This is a poem about...guess what? My favourite subject, Frodo and Sam and their friendship.
Disclaimer: If you need to read this part, maybe you're on the wrong website.
Spoken to Frodo, about a certain someone.....
At Your Side

Be of stout heart,

Be of sound mind

Your hope and your dream

Will follow behind


Put on a smile

Wear a brave face

Your life and your soul

Is stood in his place


Don't feel lonely

And don't feel despair

Just look around

And know that he's there


Don't feel the need

To go off on your own

The bravest of people

Should not be alone


We all need a friend

And this one is yours

To climb up all mountains

To pass through all doors


And don't feel upset

If he passes from sight

The brightest of stars

Only shines out at night


Deep as the deepest

Darkest ocean

The hidden depth

Of his devotion.

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