Chapter 1

Note: The characters of Watership Down television series belonged to Alltime Entertainment, Decode Entertainment, and the creator works of Author Richard Adams of the book under the same title. Also to say this drives from inspiration from movies I have watched and the second inspiration from my High-Functioning Autism.

Small Country Town in California

In a early, cozy fall breezy evening, I was lying in bed for a shut eye rest with headphones listening to music. A faint knock came from bedroom door.

"Mason." a voice calls out for my name.

I couldn't hear because of the music in my ears and my eyes closed, while trying to get some sleep.

A door opened from the creaking noise, faint footsteps came closer to me. The music went silent as my headphones were removed.

"Mason. Didn't you hear me knock?" it was my mother when I opened my eyes.

"Sorry, I was trying to sleep." I apologized.

She just sat on my bed and patted my head. "You all packed for tomorrow?"

I only nodded because I felt I couldn't be able to say anything except moving.

"You still not feeling like moving?" she asked.

"I don't know. I should be looking forward for it, from the fact I hardly make friends with anybody." I replied.

She knew that I still haven't made much friends, even since I first started preschool school. Kids think I'm an "odd" kid. I couldn't be able to ask my parents that question.

"Yeah I know, but when you get to your new school, you could be able to make some friends." she assures me.

I nodded. "Why are we moving to the UK again?"

"Well babe... your father had a great writing that he could travel to Hampshire to get ideas for his story."

"I suppose he couldn't be able to find ideas for a story for a while." I added.

My mother smiled and softly rubbed my head, as I was tucking myself in.

"Is it also to help me?" I asked. She stopped rubbing my head and didn't even say a word. It was ten years since I was diagnosed with Autism. I couldn't be able to speak after three years of the diagnosis through speech therapy. I wasn't even sure how it was going to work out like moving out of the states.

My mother knew she wanted what was best of me, as well as for my father. My mother was doctor, who was devoted to her patients. My father was writer mostly fiction stories and few of non-fiction to give his readers ideas.

"At least most of our belongings are at the new house, means less moving in." she said. "Your movies, books, and the rest of your stuff is over there."

I put in a smile. Throughout my years, I usually spend most of my time watching films like Titanic, Young Frankenstein, The Godfather's Part I and II, Rain Man, John Wayne movies and others. I even watch family and musical films as well and picture myself being there, alike reading books. Other kids and other people make whispers and/or chant about me. Most times, I do my very best to fit in, but felt little of the rejection. That is the reason why I turned to hobbies for comfort along with music, mostly country.

"You still have your family with you if something bothers, right?" she said.

I smiled and nodded. She gave me a kiss goodnight. "Don't sleep with your headphones on now." my mother said.

I unplugged my headphones turned towards my window watching the sunset of a California country scenery, before leaving it forever. I could remember the times like going to Bodega Bay, watching the waves crashing ashore. Hearing the beach scenery, with high hills scenery helps me relax when trying to sleep or enjoy the view.

I closed my eyes as I face towards the opened window having the breeze blow upon my face and putting me asleep.

The next morning, we finished the rest of our packing that we're going to bring in our plane to the United Kingdom. My clothes, my pillow and blankets, my portable DVD player with a few movies, and my laptop were all packed. The very last belonging I haven't packed yet was my Bible. My Bible was nearly covered in dust and I brushed it off and packed it with my belongings. I managed to grab every last item like my phone, charger, and my cowboy hat I was given for my thirteenth birthday. Seeing the empty room was eerie as I hold memories that I hold dear, especially like the country view from my bedroom window.

When I closed my old bedroom door, I walked downstairs and see everyone was about ready to leave. My father was already in the driver's seat making some phone calls, my mother was nearly finished loading the four-wheel with our belongings. My older sister, Alice was in the car on her phone texting. On time, I managed to help my mother finish loading the truck, before locking the house forever. When I got into the car, I looked back at the house, before we started driving off.

As we're in the freeway, cars were just passing through in the early morning. I was going to start missing the California farming fields we usually drive by everyday. What I have told that we're going to be more in the countryside alike our old home. It was good, because I could be able to walk towards the fields and/or the hills.

When we arrived at the Sacramento Airport, we met with purchaser, who is going to buy the car, as we bought another car waiting for us at the house. I always enjoyed flying on a airplane. Enjoy seating at window, so I could watch the scenery below from above. We had our little breakfast, before boarding with some snacks we bought at the airport. When we boarded on the airplane, I was about to seat at the window, until Alice cut in front of me and took the seat.

"Alice, can I please sit there?" I politely asked.

"I got here first and I'm sitting there." Alice answered. "Take the next seat, I don't want to sit in the middle."

"Alice, you know he enjoys sitting in the window." my mother reminded her daughter.

"Mom, I got to the seat first fair and square, and I do not want to sit in the middle or in the edge."

"It's okay Mom, I'll sit by the edge if you wanted me to its alright." I assured my mother.

My father asked a flight attendant if someone was seating by them. She said she wasn't sure. My mother told the flight attendant that I had Autism and I usually sit by the window. The flight attendant said it was alright, so me and my father took the two seats behind Mom and Alice.

When I got to my seat, I quietly sighed because of my sister. What did I do to her that makes her behave like this?

My father sat next to me in the middle seat. "It'll be nice to have a father and son quality time, before I had to work."

"What are you going to be writing about?" I asked.

"I don't know. Maybe adventure. When I hear from my publisher, I'll know." he answered.

"I might have some ideas that could help with your story." I offered.

"I'll like that son." he said with appreciation as he patted my shoulder.

"When you and mom saw the house, is it nice?" I asked.

"It is a nice place and quiet. Also has a lot of scenery where you might see some wild animals." he added.

In surprised, it will be fascinating to see some wild animals if we ever go on family hikes. I remember I get tiring of these walks until I got older it was reasonable to do hikes alone and/or with your family. The flight attendants are starting to proceed with the safety procedures before take off. I opened the shades to see the last of California and America, possibly forever. The plane started to leave the gate and proceed towards the runway, as the seat-belt sigh lights up. I continued to look out the window as the plane is picking up speed and started to lift from the runway path. The plane reaches at a certain feet into the air where we're allowed to use electronic devices. I continued to watch through the window seeing the clouds and the ground, while listening to Fly Over States by Jason Aldean.