It was a dark night. Everybody was in their bedrooms, sleeping. Or so it seemed….

In reality, a bunch of smashers were going out for midnight activities, and unfortunately, they couldn't risk their necks by partying all night. They went to their homeworlds instead, in the gigantic Nintendo galaxy. But on a desolate, forgotten planet called the Subspace, something was brooding. It was waiting to rise again.

Samus, on her starship, was exploring again. She flew past star systems, and heard beeping. She sighed. What was it again? She headed over to the dining room and saw Toon Link, Lucas, Koopalings, and Ness brawling. Samus went nuts. She grabbed her paralyzer and shot everyone with extreme precision. "Gotcha! What are you guys doing in my cramped starship?" Toon Link yelled, "You seriously have the worst security ever! When we came in, there were no thumbprint sensors, eye shape sensors, and the only reason the alarm came off was because we got into a brawl!" Ness yelled, "Yeah Koopalings! We're not done with you yet! PK Thunder!" Ness and Lucas launched themselves at the Koopalings. Bowser Jr. shielded, but the rest of the Koopalings were caught and electrified. "Agh! What are you freaks doing! At this rate, you'll destroy everything!"Sadly, the Koopalings were too engaged in fighting Toon Link and the Earthbound kids. Eventually Toon Link got so mad he pulled out a bomb. "Take this!" Despite Samus's best efforts to neutralize the bomb with another bomb of her own, both bombs didn't collide and cancel each other out. Kaboom! The ship, or rather, what was left of it, didn't even get to crash land on the planet it was head towards. It exploded in mid-air, or should I say, mid-space? The explosion knocked all passengers towards the planet. Samus yelled, "Dang it! The author loves torturing us!" A voice from the sky said, "Put up with it. You're immortal anyway."

Toon Link said, "What planet is this?" Samus checked her GPS, which was miraculously intact. "We're in… Gosh, this place is completely uncharted! This could only mean one thing." Bowser JR. asked, "What does that mean?" Samus looked up. "This only means: we're in the Subspace. I still remember battling with my teammates to defeat Tabuu. Of course, we never learned whether if he was dead or not. If we accidentally awaken him again, we're doomed." Toon Link pointed at a familiar-looking shadow. "Umm guys, I think we're already doomed." All smashers present looked behind them. "TABUUU!" all of them screamed. Samus used her rockets and propelled herself away, back to the planet Nintendo. Toon Link used his hookshot to grab unto her. "Wait for me!" Lucas used his rope snake to grab on, and all the others latched themselves on Lucas and Toon Link.

Samus sighed, "We're pretty much doomed at this point."

Tabuu shook with laughter. "Nintendo…your Apocalypse is coming!

Shulk woke up from this nightmare. He sighed. Who the heck was Tabuu anyway? He called Link and asked him about Tabuu. Link: "Why are you asking me about this? I've met Tabuu before, but why ask?" Shulk sighed. "I had a nightmare about him."

Link said, "He was a super-powerful being. He wanted to take over the world as we knew it, until we fought back as an entire team. It required the entire platoon of smashers to defeat him. Don't worry. He's not coming back." Then Link hanged up. Shulk groaned. He went out of his apartment and knocked on Samus's door. After all, she was his girlfriend, and she was in this crazy nightmare. Nobody answered. He rang the bell. It was the same lack of response. He opened the door. There was nobody there. He went to Ness, Lucas, and the Koopalings' apartments. All empty. Finally, hand trembling, he opened Toon Link's door. A hammer smashed into his face. "Aaaagh!" Roy ran over. "Dude, you ok?" Shulk opened his eyes. Toon Link was also absent. The last thing he thought before he passed out was: it's true. My vision powers are too strong.

When he woke up, he saw the boys gathered around him. "You ok?"

Shulk sat up. "Tabuu is coming. We have to warn the others!" Dr. Mario sighed. "It seems that his vision has gone awry. He'll be like this for a week or so. Strap him on the bed. If he keeps brawling, then his vision move will get worse to the point that it'll be unusable." Shulk yelled, "There's nothing wrong with me! Just let me go!"

However, Shulk was no match for his buddies all grouped together.

Marth said to Shulk, "Sorry, bud but it's for your own good." Shulk couldn't blame them either.

"OK, let's have a pick on who gets to babysit Shulk today." Roy said. They wrote their names and put it on small strips of paper. "Link!" Link groaned. "Why am I always on guard duty?

Hours later, Link was quite bored. So was Shulk. Suddenly Shulk had an idea. "Yo Link!"

"What, Shulk? Don't ask me about Zelda, don't ask for a brawl, and definitely don't ask me about freeing you!"

"No Link! If you're so bored, why don't you just tie your bombs to your arrows and shoot at people outside?"

"Awesome! Thanks Shulk!" Link grabbed a bomb and tied it to his arrow. He aimed at Ganondorf. And released the string.

Ganondorf was talking to his buddies, Dark Pit and Bowser. Suddenly something erupted at Ganondorf's feet and blasted him off into the fountain.

Ganondorf yelled, "Who the heck was that?"

He saw nobody.

Ganondorf jumped back to where he was, with Dark Pit and Bowser, completely drenched.

"What happened to you? You somehow blasted off without warning."

Ganondorf sighed. "I'm clueless as well. It couldn't be Link or Toon Link. If they had thrown their bombs, then I would see them.

Dark Pit: "Why don't we keep continuing our conversation?"

Link, with his extra sensitive ears, had heard it all. He was doubling over with laughter.

Link saw Charizard picking a fight with Zelda.

"Picking a fight with my girl, eh? Eat this, dragon."

Charizard headbutted Zelda onto the ground. As Zelda lay in pain, Charizard held a rock, preparing to finish Zelda off.

Suddenly, Charizard felt something explode under his feet, and he flew into the air.

Zelda noticed Charizard flying into the air. This was her chance!

Zelda leaped up into the air, and lightning kicked him.

Charizard flew out of the battlefield and landed in the pool at the water park. Greninja looked at him. "I thought you didn't like water."

Normally Charizard would die in this situation, but thank immortality in this situation. Charizard only looked angry.

"Well, I don't." and smacked Greninja away with his tail.

Now Link had chosen the Star Fox characters as his targets.

He got two arrow-bombs prepared, and fired one at Falco.

Falco flew away. Link yelled, "Fly, little birdie!"

Unfortunately, Fox heard that. And Fox had a way to counter this arrow-bombing.

Link smirked at aimed at Fox. It came closer... closer...closer...

And Fox reflected the projectile.

Link saw the arrow-bomb coming back at him. He screamed like a little girl and ducked as it came through the window. Kaboom!

Link turned around. It had hit Shulk's bed, destroying it. Which meant Shulk was free.

Link looked around frantically. He suddenly felt a heavy thud on his head.

And everything...went black.

Well guys! I guess that's the end of part one: Apocalypse! Ok, this is based on the movie X-men Apocalypse, but it's not a complete rip-off!

Come back later to read part 2!