Soldier Of Ice
You were already up since 600 hours when I first saw you . You were so small and fragile I was afraid you will break into small pieces if you Summoned me . You were looking at me with those eyes , wondering what you were supposed to do . I told you not to be afraid , so you weren't , and as you spread your arms towards me , I gently embraced you in ice . You were shivering , but you didn't gave up on me , and held on to my Force tight until I was inside you entirely.

You ..... this small , thin boy with eyes of ice , held so much strength inside him it amazed me . It was you.

" Who are you ...? "

Leonhart .

" Are you afraid ....? "
Brave warriors do not fear anything .
" Thou shall be Heart Of a Lion ..."
" Summon Me !! "

I rage inside you , giving you the impulse . I release the pain and the anger inside you , and you scream my name , you wish me out to protect and kill . I let myself out of your body and , as your feelings guide me I freeze everything around the two of us , until it reaches the line of the horizon , and your mind goes even further , wanting to freeze the Sun .

You Summon me with grace and power , and then I know you are meant for me and viceversa . You , the boy with the heart of a Lion , you , are mine. You are my child .

He opens his eyes , I can feel it , so I open mine inside him . What is it ? I haven't woke up for years and years and years ........ How many years passed , my child ?

Is he calling me ?

He is .

I force my way out , he is in doubt wether to call me or not , but I can see that he needs me . As I break freely from his body , I twist and call upon my Elements to defeat the ones that hurt my Soldier , call the Winds to blow theme all away . He watches me and gets in his fighting stance , waiting for me to finish so he could start all over again , fearless , going forth without backing out , with the courgae of a Lion witch protects his territory .

The enemies attack in full force , they are an army , but you and me alone , are a legion .

Summon me man with heart of a Lion ! Summon me with all the rage you hold inside !

A patch of ice covers the lands , as I release my power , the Winds from the West bashing all your enemies away . Vanish , humans with minds of monsters , do not dare harm my child !

I watch the enemies backing away , in fear , and I hear my child summoning me back. But what do my eyes see ? Who are you ? It can't be ....but how come I know all your secrets ? Who .... ?

I stare in your eyes as my lips pass trough yours and I see it......I see the ice eyes and then I know ..... but it's so hard to believe .....

You are not my boy with the heart of a Lion . Have you changed , or do my memories decieve me ? Your eyes ..... and your memories , the advices I given while sleeping inside of you , were they given to you or to this person in front of me ?


You are not a child anymore. You're a man with the heart of a Lion.