We're here at last.

Cover Art: Jack Wayne

Chapter 27

Captain Yang Xiao-Long stared down at the coffin before her, an embossed black box that felt all to small and final. On it lay a picture showing their fallen member, his cocky smile immortalised. They didn't have any pictures of him without it. That was just the way he was and they wouldn't have had it any other way.

Inside, all that remained were two metallic legs and a scorched badge.

Yang laid her hand on the coffin. "I didn't tell you to come back alive because it was implied, you bastard. When I see you again, I'm going to kick your ass for that."

It didn't feel like it was enough to say. What could you say to someone who had died just like that? What was there left to do? Yang's throat caught, and she took a step back, allowing the others a chance to step forward and say their own farewells.

Mercury's funeral was a small and intimate thing. Perhaps when more news was released, and the public found out what happened, they'd clamour for a larger one, a state funeral. She wasn't sure. Even if they did, Yang wouldn't attend it. They didn't know Mercury. Not the real him. They would be celebrating his death and the good he did with it, but it would be the same people who clamoured for his imprisonment or death before. Yang wanted nothing to do with them.

The only ones who attended were the VSPR, battered and bruised, Qrow, silent on the outskirts, and her old team who stood pensively nearby, unsure what to say. They'd dressed in black regardless, even if they couldn't feel the same loss for Mercury.

More than anything, they were just there to support her.

"You were right," she heard Junior mutter as he slapped some lien down atop the coffin. "Zombie apocalypse. You were right, you crazy son of a bitch."

Yang smiled and stepped away, leaving each to their privacy.

The VSPR HQ hadn't yet been repaired and wouldn't be for a few days. Oobleck was as good as his word, the VSPR being reinstated before the smoke had even settled. They were to have a new budget, new equipment, easier recruitment opportunities and full pardons for each member. Yang had laughed when one came through for her. Most people seemed to think she was as criminal as the rest.

Mercury was being buried on-site. No graveyard would probably want him, and the team didn't want the exposure from other people, let alone the public who kept looking for information on what happened. This was their moment with him. No one else mattered.

Ruby stepped forward when Yang came close. "Yang…"

"I'm fine." She wasn't, but she would be. Given some time. "Thanks for coming. I know you only knew him as a terrorist…"

"That doesn't mean we can't respect him for what he became," Weiss said. She wore a black hat with a veil to hide her pale features. "Given what the others are saying, he sounds like quite the character. You'll have to tell us all about him."

Yang recognised the excuse to get her talking and comfort her. She smiled and nodded back. The dress uniform she wore felt stuffy, especially over her robotic arm. It was more fit for a parade than a funeral.

"Thanks. There's a lot to tell."

"What happens now?" Weiss asked.

"Hard to say. The Council is focused on sending the Coppersmiths down." And they'd better. Yang wouldn't accept anything less than that. "Then, they'll be busy rebuilding. I guess the VSPR will move onto normal crimes, or maybe some other group will try and take advantage of the chaos and we'll be called to stop them. We'll just have to see."

"Not that," Weiss said. "I meant with you. With us."

Of course that was what she meant. Yang sighed. "I don't know, Weiss. Right now, I'm just not sure."

"I'm sorry!"

Yang turned. It was Blake who blurted it out, eyes scrunched shut and hands clenched into fists. Her partner – her ex-partner – took deep breaths, chest rising and falling.

"I'm sorry," she said again.

"Sorry for what…?"

"For doubting you. For lying to your face. For pretending I had the right to decide what was best for you. For… For everything."

The apology was a long one in coming and yet Yang felt no pleasure at it. Maybe she wasn't supposed to, but she'd held out for this. Expected some vindication. Blake was always stubborn. It might have been because of her past, because she'd made mistakes with the White Fang and thus couldn't accept that she might again, for they might have the same consequences.

That stubbornness had pissed Yang off to no end. Why then, did the long-awaited apology do nothing to lighten the weight on her chest? Was it because she didn't believe it? No. Blake was obviously contrite. Maybe it just didn't matter anymore.

Or maybe she'd found bigger things to concern herself with. At the end of the day, what did an argument between schoolchildren matter? Yes, she'd hated them for what she saw as her team turning on her, but they hated the fight that came from it too. They'd argued, spat and she'd even slapped Blake in a fit of Fang-induced rage. Looking back, it was childish. Understandable, but so very childish.

Did she regret joining the VSPR? No.

Did she regret the distance between her and her old team? Yes.

So, what was the point in holding a grudge? Why bother when there was already so much more to feel miserable about?

Yang held her good arm out. "Come here, you."

Blake, ever-reluctant and untouchable Blake, practically moulded into her side, hugging her desperately while Yang wrapped her one arm around the girl's shoulder. She'd normally have had to ambush Blake to get a hug like this, but they both needed it right now. Yang sniffled a little, and if Blake heard it she chose not to point it out. It wasn't the fight that brought the tears on, of course. Just the reminder of the VSPR's loss.

Team RWBY closed in around her, hugging her from every direction. It just so happened to coincide with Mercury's coffin being lowered down into the ground. Or maybe that wasn't such a coincidence, after all.

Yang hid her tears in her teammate's hair.


"This is Kevin Ambrose of Vale4 News. Today, we discuss repair efforts across the city, but first – an update on the attack which rattled the city. Over to you, Samantha."

"Thank you, Kevin. And we have news just in. Following the White Fang attack, and investigation by the authorities, two members of the Vale Council have been implicated in working alongside the White Fang, providing vital information and resources that led to the death of thousands."

"Celeste Coppersmith and her husband Warren Coppersmith have been formally named as suspects, and both remain in protective custody at this time. Details are sketchy at this time, but we have received unsubstantiated reports that the Coppersmiths rerouted funds to White Fang extremists while also ensuring security systems were pointed away from key areas of attack. In addition, the Coppersmiths are accused of being complicit in terrorist attacks, appropriation of public funds and also mis-use of power in a public office."

"The suspects are expected to face an expedited trial in the coming weeks and based on analysis from our team of legal experts, the case is being labelled `little more than a formality`. Conservative estimates put the expected sentence at a lifetime, but if the courts allow for the Coppersmiths to be judged for each death, they may face consecutive life sentences which could see them granted no hope of parole."

"Headmaster of Beacon and current Acting Head of the Vale Council, Ozpin, had the following to say;

"We have faced much in this short time. The criminal, Cinder Fall, attempted to bring Vale to its knees during the Vytal Festival. Now, Adam Taurus and the White Fang with the aid of allies within our own Council, sought to do the same. Through the brave actions of our huntsmen and huntresses, our emergency services, the police, and so many more, this cruel attack failed."

"Though many have fallen, we must remember them with fondness, and remember that their greatest wish would be for us to push on, to survive and to prove to the White Fang and all that might desire the fall of Vale that we will remain strong. That we will remain united. In these troubling times, I must also ask for understanding. Given what the White Fang has done, it would be easy to lash out at all who share their similarities. Please remember that there are many among our emergency services who are also faunus, and yet who fought and died to protect us, human and faunus alike."

"In times such as these, solidarity is our greatest asset."

"Wise words, don't you think, Kevin?"

"Indeed, Samantha. Official numbers on the fallen are still being compiled, but conservative estimates put the toll at well over three and a half thousand, all told. Our very own Vale4 News has received its own interest as well, with many claiming that the unsanctioned broadcast with VSPR member, Lisa Lavender, provided valuable information that saved hundreds of lives."

"And the VSPR itself, Kevin. Through footage disseminated online and from witness accounts, VSPR members engaged the terrorist leader, Emerald Sustrai, and White Fang Commander Adam Taurus, dispatching of both and raising the alarm. For more on that, we go to analyst and historian, Bartholomew Oobleck of Beacon Academy, to hear his thoughts on the attack."

"Thank you, Samantha. It's a pleasure to be here."

"So Oobleck, as an unbiased expert working in the field, what do you think of the charges placed against Warren and Celeste Coppersmith?"

"Well, I wouldn't call myself completely unbiased…"


"For actions granted, both within and without the line of duty, including operations that severely impacted the White Fang's ability to wage a war of terror on Vale, and also actions that later resulted in the prevention of a weapon capable of destroying the entire city, I, with the authority granted to me as acting head of the Council, do hereby extend operations for the Vale Special Police and Recon unit, codifying your charter into Vale Law."

Ozpin somehow managed to keep his smile on the polite side of smug as he stepped forward and held a folder out to Yang. Although another would be kept by the council, to go down to the archives, this one would hang in the VSPR's main HQ.

Yang wasn't sure if this was Oobleck's influence or not – but there was no hiding her proud smile as she took it, along with the wooden case that contained numerous medals to be granted out to her team – and one for Mercury, which she would see set into his gravestone if she had to. Woe betide any fucker who tried to steal it. They'd be lucky to take a shell to the head.

"Thank you, sir."

"No need to thank me, Captain Xiao-Long. If anything, I should be thanking you." Ozpin clapped a hand on her shoulder. "You've earned this. And more, I dare say." He turned her around and stood beside her. "Smile for the cameras now."

Yang pulled a cheesy grin, ignoring the bright flashes of the associated press outside the main council building. The very same one she'd sat on the steps of a week ago, lamenting the nightmares that had struck the city. The signs of the attack were still there, and normally she'd hate to do anything like this, but as Ozpin said, people needed hope. The best thing she could do to help right now was smile, look pretty and let people feel happy over reading an article or seeing her on the news. If her presence made them feel safe, all the better.

"The paperwork includes pardons for all those under your command," Ozpin said. "I'd thought it would be more difficult to swing, but after they risked their lives to stop the White Fang, the Council practically balked at the idea of them going back to prison."

"More likely they balked at the thought of what the public opinion would be…"

"Perhaps, but the results are still the same."

So, she shouldn't begrudge them, she supposed. Ozpin was right. This would let the VSPR persist after her and grant her team the freedom they deserved. There was a pardon for Mercury too, of course. Not like he'd have cared for it.

"You have a lot of good will with the Council now, Yang. Is there anything else you'd like to see pushed through?"

"Well, the HQ is a little… uh… perforated. And exploded," she added. "It may also have some structural issues."

"I'm sure we can swing a little more budget your way," Ozpin said indulgently. "It wouldn't do for our protectors to be without supplies, after all. I've even lifted the restriction on the recruitment of criminals, so you can start to take on more members if you wish."

"Can I have Uncle Qrow?"

"Qrow is my agent," Ozpin said.

"Hm. We'll see…"

She did have the twins, after all. The easiest way to a man's heart was through his crotch.

"I think the bigger question is what do you want, Yang?" Ozpin asked. "When you first came to me, you longed to return to Beacon, and while I shall admit to manipulating you a little, it is only because I knew you would be perfect for this role. The city needed you. We needed you."

"And I'm fine with that. I don't hold any ill will."

He nodded graciously. "Thank you. Still, the threat is over and right now, I would grant you whatever it is you desired. You've more than shown you're capable of being a huntress once more. And now that you have accepted your weaknesses," he nodded to her arm; her cybernetic arm, "And learned to work around them, any complaints I might have had are assuaged."

Yang flexed the arm Ironwood had granted her. It wasn't hers, not really, but she found that she didn't care too much about that anymore. The handicap didn't define her, and now that she didn't balk at the idea of wielding the cybernetic, it didn't inconvenience her, either.

Now, if Neo would stop sneaking up and using her elbow as a bottle opener, that would be appreciated, but beggars couldn't be choosers.

"All this time I kept thinking about how I had to get back to Beacon and my team," Yang said. "It was all I thought about. But now… I'm not sure. My team will be devastated if I drop out. They'll understand, but I know they'll blame themselves for it."

"But you also do not wish to leave the VSPR," Ozpin finished.

Yang shrugged uncomfortably. She'd made the VSPR what it was now. She'd fought, bled and nearly died with them. And more than that, she was proud of what they'd achieved together. Sure, they were crooks and criminals – and not even the pardons would change that. They liked what they did – but at the same time, they were family.

Fucked up, twisted and annoying as all hell family, but family nonetheless.

Ozpin smiled indulgently, "If I may, how about a compromise?"

Yang's attention perked up.


Two months.

That was all the time it took for the Coppersmiths to be found guilty – Oobleck's evidence weighing down on them and crushing all attempts to extend, delay or have the case thrown out. It was also the amount of time it took for the city to return to normality, for the loss and the grief to fade into memory, and for people to stop looking over their shoulders at any moment.

If that weren't enough, it was also the amount of time it took for the White Fang to formally disband. Adam's attack was deemed too violent, even by the standards of many faunus. Support dwindled at an incredible rate. Menagerie moved against its own, declaring the White Fang a criminal organisation. Most of their members had disbanded, those who would not, fighting to the last. In his own way, Adam destroyed the White Fang. Fitting.

Two months was also the length of time it took Yang to fully regret her choice as she struggled with the Beacon uniform, shrugging off her Captain's jacket, which caught on her robotic arm, as she shouldered the door to the foyer aside.

"Waheeeey!" Roman cat-called, whistling.

"Oi, that's my fucking niece!" another voice growled. "Yang, what have I told you about stripping in the foyer?"

"Shut up!" Yang growled. She managed to drag the jacket off and toss it aside, ignoring the fact she was topless but for a bra, and pulled on the white shirt, buttoning it up quickly. A check at the clock on the wall told her she was unacceptably late. If only that stupid asshole hadn't resisted arrest, she wouldn't be in this situation. "Damn it! Where's my taxi?"

"It got bored of waiting and left," Miltia said.

"What!? Why didn't you tell him to stay?"

"I did. Even pointed a gun at him. It just made him drive away faster."

"You… You…" Yang made vague strangling motions towards Miltia, who hid behind Qrow, hands draped around his shoulder and over his chest. Her Uncle wasn't even a part of the VSPR, for all that mattered. He was here pretty much every day, and typically attached to one or both of the Malachite twins. Lecherous old man. "Ugh. Fuck it. I give up."

"Ahem," Qrow coughed meaningfully. He shot her a stern look.

"What? You don't get to play all disapproving uncle when you're currently being molested by two of my employees. Do you even have a job, or do you just lounge here for free food, beer and attention?"

"Hey now, that's cruel." Qrow did, however, take a drink of their beer. "And you're not saying `fuck it` to school. Education is important."

"But I already have a job. And it pays more than yours."

"Okay, one; ouch, and two; no buts. Or I'll tell your father."

"Ugh, fine." Yang leaned back over the couch. "Junior, be a dear and get the Bullhead ready."

"Sure thing," the older man called, still behind his bar. "Want a strawberry sunrise before you go?"

Uncle Qrow shot her another disapproving look, but Yang nodded regardless. The cocktail was mixed and sent her way and she sipped on it daintily, lounging on the couch while the others enjoyed their free time. If the city needed them, someone would call.

"Why is she here anyway?" Yang asked, indicating the currently sloshed and steadily-getting-drunker Lisa Lavender sat on the couch next to hers, half-drooping, half-unconscious on Mark. She was downing drinks like her life depended on it. "I thought she got her job back in the news industry after her name was cleared."

"She did," Roman said. "Unfortunately, she was sent to report on a hostage situation yesterday and lost her job. Brighter news, no hostage situation remains and all were saved."

Yang made an understanding sound. "Ah."

Lisa, having heard her name being mentioned, began to cry sloppily. "S'not fair. They said journalists comment on the news; they don't `make the news`, like I had a choice." She snorted and rubbed her nose on Mark's collar, earning a disgusted sound from the faunus. "S'not my fault they didn't hold their hostages properly. S'not my fault I hit that guy and he got concussion. S'not my fault all the crooks here are pussies…" She began to cry again, downing another drink while Mark awkwardly patted her back. "Why do they make cr-crimi-criminimisms," she paused to concentrate. "Why they so fragile!?"

"Riiiight…" All of those things did sort of sound like Lisa's fault, but on the bright side, that was a hostage situation the VSPR didn't have to sort out. "Well, looks like Lisa is back on the team."

"At least for another week anyway. Isn't this the third new station she's been kicked off of? They keep having to put disclaimers for graphic content before her segments." Roman laughed and nudged Lisa's foot with his. "Not sure why you don't just give it up and join us full-time."

"But I wanna be a journalistttt-" Lisa broke into drunken tears.

Yang sighed. "Thank you, Roman." There was a faint pop and a hiss beside her and she looked over in time to see Neo give her a thumbs up, having cracked open a bottle with the use of her arm once more. "I hate you guys."

"Nah, you love us," Roman said. "Not sure why, but you do. Wouldn't be here otherwise."

"More fool me."

The roar of turbines blasted through the open windows of the VSPR foyer as a pitch-black military Bullhead touched down in the parking lot, drawing shocked stares from some local pedestrians, and an odd lack of anything more from the locals. Those who lived nearby were frankly used to the insanity by now, and probably pleased to be living in an area of Vale that boasted the lowest levels of recorded crime. Yang had two words to attribute to the success of that; police brutality. Although maybe it could have been shortened to one; Neo.

"Right then, I'm off," Yang called, downing the rest of her cocktail and slamming the glass down. She snatched up her homework en route, slapped Melanie around the back of the head before she could start tonguing her Uncle – ewww – and hopped out the door. The frankly ridiculously over-equipped Bullhead awaited her, bristling with rockets, miniguns and enough ordinance to level an entire city block.

That it had been relegated to a taxi wasn't even a thing at this point. Yang still had migraines whenever she recalled the meeting she'd had with Police Captain Mira Ash over the time Miltia and Roman took the thing and parked it at the local supermarket to pick up booze, cigarettes and snacks. Yang counted herself lucky she'd come away with just a parking ticket. Or four. They'd parked the damn thing across four spaces.

Insanity. That was the only way to describe the VSPR sometimes.

But she wouldn't – couldn't – give it up.

Maybe that made her insane, too.


Pausing before she climbed in, Yang struck a quick salute to Mercury's marker, still displaying his golden medal embedded in the front. As ever, there was a bouquet of flowers at its base, along with an opened bottle of beer. Yang had a feeling Mercury would approve of the shenanigans going on now. Crazy bastard that he was.

With a final grin, Yang climbed into the co-pilot's seat. "I've got five minutes to get to class. Think you can handle it?"

"No. But that's no reason not to try, eh?"

Junior gunned the engines.


"Where is she?" Ruby asked, biting her nails. She was sat in Oobleck's classroom between Weiss and Blake, with Team JNPR a little to the side. Though there was still a minute or two remaining, the classroom was filling up and Doctor Oobleck was already behind his desk. "She's late again."

Weiss sighed. "Ruby, she's always late nowadays. I'm not sure why this is a surprise to you anymore."

"She'll make it," Blake said. "She always does."

Ruby wasn't so sure, and as the final students filed in, noticeably without Yang, she groaned. The doors closed and Oobleck coughed to draw attention to himself, opening his mouth to begin the lesson.

Right as wind battered the windows nearby and a fully armed attack-Bullhead settled down in front of them, pointing its not-inconsiderable armaments directly at the class. Ruby's mouth fell open, her feet rooted to the floor despite the fact her brain was telling her to run. There was a nervous murmur among the class as no one quite knew what to do.

The Bullhead's left door cracked open, a figure visible past the tinted black windows. Weiss groaned, and Ruby did a second later when Yang hopped out, inadvertently giving everyone a free show as her school skirt flapped upwards as she fell. There was a thump as she hit the floor outside the windows, followed by a quick thump-thump-thump and a clack as she pushed a door open and entered the school.

The Bullhead took off a moment later, rushing away and leaving the class behind with an odd sense of having just avoided death.

At the front, Oobleck sighed patiently.

The door to the classroom slammed open a second later, Yang appearing with a wide smile that faltered somewhat when she realised that not only was class in session, but everyone was now staring at her.

"Miss Xiao-Long. So nice of you to join us."

"Eheh… um…"

"And do you have an excuse for being so late to class?"

"Well, there was a shootout on Walker Street last night we got called to, and then we had to bust a drugs nest – and I had to convince Roman not to take the drugs as evidence and then sample them all to verify the evidence. And then there might have been a domestic incident in the apartment next to mine and I had to go sort that out, drag the guy back to the precinct, question and lock him up. He resisted. I unresisted him. Processed his charges. This was about six in the morning, by the way, and by the time that was done I had to get ready for school. Oh, and the taxi didn't wait."

"Hence the near-death experience you just put us through," Oobleck finished for her, pinching the bridge of his nose. "I really need to stop asking if you have an excuse for tardiness. It only depresses me further that you do each and every time."

"It's a busy city out there."

"Quite. Get to your seat."

Yang grinned unrepentantly and skipped over to sit down between Ruby and Blake, pushing her partner aside. Weiss sighed dramatically her eyes while Blake smirked and rolled her eyes. Ruby was less reserved, pinching her sister's arm.

"Yang! You can't do that!"


"You just flew a Bullhead into Beacon. Not to mention being late, scaring us half to death and then flashing everyone on the way down. Dad will freak!"

"At which bit?"

Much to Ruby's frustration, more the latter than the other two. "Not the point. You—Is that alcohol I smell?"

Yang looked away, covering her mouth with one hand. "No?"


"Miss Rose," Oobleck called, silencing her. Ruby winced as all attention was drawn to her. "While I'm sure you're pleased to have Miss Xiao-Long join us once more, and eager to hear what cases she has been working on, I'll urge you to pay attention to the lesson at hand and not gossip among yourselves. Am I understood?"

Ruby wilted. "Yes sir…"

"Yeah Ruby," Yang teased quietly. "Talk about rude."

Ruby glared back at her.

"Now," Oobleck continued, "Before I was so rudely interrupted. I was informing you all that we have a special treat today which will tie in nicely with our recent lessons on the White Fang, related, of course, to the incident which struck the city not two months back. Ozpin even took the liberty of arranging a guest speaker for us who will be able to give a first-hand insight into how the city's emergency services handled the incident. Please, will you all give a hand for… for…" Oobleck froze, staring down at the piece of paper in his hand. He looked incredibly old for a second, and also incredibly annoyed. "Ozpin, why…?"

For the second time, the doors slammed open, but this time it was not one, but multiple people who strode in.

No. Strode was too strong. They sauntered, staggered – and in one case, were half-carried into the classroom. There were a few giggles, some whispered murmurs and a fair share of pointing. Ruby, for her part, simply slapped a hand to her face.

"Hello hello, runtsmen and runtresses!" Roman Torchwick bellowed. "True heroes, coming through. Hey look, it's Red!" Ruby groaned and tried to duck beneath the attention everyone was shooting her way. "Oh, and the boss too. Hey Boss! Wave for the boss, guys." Roman waved. The other members of the VSPR did, too.

Yang sank into her seat, one hand over her eyes.

"Why did Ozpin arrange this without informing me?" Oobleck groaned. "And why is she here at all, currently vomiting on my floor? Last I checked, she wasn't a part of the VSPR."

"She is now," Roman said, unapologetic for Lisa's retching.

"I-I wanna be a journa-zzzz…"

"Eh. You're the medic, Mark. Deal with her."

"That's not my name!"

"This again? You still mad your official pardon and commemorative medal came with `Mark` stamped on it?"


"Suck it up." Roman turned to face the audience, a host of huntsmen and huntresses in training watching them with equal parts bewilderment and awe, and spread his arms wide. "We are the VSPR. The Vale Special Police and Recon Unit. Or, to give us our other name, the biggest damn heroes in this city. Please, contain your orgasms."


Roman rounded on Oobleck. "That's Lieutenant Torchwick, please."

Oobleck looked like he was sucking on a particularly sour lemon. Up in the stands, Ruby, Weiss and Blake turned to stare at Yang, expressions flat and eyes lidded.

"What?" Yang protested. "What do you want from me?"

"Good behaviour?" Weiss quipped.

A pop, a click and a hiss sounded from Yang's elbow. Her cybernetic arm snapped out immediately, pulverising the chair behind her but missing Neo, who danced back with a grin and a bottle of beer, now opened.

"This is them on good behaviour," Yang groaned. "You should see them most days. You get used to it. Or it grows on you. One or the other."

Ruby sighed and sighed again when Torchwick dove into a highly edited and highly exaggerated tale of how he'd single-handedly slapped down mecha-Adam to save Vale and with it, the world. All the while, Lisa Lavender flailed around in her drunken stupor, Mark struggled to offer first aid, Junior napped in a chair provided and Uncle Qrow tried to look intimidating while being molested by two women who couldn't have been that much older than her.

This. This madness was their life now.

"Damn it, Yang…"

Well, that's Captain Dragon for you. Yang opts for distance learning, stays in Beacon, but also with the VSPR – and life falls into a wonderful, complicated mess of madness and shenanigans. Captain Dragon has been fun, even if it's probably one of my least followed and favourited stories. It was nice to have one focused on Yang for a change.

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