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Wendy's Pov.

"I need you to stay here alright?! You're going to stay here and you're going to watch them". Sam panicked as he ran towards his house from the alley. "Five minutes alright!"

"You know I don't think I mind being invisible to him when you're around." I hummed walking up beside Mikaela. "But being put on robot babysitting duty. What does he think we are Wonder Women?"

Bumblebee and the others finished transforming back into robots with Bumblebee sneaking up to the house.

Mikaela actually snorted at that. "I think we're pretty damn f-ing wonderful." Watching Optimus just step over the garage into the lawn had her running to towards the yard.

A crunch of stone "Oops sorry my bad." Optimus apologized.

"Well, he can't say we aren't watching them" I muttered to myself, going through the gate after Mikaela ran after Optimus and towards the front to watch the chaos happen without her being in the middle.

"You have a rodent infestation, shall I terminate it?" Ironhide said pointing his guns at a chihuahua.

Wendy scrunched her nose at the small dog. They hate her and She hated them.

"No. No! This is a pet! This is a chihuahua, we love chihuahuas." Sam said scooping it up.

"It sprayed lubricants all over my foot." Cannons whirring.

"He peed on you? Bad Mojo! Bad Mojo!"

"Mad mojo. *Ahg* This is going to rust." He shook his leg before walking away. Sam ran between the Autobots legs to get to the door.

"Autobots recon" sent them all over the house.

Bumblebee crept under the pergola peeking in the through the window. Mikaela was picked up by Optimus and put through a window where Wendy could hear Sam saying something about the five minutes. Walking across the street to sit on the curb to get out of the way of giant feet she waved at Bumblebee when he got up from under the pergola.

Heart skipping when Ratchet walked into the power lines sending them everywhere releasing sparks. Blackness ripped down the street as he crashed through some hedges and onto a small greenhouse enough to make the ground shake.


I covered my mouth trying to muffle the sounds. Watching them walk around I could hear Ron freaking out inside about earthquakes. Chest aching from holding back laughter as they hid around the house. Optimus was leaning against the house, Bumblebee was under the covered patio surrounded by paper lanterns, Jazz somehow squeezed himself into Ron's workshop that was under Sam's room with Ironhide pulling a wall shuffle with Ratchet. "Oh, heavens above."

Hearing cars down the road I quickly whistled before running into the bushes to hide as I moved closer to the alleyways. Seeing people in suits run out of the cars to surround the house. Pooling what little energy I had left in my ears to hear what they were saying I watched them go in and handcuff everyone.

Booking it towards where the Autobots were hidden only to be scooped up by Bumblebee. "Bumblebee! You guys have to get them!"

"Don't worry we'll get the other children back". Optimus promised in reply signalling the others to transform and chased after them.

Bumblebee shifted directions towards her house intent clear.

"Bumblebee I'm not hiding away somewhere while you guys rescue Sam and Mikaela". Wendy replied at his beeps. "I hide before and I won't start now."

Bumblebee beeped and whistled as he cradled her close nuzzling the top of her head before transforming and racing through alleys and backyards to get near to where the others are. Changing back he placed her on his shoulder she pushed on the symbols on her bracelet bands.


Flashback to early this morning

"Wendy?" Luna drifted beside her with a box in her hands. "You're going to need this."

"Sure." Walking to an empty bathroom I opened it to see my armour. "Umm, Luna you know this is my armour. Right?"

A dark vivid green near black leather with a compressed padded black silk lining fused to the inside and red metal guards.

"Yes." Luna's voice drifted from underneath the door.

Kicking off my shoes I grabbed the first piece: A vest formed from bands that tied in the front with a raised collar to cover the neck and hood the seams were smooth and didn't even have ridges.

Then came leather arm covers that went up to cover the shoulders interlocking with a metal loop in an X shape made from straps across my chest and fusing between the shoulder blades. The legs were the same full coverage but the sides went up my hips to connect to the vest covering. I watched as the leather fuse into one piece than to stretched cover my hands as gloves and to the underside of my jaw.

Two parts of armour were for covering the arms, the forearms vanbrace locked around it. The upper arm went two third's of the way leaving the part touching my side uncovered. The chest piece followed the same shape as the vest replacing the hood and neck with shoulder guards, it fused at the sides.

The legs were in two parts the lower leg had greaves with knee guards. I watched as first, the completed armour stretched down to my feet to create shoes and gauntlets, then create the second part of leg armour: a pteruge skirt.

"Well, it still fits is everything in place?" I did a slow turn in the mirror with a nod I activate the runes, "Perfect". Writing covered my suit with a glow before watching them transfigure into five bands one for each limb and one acting as a chocker. Leaving me barefoot and in my black shorts and a green tank top. Slipping on my canvas shoes it was time to get my phone from the police station.


End of Flashback

Looking down at the bands turn into vanbraces 'Seems like Luna was right again. Have to make sure that I treat her to that espresso dessert she likes so much.'

"Make it stop! Make it stop!" A man in black yelled out, pulling Wendy from her thoughts. 'Is Bumblebee peeing on him...'

"Bumblebee stop lubricating the man". Optimus said causing Bumblebee to shrug before reaching down. A click then the flow of erm- lubricants stops.

Ignoring the jab at her from the agent now in his underwear looking around she let the armour cover the rest of her arms. Then Bumblebee did some very creative sentence construction, that made her laugh under her breath.

"Bumblebee!" Optimus scolded appalled at his scout's aggression at the humans.

"Optimus incoming." An energy wave pulsed out when one punches the ground. Being pushed onto Optimus shoulder beside Mikaela and Sam like a trio of kittens sort of put the size difference in perspective.

Wendy felt her armbands expand farther into the gloves as she kept a firm grip on Optimus. Moving so she wouldn't push anyone off his shoulder as he climbed to hide under a bridge by hanging on the beams.

Hearing Mikaela's scream the next thing Wendy knew she jumped to grab Mikaela midair to throw her back onto Optimus's shoulder as he swung his legs to catch her with his feet. Everything went into a slow-motion haze as Bumblebee caught her mid-air after Optimus missed. Hearing screaming when they landed as vehicles surrounded them.

Wendy vision tunnelled and colours became more vivid. She remembered attacking people, cutting the cables holding Bumblebee and a very satisfying punch to someone's face. Before a sharp pain of her being tackled to the ground as she lost consciousness heart pounding in her ears.


Halloween Night - First Year

Wendy was putting the finishing touches on the dragon potion when a horrid and unfortunately familiar smell clawed at her nose. Gagging she bottled her bright blue project, and rinsed her cauldron in the sink. Checking to see it was clear she made her way down the stairs to the first floor.

Slow dragging noise filled her ears as a shadow loomed on the adjacent wall. Wendy hid behind the corner as vibrations caused the hanging torches to sway. Peeking around she saw Professor Quirrell leading one of those creatures dragging a club into the dungeons. "What is he doing?"

Running in the opposite direction she made it to the first floors girl washroom. Gasping for breath she slides down the wall. She had to get to the owlery, message DMLE for help.

"Wendy?" A stall creaked open as the familiar figure plus tear streaks.

"Hermione? What happened?" Wendy pushed herself away from the wall. "Are you hurt? Wait, we have to get out of here Professor Quirrell brought a creature into the school."

"What! We have to tell the teachers!" Hermoine yelled.

"I was thinking of the DMLE. The teachers would be taking care of the students. I don't know if there is more then one." Wendy started to run Hermione right at her heels.

"Oh, good idea. The head of the DMLE is called Amelia Bones send it to her." Hermione panted as they scaled the stairs two at a time. "What kind of creature is it?"

"I don't know its bipedal, smells horrible and has grey skin. The one I saw was dragging a club."

"That's a troll! There strong but very stupid and they can't be reasoned with."

"Hedwig!" Wendy called entering the owlery causing the white owl to fly to her. "I need you to get this to Amelia Bones as soon as possible. A teacher brought a troll into the castle."

"I'm done with the letter," Hermione said holding a pen in one hand. "Tie it on quick."

Wendy rolled the letter and tied it on. "Stay safe Hedwig." Hedwig jumped out of the sky and they quickly lost sight of her.

"We should head to our dorms…"

"Good idea. Follow me I found a quick way to Gryffindor."


"Stupid, stupid, stupid jinked armour." Wendy ran towards Hagrid's hut. "Hagrid, are you in? It's an emergency."

" What? Blimey! What happened to the poor tyke!?" Hagrid rushed her in with large mittens.

"It was one of those moving armours. It wasn't able to get out of the way." Wendy placed down a small cat on the table a long slice down its right back leg.

"Alright, I have some potions to stop the bleeding. Just give me a moment." Hagrid took off the mitts and started to rummage through a shelf. "Here it is. While I'm doing this I need you to take the pot off once it starts hissing, alright."

"Alright." Wendy put on the mittens that went past her elbows. "Will it be alright?"

"Should be a little bit of potion and some stitching. Good thing you found it. At its size, it could have died." Hagrid admitted as he carefully poured a potion on the wound. "Can you bring a light over here. Some water too, I'm going to start stitching."

Placing a lamp on the table she looked away as Hagrid washed the blood away. "Anything else?" Seeing him shake a negative signal she waited by the fire.

"There, done. Let's place you somewhere warm to rest." Hagrid placed the unconscious cat on a pillow. "Would you like some tea Wendy? You can get washed up in the basin." Hagrid pointed at the bowl.

"Yes, please. Here your mitts back." Quickly scrubbing the blood away she wiped her hands dry on her shirt. "Thank-you."

Swift rapping on the door caused both of them to jolt. "Evening Professor McGonagall I didn't know it was so late."

"Yes, a student was caught out of bed. I hope you have a better excuse?" Her lips were pursed as she stared at Wendy.

"I found a cat with its leg sliced open." Wendy picked up the groggy animal from the cushion.

"Very well. Come with me we'll take it to Professor Flitwick to see who signature is on it." McGonagall stepped out of the hut. " Thank-you Hagrid and good evening."


There! Hagrid pulled out a dark purple egg that wobbled on the table. Webs started to spread than a leg appeared.

Wendy got the potion out and ready as the egg split in half. The halves went flying as a quadrupedal legged dragon stumbled out.

Grabbing its wings caused it to rear up as it hissed. Dipping a finger into the vial, she pushed it to the back of its throat. Pulling her hand back she saw its eyes go from slits to a thin curved rectangle.

"It worked… I guess I have to name you. How about Malka?" Seeing it look up at her she grinned. "Malka~"

*chirp* The dragons head tilted. *chirp*


When Wendy woke up it was from the pluses of Scared-Panic from the bean as the others were being pulled out of the van to a helicopter.

It took a bit of time to get her attention with her sending Sorry-Love-Concern back. As they lifted off she noticed that they were calling her name. "Wendy?"

"Mikaela? Sam? I thought you were with the Auto- others?" Wendy switched words when she noticed the people across from her.

"We lost our grip when Optimus swung his legs. Are you okay? You hit your head pretty hard when they slammed you to the ground." Mikaela asked turning to face Wendy.

"I'm fine its nothing I can't get over, Who are they?" Wendy turned her head to the other seats, leaning against Mikaela's arm.

"We're the analysts that discovered the signal that hacked the government." The blonde said. "Why are you here?"

"I bought a car. It turned out to be an alien robot, who knew." Sam nonchalantly dropped.

"Ya and I decided to help after he tackled her off her scooter." Wendy pointed at Mikaela. She sensed the bean slip back into slumber.

Doing an internal check of her body and the bean. All systems seemed to be in order except I really needed to fuel up on something.

Looking out the side to see the hover dam as they went around a cliff they started the descent. Wendy glared at an agent as they were headed towards an unknown destination.

Seeing the whammy of a bruise on who insulted Mikaela made Wendy grin. Even more so when Sam made his demands causing his bruised face to frown. 'I hope it hurts you prick.'

Eating the last of the food they were given Mikaela just handed her burger to Wendy as they went into a tunnel.

"What you're about to see is above classified." Emerging from the tunnel to see a robocicle at the end of the room made her stomach lurch not from the food but from the sight and the energy it gave off.

"Dear God... what is that?" The old man was slack-jawed so were the soldiers.

"We call it NBE-1." The guy with the purple cheek said.

"I think I'll call him Big-Mean-and-Ugly". Wendy said to Mikaela which she agreed too.

"We think that when he made his approach over the North Pole our gravitation field screwed up his telemetry and crashed into the ice, probably a few thousand years ago. We shipped him here to this facility in 1934."

"Why would they do that? He was pretty frozen up there why bring him down here were he could unthaw?" Wendy questioned which was ignored. Though a soldier agreed with my question.

"I don't mean to correct you on all that you think you know, but that's Megatron. He's the leader of the Decepticons." Sam spoke up.

"He's been in cryo-stasis since 1935. Your great-great-grandfather made one of the greatest discoveries in the history of mankind." The suit called Tom spoke.

"Fact is, you're looking at the source of the modern age. The microchip, lasers, cars, space flight: all reverse-engineered by studying him. NBE-1..." Purple cheek glared at Sam. "That's what we call it."

"And you didn't think that the United States Military might need to know that you're keeping a hostile alien robot frozen in the basement?" Keller scowled.

"Until these events, we had no credible threats to national security."

"Well, you got one now!" Keller barked.

"So why earth?" Lennox questioned.

"It's the Allspark." Sam supplied.

"Allspark? What's that?" Keller eyebrows furrowed.

"They came here looking for some cube looking thing. And when Mr NBE-1 here aka Megatron." Sam turned to glare at Simmons. "That's what they call him is pretty much the harbinger of Death wants to use the cube transform human technology to take over the universe. That's their plan."

'Good job Sam, make the dumb pricks see their stupidity.'

"You're sure about that." Simmons swallowed looking pale.

"Ya." Sam looked completely done with Simmons. "You know guys know where it is. Don't you?"

Tom held a staredown with Sam. "Follow me." Walking down a tunnel just under speed walking.

"You're about to see our crowning jewel". Simmons announced as he opened a door to a small observation room.

"Carbon dating puts it here around 10,000 B.C. The original seven didn't find it until 1913. They knew it was alien origin cause of the same hieroglyphics between it and NBE-1." Tom explained the dam's history. "President Hoover had the dam built around it four football fields thick with concrete. Perfect for hiding its energy from being detected by anyone or any alien species on the outside."

"Wait back up. You said the dam hides its energy, what kind exactly?" Maggie inquired.

"Good question." Tom led them to a larger room with a glass box in the centre. "Please step inside, they have to lock us in." The thick door closed with a groan and locks slid tight on both sides with a hiss.

Wendy glanced around before pulling out her phone open seeing the large claw marks in a corner. "It looked like you guys had a scared animal or person with claws in here."

"Why do you say that?" Keller asked surprised to hear the tall girl speak.

"What is any living things reaction of being scared when there's nothing to hide under?" She supplied getting the attention of the rest. "They fight."

Stopping the reply of the other analyst.

"Does anybody have any electronic devices? Blackberrys, cellphones?" Simmons cut in grabbing Wendy's phone. "A new brand type lets see what this does." Putting it in the box he turned the wheel to lock it. Everyone was given a pair of goggles.

Wendy locked up feeling a cold pull through her like glacier water being pushed around her. At the hum of machines 'Bloody hell...' And a blinding light came from the cables. 'What is Death doing now?' As she was covered by the same sensation of licking a battery.

"Turn it off!" Tom yelled at the smell of cables burning become noticeable.

"We're trying sir nothing will respond!" A scientist could be heard panicking n the background.

Wendy blinked the dots away once the light faded. 'Almost as bright as getting a Lumos-maxima shined in your eyes.'

"What is that". Keller demanded. Inside the glass, box was some sort of animal its the back legs were shaped like a rabbit, the ears of a fennec fox that were pulled longer, on a head that reminded them of a wolf. To top it off its body was a cat through the tail was way too long. It just crouched in the centre staring at anything that moved with large orange eyes.

"What the hell are you doing!" One of the soldiers yelled at her.

Wendy opened the cracked box and reached in ignoring the screams as it skittered up her arm. "It mine."

"That isn't a phone anymore, kid!" One of the other soldiers yelled looking like he wanted to swat the animal off her shoulder. "Do you see what it did to the glass!" Cracks and slices galore, there was also a few chips gone on the inside.

"Oh..well that's in the past. Anyway, if any of you try to take her away, I'll backhand you." Wendy glared at the scientist trying to get closer. "I warned you." She raised her gauntlet covered hand causing him to back up in nervousness right before she swung catching him right in front of their temple.

'Not like they'll believe me if I said the energy did it.'

A deep mechanical groan followed by the lights shuttering with an electrical hum.

"Gentlemen, they know the cube is here". Keller announced.

"Check-In what's going on". Tom ordered into an intercom. "What!"

A man's voice replied. "Backup generator isn't going to cut it."

"Do you have an arms room?" William demanded.

Wendy kept close to Mikaela and Sam making sure they don't fall behind. The soldiers scatter gathering supplies when another groan, lights swaying and flicker with a clink went through the room.

Sam ran to Simmons. "You have to take me to my car. You have to take me to my car he's going to know what to do with the cube."

"Your car? It's confiscated." Simmons shook his head. "It not going anywhere."

"Then unconfiscate him". Wendy growled coming up behind Sam.

"We don't know what will happen if we let it near this thing." His head kept shaking like a bobblehead. "Maybe you know, but I don't know."

"So you just want to sit here and see what happens?!"

"I have peoples lives at stake here young man!" Simmons yelled shaking his hand at Sam like he was an unruly child.

"Take him to his car!" Lennox ordered slamming Simmons on the side of a vehicle. Pointing a gun at a sector seven soldier beside him. "Drop it."

Three were on the ground and two more were at gunpoint by others. "Whoa, whoa, whoa..." Tom had his hands in a calm down motion.

"Drop your weapon, soldier. There's an alien war going on and you're gonna shot me?" Simmons tried to take control.

"You know, we didn't ask to be here." Lennox glaring down at Simmons.

"I'm ordering you under S-Seven executive jurisdiction..." He stuttered in reply.

Epps barked out "S-7 doesn't exist!"

"Right, and we don't take orders from people that don't exist." Lennox agreed.

"I'm gonna count to five, okay...

"I'm counting to three." Lennox cocks his gun pushing it into his chest.

"Simmons". Keller called out.

"Yes, sir?" He glanced at the Defense Secretary.

"I would do as he says failure is not an option for these men". Keller informed seriously.

Simmons' eyes darted rapidly between then lightly nods his head. "All right, okay! Hey, you want to lay the fate of the world on the kids and a Camaro? That's cool."

"It's in that room." Simmons gestured at a pair of doors down a tunnel. Wendy broke into a run passing Sam along the way. Ears twitched at hearing pained whirls and groan from the other side. Wendy slammed open the doors clipping a few people on the other side letting others enter the freezing room.

"Stop! Stop!" Sam yelled grabbing at agents, Wendy just lets her armour wrap completely around her to kick them into the walls. "Let him go, let him go!"

"Are you okay? They didn't hurt you?" Bumblebee answered by lowering his battle mask as he turned over to aim his cannon at the remaining conscious agents. Cannon humming away he looked about.

"Bumblebee, the cube is here in a room over from Megatron". Wendy said gaining everyone's attention. "Can you message the others were going to need back up."

Bumblebee sat up voice whirring whistles cannon sweeping over the others. "Don't worry about them, their not going to hurt you". Sam said causing them to back up when Bumblebee stood up. "Back up, he's friendly. He's fine."

Sam looked at Wendy with a go on gesture when Bumblebee's mask slides up. Wendy couldn't tell who Sam was trying to reinsure Bumblebee or the humans.

"Okay? Come on put the guns down. They're not going to hurt you. We're going to take you to the all spark." Wendy said walking towards the door causing the others to start running back to the Cube chamber.

Bumblebee let out a high whistle as he stood under a corner of the all spark.

"All right he's doing something". Epps said as a wave of faint blue energy went from the corner of the cube to the other.

They all watched as the cube separated slightly into smaller cubes before pulling in on its self like a giant puzzle box. Holding the much smaller cube in his hand to touch it getting a few shocks in return.

"/Message from star fleet captain/Let's get to it./"

"He's right if we stay here we're screwed with Megatron in the other hanger. We're going to sneak the cube out of here. There a city 22 miles from here we can hide it in but we can't take a stand without the air force." Lennox said.

Wendy furrowed her brow blocking the rest out. "Here Sam wrap it up in this it will hide the energy." She said seemingly grabbing the air only for a long cloth to come into existence as Bumblebee transformed.

Sam grabbed it as Mikaela and Wendy got in. "Wendy, are you an alien?" Mikaela asked wide-eyed.

"Do you mean not born in this country or on the planet." Bumblebee drove down the road exiting the Dam surrounded by other cars. "Because country-wise I am an alien but I was born on Earth."

"Here," Sam pasted the cube back to Wendy along with the cloth. "Put a seat belt around it."

Wendy tied the cloth around it making sure to knot it tightly. "Sam what part of the cloth will hide the cube's energy don't you understand?!"

"All of it, I mean were are your clothes!-Where did the Gladiator-Ninja-Knight catsuit come from.-How did you pull that cloth from the air.-What are you!?" Sam freaked out words running in one long sentence.

"I'll tell you later! For now, lets put it simply as magic." Wendy said grabbing something that looked like a blue tooth made out of crystal. Letting it wrap around her right ear and stick on the skin parallel to her ear.

"Luna can you hear me! You're where!? Really! Wonderful, I need you guys to evacuate the city- the twins? Of course yes by any means. Just make sure it gets done. Thank-you, your treat? Of course one every day for the rest of the month." Wendy laughed in relief at the end.

"Wendy, what is that? I thought satellites were down." Mikaela said looking back at her.

"They are and it doesn't use the satellites," Wendy said making sure it's locked around her ear. "Its something like a blue tooth."

"There's Optimus!" Sam yelled causing the girls to look up to see the Autobots swerve and join the line.

As they got to the highway the last of the swarms of vehicles were leaving the city and Sirens were wailing out as a haze of yellow smoke was filling the air.

"Thank-you twins!" Wendy exhaled.

"Oh my god". Mikaela whispered looking through the back window. A tan truck transformed and slammed Optimus Prime off the road.

"Holy Hectate! Its psycho robocop, how is he still alive?!" Wendy glanced back. "Sam here! Hold the cube I need to get something."

Wendy shoved the invisible cube into his lap to open her backpack pulling out to two pairs of metal bands with a hinge for the thumb to pull. "Here put these on your hands, I don't know if there any more of those little robots. Flat swirl is a shield and the ridge is a dagger. Don't flick that in here! Are you trying to injure Bumblebee!"

"I can't use these!" Sam yelled holding them with open hands. "I'm not a soldier."

"Yes, you can and will. What if you get separated from us then what!" Wendy yelled. "You're in the middle of a war Sam, you have to be armed in some way."

We came to a stop and got out on a deserted street. Mikaela testing out both instantly, shield spiralling outward with another loop hooking around her forearm. The dagger was more like a short sword in her hands first curving in then out to a point.

"If one of the Decepticons gets too close go for between the armour. Jab, don't slash you wouldn't get anywhere with slashing with the bigger ones. Keep your shield in front of you at all times, if it's a small one you can slash at them you should have the strength to cut them with those blades." Wendy instructed. "Show me that you can do what I just told you."

"What if one comes running at us? Mikaela asked doing a quick jab.

"Good, keep your shield in front of you". Wendy instructed pulling out small spheres of two colours handing then four each.

"Flash grenade-twin special. White for the flash, black for the boom. See the tab on top? You push it down that well activate them, when it makes an impact after being thrown it will go off. When you do throw white one don't look at it, it could blind you with how bright it is."

"Girl do you always have a stockpile of weapons with you? I thought humans generally hated violence." Ratchet watched as the tallest one pulled out various spherical grenades.

"They do but my dads wouldn't let me out of their sight if I don't have something to protect myself. They almost didn't let me out of the house today." Wendy admitted. "Use the clip to hook them on your pants a pull will take it off easily. I think I have some armour you two can use."

"Just how bright are these?" Sam asked staring at the white spheres.

"Bright enough to destroy your eyes if one gets thrown in your face." Wendy pulled out eight cuffs. "Aha! Put the smaller ones on your wrists, larger ones go around your ankles. I'll activate them once you do." Mikaela deactivated her shield eagerly following her orders.

Doing Mikaela's first greaves covered her feet and legs, then vanbraces covered her arms and hands with an elbow guard. She repeated the same with Sam finishing in time for the soldiers to come back. Making sure to put sticking charms on both pairs of bands. "Good timing, see the rune on your wrist where the bump is? That will shrink them back to bands it's the same with your inner ankles."

"You got any more of those grenades?" A soldier asked sounding very hopeful.

"Ya here. Did you listen to the instructions?" Getting a nod she handed him a small bag full. "Hand these to your friends, tell them what they do it may come in handy."

Driving through the abandoned cars throughout the street they stopped at an intersection a few blocks farther in.

"Air force has arrived, pop smoke," Lennox ordered as a jet fly above them.

"Raptor, Raptor do you copy? We have your visual. Green smoke is the mark. Provide air cover and vector Black Hawks for extraction." Epps spoke into the hand radio as green smoke started to rise.

Wendy backed up towards a storefront she yelled. "It's flying way to low. Everyone get back!" She urged the animal bot to go inside a shop. Pulling Sam and Mikaela with her to get them farther away.

"It's Starscream!" Ironhide yelled transforming. "Back up! Take cover! Bumblebee!" They grabbed a truck lifting it as a shield. "Back up! Back up!"

"Please tell me you copy.." Epps pleaded.

Lennox screamed "No, no, no, no... MOVE! RETREAT! FALL BACK!"

The jet swooped low releasing several rounds that hit the truck sending everyone flying to the ground.

'How curious that falling glass sounds like wind chimes in ringing ears.' Wendy groggily thought as she opened her eyes at the sound of muffled screaming. 'I never understood why it does that.'

Pushing herself up she saw Mikaela come with a truck and Bumblebee's legs torn off under the knees. "Bumblebee I need you to stay as still as possible for what I'm about to do, Okay?"

Wendy felt her markings heat up then chill at her thoughts. "Leviosa!" She concentrated on moving him onto the truck bed ignoring the feeling of the glowing blood dripping down her nose.

"We need to tie the cables around him!" Mikaela yelled as Lennox came towards Sam who somehow lost the invisibility cloak.

"Mikaela go!" Wendy called out at seeing her face. "I'll finish hooking Bumblebee in!"

A familiar screaming *skree~* came out of nowhere, accompanied by White-orbs-of-BOOM! Hitting Big-Mean-and-Ugly that was dangling Jazz by the leg, sending him flying off the top of the building.

"What the hell is that?!" Mikaela yelled as Wendy did the last cable.

"Which one? Big-Mean-and-Ugly or White-orbs-of-BOOM!" Wendy said through the window as Mikaela drove them around debris.

"I know the first one what was the second one it came from nowhere?!"

"Good cause if you forgot who Big-Mean-and-Ugly was already I would be worried. The White-orbs-of-BOOM! was brought to you by the same twins that made those flash grenades I gave you." Wendy told her as they stopped in an alley. They saw bright flashes of light around the corner.

Mikaela looked back at them with a silent question. They both nod "I'll drive, you shoot. Wendy can you make sure nothing hits us!"

"Of course!" Hearing the affirmative Mikaela put the truck in reverse as soon as they were on the street. Driving straight for a Decepticon Wendy had to force a few cars out of the way with bombardas. Stopping beside the dead Decepticon she wiped her face free of her blood.

Watching the soldiers run off she sat down leaning backwards. 'Wish I could sleep through everything like my bean...' Wendy was envious of that aspect. Seeing jets fly overhead and bangs of impact. "Mikaela?"

"On it." The truck started to move thru the now silent battlefield. "This took way more energy than I ever had to use in a long time."

Wendy got up sensing her family's energy along with others in the distance. 'Oh yay~ the cleaning crew has arrived.' Watching them talk she was glad to see Jazz was in one piece after B-M-U.

"I wish to stay with the boy." A British voice spoke up.

'Wait. What? Was that Bee? It was Bee. Bumblebee is British!'

"Yes." Sam smiled. 'Aw yes, Sam made a friend. Can't wait to tell Judy.'

A large black dog came and sat beside her giving me a 'Really Wendy. Aliens why did it have to be aliens.' with her cloak in its mouth.

She just shrugged her shoulders as she placed her cloak back on. 'You really expected something minor to happen when we come to a place on this side of the world?'

Padfoot silently nudged her away from the scene. 'Ah well guess I'll just tell them the next time I see them.'

Looking back to see the cleaning crew greet the Autobots they ran back to the cloaked ship. That is after making a quick pit stop for their new family member now the size of a small linx.