Well, looks like this is the end of 'Something Missing'. I hope everyone enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I hope you like the ending. Thank you all for joining me. xoxox

"Sakura turn your television to Iruka's late night show. It's on channel—"

Sakura held a cup of tea in one hand while casually keeping the phone to her ear with her shoulder. She knew Ino had called her for a reason, but she was tired, and didn't feel like watching t.v. at that moment. Besides, she had a few things to do before she prepared herself for bed. Watching some late night t.v. show was not one of them.

"Look Ino, I need to get ready for bed otherwise my alarm won't wake me in the morning."

She heard an irritable sigh come from the other end, though before Sakura could tell her goodnight, Ino suddenly yelled into the phone, "Turn your damn television to the channel of Iruka's late night show or so help me I will come over there and kick your ass! Well… Tenten is closer, so you'll have to face her wrath instead! So just do it!"

The pinkette sighed a bit in frustration. Why the hell was she so anal about this whole situation? Shaking her head, she moved to her t.v. and did as she was told. She moved to sit on her couch, placing her cup onto the coffee table, and dropped the phone as soon as the image of Gaara came into view. There was nothing but silence once she realized why Ino had pushed her into turning to this channel. She knew Gaara was going to be up there, speaking about himself… and his book.

"So, Mr. Sabaku, do you mind telling us why you are coming forward now?"

Gaara looked uncomfortable and that was to be expected by someone who barely spoke to other people. His eyes gazed forward, which made Sakura's breath to catch in her throat. It was almost like he was staring at her, though she knew it was impossible since this wasn't live. Or was it? She never watched this show, so she wasn't sure.

"Mr. Sabaku?"

"My apologies. Sometimes a secret can't be held any longer. I didn't want anyone to know who I was, but there was someone I met that means… a lot to me." He still looked unsure of himself and Sakura felt herself swallow a tight lump in her throat. She didn't even realize she was crying until a tear fell on her lap, which caused her to quickly shake her head because of it. Why the hell did she have to be so emotional?

"So, you are doing this because you have feelings for someone? Who is the lucky person, if I may be so bold to ask?"

His form was tense. It made her wonder if he would break just from the pressure of everyone staring at him from the audience chairs and the ones at home. "She is the one who has helped me write this next installment of my novel. She was my muse. I don't want to give too many details of who she is—but if she is watching this then—"

Suddenly her television turned off and she grabbed the remote quickly, smacking it against her palm, until her power went out as well. "Sakura?" She finally heard from cell-phone and she moved to press it back to her ear, "Damn our power went out. Just when things were getting good!"

Ino almost sounded like she was whining. This alone caused her to sigh sadly, "Maybe it's fate. Maybe I wasn't supposed to hear what he would have to say about me."

At first Sakura wondered if Ino hadn't heard her with how quiet she was being again, and Sakura almost repeated herself. It wasn't until Ino growled low in her throat that she realized the blond was tired of hearing her whine about her love life. "Sakura you keep going on like this, you're going to die alone. For fuck's sake Sakura, what the hell else can Gaara do to show you how he feels about you?"

Sakura would have replied but it seemed like Ino had hung up on her. This caused her to frown and she simply chucked it towards the other chair. Standing up, she grabbed some candles to light, and placed them around the living room so she could see. With a soft sigh, she ran a hand through her pink hair just before falling back onto her couch. Akemi was in the chair across from her sleeping, obviously not bothered by the raging storm that was going on outside.

The thunder and lightning were loud, though Sakura paid it no mind, and eventually closed her eyes. Perhaps she should just figure all these things out in the morning. There was nothing going on for her the next day, but she decided she would start working out once again just to help release some of the tension inside of her. Maybe it would help. Going for a jog after having your heart broken gave Sakura a sense of ease. She did it when Sasuke denied her, when her and Sasori broke up, and even when she broke up with Hidan.

After Gaara denied her, she had been sulking in her apartment for days, and even approached alcohol as an answer. She wasn't sure why, but that's how this has been. No more of that though. She refused to let this take over her life. Starting tomorrow she was going to work towards a better her.

Eventually she opened her eyes and stood up, nearly tripped over herself when the buzzer of the speaker went off by the door. Suddenly feeling nervous she walked towards it and pressed a finger to the button before speaking, "Who is it? What do you want?"

For a moment, she wondered if someone was playing a prank on her, but a voice rang out from the other end. "Gaara?"

"Do you mind if I come in? It's pouring out here and I am a little—"

She had half a mind to tell him to fuck off, so she could sleep and forget about him. But there was a part of her that didn't want to do that. "… Fine." She pressed some other buttons to allow him entry before she crossed her arms over her chest and tapped her foot impatiently. Maybe this would be a quick chat. She doubted it, though there was a bit of hope in her chest that it was true.

When the knock came to her door, she opened it, and took in his appearance. He was soaked through his clothing and looked like he was about to freeze. Guilt approached her slowly, though she tried to shake it away. Sadly, it was to no avail.

"Are you going to let me in?"

The pinkette realized she had been staring at him for two minutes without saying anything and she quickly moved out of the way, so he could come inside. "S-sorry." He looked around in disinterest until his eyes landed on her kitten who was still laying in the chair. For some reason Gaara's expression brightened a bit and he was rubbing her head; waking her up from her slumber.

"Is there a reason you came or are you here to rub on my cat all night?"

Gaara slowly turned in her direction and held her stare, knowing she wouldn't back down even if she wanted to. "Did you… get my note?"

"Yes. I thought you told me to find you if I was—"

"I know… but I couldn't wait. Sakura, I'm sorry. You have every right to refuse me now, especially after hurting you like that and pushing you into a cycle of depression. But I just…" He trailed off, "I needed to see you. After someone blackmailed me into trying to date them, I wasn't sure what to do. Everyone told me to come clean, but it felt wrong. Then I realized I wasn't doing this for her, but for me. And… for you."

Before Sakura could interrupt him, he approached her, and awkwardly took her hands in his own, "You don't have to accept this tonight. Or even at all. You are more than what I can take. I am broken, but it doesn't have to be that way anymore."

The pinkette was silent, obviously mulling over his words once he finished. Her eyes searched his, and she was aware he was right, she didn't have to accept this. She wanted to move on with her life, forget this ever happened, and focus on her career. Love made everything else complicated. But that's what always happened with her right? Falling in love with the wrong person at the wrong time…

When he figured she was going to reject him, Gaara finally released her hands, "I should go before I make this worse." Sakura immediately grabbed his arm before he could go anywhere, and they were so close, she could feel his breath on her lips. It took everything within her not to kiss him right then, but she knew it would be best if she didn't.

That's when she realized this was her last chance. She shouldn't ruin it, even after everything that happened between them. It was time to forgive him for that.

"Gaara I want you. I don't care about—" Before she could even finish her sentence, his lips were on hers, and she was so surprised it caused her to gasp. Gaara took this time to push his tongue into her mouth, though he figured she wouldn't have much resistance to him. She answered his unspoken question when she tangled her hands into his hair.

It was probably evident that he had never kissed a woman before because of his awkward movements, but Gaara kept her distracted with his tongue brushing on her own. Eventually instinct took over them in that moment, and he could learn what he was supposed to do rather quickly.

When they parted for air, Gaara licked at the trail of saliva that followed; brushing his tongue against his own lips to have every taste of her. Her eyes were half-lidded as she regarded him, and he could tell she was turned on just by the way she was looking at him.

"Gaara…" Sakura said his name softly before exhaling shakily, "I… don't want this as a one-time thing. I want you but…" But she wasn't sure if this was even love. She thought it was, though there was no telling with her heart.

His hand moved to caress her neck, "This isn't going to be a one-time thing Sakura. Do you want this? Right now?" The way he was staring at her caused her to tense. He had backed her into the nearest wall, and eventually picked her up so he could hold onto her. She didn't expect this strength, but it was more of a turn on than she thought it would be.

Gaara didn't wait for her to respond to anything and simply pushed himself closer to her, which gave her the chance to feel his very apparent arousal. Feeling it against her heat caused her to lean her head back against the wall. Gaara trailed his lips against her neck, nipping along her flesh as he grounded his hips into her gently.

Sakura gasped again, her hands moving from his hair to inside of his shirt, so she could feel his muscles underneath her fingertips. Sakura began to think that maybe they should have tried to go to dinner first, but then he was licking her neck, and then he was kissing her again; as he pretty much had sex with her against the wall with his pants on. That caused those thoughts to leave her mind.

"Gaara, please…" She wasn't sure what she was begging for, but she just wanted something. Being with him like this but not having their clothes off was torture.

"I have never done this—"

For a moment Sakura nearly told him that she didn't give a fuck—to just let instinct take over and make love to her like he wanted, but she didn't want him to regret this. "We can go slow Gaara," She moved one of her hands from his shirt and grabbed his cheek gently, "We don't have to do anything." Even though that hurt her to say, she was aware they were moving fast. Especially since he was a virgin.

Gaara was silent before he pushed his coat off, allowing it to fall to the floor, which gave her the answer she needed. He wanted this. She wanted this. They were adults. They could figure out the rest in the morning. Right now, she needed to get her clothes off. Luckily, she was only in her pajamas.

One by one she helped him remove his clothes as she backed up towards the direction of her room. He kicked off his shoes as they headed down the hallway, and eventually he was only in his boxers in front of her. They were in her room at this point, and he had shut her door to make sure her kitten didn't get inside, though neither of them cared about it.

The rain still went along outside, but she paid no mind when he had her in his arms again and they were kissing; tongues clashing together passionately as he worked her shorts down her legs. He pulled away from her lips just so she could take off her shirt; throwing it across the room while he pushed her down onto the bed.

Gaara still had his underwear on, but she didn't have long to ponder on this fact when he was on top of her and kissing her again. His chest pressed against hers which caused her to squirm beneath him, and he inhaled a sharp intake of breath as he held her hips down. "It won't last much longer if you keep doing that."

A smirk appeared on her lips, "Oh?"

Sakura started moving again, which created friction between them, and she could practically feel his erection straining through his boxers. She stopped though when he hissed which caused her to look at him in surprise, "Are you-?"

His expression looked like he was in pain, but she was aware that wasn't what he was feeling right then. He was controlling himself. For a man who never touched a girl, she was surprised at how much he could hold himself back like that.

This caused her to kiss his lips gently and she grabbed his hand, moving it to where it was situated between her legs. She blushed out of embarrassment. Now that he was touching her, he would be able to feel how wet she was, and how warm she was at the same time.

Briefly, Gaara's eyes met hers, and she could feel her heart racing with how intense his gaze was. 'Oh… the way he looks at me…'

That's when his fingers started moving. She guided him through it with the right kind of noises to give him the chance to understand what he was doing. Sometimes he was too rough, others he was too gentle, but eventually he picked up a pace that had her moaning against his ear.

There was a warm feeling in her stomach, causing butterflies to shoot down her legs, and she arched her back once she finally met her orgasm. "Gaara…" She whimpered softly as he held her still, his thumb still moving and working against her clitoris while his index worked inside of her.

"Please, take me."

Gaara removed his hand from inside of her and pushed his boxers down so they fell to the floor by her bedside. He positioned himself at her entrance, suddenly unsure and nervous with his actions, but he finally pushed himself inside of her.

They both groaned at the feeling.

Surprisingly Gaara held himself still long enough to give her a chance to adjust to his size, though once he began to thrust, all of Sakura's thoughts disappeared. He was gentle at first, testing to see how much she could take of him, but then he was pounding into her with so much force she almost wanted to scream at the top of her lungs.

His name fell of her lips as he continued to thrust. She barely registered the position change until she was on top of him and moving her hips. He held onto her tightly and increased his pace; signaling that he was approaching his climax, though he was waiting for something. It didn't take a genius to understand he wanted her to meet her orgasm again, but she wasn't sure if—

Her thought dissipated as soon as his thumb was on her clitoris and he was on top of her again, reaching newer depths that caused her to squirm heatedly from beneath him. One more thrust was all it took and they both finished. Her walls convulsed around his member as his seed pushed inside of her, but she was only focused on trying not to destroy his back with her nails.

Which ultimately failed in the end.

After he was done, he breathed heavily against her ear and panted. Their sweat mingled bodies remained connected until he finally pulled out of her to lay down next to her. They were both pretty silent though the sounds of their breathing echoed around the room, and there was a clock ticking in the distance.

Gaara turned towards her and rested his head on her elbow, his other hands gently running along her side as his eyes roamed her body. "I don't know how any of this works."

She looked at him and cupped his cheek with her hand, "We will figure it out Gaara. Even if it takes one year or more, we'll figure it out… together."

The red head accepted that as he gathered the pinkette into his arms. She had fallen asleep against his chest and he ran his hand down her back in small, soothing strokes. Sometimes Gaara wondered if there was something missing in his life. Whether it was a good hobby or something else along those lines, and he finally figured out what it was.

Everyone could call it a cliché.

Hell, they could say they were both idiots for loving each other after only knowing one another for a few months. But Gaara didn't care for any of that. His heart had been missing a piece, obviously broken by the shadows of his past, and here was the one person that would help him heal.

She was the missing piece.

And he wouldn't let her go again.