that Harrison and the girls walk through into the gate room.

"We should clear out the gate room so they can mark out the floor with the caution tape and a non-slip coating that is being put down," Harrison informs them as his Bots clear the room of the large crate. "Seal off the silo after the cables are retracted back up, I know top side is now sealed."

"Yes Lord Peverell." The bot replies as it went back to work. O'Neill, Kawalski, and Ferretti followed the four to the elevator to sub-level fourteen where this twelve meters by twelve meters room has one set of double doors, the other wall on the left-hand side is the elevators back up. There are two doors in front of them they are marked, men and women, Harrison took them through the double doors that open when they are close to the doors walking down the corridor they came upon a set of double doors on his left that opens on their own, they entered the mess hall.

"So, anyone hungry, I can have something cooked up for us," Mione asked standing by Harrison.

"Sure, something to eat would be great," Kawalski stated. The bodyguard goes back to the kitchen where Dobby and Winky are cooking breakfast for them. Harrison shows them the self-serve drink station when their bodyguard came out of the kitchen pushing a cart with their food on it. Just before they start to eat Harrison's other bodyguard came into the mess hall with everyone from the other facility, Everyone is hungry from their trip here, as the trip was long, the bus they were on had to take, the long way here because of height restriction on the main road. After everyone was done eating Harrison and his girls stand up and walk to the front of the mess hall where a screen and a projector lowers from the ceiling.

"Here is the lay out for the SGC or Star Gate Command, the main tunnel and that vault door are our main entrance as everyone should know, you came down fourteen levels not all of the seventy meters of that space is used as floor space. Air ducts are through out this complex, here is the floor layout for this complex, this is level fourteen the mess hall and kitchen with storage, the levels above are offices and living quarters, the levels below have storage, weapons storage and labs of all types. Now the gate room is on level twenty-eight with the control room on level twenty-seven, now we are at the point of my speech I do not like. My wife and Miss Grayson will pass out the contracts for you to read and sign if you do not sign the contract you may leave." Harrison explained this to the group.

"Lord Peverell, I would like my husband Ernest to be here," Dr. Catherine Langford asked with a hopeful smile.

"Yes, he is on his way now, well look at that he is right there," Mione answers her as Ernest Littlefield walks into the room, everyone there signs the contract.

"So, any questions before we go to the control room," Harrison asked at he stood there waiting for someone to ask a question, no one had any so Harrison looks over to General Hammond.

"I do believe you covered everything Lord Peverell, the Pentagon is sending Sam Carter here, she should be here now as we speak," Hammond stated as he is walking with Harrison, Mione, and Ayiana to the elevator room. The door to one elevator opens to reveal Sam Carter when she walks out of the elevator and over to General Hammond.

"Captain Samantha Carter reporting for duty Sir." She calls out as she looks over to Harrison, Mione, and Ayiana.

"At ease Captain, I like you to meet the Co-CEO's of Phoenix Corp. Lord and Lady Peverell and Miss Grayson, they are in charge of this program now, I thought you were assigned to the Pentagon for a year long contract." Hammond said to her, Harrison has a large smile on his face when he turns to his wife.

"Oh, fine Harrison I will tell them, we had you transferred to us because of your work on the gate, we have the device to operate the gate now, your dialing computer will be used in another way," Mione informs them this and Sam is very excited.

"Where did you find? How long ago did you find it? Do you know how it works?" Sam rattled off very quickly, Harrison, Ayiana, and Mione gave Sam a very big smile.

"Oh, I think you will fit in here very well as for questions, all in good time Captain Carter," Harrison said just before he starts to laugh and shake his head. Harrison walks over to the panel and used his card to call the elevators, both elevator doors open so everyone can go down at the same time, with everyone now down to the twenty-eighth level. Harrison has the group follow him through the double doors in front of them, this corridor has crate after crate of the equipment for the complex on one side of the corridor. Everyone walks up the staircase to the control room that is on level twenty-seven as everyone is in the room they saw the gate mounted to a shaft, that is raised off the floor. They heard Captain Carter.

"Amazing, this is what was missing from the dig at Giza, this is how they controlled it! It took us fifteen years and three supercomputers to MacGyver a system to operate the gate." She started to say. "Look how small it is!" She looks up to see the gate where it is a good eight feet above the floor.

"Captain, you can study it later," Mione said to her Harrison continues the tour.

Harrison takes them all up to the briefing room this is the same size room as the control room thirteen meters by ten meter, he walks over to the spiral staircase that is at the back left of the control room and starts up the steps to the briefing room with everyone following.

"Ah, Captain Carter the key device or dialing device was found before that dig by the Egyptians. The Germans got a hold of the device, Mr. and Mrs. Smith found the device in France before they started up Phoenix Corp. this device has been in storage up and until Phoenix Corp. had the drone footage of O'Neil's mission to Abydos. We knew what the device was for, now Mr. Littlefield that planet you went to back in 1945, we can now return there tomorrow at zero eight hundred hours we will take a trip through the gate then. Colonel O'Neill, I want your team with Captain Carter here at zero seven hundred hours tomorrow, General Hammond, here are the plans on how this complex will be, setup, There are key cards for everyone, just so you know, no one is to leave SGC with a key card, all key cards are to left with a Phoenix Corp. guard at the check in and out location on the main level. We have a meeting we need to get to at NORAD." Harrison stated this then he and the girls leave the room down the corridor to the end there is an elevator door that opened for them as they entered the elevator.

"Well, that was scary Sir," O'Neill stated to the group. "How does someone so young have such authority in his voice, I would follow that kid anywhere."

"He is one of the C.E.O's of Phoenix Corp. a multi billion dollar corporation," George said. "Let us see what we need to work on people, I want this facility up and running in twelve hours. The gate room is off limits until zero eight hundred hours tomorrow, Colonel O'Neill you and your team may leave except Captain Carter, you have your lab to setup. Let us get to work people."

When Harrison, Ayiana, and Mione step out of the elevator to the guard station, a few HF Bots are at Harrison hands his master key card to one of his Bots, when the door slid to their right an HF Bot is standing there at the intersection of the corridor the HF Bot greets them as they walk straight over to the NORAD entrance. The MP guard is there at the entrance when the three walk up to the door, the MP opens it for them, as they walk in the hallway an Airman is waiting on them.

"Follow me please!" The Airman said. The three followed through some hallways to a large briefing room, Harrison, Mione, and Ayiana sat down. Mione pulls out a folder from her bag, she slides it across the table to the Admiral, he starts to read one of the files.

"Is this for real Mr. Peverell, and when will this system be installed." Asked the Admiral. He passed that file on to the others, then pulls out a few more files from the folder, as he starts to read through the files. "This cannot be true, the Pentagon would never go along with this." Harrison gives the Admiral a smirk, he hits a few buttons on his arm device. When the phone begins to ring, on the third ring the Admiral answers the phone, the call went on for a few minutes, as soon as the call ends the look on the Admirals face is the first clue for Harrison.

"So, I am being ordered to hand over this base and myself under your command, a British Lord and CEO of Phoenix Corp., the only good thing about this is the computer systems here are going to be updated finally, so what do you Lord Peverell get out of this deal." The Admiral stated firmly. Harrison, Mione, and Ayiana stand up with a smile.

"Control, Admiral Harris, control of the airspace over North America, do make sure all of your personnel sign our contract, it is non-negotiable for anyone working inside this Mountain Admiral, good day to you," Harrison informs them then they leave the room, one of their bodyguards stayed behind for the contracts to be signed. They walk back to the entrance of the SGC as Harrison and the girls walk into the room, Mione throws up a 'Muffliato' spell.

"Harrison, do you think this is the way to take over this planet by controlling everything on the planet," Mione asked in a firm voice. "I know this was their plan Harrison, I just hope we do not wipe out most of them to do it, I thought Admiral Harris was going to attack us."

"I think this a better way to take over, although when all main crop supplies come from Phoenix Corp. it will be easier to control this world. We are talking about controlling just over six billion people." Ayiana said as she looked to Harrison. "I do think Janus should look for another planet."

"Janus is there a system close to Janus' solar system we can use," Harrison asked as he looks to Mione and Ayiana.

"Yes, there is, Janus never did use it, because the others know of that world it is full of resources and the system is younger than this solar system, I have an update on the Goa'uld, they have started to fight over Ra's domain, a Goa'uld by the name of Apophis is winning," Janus informs them this over their armbands.

"Okay, I want a base setup on that planet, have them build a holding facility there. Oh and Janus start building five hundred thousand Human Form Bots, I need them to have all knowledge on Alteran agriculture and have Alpha Three gather up all samples of Earth seeds for edible plants, I want them in stasis for transport we have a trip." Harrison said as he looks to Mione and Ayiana for any more ideas.

"Harrison the elevator," Mione yells he waves his hand to cancel the spell just before the door opens, four people step off. Dr. Barbara Shore, Dr. Gary Meyers and Mr. and Mrs. Littlefield walk up to the guard to hand over their key cards.

"I am looking forward to seeing that world again, there is a room I want to study very much," Ernest said to them.

"General Hammond gave us the rest of the day off, we will be back at zero seven hundred hours." Dr. Meyers said as he and Dr. Barbara Shore walk out the door that just opened. Mr. and Mrs. Littlefield followed just after as Harrison, Mione, and Ayiana watched them leave.

"Lord Peverell your limousine is ready." The Phoenix Bot said to them.

"Thank you, let us go now," Harrison replies softly.

Meanwhile at Hogwarts.

Everyone is debating staying on this planet or taking Lord Peverell's deal, most wanted to know how they could convince all the others to leave. Of the families there, a plan is being hashed out until a bright light fills the hall where Harrison, Mione, and Ayiana stand.

"Your plan is good but unnecessary. Janus, beam everyone to the Antarctica outpost now." Harrison spoke loudly. As the light fades Harrison walks over to the key device to enter the symbols for Janus base when the gate activates all but Harrison, Ayiana, and Mione were startled by the vortex.

"Come, let me show you a very beautiful world, untouched by the mundane of Earth," Harrison spoke firmly to the others as he walks into the event horizon of the wormhole, Mione and Ayiana made sure the others walk through. When Harrison walks out of the event horizon of the gate on planet Janus, there are his guards for this empty prison now converted for the housing for his HF Bots.

"Lord Peverell, it is a good day to see you, I see your ladies are here as well." The bot asked as the families came through the event horizon with the last one through is Ayiana just before the gate shuts off.

"Is the craft ready for us," Harrison asked his bot standing in front of him.

"Yes Lord Peverell, I will pilot the craft to tour this world." The bot said then it walks out the door. Harrison with the families follow the air is clean and fresh to breathe in, the temperature is around twenty-three degrees Celsius. Harrison saw the craft for the first time Harry planned well, the craft is very much like a gate ship, although this craft could not go through the gate. This craft has a wide body with swept back wings, no back hatch on this craft it has a hatch on the left side just behind the cockpit. When everyone enters the craft and sat down a viewer turns on to show them where they are, as the craft slowly rose up from the ground.

"Harrison where is this thing taking us," James asked as he looked out the window Harrison has a small smile on his face.

"To a location, I think Hogwarts would fit in nicely with the terrain, Harry picked it out," Harrison tells them as the craft took off into the sky. After some time the craft slowed to the area Harrison wanted them to see, on the viewer they saw the site, it looks like where Hogwarts is now, Lily is the first one to step out of the craft, as she walks a few steps the energy flowing out of the ground was something she has never felt before. James walks up behind her as he felt the same power fill his core, as the others walk around the site everyone felt more alive, back on earth they never felt this kind of power.

"Harrison what is with this place, I feel better than I have ever been." James is the first one to say anything. Harrison has a big smile when he turns to his father.

"This area as seven ley lines that connect here, the Earth's ley lines power is dropping from all the mining that the Goa'uld did, Naquadah is an ore we get our power from. This planet has not been mined of the Naquadah or other metals, now before anyone speaks of this I will have Hogwarts moved here. I will move all magical life here, everything will be moved here if you do not leave Earth now your powers will start to leave you, two years is all that is left for our kind to live on Earth." Harrison explains this to them. Nicolas Flamel walks over to Harrison and turns to the large group of people.

"Lord Peverell tells the truth about our planet, I and Perenelle will move to this new world. I urge everyone here to move to this planet for your own safety, I will go talk with the Goblins they are not doing well. They can come to this planet or one of their own." He tells them what he would do to help.

"I think it is time to spread the news to leave Earth for this world." Minister Shacklebolt stated.

"Lord Peverell do you know how many magical people are on Earth." Harrison gave a nod until Mione opens her mouth.

"There are only about two million of our kind on Earth, the Goblins have only about five hundred thousand, all other magical life is around two hundred thousand, I believe we should move the school's first, I think we should go now, there is a lot of work to do," Mione informs them. When everyone steps aboard the craft, and they left the ground the power they gained is now slowly leaving them, although Harrison, Mione, and Ayiana felt great, just after the group beams back to Hogwarts Headmaster Potter stops his great grandson.

"Harrison how soon can we move there." his great grandfather Fleamont asked. Harrison looks over with a smirk that only Ayiana and Mione saw he turns to address the group. "We can start moving everything next week, someone needs to inform ICW."

James, Lily, Dahlia, Jasmine, and William walk over to Harrison, Mione, and Ayiana, as they did the Greengrass family, walk up to both families Daphne Greengrass walks over to Dahlia, Jasmine, and William.

"Hi Dahlia, Jasmine." She then looks over to William. "Hi, William." She said to him in a sexy way. "I hope we can have our next term of school on that planet, I never felt my magical core so full, I cannot wait until we return there."

"I know Daphne, I felt the same, I hope my brother moves us soon, I think he can move our Manor there as well," William replies to her as he looks deeply into Daphne's eyes as Astoria is making funny faces at the two when her mother tells her. "Please stop doing that Astoria."

"Fine!" Astoria said sadly. "But you are ruining my fun."

"Lord Peverell, I have many contacts in the ICW that can help, will we still be able to come back here, there are many businesses in the mundane world we deal with." Cyrus Greengrass asked firmly.

"For a short time, you can, after five years no, year long stay would be advisable, it would be best to have someone mundane to oversee your businesses here," Harrison explains plainly.

"I guess we will just deal with it when it comes, thank you Lord Peverell for your time, I will have our Manor ready for transport next week," Cyrus replies to him as the Greengrass family leaves the great hall.

"Mum, Dad we are heading to Peverell Manor, you are welcome to dinner tonight." Just as Harrison said this Sirius jumps in with.

"Dinner at Peverell Manor we will be there," Sirius yells just before his wife hits him upside his head. Harrison starts to laugh at him.

"Dinner is at six tonight we will beam you there from Potter Manor," Mione informs them just before the three beam out of the great hall. Dobby, Winky, and their little one Link met them when they beam to the Peverell Manor. After their greeting with the elves, Harrison and the girls are sitting on the couch, Mione turns to look at Harrison.

"So Harrison how did you block their magic or their zero point energy," Mione asked with a serious look. Harrison placed his drink on the table with a slight smirk on his face, then a small laugh he states. "This was all Harry's plan, Janus told me about how Harry is going to use the dampeners on Earth to force them to leave. The zero point energy dampeners are built into the power generators they placed all over the world, Harry placed smaller ones around the magical places. Now we have the means to help them all move to the world where they can have a full range of their power back, we can help all magical people educate themselves on the real history of our ancestors."

"So it is all a lie, for their own good," Mione said this to him firmly she starts to laugh so hard she just about peed herself. Ayiana is looking back and forth at the two she loved laughing.

"The both of you are evil, although we have to move your people off this planet, the Goa'uld cannot get a hold of any magical person," Ayiana said as the two crazy people stopped laughing. Harrison waves his hand toward Ayiana went she started to laugh so hard.

"Harrison stop, I cannot take it anymore, please stop it! I am peeing myself!" Ayiana yells at him in between her laughing fit as a puddle forms under her.

"Harrison, stop it now, you know we are a little evil," Mione said firmly to him. Harrison looks down at Ayiana with a wave of his hand Ayiana stops laughing and her pee vanished from the floor and Ayiana clothes. She stands up from the floor and walks over to Harrison, she grabs the back of his head she starts to kiss him very hard with tongue. Mione is looking at them go at it Ayiana starts to strip him of his clothes, she had her way with him there on the couch, Mione joined in after a few minutes, it is close to dinner time when the three step out of the shower.

"Oh, and Harrison do not do that again, although I have not laughed like that in a very long time." Ayiana points her hand at him, he drops to the floor laughing so hard he peed himself. "Payback is a real bitch Harrison, remember that my love now clean, yourself up, your family will be here soon." As she is still nude, she walks out of the bathroom into the bedroom to dress. Mione helps Harrison up with a wave of her hand she cleans him up.

"Love, I do not think you should mess with her," Mione tells him coldly, she walks out of the room Harrison shakes his head with a thought what a woman she is, well both of them are. Damn now I am talking to myself, oh well. Nothing like going crazy! He shakes it off as he cleans the floor before he goes to dress, just after Dobby pops next to Harrison.

"Lord Peverell, they are here now," Dobby tells him just before he pops back out. He walks out of the bedroom down stairs Mione is waiting on him, she looks him up and down he mouths later to her as they found Ayiana talking with his mum. Ayiana turns to see her lovers walk into the room, she has a smirk on her face as she sat down at the table to eat, after everyone is finished eating, James takes one last drink from the teacup then set it down upon the table, he looks over to his oldest son with a smile.

"So Harrison, what is really going on, I know something is wrong on this planet, did Harry have something to do with our power leaving us slowly." Mione and Ayiana look over to Harrison. Mione tells him over their bond. You need to tell them the truth Harrison. What did you think, I was not going to tell our family the plan. Harrison looks her in the eye. I am sorry I have closed you off Mione. It is just all the information on Harry and Hermione Smith did on this planet for Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ayiana Grayson. I am sorry Harrison I just, we need to keep our bond open let us tell them now, everyone is looking at us for an answer. Harrison agrees with her.

"I or we will tell you the plan of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Janus came up with. Well, Harry, Hermione, and Ayiana have an AI or artificial intelligence, well he is not really an AI. Janus placed all his knowledge into the computer systems on the Aurora, a time ship he built and Harry Potter had it, their clones on the planet did a lot to put this plan in order. They placed power units all over the planet to supply clean power to everyone, well except for the magical people, Harry with Janus, Hermione and Ayiana worked out a way to slowly drain the power of all magical beings. Although it would take some time for it to work, Harry did not want to just take them from this planet, he would if he had to, well, a threat did happen to all magical people on this planet, the Goa'uld cannot take over a magical or a person with zero point energy manipulation, it will happen within two years all magical life on this planet is wiped out, a lot of them were taken as a host, he could not let this happen. After all, he went through all of this to have all his family together and alive." He explains this to them, then he is interrupted by Sirius.

"So, all of the magical people on the planet were wiped out! So wards did not work against the Goa'uld or how about fidelius charm hiding us. Or is leaving this planet the only way."

"Yes Padfoot, the only way to save us all is to leave this planet, the planet you will move to it is a great planet, better than this one everyone will have powered lights, you can practice your magic anywhere and a planet we can call our own. I have another planet that I think the Goblins will like, so this is what was planned, although if no one leaves everyone will be removed by force well, let us just say they would go to sleep on this planet and wake up on another planet. This will happen to some people that may not want to leave those that work with us their Manors will be moved with them. We can show you what Harry, Hermione, and Ayiana learned about the future, that is all I have on this matter. Ayiana, do you have anything to add, you were there with Harry and Hermione." Harrison ended his speech with that.

Ayiana is looking around at James, Lily, Dahlia, Jasmine, and William, she looks at Harrison's great grandparents Euphemia Potter Fleamont Potter and Harrison's grandparents Dorea Potter Charlus Potter she scans the people there with her eyes, Sirius and Marlene Black are looking at her with Orion and Celeste Black looking around as Harrison is talking Remus John Lupin and Dora Tonks Black with little Teddy sitting on his high chair still stuffing food in his mouth. Jean, Dan, and Danny Granger took everything in when Ayiana looks over to Harrison as he talking about her Harry and Hermione. Those two were her lover's soul now inside Harrison and Mione, she loves these two just as much.

"Oh, sorry Harrison, what did you say." Ayiana slowly asked him. Harrison looks over to her and repeated his question.

"Do you have anything to add, you were there with Harry and Hermione." He told her again.

"No Harrison, you covered it well Janus can send down the video for everyone to see, I had more to do with Mr. and Mrs. Smith and my clone than the plan Harry, Hermione and Janus had about the magical beings on Earth," Ayiana said as she eyeballed Harrison, a laugh is heard, softly at first then it got louder. It is Sirius that starts laughing then, James, Remus, and Lily start to laugh too, Harrison and Mione just sat there with a smile.

"Wow Harrison, what Harry did was brilliant. So when do we leave for our new planet." Sirius asked with a look of determination.

"Forty-eight hours from now if you want. Just pack up all your stuff, I will have a few ships beam up your Manors for transport, we will come to each of you when are ready to move your Manor." Harrison informs them then he stands up. Mione and Ayiana did as well. "We have to leave now, Janus will beam you back to Potter Manor." When Harrison said that everyone there is beamed out except Harrison Ayiana and Mione.

They gathered a few things together and call on Janus to beam them to their jet, on the way to Colorado Springs, Colorado they had sex all the way there, good thing they gain three hours to take a power nap. In the early morning, their driver is there at the front gate of Cheyenne Mountain Complex, the MP guard sends them through to the end of the tunnel where their driver parked the limo. As Harrison, Ayiana, and Mione step out of the limo General Hammond, Colonel O'Neill and Captain Carter are standing there waiting.

"Lord and Lady Peverell and Miss Grayson good morning to you, everything is in order. All teams are waiting down on the mess hall level for us, breakfast has been served." Hammond said to them as they walk to the vault door.

"Colonel O'Neill, ready your team we leave at zero eight hundred hours and Captain Carter you are coming with," Harrison said to them as they enter the elevator, Mione looks over to Captain Carter to see a small smile on her face, as the six of them walk down the corridor to the double doors to the mess hall. When Harrison enters the mess hall he looks around to see more people here than before, one of the Phoenix Corp. HF Bot gives Harrison a file folder that has all information on the people here, Harrison gave the folder to Mione while they ate their food. All three stand up and head over to the podium where Mione stood at it.

"Good Morning to everyone here, this morning we are going to use the gate to head to a planet that a team of scientist first connected to back in 1945. Ernest Littlefield was the only one to go through and come back days later, we are going back there this morning at zero eight hundred hours, this mission will be led by Colonel O'Neill and his team, Myself, Captain Carter, Lord Peverell, and Miss Grayson are the next team. The team from Area fifty-one will follow us through, General Hammond will have other teams on standby we have Phoenix Corp. uniform's in the changing rooms on the control room level 27, please do not try to enter the other's sex changing rooms you will not be able to. That is all I have, my husband will talk next." Mione announced, she steps aside for Harrison.

"This is the uniform, everyone will be wearing to go through the gate is the one we are wearing. No markings of any kind will be going through the gate that means no weapons, clothes, footwear or any dog tags will be going through that have any of the marks on them from this planet. A locker will be available to you inside the changing rooms of your sex, you may tend to your duties now, we leave in thirty minutes." Harrison stated to them, everyone stands up to leave. General Hammond walks with Lord and Lady Peverell and Miss Grayson to the elevator going to the lower levels.

Harrison stood in front of the control panel, he opens the blast door that cover the window in front of the key device, as it drops down the gate moves to the ready Position as Ayiana presses the seven symbols needed to connect to Heliopolis she presses down the red dome in the middle of the keying device. The vortex came out of the gate and Ayiana looks back to Harrison presses a few buttons on the panel a drone that flies itself is dropped down from level twenty-six, the drone flies through the wormhole Harrison sent a stand down signal to Bravo squadron he sent there a year ago. A flat panel screen shows an empty gate room and no life forms there. Harrison, Mione, and Ayiana walk down stairs to the opening blast door to the gate room Colonel O'Neill and his team are standing there as Captain Carter walks up last. The other groups enter the gate room after O'Neill's team went through, within a few minutes later O'Neill radio's back to send the others through as it is safe there. Harrison, Mione, Ayiana and Captain Carter are the last to go through before the gate shuts down behind them.

To Be Continued...