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Musical Chairs: DracoLuna, true love by Pink

Song Lyrics Challenge: Don't go sharing your devotion


Some days, Draco thinks Luna is singlehandedly the most infuriating person he has ever had the misfortune of meeting.

Especially days like when they first met.

"Hello, Draco," Luna says, flopping down under the tree he had been sleeping under. The dorms had been too loud and he had been so tired.

Now however, she had ruined any chance of rest he had.

"Screw off, Lovegood." Draco snapped. Luna merely smiled, lying down too.

Draco waited for her to say something, anything, but she just lay there. When enough time had passed, Draco lay down too.

He was a Malfoy after all, and they know how to pick their battles wisely.


There is no one quite like Luna, with the way she manages to press all his buttons.

"Lovegood," Draco said, pinching his nose and closing his eyes in irritation. "You do understand I have no choice but to become a Death Eater? My father was one and so was my grandfather. If I don't, the Dark Lord will kill my mother."

Luna looked up solemnly. "I know it's hard but there's always a choice. Draco, I know you don't want to be a Death Eater."

Draco sunk down on the grass in defeat. The truth was, he didn't want to be one in the slightest.

But he didn't have the strength to break away alone. But with Luna by his sideā€¦ Draco sneaked a glance at the girl beside and found her smiling softly at him.

Maybe with her, he could be brave.


"Shut up. Shut the fuck up," Draco screamed. "I can't listen to you talk about Nargles for even a second longer."

Luna rolled her eyes at him. "That's what you do in a relationship, no? You compromise interests. I must confess I'm not very interested in balls but we go constantly."

Draco softened. She was right. She almost always was.

"I'm sorry, Luna." Draco said finally. "You can talk about Nargles as much as you want."

Luna beamed and it was all worth it.


It's the worst thing to ever admit to himself and he would never say it out loud, but Luna's the first type of love he's ever known.

His father loved, still does love, him but that love is a cold one based on family duty and blood. His mother loves him but that's different and Draco still doesn't know how to stomach that kind of parental love.

But Luna? Luna's love is like sunshine breaking into the dark at sunrise. It's unconditional and unflinching and Merlin, he loves her back.

That's why he stays, even when her morals are too rigid and she drives him insane and they disagree to the point where he feels like screaming his rage for the world to hear.


"You know, I thought you were annoying when we first met." Draco admitted.

Luna turned around, humming, and smiled her slightly distracted smile. "Oh yes, I know."

"You do?" Draco said, his mouth falling open. "How?"

Luna rolled her eyes fondly. "You aren't very subtle, my dragon. It wasn't very romantic, you know. That's how first meetings should be: very romantic."

Draco rolled his eyes back, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "Well then, let's try that again."

Luna blinked in confusion as Draco fell onto one knee, a ring box clutched in his right hand.

"I love you despite everything we've gone through," Draco said, his eyes pleading. "Will you, Luna Lovegood, do me the honour of becoming my wife?"

Luna smiled before leaning down to capture his lips in hers. "Of course I would. I love you, Draco."

(The course of true love never did run smoothly but sometimes it gets to the right place.)