We open to the classroom setting as Chibi Starlight sat in her desk as chibi Sunset walked in.

"Good day and welcome to another class. Now...today! Our Yo-kai is…" Sunset said.

Marching into the room was a wall like Yo-kai with a painted face on him. "Noway! No Way!"


Tough Tribe

"Ooh! He's the one who denies every single thing right?" Starlight asked.

"No way!" Sunset and Noway said. "Yeah, pretty much. He's a Rank E Yo-kai of the Tough Tribe."

"So all he says is no way? Nothing else? No origin to speak of?" Starlight asked.

"Afraid so, but he does have an origin. Apparently he used to be a kabuki player while still human. He was a star until the...wall fell over on him as he said no way all the way till his death." Sunset said.

"Whoa. Explains the paint." Starlight said.

"No….way." Noway said.

"He's not much of a talker sadly. Well, that looks like all our time for today." Sunset said.

"No Way!" Noway said as he was trying to stop the camera from shutting off with little success.

"Yes way. See all of you tomorrow!" Sunset said.