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My Robin Reversal AU:

Jason- 14 Tim- 17

Chapter Twenty: Little Brother

Jason, Kori, and Roy were sitting in Jason's 'room' in the Titan's Tower. There had been quite a deal of debate among the older titans on whether Jason should get the room or not. The first generation titans all agreed with Shadowbat that, since Jason was the new Nightling, and the room had been Damian's to begin with, and there was no-one else to use the room, Jason should be moved in. The second generation titans had issues with this plan. These issues included the fact that Jason wasn't even a titan yet, that he hadn't even been Batman's sidekick a week, that he hardly got along with any of the other heroes, and most importantly, that was Tim's room.

Hardly any, if any at all, of the second gen titans were finished mourning the death of their friend. It didn't help that the only four people in the while world who knew what happened, were absolutely refusing to share the story and give Tim's friends the closure they deeply desired. On top of that, despite Time having been missing for half a year, and officially dead for two months, the hero community had only recently been informed of Tim's death for the past two weeks.

In short, half the Titans didn't care for Jason, and the other half openly despised him. What was worse, most of the younger heroes that were Jason's age were following by example. Therefore, Jason had been completely ostracized by the entirety of the Titans before he even had a chance to join. The only two friends he had were the newest Speedy; Roy Harper, and the new alien girl that had just gained asylum on Earth, Starfire; Koriand'r.

Roy was a ranger's son who grew up in an Indian reservation under the care of a medicine chief after his dad passed away. With pale skin and bright red hair, Roy had been an outcast his whole life. It didn't help Roy's life get any easier when he was adopted by Oliver Queen. Queen and his own biological son, Conner Hawke, were having their own form of troubles. In a weird reverse to the few stories Jason was told about Damian's reception to Tim, it was Conner who welcomed Roy to the Arrow family, not Oliver, but Oliver was the one to, rather begrudgingly, take "care" of him. This put Roy in an even tougher spot than Jason. At least Jason had love and support waiting for him back home at Wayne Manor. So, of course the two outcasts gravitated toward each other and became fast friends on site.

As for Kori, all the heroes had been welcoming to her from the start. They tried to help her settle in, find her place, be her new family, but her own experience back on her home planet soured the affection given to her. She avoided the mass groups of happy-go-lucky heroes, unsure how to fit in. That was until Jason showed up. Watching everyone only ever present their backs to him from the very start reminded her too much of how she was made to feel at home. She became his friend the very moment an opportunity presented itself. Suddenly, with everyone feeling she was picking sides in an unspoken battle, the other heroes became a great deal less kind to her as well.

So, here they sat, in Jason's new room, hiding from the other 'heroes', playing a game of Uno and griping about getting stuck at 'day-care' by their mentors. (Not so much in Kori's place, but she was willing to listen all the same.) That's when the intruder alarms suddenly went off.

Frantic, the trio ran out of the room and straight into Superboy, who immediately set on telling them to go back to their rooms and stay out of the way. As soon as the jerk was down the hall and out of sight, the three shared a look before they began to run after him. Just as they got to the floor where the intruder was, the three stopped short to see a young man dressed in the previous Nightling's costume. First thought that any of them had was that this was an impostor, but the way he handled the boa staff in his hands proved him to be exactly what the outfit claimed him to be

Superboy, having been Tim's best friend during the second Nightling's run, stood slack-jawed for a moment until the sight of the many fallen titans at Tim's feet set him in motion. He launched forward, though through the entire fight Superboy tried to talk sense into his friend, to welcome him home, to make it clear that Tim will always be their Nightling. No one would ever take Tim's place on the team, no one could. As Superboy spoke, Jason set his jaw and stared at the ground. He understood that Superboy was trying to calm his suddenly 'Not-Dead' friend down, but he also knew there was truth to the words, and that hurt.


Jason's eyes shot up at the sound of Tim's snarl. A flash of green, and suddenly Superboy was on the ground. Not letting up, Tim dropped the kryptonite next to the super before he round-house kicked him in the head knocking Superboy out completely. Tossing the unconscious hero to the side, Tim pointed a finger at Jay.

"You!" Before Tim could take a single step forward, Roy and Kori were shielding him.

"You want our Nightling, you will have to go through us to get to him!" Kori growled, her eyes and hands glowing green as she took a battle ready stance.

"And we won't be going easy on you, Mister, cause this here is the real Nightling, and we'll protect him with our lives!" Roy added, cocking back the arrow on his bow.

"Hey! Since when did I need protecting?" Jason argued.

"Do you want our help or don't you?" Roy argued back.

"Boys!" Kori rolled her eyes and started her attack, throwing star-bolts at Tim left and right, not once letting up on her assault. Roy followed up with his arrows while Jay threw exploding bat-a-rangs. No matter where they hit or how much they sent, Tim ducked and weaved around all of it. Kori and Roy, in both efforts to keep the fight long rang as well as to keep the previous Nightling from getting his hands on the current one, started to edge back toward the door they came. Tim was faster, snatching a throwing knife from Ravenger's unconscious body, and chucking it at Roy. The knife 'missed' Roy, though it sliced right through his bow string, rendering the weapon useless. Jason himself had just ran out of bat-a-rangs and even Kori realized how fruitless a long distance fight had just become.

With another glance to each other, the three lunged for Tim all at once, hoping to take him out by sheer force of numbers. Between Kori's super strength, and Roy and Jason's combat training, it looked for a second that they had him. But then Tim pulled out tear-gas from his belt and threw it to the ground. Kori was on the ground in an instant, clutching at her eyes and trying to clear her throat. A few well placed martial arts moves, and Tim managed to rip Roy's domino mask off his face, exposing the sensitive flesh of his eyes to the chemicals in the air. With them vulnerable, Tim got rid of them in a similar fashion as he did with Superboy. Then he turned back to Jason.

"You." Tim took a step forward, Jason took a step back. When the process repeated once more, Jason's back hit the wall behind him.

"Nightling, please, I wasn't trying ta take you'ha place!" Jason cried out, his accent slipping in his panic. "Don't make me fight ya! It won't end the same as last time!" Unsure how to make good on his threat, Jason simply put his dukes up.

"So, you think you're worthy of being Nightling? That you have what it takes?" Tim, now close enough, asked this with a quick, yet painfully hard, jab of his boa-staff, straight into Jason's gut. Jason fell to his knees, clutching at the soft part of his torso before a gloved hand snatched him by his collar and threw him to the side. The impact of smashing his nose to the floor miraculously didn't break it, but he could feel blood begin to run from his nostril, making breathing even harder.

"You think you could manage to survive out there? When backup fails you? When Batman isn't around to 'save the day'? When you're out numbered and out matched in every way?" Tim stomped over and picked Jason back up, again from his collar, as if to throw him once more. "Are you sure you're really ready to be Nightling?"

Jason looked up into the lensed eyes of his hero, the guy he owed his life to and every good thing in it, and he couldn't see anything. The previous Nightling was dead. Jason's hero was gone. This guy was something else. This something else wasn't going to run Jason off from living up to his predecessor.


Jason expected that to be the 'wrong' answer. For Tim to kill him, or beat him, or something. He wasn't expecting to be pulled into a hug. He wasn't expecting Tim to collapse to his knees as he embraced him. And while Tim held him tight, tucking his own head into Jason's shoulder, he heard the last thing he ever thought Tim would say.

"Thank you," Tim muttered into Jason's uniform. "Thank you, Jason, for not letting Nightling die."

Jason didn't get a chance to respond. As soon as he brought his arms up to hug Tim back, he was shoved into the wall so hard, his vision went black.

When Jason woke up next, he was in his bed at the tower, Wondergirl sat by his bed side, cleaning his wounds.

"You're awake," she muttered as his eyes fluttered open.

"You've noticed," he muttered back. There was an awkward silence as she finished cleaning him up.

"I came in to nearly every one down. Cyborg checked the security cameras to see what happened while back up came to help everyone. Batman explained that Ra's Al Ghul had somehow brought Tim back. He's still looking into it." Jason nodded along as well as his pounding head would allow. "We owe you an apology, Jason. We didn't give you a fair chance. Even Tim seems to have accepted you as the new Nightling. We should have, from the start."

Jason had to blink a bit at that before he understood. Cyborg checked the cameras. Even with no sound, there would be no missing how Tim held him before he knocked him out.

"Can I get a recording of you saying that for future evidence? I want proof this isn't some king of fever dream," Jason wise-cracked.

"Oh-hush," Wondergirl laughed before she stood, and with a smile she added, "I guess a lot of things are going to change around here now. Get some rest. Bats should be by soon to pick you up."

"And Roy and Kori?" Jason asked.

"They're fine. Last I saw them they were in the med-bay getting their eyes flushed out." With that, Wondergirl left the room.

Jason laid there for a moment before a thought came to him; Tim had waited until Supderboy had said those hurtful things about Jay before he pulled out his kryptonite. Kori and Roy were barely hurt at all. Did Tim fight his way in, just so he could make a show of accepting Jason? The thought caused Jason's face to split into a wide grin.

No matter what name he went by in the future, nor whatever 'something else' he had become, Tim Drake-Wayne, the second Nightling of Gotham, would forever be Jason's favorite hero.

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