I...think I forgot about this fanfic. But oh well. It's back.

Marth glared at Palutena. He put Falchion down and nodded. "It does make sense. I'm with you-" He was immediately attacked by Tabuu, mentally. You think you could resist me, hero-king? Now that you have once willingly submitted to me, I can control you again and again, fool!

As Marth struggled to keep Tabuu out of his mind, he thought of someone. Someone special to him. He just needed to remember-

"Wait, is this something like the power of love bullsh*t again? F*ck that." He quickly grabbed Palutena's staff, and whacked himself on the head, knocking himself out.

Palutena looked at the prince, who now had a bump on his head. "Well...that's interesting."

Cloud clung onto his Buster sword, hanging it on for dear life. After all, he didn't want to get pierced by a bunch of spikes down there. Well...actually...he couldn't really die, right?

He looked at the spikes down there, and closed his eyes. This was probably going to be even worse than getting stabbed by Sepiroth. He let go of his sword, and braced himself for the impact heroically. He looked at his friends hanging from the magnetic field up at the ceiling.

They...were uncharacteristically grinning, probably wanting to hear him scream out in pain. Well, no! Cloud would never give them the satisfaction of screaming in pain just like a little child-


The sword users and Samus started laughing. Then Link pointed out something. "Oh...he's already out of the metal spike pit, off to challenge Tabuu. I mean...we should help him right?

They all dropped down, (though Samus just removes her armor) bracing themselves for the blow, determined to face pain with dignity. They were heroes, people to take hope in, people who couldn't let others down. This was nothing compared to-


Dragging themselves to where Cloud was standing, they looked at Tabuu, who was decorating his throne, while torturing some smashers. Ike readied his fists. "Time to show him what we're made of-"

He was whacked on the head by Pittoo. "Baka! None of us have our weapons! You think we can beat him like that?" Ike scratched his head. Pittoo was right. They really couldn't do much without their weapons.

Zero Suit Samus picked up a lightsaber. "I think that finding these can help us. There are items everywhere. Home run bats, ore clubs, hammers, etc. They'll give us a much better chance against Tabuu if we use those."

As Lucina ran around the area, she bumped into Corrin. "Sorry about that."

"Don't worry about it, Marth. Wait...what are you doing without your Falchion?"

"Yeah...I lost it. Did you see it anywhere?"

"Sorry, but no. But anyway, hope you find it quickly!"

Lucina placed her hand on her chest. Luckily, Corrin wasn't too much into keeping track on others' appearances. "That was close..."

Meanwhile, Marth was having a vision. He floated in an endless, white reality. He heard people calling him. People familiar. The voices were far away, but he could hear them.

"Abel! Cain! Kris! Draug! Barst! Ogma! Caeda! You all are here? Wait...does that mean you got killed by Medeus?" They all scratched their heads sheepishly. "Yeah...and he was still strong enough to defeat you."

Ogma looked at the others. "You know, we should really leave Marth and Caeda to talk here alone. She can do the talking for us, right?" The others left. Caeda put her hands on Marth. He looked at her. "Caeda, I-"

She silenced him with a kiss, ending his words, and leaving him to accept her kiss. She stared deep into his eyes. "I thought I would never see you again. I'm glad that I was wrong. Even if it's just one last time..."

Marth cried while hugging her, unable to control the storm of emotions overflowing him. As his tears dripped from his eyes, Caeda wiped the tears with her hair, intoxicating him with the smell of the perfume on her hair.

She hugged him, smiling. "Marth...your time here won't be long. But please...defeat Tabuu. Remember us. We'll be behind you."

Marth's eyes widened. "Wait, I'll have to leave already? But I just got here! Damn immortality!" Caeda's body started to dissolve into mist as Marth realized he was about to leave the spirit world.

Tears started to well in his eyes again. "No! Caeda! Don't leave me! Don't leave me!" Caeda's misty form gave a sad smile as she looked at Marth longingly.

"Marth...smile for me. Smile one last time for me. Just remember...I'll always love you, even in death."

Marth desperately wiped his tears, and managed to put up a brave smile. "I'll smile for you, Caeda! You'll always be in my heart!"

Marth woke up, to see Palutena. "So, you had a cheesy dream or something, right?"

"Shut up."

"Well, what's a man to an angry woman?"

"What's an angry woman to a king?"

"What's a king to a goddess?"

"What's a goddess to a dragon-god slayer?"


Tabuu grabbed Sonic by his hair, poking his nose in. "You...the one who damaged my wings. I'll have fun torturing you." Bayonetta and Galacta Knight stood by. "Don't you have anything else to do besides torturing smashers?"

"Nope! But thanks for trying to remind me!"

"In that case..." Bayonetta pulled out a binder. "We have yet to conquer the world of Hyrule, planet pikmin, Elibe, Archanea, Skyworld, The Dark World, whatever Pokemon's location is called, Planet Popstar..."

Tabuu glared at her. "Couldn't you just say every location?"

"Nope. We conquered Smashville."

"Then couldn't you have just said that we needed to conquer everything but smashville?"

"That's exactly what i said. I said every location except for smashville."

If Tabuu could get a nosebleed from sheer anger, this was his thought process now. "Never...mind."

Meanwhile, the freed smashers hung up from the ceiling, ready to attack. Ike held the count, with his fingers and golden hammer ready.

"Okay, guys! On the count of three! One..."


"2.1... 2.2...2.5...2.9"

Someone just screamed, "Just jump already!"