Sun Child

A/N: My first Ghost Hunt fiction.


He cut me open.

On a cliff the summer wind racks my body with chills. The taste of sea salt, rust and despair cloud my judgement and leaves me irrational. I've been wounded but I do not bleed. If these tears could be compared to blood than I bleed, profusely. I am bleeding. He's fatally wounded me and yet I still stand. Why am I standing? However no physical weapon has been used against me. No hands were placed upon me. He wounds me with his words.

"Me or gene?"

And like that... It's over.

Chapter 1

Skies were grey that morning. The air was humid and her tongue flicked behind her teeth. Though it wasn't raining she could practically taste the rain as she walked down the busy sidewalks of Tokyo.

She were to meet someone she hadn't seen in over a year. A phone call that prompted many a question and many a flashback. But she had nothing to lose. There wasn't anyone holding her back. She was alone when only a year ago she truly believed she found herself a family. People she had once considered family had become strangers. People whom she worked with solving cases full of deceit, betrayal, sorrow, and importantly ghosts.

Often after every case she found herself with them in their favorite ramen shop a few blocks away from SPR. A company she had once called home rather than work. But with her boss's leave of absence and the building being no more the ties that once held her and her coworkers seized to exist like before. Never like before.

This hurt much worse. To have people you considered family leave and they hadn't even died. They were living their own lives as she had to. And she found she couldn't necessarily fault them for this. They each had come from different areas farther away from the psychic research building. One person in particular was from an entirely different country, Australia.

So in her loneliness she grew bitter and whatever sad feelings went to overcome her turned into blind hatred for one person.

Kazuya Shibuya.

Truthfully known as Oliver Davis.

She was a young naive 16 year young lady whom had become enamored by him. She devoted her precious time, her studies and many of times her life for this man only to have fallen in love unrequitedly. He was callous, cold, calculating and his biggest trademark... he was a classic narcissist. He predicted her every move, her every word and played with her like a cat to a mouse. She were just an experiment to him. Someone to pass the time, she assumed later. But even in her young mind she had known the truth. Accepted it only for the smiles and kindness she received in her dreams of him.

In her dreams he was patient, kind, loving and surreal. The most beautiful person with the brightest light. And like a moth she were drawn to that light night after night. His arms always opened to greet her. But in reality he was open to insult her, push her to her limit and constantly challenge her.

Her feelings were confusing for the longest of time. She couldn't tell if she liked him, was crushing or there was something more. And there was always something more. It wasn't until she saw him laying in the hospital bed after using his PK (to destroy a god!) did she accept the truth. She fancied him. Very much.

The day she had confessed her love for him was the day she had realized she loved him.

He had stated, matter of factly, that he was in Japan under an alliance. That the building they worked for was an extension of his parents company in England. He was not Shibuya but Oliver Davis who was looking for his brother's dead body. She was told that her dreams of him were not in fact Oliver Davis but his twin brother, Eugene Davis. In shock and in love she helped lead him and his much older assistant, Lin, to Eugene's body which was thrown over a cliff by his murderer into a large body of water. It had taken a crew nearly three hours to discover the body. And that chapter of Oliver Davis's life was over.

But what about her?

She watched him begin to walk away from her and she knew then that this would be it. She would never see this man again. This phantom who left such a huge imprint on her life in every way and then decidedly leave without her say. She shook and foolishly she ran after him. She couldn't reach him though. So her voice carried out her wish.

"I love you!"

All movement stopped. Time had stopped, she assured herself. And for that mere two seconds he stood still. Then silently and stoically he turned to face her with a soft smile on his face. It did not reach his eyes. It never reached his eyes but his eyes weren't indifferent. His words however... His words killed her that night.

She was no longer Mai Taniyama.

And she no longer loved Oliver Davis. Love was such a difficult thing to maintain. Especially when she could hate him. It was so easy to hate him. And she would hate him.

She would hate him for leaving her jobless, loveless and orphaned, again.

And this hatred gave her reason to walk into the tiny tea shop that afternoon to meet his mentor after a year of hearing no word from him. She would no longer be his love sick tea maiden but his worst enemy. And who better to train her than Madoka, the woman who practically taught him everything.

Before she opened the door to the tea shop a drop of rain landed on her cheek. Even the skies had cried for her misfortune, she laughed humorlessly.

The tea shop was quaint. Sakura tree wallpaper surrounded the space with traditional Japanese furnishing. A couple, some university students and an older man on his laptop were upon her vision. All lost to the world around them and engaged in their personal affairs. Mai had once been that clueless to her surroundings. Aloof that life would always just be SPR, her surrogate family of coworkers and Naru of course. Silly her.

A woman in a black apron approached her. She was a bit tall with long black hair tied in a neat ponytail. Her name tag was pinned to her upper shirt, the name said, "Miché". She scrutinized Mai from head to toe and blinked twice. Mai raised an eyebrow with confusion in response.

"Are you, Mai?" The woman asked.

"Yes." She answered carefully.

The woman began to smile pleasantly before gesturing toward the very back of the room. There were beads hanging from the door. The woman moved them aside and aided Mai to go forward.

This part of the tea shop was darker. The wallpaper was Sakura trees during the night. It had a completely different mood than the opening. At the very corner was a woman Mai thought she would never see again.

Strawberry blonde hair framed the older woman's face nicely, a loose champagne blouse fitted her well and a cup of steaming tea was held her in thin long fingers. She blew away the heat and proceeded to sip. Mai steadily walked over but did not seat herself just yet. Madako, raised her eyes toward her then looked down at the seat in front of her. Mai followed the unspoken directions and was soon poured tea by Madako, herself. Even though Mai were the younger of the two.

Seeing no words were being spoken quite yet, Mai opted to sip her tea. It tasted of Jasmine, Cherry and Vanilla. She sighed after the long sip and relaxed her shoulders. The tension she was once feeling leaving her body.

Suddenly the noise of a tea cup being set on the table stopped all motion and thought. Madako looked up, that same cheery smile she always had present. Her eyes lit up in mirth, a bit of crows feet at the edges.

"Long time, Mai."