I sit here , all alone. I wonder how much time passed .... for me it seems like days , but it might also be just hours....
maybe years....I sit here , in the middle of the Deserted Lands , like I used to sit for years.

It's and endless desert covered in dark fog . If I want to , I could put myself to sleep , see flashes of my child's life
or fly over Ice Lands I behold in my mind. Memories so distant from ancient times it seems.
But my mind is restless. I was sleeping for so long , that I haven't even recognized my child ! I feel so ashamed....at least he
didn't knew what was going on trough my mind.
And I even raised him , with advice all these years, and I do not even recognize him.

He seems so cold.
He looks so bitter....
What is disturbing your sleep my child ? For all these years , nightmares have haunted you and self-distructing feelings
have shattared you. If I only could of done something to stop theme. But since you never let me out I couldnt' communicate much
with you since we never had a connection. Like we did today.
Now so many of your memories come to me , so many feelings . Why haven't you called me my child ?

My mind is disturbed by your new image. You look much like the small child I once knew , but , paradoxal , you are nothing like
I find my path out of you once again. It's very hard because it's only the second time I'm doing this , but here I am.

I see pitch black , but the moon lightens the view and I see your body curled in a brown blanket .You seem so small and innocent
, laying here.
I put my head , just like a young girl watching her lover silently , next to your face , on the pillow, and watch you. This time your
sleep has no dreams. I washed theme away my sweet one, this time you will sleep peacefully because , once you have finally
released me , I will never let anything harm you , not even if it's a dream.

But why does my heart feel so.....it feels like something it's keeping her in a cage even if she tries to get out.Why does my heart
beat so fast when I once again look at your face ?
It's just that I have missed you so much, that is the answer.

Rest my child . I kiss your forhead as I melt into you , and you suddenly open your eyes, gazing at me for a second before I
Why did my heart ache ?
Your eyes look so cold.....
They're so lonely.....

Why does my heart beat so fast ?

I find myself back into Deserted Lands . I haven't felt like this for years...it's too sudden for me , I reject it but I can't resist it.
Could it be that I fell in ......in ....love......?