Maelstrom of Cosmic Era

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"Bijuu talking"

" 'Bijuu thinking' "


" 'Thinking' "

Naruto's Gundam is a surprise, and probably you will like it.

For the pairing, I'm aiming for Naruto x lacus x murue. Why? Because I like those 2. Especially murue. Maybe I'll add more in the future when I make it to destiny. As for kira? I'll stick with kira x flay.

Ill change some of the parts in the series so yeah. But mostly it will be cannon.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or Gundam Seed. It belongs to their respective owners and maker.

Chapter 1: Return to battlefield


Naruto Uzumaki, our very own orange clad knucklehead, the most unpredictable ninja, and the Jinchūriki of the 9 tails. After the 4th great shinobi war, and the sealing of kaguya otsutsuki. To serve as a thank you from the bijuu's, the bijuu's gave some of their chakra with Naruto resulting his immortality. Naruto, after sometime, became the Hokage of Konoha, and through the years his life was complete. Until the day everyone he knows slowly died, including his wife, Hinata Hyuga, the heiress of the hyuga clan, and his two children, Boruto Uzumaki and Himawari Uzumaki. After everyone died, he almost lost himself to grief but thanks to his 9-tailed companion, he was pulled back from his grief and moved on with his life.

After centuries and millennia of roaming the world, watching the world change from the shadows. Sometimes participating in the wars, the world has seen. But in the latter years. He has grown tired of war and only participate if the world truly need his help.

Present time

In the year Cosmic Era 71 Naruto Uzumaki appearance hasn't changed much since the day he achieved Immortality. His once wild spiky blonde hair was now trimmed short, yet he still held the same whisker marks on each of his cheeks. Cerulean blue eyes which radiated a lifetime of experience and as for his clothes. He wears now a red shirt with long sleeves, black pants, and brown closed shoes. After a Millennia of living the blonde youthful looking man is no stranger to adapting while the world keeps evolving with new technology. More importantly, Naruto has developed the core of OS for Mobile suits and a majority of the now military power comes from his brain child. 'Arriving in 10 minutes at your destination.' A voice announced through the intercom and Naruto glanced out of the window to see a space station doom up in the distance.

"Finally, a change in scenery than this darkness around us," Naruto commented while he watches the darkness of space with a few stars and possible space stations in the distance change. "We will soon arrive at Heliopolis." A smile appeared on the blonde's face when a rough, deep voice echoed in his mind.

"About damn well time! I thought that I will never see anything green or a city when I woke up from my slumber." This voice belongs to one of his closest and oldest friend, Kurama and Naruto snorted at his friend's comment.

"Lighten up Fur Ball! You're only grumpy because we haven't had any action in the past few years." The blonde commented while the space shuttle moved into the port of the space station.

"Years? Try Centuries!" A deep growl came from Kurama. For a while, Naruto nor the Biju says anything before the Fox resumed. "Say Naruto, I have been itching for you on trying out your mobile suit. based on what the designs and the features you have installed. It would bring out our … wild side." The voice in his head held now a tone of amusement and if Naruto could see the fox face then he should notice that it now held a feral, dangerous grin.

"Can't argue with that that buddy. Good thing I brought it with us. I'll try testing it later after were done here" answered Naruto with a grin. But it turned into a frown, sensing something coming.

"is it me or I'm feeling danger nearby." Said Naruto.

"hmm you're right kit. Just be on your guard, I feel shit is going to hit the fan" said kurama

"yeah yeah yeah, you know me. I'll just have my mobile suit on standby just in case." Said Naruto, Sighing.

*shuttle arashkage, you are clear for docking in bay number 9*

"well here we go" said Naruto while piloting his shuttle to bay number 9.

Naruto was in city, minding his business, buying anything that he see's useful or eye catching to him, when suddenly someone bump in to him, Naruto just stood there, not moving even an inch where he stand. He sees the one who bump him sitting in the pavement rubbing his head.

'what the hell did I hit? I feel like I ran into a wall' said the stranger in his mind

"sorry sir, I didn't see where I was going. I was in a hurry so I was running" said the stranger, still rubbing his head.

"it's okay, I was not looking either" said Naruto while offering a hand to the stranger.

"oh, then okay." Accepting the offered hand to get up.

"what's the rush, if you don't mind me asking?" asked Naruto with his foxy grin.

"oh right, I'm late for my class actually, that's why I'm running" said the stranger, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

"oh okay. Names Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki. What's yours?" said Naruto

"the names kira, kira yamato. Mr. Uzumaki" said the now named kira with a smile

"just Naruto is okay. Go on kira, you said you are late. Nice meeting you by the way." Said Naruto with a smile

"right almost forgot about it. Nice meeting you to Naruto!" said kira now running again.

Naruto just shook his head "that kira will bump into someone again. And he reminds me of myself when I was a kid, I think?"

"yeah, clumsy and stupid like you." Said kurama from his mindscape.

"ha ha ha very funny you over grown fur ball" said Naruto to kurama who only chuckled at him.

Naruto was heading back to his hotel when suddenly he heard explosions and gunfire from the distance.

"what the hell was that!?" said Naruto, and narrowing his eyes in the distance.

"well shit really hit the fan. What are you going to do?" said kurama

"I'll evacuate the people then I'll check what was that about." Said Naruto.

"KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" shouted Naruto, making several clones and henge them to be civilians.

"you know what to do. Guide the people to the shelters and dispel when you're done" said the original Naruto

"yes boss!" said the clones before running of doing their job

"now to see what was that explosion" before he ran he remembered something.

"yo kurama, I have a job for you" said Naruto through the mindscape before creating another clone.

"i'm listening..." said kurama

Kira yamato, a student in heliopolis, was finding his day very stressful. Why? Because moments ago, he was in a fire fight, explosion everywhere, and to top it all off? His bestfriend from childhood had pointed a gun to him almost shooting him and stole one of the experimental gundams. Apparently his bestfriend was part of the ZAFT infiltration unit, their mission, to stole the new mobile suits. Now, we find himself inside of a Gundam fighting a zaft mobile suit. Beside him, lieutenant Murrue Ramius. A beautiful woman, mid 20's, long silky brown hair, perfect skin, beautiful brownish eyes, well-endowed chest. Over all, a very beautiful woman. We find themselves battling the zaft mobile suit. But was having trouble with the gundam. Because of the sudden battle, the OS was not calibrated yet, so kira being in a tight situation, program the OS while dodging the strikes of the ZAFT mobile suit.

In the distance, Naruto was watching the battle with a critical eye.

"that machine. It's a new model. I've never seen anything like it before. Same goes for the 4-mobile suit that I have seen flying when I was running to here" thought Naruto.

"I need to dig deeper into this. War is coming, and this is the catalyst."

Naruto was in deep thought through this, thinking if It was wort it.

"…if war is upon us. Should I even interfere? Does the world need me again?"

His train of thought was broken when the gundam stab the ZAFT mobile suit with a combat knife through the arm.

"hmm not bad. For an amateur"

"Naruto, you're mobile suit is ready. All systems are operational. Where are you?" said kurama from his mindscape.

"thanks buddy, though I think I don't need -"

His reply was cut short when suddenly, the gundam he was watching was surrounded on all sides. 4-mobile suits form a square to trap the gundam. Out man and out gun.

"Shit it won't last long in there" said Naruto, thinking fast he contacted kurama through his mindscape.

"Kurama! My hiraishin kunai is in their right!?" said Naruto shouting in his mindscape

"yes, it's in here. Why?" said kurama

"because I've got to save some poor bastard piloting the new mobile suit" said Naruto, before a flash of yellow light illuminated his cockpit in his mobile suit.

Naruto position himself comfortably in the cockpit.

"kurama, you ready?" said Naruto with his ear-splitting grin, cracking his neck and knuckles.

"fuck yeah Naruto. Finally, some action, and we get to try this baby out." said kurama with his own ear-splitting grin.

"same here buddy, same here" said Naruto

Looking through the monitor, naruto read the readings out loud.

"reactor all good, power is 100%, weapons online and operational, all systems green, activating mobile suit" before pressing the screen in front of him, activating his mobile suit. The screen activated and words flashed in the screen:


Now activated, gundam barbatos lupus rex eyes flashed bright green.

"Finally, barbatos, you ready for your debut?" said Naruto with a smile

Putting his hands on the controller, he closed his eyes and channeled his chakra onto barbatos, he felt connection, man and machine acting as one. Opening his eyes, he felt he's 100% in sync with barbatos. Giving himself a smile.

"kurama, you connected?" asked Naruto

"yes Naruto, I've got to say, you out did yourself here" said kurama with a grin

"you know me buddy. Let's go and kick some ass!"

"right! Let's go!"

"Gundam barbatos, launching!"


AN: barbatos (I don't own iron-blooded orphans), the gundam Naruto design for himself years ago while working in morgenroete. Built in secret until completed and maintained by Naruto himself. barbatos frame is slim in the waist but on the chest, arms, and legs are armored. The whole frame was made with gundanium alloy plus nanomite armor (I don't own gundam wing and iron-blooded orphans) and it's powered by a nuclear reactor so it's operational hours are limitless, depending on the pilot's endurance. It's color scheme, rather than blue, white, red, and gold It's color scheme now, rather the white color on its frame, now it's black, and the blue accents on the shoulder are now in orange, but the red and gold accents stay. (imagine barbatos lupus rex but different color scheme).

The weapons on barbatos is the same with barbatos lupus rex. Complete with the tail blade, rex nail, and 2x 200mm gun.

For handheld weapons. Instead of the giant mace. barbatos uses a long sword. Plus 2 beam saber. And hidden under each forearm of barbatos, a high-energy beam riffle.

Now for kurama to be connected to the mobile suit, Naruto lined the mobile suit with a seal connected from barbatos forehead, the seal not only connects kurama, but also Naruto as well, It's like an extension of his body. In hindsight, it acts like an Alaya-Vijnana System without the side effect of the paralyzation for berserk mode. For his berserk mode, well you guess it right, why I picked barbatos for Naruto. It suites him perfectly. Also the seals acts as a security, so only Naruto and kurama (in a clone) can activate barbatos.

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