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The rain lightly pattered against the windows of his apartment, giving him a clear sign of what was going on outside. He pursed his lips into a fine line and turned away, turning his attention back towards his laptop which remained on his lap. A word document was open and blank, his mind whirling with ideas that wished to come out in the open, but his attempts were futile to say the least.

The deadline for his new novel was several months away, but he felt nervous regardless. How come he had no inspiration? A soft sigh released from his lips before he finally shut his laptop and moved away towards the kitchen which was next to his living room.

Grabbing a pot, he filled it with water and placed it on the stove when he turned it on so it could boil. He took a mug from his cabinet and nearly jumped out of his skin when his phone went off. Taking it out of his pocket, he looked at the screen which lit up with Temari's name. He wondered if she was checking on him because he hadn't contacted her for days, which was highly unusual for the red head.

Opening the message, his eyes widened slightly when it read "Call me ASAP". Now that he was on his phone, he noticed that he had ten missing calls from her alone. Worry settled in his gut. Was Kankuro injured? Hurt? In the hospital? What about Shikamaru or Shikadai?

Not wasting another beat, he dialed her number and impatiently waited for her to answer. It seemed like forever when he heard her 'hello', but he barely had time to respond. "Father is in the hospital."

Gaara was silent for a moment, contemplating whether to tell her that he did not care if their father was in the hospital. Considering how he was treated when he was younger, Gaara absolutely had nothing to do with that man. He hated him. Hell, hate seemed to be a weak word to compare how he felt. "Is that all?"

He could tell she was annoyed, "He wants to see us. It… isn't looking good."

Now it was his turn to grow annoyed. Why the hell should he care what that bastard wanted? "Temari you know how I feel—"

"He has important news." Temari interjected, knowing he probably wouldn't go no matter what excuse she came up with.

"That man could get on his knees and beg for forgiveness, but I still would not care for what he has to say. I am appalled you would call me for something like this."

There was silence on the other end of the phone. Temari finally relented. "I suppose there is no point in trying to convince you. He's in Konoha hospital and we're going tonight at six… if you change your mind."

Then she hung up. Gaara rolled his eyes and finished boiling the water before making his tea. With a clear head, he went back to his laptop but paused his movements. What if his father really had something important to say?

Glancing towards the clock, he noticed that it was only four in the afternoon. It would take at least thirty minutes to arrive at the hospital. Eventually he finished his tea and placed it in the sink before grabbing his keys so he could drive to the hospital.

Once he arrived, he parked and took notice that his siblings, along with Shikadai, were standing outside near the entrance. When he approached them, they looked at him with surprised expressions. He was doing this for them, not his father, and they could see that in his eyes. His face was emotionless, but it was his jade green hues that caused his downfall.

Without saying a word, they headed inside and went to the room the nurse told them that held their father inside. When Gaara walked in, he didn't turn to look at his father right away. Though when he did, he realized Temari was right. It didn't look good.

Shikadai approached him and held his hand as the siblings gathered around him so he could share his 'important' news. "You can tell I am not going to last."

They were silent, allowing him the chance to continue, "Which brings me to a certain announcement… as you all know I gave away my company to Akatsuki Enterprises, though it was not for free. With heritance long overdue, I give you the money. I have already written this in my will. It will be divided three ways."

Gaara didn't need his charity. He glared at his father as if he were the Devil himself. This announcement was not important. All three of them were well off, they didn't need his handouts. Before Gaara could say this, Temari already spoke: "Are you sure about this?"


Gaara started for the door, hoping to get out of there as fast as he could, "This was a waste of time."

His father coughed, "Gaara... tanuki." He used the nickname his mother had given him as a child because of the circlets around his eyes. It was common in their family, though it also didn't help that he rarely slept. "I know I wasn't the best father…"

The red head turned to look at him angrily, "You wish to use the nickname of the same woman that you despised, thinking that it will help your case? I have no need for your money father."

With that said, he rushed out of the hospital room and down the hall before his siblings could catch up to him. He knew Temari wouldn't make Shikadai leave his grandfather, which only left Kankuro. His big brother was an idiot sometimes, but he knew when to let Gaara be on his own.

Since he was distracted, he had not noticed the person heading in his direction with a pile of papers covering her face so she could not see him either. When they collided, each person ended up on the floor while the papers flew in every direction.

Shaking himself out of his dazed moment, he looked towards the person he ran into. Surprised settled in on his features when he noticed the girl in front of him. She was rubbing the back of her head and sighing softly, though he simply took this chance to glance at her ID which was in her breast pocket.

The only thing he could see was 'Nurse Haruno' before anything else, since most of it was covered. He stood up and held his hand out for her to take, which caused her to blink a bit at him in surprise. She glanced at him briefly before grabbing his hand so he could pull her up, though he nearly yanked her off the ground with how light she was.

He released her and started picking up the papers that were thrown in nearly every direction. A soft smile approached her lips, "Thanks… um…"

His jade green hues met her own for a moment, "Gaara."

For some reason she seemed a little… startled? A light blush appeared over her cheeks as she began to pick up the papers he wasn't touching, though there was a lot on the ground. Once they were done, he placed the rest of what he held into her hands. "Thank you Gaara. I'm Nurse Haruno, though everyone mostly calls me Sakura."

Gaara's attention flicked towards her hair briefly. There was no surprise with the reason her name was 'Sakura'. While her eyes were an emerald shade, her hair was pink. He figured it was a nice fit. "You're welcome… if you'll excuse me…" He tried to move past her, but she didn't budge.

"I… hate to bother you some more, but do you mind helping me? A lot of other nurses are busy and as you can see, I don't know where I'm going with them covering my face."

Sakura swallowed slightly when she became painfully aware of the intense frown that was on his expression when she asked him to help her. Before she could tell him never mind, he had already taken half of the papers from her hands and beckoned for her to show him where to go. It caused her to smile again, though she didn't wish to delay him any further, so she hurried off.

She had just been hired in this hospital and the head Doctor took her on as her apprentice. She wished to be a doctor someday, so it was a good thing to know Tsunade saw potential in her. "Sorry for making this an inconvenience."

Gaara didn't respond, but that didn't cause her nerves to increase. She figured he was the silent type. Sighing softly, she quickened her pace a bit and they eventually made it to the room she needed to be in. Sakura placed the papers onto her desk and watched as the red head did the same. "Thanks again, I really appreciate it. I'm new to this job and—"

She trailed off and nearly giggled at her own stupidity. This man didn't care for her affairs. "Sorry I'm told I talk too much." His lips twitched, which gave her a sign that he was amused. Especially with the way his eyes lit up. It was only for a second, but she could see it.

"Anyway, that's all I needed. I don't want to keep you any longer, so your debt is paid."

Sakura suddenly felt naked with the way his eyes were piercing into her. It was like he was gazing into her soul. "… No thanks are needed." That was all he said before he left her office.

Gaara was glad to get away from her so he wouldn't be asked to help her with anything else. Once he made it outside, he got into his car and sat there for a moment to relax. Seeing his father caused his anxiety to peak, and his hands were shaking. Closing his eyes, he inhaled a deep breath and nearly had a heart attack when a knock came to his car window.

When he rolled it down, he realized it was the same pink haired nurse; holding a hood over her head because it was still raining. "Sorry! I didn't mean to follow you, but this fell out of your pocket. I called for you, though it seems you didn't hear me."

The red head grabbed his pendant, which was something his mother had given him, and looked at her with a strange expression. It appeared he was confused. She ran after him just to return something? Most people would keep it for themselves. Considering the pendant was silver and very valuable, no one would even think to return it.

"… Thank you."

She gave him another soft smile, "You're welcome. Please drive safely, I'm sure you're sick of seeing my face already and I don't want you to wreck so you'd have to see it again." She giggled, "Goodbye Gaara."

Then she ran off, hoping to return to the building without getting soaked even more. He rolled his window up again and thumbed the pendant through his fingers, his jade hues piercing as he gazed at the design of it. Considering Karura gave him the nickname 'tanuki', she had also given him this… a raccoon pendant. He carried it with him everywhere. Just for luck.

Shaking his head, he turned on his car and began to back out of the parking spot he claimed. As he drove down the road, his thoughts trailed back towards his book which was still whirling around in his mind. For some reason, he felt the need to write everything down. It was strange. Earlier that morning, he couldn't produce words without deleting them immediately. Now it seemed like all the thoughts he wanted to write down were at the edge of his mind; begging to be let out.

Gaara didn't speed home even though he truly wanted to. Excitement built up in him again. Writing was his passion, and considering he hadn't done it for a long time, he was glad he could finally imagine what he wanted to say this whole time.

Pulling into his driveway, he turned off the car and rushed inside, not wishing to be away from his computer a moment longer. Making sure his door was locked, he went into the living room where he last left his laptop, and went to work.

A few nights later and Gaara already has two new chapters written. It's a continuation of his second novel, so the characters were the same. It was just hard to place what he wanted on a document, but for some reason, he's had his muse since he left the hospital… though it has disappeared momentarily.

His father didn't try to contact him again, though it didn't matter regardless since he passed away the night they visited him. Temari rode to his apartment to tell him the news, but the only one he was truly worried about was Shikadai. Despite how Rasa treated his children, he loved his grandchild immensely. Gaara would give him that much.

His nephew was only four years old, but he was smarter than a lot of kids in his class. Considering who his father was, no one was really surprised with his high IQ. Temari told him that Shikadai was taking the news well and even though he had cried some, he isn't showing signs of depression or sadness.

That made Gaara feel relieved. He didn't want his nephew to be depressed because he lost someone important to him. Gaara knew that pain.

Shaking his head, he leaned against the wall that was placed next to his glass doors; which overlooked the city lights. It was bright and quiet as it usually was, which caused him to relax. After sipping his drink for a moment, he sighed.

He wasn't sure what happened, but now he was struggling with the next chapter after the second one. It caused him to grow frustrated even more.

Looking at his coffee table, he took notice of the pendant laying in the middle of the glass; causing him to think about that pink haired nurse he saw the other night when visiting his father in the hospital. She seemed… familiar, but he wasn't sure why. Wouldn't he remember women with pink hair if he ever knew them in his lifetime?

Gaara frowned and shook his head lightly. There was no reason for him to think about her. That was the one and only time he'd probably ever see her. He doesn't go to hospitals and he's never seen her outside of that regardless, so why should he worry about her?

His attention turned towards his cellphone which graciously rang next to his pendant. He looked at the caller ID and frowned when he realized who it was. He picked it up and clicked the green button to answer it, "What do you want?"

"… You sound hostile."

"Naruto, if this isn't important—"

Naruto let out a soft chuckle on the other end, "Come on Gaara. You can't treat your best friend like a doormat!" When Gaara didn't answer, he continued; "It's almost my birthday, have you forgotten?"

"I have not forgotten. As you recall, I have been busy with the third installment of my book."

"How's that going by the way?"

"Not well if I am being honest. A couple days ago I found my muse but now it's gone again."

"… Wow, that's weird. Maybe if you come out, it'll help you! Come on man… I'll be twenty-five, I want to celebrate."

The red head sighed and leaned back against the wall again, "We will see. I do not want to get drunk with you and everyone else since every time we do, I come home shitfaced."

Naruto snickered. "Don't do shots with us then, you know tequila fucks you up."

"… I'll think about it Naruto. As for now, it's a no." After hearing Naruto complain for ten more minutes, he hung up the phone and was glad he didn't have to deal with him at that moment. He placed his phone back onto the coffee table and turned on the tv, crossing his arms over his chest as he listened to the sudden news story that popped up.

He blinked lightly when faces flashed across the screen, showing him who had been involved with a shooting, while paramedics worked at the scene. A flash of pink caught his attention as the same nurse who he saw a few nights ago appeared in sight, frantically trying to get the little girl on the gurney into the hospital when they arrived.

A journalist followed her around, "Nurse! Nurse! Do you have a few minutes to answer some questions?" Gaara wanted to slap that woman in the face. She was obviously busy with trying to work on the little girl who was severely wounded.

When she didn't answer, the journalist rudely intercepted her before she even had a chance to move. Her face showed her emotions. She wasn't angry, no… there was absolute rage behind those emerald eyes that Gaara could see. It seemed very different when compared to how she was when they met.

"If you don't get that camera out of my face, I will break it." Her voice was harsh and she smacked the camera away while she escaped so she could work on the patients. He felt a sense of pride when she did that. The journalist didn't take the hint but when the feed cut suddenly, Gaara knew why.

A light smirk appeared on his lips. Turning the tv off again, he moved towards his laptop which held his document open and waiting for him to work on it some more. Tapping his finger lightly against the cushions, he found ideas swirling again which begged to be typed.

Opening the laptop, he took another sip of his drink, and started to write down everything that he thought of again; which flowed together easily. It seems his muse returned to him, though it was only for a moment.