We open to a small classroom where a chibi version of Sunset Shimmer appeared in a white labcoat.

"Hi and welcome to my class on Yo-kai. As you know, Yo-kai are spirit like beings that can't normally be seen on their homeworld but can be seen on other worlds and seen by people not from their world. I plan to use this segment to explain a Yo-kai of the day as well as they powers and abilities. And todays is…"

Appearing on the screen was a red cat with two tails with two blue flames. "Jibanyan!"


Charming Tribe

"Yep." Sunset said as Jibanyan appeared beside her. "Jibanyan, a mascot for the Dimensional Heroes and a proud member. Tell them a little about yourself."

"Got it." Jibanyan said. "My name is Jibanyan! I'm a Rank D Yo-kai from the Charming Tribe. For those who don't know, Yo-kai from the Charming Tribe specialize in quick and swift attacks. We're also incredibly cute."

"Jibanyan was once a red cat named Rudy who lived with a girl named Rudy. But he died when a truck hit him while saving Amy." Sunset said. "Now he spends most of his time battling trucks with his signature move Paws of Fury!"

"Speaking of...I'm ready to take out a truck right now." Jibanyan said with fire in his eyes as the scene changed to an intersection where Jibanyan waited in the crosswalk as a truck was seen barreling towards him. "Take this you stupid truck! Paws of Fury!" Jibanyan shouted as he repeatedly threw punch after punch. He held the truck back for a bit before it rammed into him and sent him flying far away.

"Uh...guess this is a good place to wrap it up for a while. I'll see you guys tomorrow." Sunset said.