"Hahaha, you wouldn't!"

Abigail Sciuto laughed and looked at Tony with a twinkle in her eyes.

She and her NCIS team member, or should I say: "Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo?" were out for a quick lunch before they had to get back to the navy yard and catch up with paperwork. Writing reports wasn't their favorite thing to do, but they'd do anything to avoid stares and slaps from their boss; Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Taking a sip from his coffee DiNozzo replied: "Well, if I wouldn't I bet Gibbs would find out anyway..." He looked her in the eyes and continued: "You know the man hates christmas, why are you so determined to drag him along in your festivities? I sense no good is coming from this shenanigan."

"Don't call it a shenanigan, Tony! I know all too well what Gibbs' feelings towards christmas are, but don't you think that he just deserves to be happy again?" She sighed heavily and threw her empty Caf-Pow cup in the trash. "Can you get me another one, please?" she pleaded with the sad puppy eyes and slight pout that she knew would make everyone do everything for her. Besides, Tony owed her one because she took the rap for him when he had a date the other week that Gibbs wasn't supposed to know about.

Looking on his watch Tony said: "Okay, but a small one, we haven't got all day you know?"

Abby was eagerly awaiting his return, and when Tony sat himself down at the table again she smiled brightly with a ginormous mischievous grin on her face.

"Are you going to tell me what is so hilarious?" Tony asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Only if you promise not to tell Gibbs." She replied.

"Oh yeah, if this idea is just as brilliant as the one you told me about 15 minutes ago, then the answer is no." Tony was already thinking about what his boss would do to him and he was afraid that the skin might not grow back from all the headslaps that Gibbs would give him.

"Why are you such a party pooper, Tony? Okay, okay I get it: I'm not going to drag him along to buy a christmas tree with me..."

"You got that right! Listen Abs, you know how Gibbs is... he'll get over the fact that YOU ruined his christmas, because you're his favorite and he adores you. Instead he'll just take it out on me and make my life miserable for the next 5 months." He rubbed the back of his head when he thought about it.

Abby was silent for a moment. She knew she was Gibbs' favorite, but hearing Tony say he adored her sent shivers down her spine. Tony saw that, but didn't say anything to her. He stood up instead and motioned her to do the same because they REALLY had to get back to the Navy Yard before Gibbs would put out a BOLO on them, or worse: kill them himself.

"You can tell me on the way back what your plan is Abby, I'll listen but I won't make any promises about keeping my mouth shut."

They walked off teasingly bickering with eachother, not knowing they were watched from a distance...