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Blue is such an odd color. An outlier if I was forced to describe it. Purple would be a close relative, like a brother in the spectrum, and green would be a mere cousin. Blue would be a descendant of black, since it's among the darkest shades of color.


You finally choose to acknowledge me? I know full well you detected my presence. I didn't mask my energy, like when I peak in on you in the dead of night. Many nights I have stood in your doorway and all I see is his back. I'm no fool.


Your name is so foreign to me- like salt on my lips when I'm expecting honey. Why do you divert your gaze from me, girl? Is that how you face me, with your back turned and your chin over your shoulder?

"Did we wake you, papa?"


Wake me no. Keep me awake? Definitely.

"They're beautiful aren't they?," you say.

When you were a little girl, you clang to the balcony, and now your arms are too full. You stood with your feet between the rails to get a glimpse of them. You're too tall for that now—too grown. I respected that old king, my father, but I never wanted to thank him for a damn thing until you were born. I thank him for your height, but I hate that he gave you those long legs. Your grandfather would have loved your soft almond eyes and high cheeks, Like the queen I imagined from his words, but I wouldn't know from sight…

"Yes. Beautiful"

Human eyes are comparatively weak, and far more limited than mine; 'she looks just like her mother' ,they always told me. My daughter, her eyes are a darker shade of blue. Her hair is heavy and thick, loose with curl when wet. It's like a sapphire veil over the back of her neck.

"We're you looking for us?"

Looking no. I knew where you were, where you should be anyway. Many nights, I have went searching, thinking that you and that child have disappeared, vanished without a trace of energy left behind. I know that by now that child would be lulled in his father's arms after you pulled him from your breast and bathed him. He would be sleeping on father's his bare belly. You would be training under the dark of night, with a quiet mind knowing that your babe would be cloaked under his energy. His father would walk the halls with him on his shoulder; I've seen him walk all night to console the cries of your son. Then, they would lay in your bed until you returned. Strike one.

"I haven't seen you eat anything today"

"I'm not hungry, really"

The cold shoulder- I can only thank myself for that. You shrug as if I don't know that your eyes have been wandering past the garden. Stubborn girl. I hear your fingers stroking his hair. I know you worry that he'll be plucked away, just like when they took you in the middle of that starry night. I will never forgive myself…


"For now anyway. He's sort of just sleeps in short bursts, like Gage"

Why do you hide him from me? Why are you so ashamed to show me the life that grew in your belly?



Did I startle you? The stars can't even hide from me, but I haven't been given the chance to examine my own descendent? All I get are passing glimpses over your thin shoulders. I want to see the product of your suffering. Who was born during your anguish?

"You bundle that child like our sun is collapsing."

The closest form of contact I've had yet- tugging his father's tattered cloak from his head.

"You think he's too hot?"

My scolding melted away. You normally furrow your brows at such an outburst. It was buried under concern for your son. As to Where you got your nurturing instincts, I am clueless.

"Yes, he is three quarters Sayian. He'll be more hot blooded that you at half. His ambient body temperature will be closer to his father's"

"It makes sense"

I can see the worry gnaw at your calm smile. I should have known better than to mention the boy's father… My chance may now be lost. If you pull that baby any closer to your chest he really will burn up.

"Gage… I wonder where you're at in that big dark sky. Please be safe. Daddy, do you think he's alright?"

I told you that no one would hurt you and live, but I have broken that promise on too many occasions. All those evenings that I would take him to the gravity chamber to 'train'. He knew it and I knew it. All the days I contemplated ending his existence for all of those times he merely looked at you, those passing glances. I was prepared to dump his corpse in a shallow grave when I caught your lipstick on his cheeks, let alone that he touched you and put his seed in your belly. Each time I would scar him, and he would still have the audacity to stand before me, wounded on the brink of death. Then we would return under the same roof- a guest in my house. I must speak the truth. Strike two.

"Yes, I'm sure of it. He's a tough bastard. He'll come home in one piece"

What mercy is this that you would shed tears for him, princess? Will you force me to spare him again?

"Daddy, you give the best hugs"

Then why do you pull away from me so quickly?


Just one time. I know you only feel at ease when he has the boy. Just one time.


"Lay that child down"

Just short of begging you. I hope that it's enough. What are you waiting for- don't be so reluctant. This is a promise that I shall keep.


You know exactly what I mean. You wouldn't edge away if you didn't.

"I will look after him, while you train in the GR."

"Dad, are you sure?"

I always have some remark and nothing really to say, but words evade me at this point. I'm so close yet so far away. All I can manage is to wave you over with my fingers. The moment I've been waiting for.

"Big yawn," I chuckled, "He's so heavy"

"Don't roll your eyes at me. He's a chunk. You try carrying him all the time"

"He's just going to be tall, that's all"

Why are you still nervously waiting? Uncross your arms. You act like the defendant before the judge in court.

"I promise I'll be fast"

"No worries"

I couldn't force back he smile on my lips when you rendered him to my arms. He is heavy for an infant yes, but so small in my grasp. His little nose wrinkled when he yawned, just like yours used to, Bulla. His curls are so dark they're blue- midnight blue to be exact. I shuffled him on my shoulder, so his tail could snake around my wrist under the green cloth. His glacier blue eyes peep up at me from beneath his dark, velvet lashes. Such power, uncontrolled! No wonder his father must mask his signature. You force my hand again, Bulla. I must swallow my pride.

"Bulla, I'm proud."

"Thank you. I am too"

You still don't understand.

"No, princess, of you. Look above you. If they could, they would wish to be as lovely as you, inside and out. Such, wisdom, far beyond your short years. My kind daughter…"

I have wiped the slate clean. Your expression has quieted. Blush has filled your cheeks, like I have just flattered you for the first time. A coy smile forms beneath your enlightened eyes.

"I won't be long, dad"

"Little boy blue will be fine. Go ahead, Eschalot"

Now, my little blue prince, where were we? You will be a fearsome warrior. I can feel it in my bones. Grandson, unfortunately, you provide me just one more reason why I cannot guiltlessly final flash your father into the next realm… Strike three.

Damn it.